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Author’s Note: This story was written for a Litster and I hope you enjoy it as much as they did. I was honored to be allowed to write it. Comments/Suggestions always welcomed. Thanks again “N” ~ Red.


The morning sun woke the woman that had been sleeping with her head tucked into a down-filled pillow covered in a blue-plaid case. She opened her blue eyes and rubbed the sleep from them. Her fingers came away with some of the shimmering dark-purple powder she’d worn the night before as well as a few streaks of black eyeliner and mascara. Legs that were average in height, but far from average in beauty stretched out and flexed sleep-worn muscles. Toes curled as slim arms came out to run fingers through bed-tangled strands of jet black hair.

Her back arched and the matching bed sheet slid down her full breasts and settled on her hips. The spider tattoo lay nestled between porcelain globes and her rose-colored nipples peaked from the sudden loss of heat. A moan escaped full lips. Her lipstick was long gone from a night of erotic play. Sarah smiled up at the mirror on the ceiling and noticed her companion from last night’s party was still sleeping soundly. She watched him roll to his side and the sheet fell slightly further from both their bodies.

A thought crossed her mind, an old line from some joke an American friend told her “Lipstick on your dipstick.” She’d always thought the line was silly and ridiculous, but now as she recalled the “dipstick” in question she found herself quite enamored with the saying. She eased out of bed. Her small feet landed quietly on the plush carpet. The tip of her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips and she took a quick breath. She held it as she tiptoed to her clothes.

Very carefully, breathing in small quick spurts, she lifted her black, leather, corset dress and picked up her small pouch. With red-tipped fingers she reached in and pulled out her tube of matching lipstick. Sarah loved to be noticed. She enjoyed the way she stood out in a crowd. Her jet black hair, usually left to hang just past her shoulders was almost always a mess, but she didn’t care. Her clothing was often tight and revealing, accenting her curves as well as on some occasions giving a teasing glimpse of one or both of her areolas. She was a good girl for the most part, though last night she hadn’t been. The wicked gleam in her eyes grew as she lathered the color of sin onto her lips before carefully laying her purse on the floor.

As she made her way back to the bed, she watched Kieran roll to his back and she stopped. Sarah held her breath until her lungs hurt and then she slowly released the pent up air. She waited as if her very life depended on whether the man in bed woke up or not. When he didn’t move again, Sarah did. She closed the distance between her and the bed and crawled back on. Inch by inch she moved. Her pearly teeth bit down on her flaming red lips and when she reached Kieran’s hips she took another deep breath and exhaled while moving the sheet lower. Deep blue eyes flickered from the covering, to his face. Every movement she made was calculating and each one brought her closer to her goal.

When the cover was eased away, she paused and waited to see if he would move. He did, but not much. A soft sound of excitement left her lips. Sarah grabbed her hair and quickly knotted it. It stayed off her shoulders. She slipped slowly down until she was eye to eye with his hip. Sarah ran one fingernail down the front of his cock and watched his face. Nothing happened and pendik escort she smirked.

They’d gotten plastered last night. Everyone at the party had. This morning though, Sarah had several things going for her. Kieran had gotten throughly fucked by her and she by him so he was exhausted. The party was at his home, so they were in his bed. The door had been locked last night when they retired to conduct their play in private, so she was temporarily guaranteed that she’d be uninterrupted. Finally, Sarah didn’t know it yet, but Kieran slept like the dead. He was at her mercy and Sarah loved it.

She ran her finger over the morning wood again, this time tracing the tip and the small crevice at the top. His sex jerked and she quickly looked to his face. Again he didn’t move, his breathing never changed and his sleep lay undisturbed. Inwardly she giggled and shimmed closer to his sex until she was supporting herself on her elbow. There the real test began.

Sarah ran her tongue over her lips and lowered her head to his swollen sex. She placed a soft kiss on the shaft and looked up the length of her lover. Kieran’s lips parted, but nothing else happened. His eyes didn’t flinch nor did the knowing dimples that would appear when he was smirking or laughing. She opened her mouth and licked the spot she’d kissed. Again nothing, but the natural reflexes of his cock jerking against his stomach.

