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It was a hot Saturday afternoon and Linda was stuck in a Laundromat waiting on a rinse cycle. She rifled through a pile of magazines piled on the table next to the window. She couldn’t help staring outside as he grabbed a garbage bag from the back of his Jeep and walked toward the door. He was cute and had a stocky, muscular build, blonde hair and a nice tan. He smiled through the window at her as he sauntered in. Linda smiled back and quickly looked away, embarrassed that she’d been caught gawking.

She sat down and leafed through a magazine from back to front, pretending to be interested in one silly advertisement after another. She stole a glance in his direction as he fished for his change. The muscles in his forearm flexing as he jammed his hand into his jean pocket. Linda looked him up and down quickly, but still got caught a second time. She could feel her face flush as he glanced in her direction. ‘God, where was he last night?’ she thought to herself.

Linda had been out with the girls and ended up alone on one of her horniest nights. Nobody at the bar was worth taking home, so she ended up snuggling with her pillow and trusty vibrator. She was in the mood for some serious fucking and normally would have had a marathon session with herself, but settled for a quick orgasm. No wonder she stared at this hunk with such a hunger inside. She was still quite horny. Linda giggled as he threw his whites in with his darks, all in one load. Caught again. This time though, she couldn’t look away. She held his gaze until he smiled and turned back to his task at hand.

Wow! What a nice smile he had! She watched over the magazine, as he went to the counter to buy more change. The young girl behind the counter, raised her eyebrows at Linda in admiration, as he walked to the back of the store. Both women stared at his nice butt.

Linda fantasized about following him to the bathroom. About barging in and pulling his jeans down and without hesitation, dropping to her knees and sucking on his cock. His big rugged cock in her mouth, as she looked up at him, sucking on his dick. As she fantasized, Linda’s hand was in her crotch, pushing against her twat. She began to ache with need. She felt like fucking masturbating right there under the table! There was nobody else around. An old lady pendik escort at the other side of the room. The cashier was preoccupied with a teen magazine.

Fuck it! She thought. I’ll masturbate in the bathroom. Linda made her way to the back of the Laundromat and was about to turn the handle, when out came Mr. Hunk. He caught her as she almost fell forward, bumping into him. “Shit! Excuse me,” she stammered. God! She was in such a horny state! “My pleasure,” he smiled. He