Carefully she slipped her hand over his stiff tool and lifted it from his slumbering form. Her eyes stayed locked on his face as she guided his dick to her red lips. She opened her mouth and eased his sex into the warm blanket of moist tongue and pearly teeth. Here, she paused again. Her pussy ached from the torturous play she was forcing herself to go through, but she wanted to see how far she could take him before he woke up.

She eventually moved and took him deeper. Sarah settled herself carefully against his side and began to suckle him gently. Her tongue pressed tenderly against the front of his cock head. The satiny feel of her lips may have been lost on Kieran’s vision and his thought process, but it was not lost on his swollen shaft or his tightening balls. Her mouth lifted and then fell again, never fast, but always slow and teasing. Up and down. She fought the urge to move quicker and won, rewarding herself with the rolling of her tongue across his mushroom head and then down again.

The pre cum leaked freely and she swallowed the drops as they escaped or were allowed to flow down to her lips, where she slid them back up and eventually drank them. Her lips moved from the perfect “O” to the raised corners when she smirked thinking of her success. She refused to increase her speed. She knew she was bordering the edge now as she watched his brow furrow. He wasn’t awake yet, but the chance to wake up was there. She stilled her movements until his face relaxed, then she began again.

Sarah teased him until it was too late. She watched his groin tighten and his body reacted on instinct and reflex. His come spilled out, but since her mouth had enveloped him the entire time, his seed was her morning meal and not one drop fell onto his skin. She suckled every spurt and when he was done releasing his morning juice, Sarah held his softening cock in her mouth, until she was ready to release it. Her lips traveled up the now limp weapon, eventually she allowed it to lay against his flesh and she stared down at the base.

Her lips spread wide in a grin and she licked her lips as she tasted his come and stared escort pendik at the red ring at the base of his sex. The red lipstick had left its mark to bear witness to Kieran that he had indeed slept through a blow job. Streaks of the red waxy cosmetic coated his dick and Sarah giggled softly before easing off the bed. Her pussy was slippery with juice and she needed relief from her play. She lay down on the floor and ran her hands down her stomach and plunged two fingers into her slippery cunt.

“Mmm…” she groaned, no longer worried if Kieran woke up or not. Her other hand moved to her right nipple and she began to pinch and tease it. As she did, she bucked against her fingers and rode her palm hard while she scrapped the sides of her pussy.

Kieran heard the sound of someone whimpering and for a moment his thoughts were disorganized. He opened his groggy brown eyes and then closed them as the morning light poured in. He ran his hand down his chest and over his stomach. His fingers brushed against his cock and he stopped the perusal of his frame and opened his eyes again. He looked down at his limp penis and saw the glistening beads of what was apparently come and saliva. “What the?” he asked himself. He then heard the moan of what was obvious pleasure coming from the floor of the bed.

He looked to his cock again and noted the bright red coloring that circled the base as well as small streaks of lipstick that coated the surface. He smirked and shook his head. “Damn,” he muttered he rolled to the side of the bed and gazed at the vision of Sarah finger-fucking herself.

Kieran watched for a few moments and could tell by her breathing she’d be coming soon. He noted the smeared coloring on her face. He knew it had been because of her cock-sucking needs that had raged through her.

“Get up here and let me return the favor,” he said.

Sarah’s eyes opened and her lust-filled stare locked with his. Her chest rose and fell. She pulled her fingers free and offered them to him. He grabbed her wrist and hauled her up to the bed. His mouth captured her honey-coated digits and he washed them clean before allowing her to settle herself on the bed.

When her head hit the pillow and her legs fell open Kieran was there. “I don’t know how you did it… but thank you,” he told her as he stared at her sweetness.

“You’re welcome,” she winked.

Kieran looked up the length of her and his cock started to rise again as he took in her throughly fucked appearance from last night’s play and her smeared red lips from this morning’s surprised gift. He thought it only right to return the favor so when he raised his brows at her, Sarah knew she was in trouble.

His hands pushed her legs further apart. He kneaded the muscles of her thighs as his firm fingers made their way up to her silky lips. Trails of wet kisses were soon following the paths that he’d traveled with caressing touches. He kissed her right thigh then her left. He bit the soft flesh and then sucked on it. Each leg was teased and taunted until he reached the succulent source of her scent.

“Kieran,” she hissed.

He chuckled and placed one finger against the top of her cunt. When he dragged it down, she bucked up and curled her fists into the sheets. “Oh fuck,” she hissed.

Kieran laughed and repeated the action, this time using the opposite motion and sliding not only up, but deeper. He continued to do this as he slowly parted her puffy lips. The aroma that tickled his nose was intoxicating and he brought his pendik escort bayan other hand up to join in the play.

Each hand rested on its own lip. He opened the petals of her sex. Her breathing increased as she waited for what was coming. When she felt him blanket her pussy with nothing but hot air she cursed and screamed for him to fuck her.

“You took your time on me Sarah… don’t you want me to take my time?” he asked in a mocking tone.

She growled, cursed, and shouted, “NO!”

He rammed three fingers into her cunt and began to fuck her hard and fast. His mouth came down to cover her clit and he suckled on the strip of hot flesh. His tongue crashed against the rippled surface, scrapped each side and then coaxed it to his teeth. He gnawed gently on her while his long digits continued to impale her. The tips pressed against the fleshy sides of her pussy and more fluids flowed freely, only to be lapped up by his tongue when he took the time to release his toy.

Sarah released the sheet and sat up just enough to grab his head and curl her fingers into his hair. “Kieran! Don’t stop… oh, fuck baby, don’t stop!” She gasped for air as she pushed his face into her and felt her toes tighten around the soft covers. Her body suddenly stiffened and her back arched. Her hands flew from his hair to hers and she pulled at the sweaty strands that were littering her face. The knot she’d tied in her hair was long gone and raven silk fell down her shoulders.

Her come flowed thick down the sides of her cunt and Kieran removed his fingers. His mouth covered the dark opening and welcomed her nectar. Every salty and sweet taste she delivered was a treat and he lavished his tongue and face in it until she was withering beneath him. He washed away the warm cream and sat back. His hands gripped her hips and he rolled her to her belly.

“Mmm…,” she purred as she scooted her knees up and lifted her ass into the air. Her elbows supported her and when she felt the head of his dick press against the hole of her pussy she rested all her weight on one elbow and her knees. Her hand reached down and she spread her cunt lips open and eased back onto his swollen member.

“Oh Sarah,” Kieran moaned as he slid his shaft into her. She was a small woman, not petite, but short. Her pussy matched everything about the diminutive minx. It was tight and hot. He pushed deeper. “Fuck baby,” he muttered.

Sarah hissed and forced her ass back, taking the remaining inches of his sex. She felt the texture of his pubic hairs and then when he started to drag his dick out and then slam it back into her, she felt his balls slap her ass. Her hand left her lips and went on to rub and stroke her clit, once more it was slick and wet with desire. She rubbed it feverishly before abandoning it in order to pull and twist her nipples that swayed from her breasts.

Kieran had been gripping her hips and forcing himself in and out of her for several strokes. He freed one hand and brought it down on her ass. The slap was hard and Sarah gasped in surprise. She pushed back harder. He slapped the cheek again. “Oh fuck, yes! Harder…oh God, fuck me harder… spank my ass… Kieran…,” she begged and pleaded.

He delivered several more slaps to her while he fucked her. His come boiled and he felt his balls tighten. He pulled his cock out and covered her ass with his seed. Sarah felt the warm fluids flow down her ass and she purred in pleasure as her orgasm erupted and spilled over onto the bed. As he rubbed his nectar against the crack of her ass, he leaned over her and whispered. “We’re fuckin’ there next.”

Sarah smiled and rolled to her back. “Oh… are you planning on a next time?” she asked.

Kieran grinned back, “Maybe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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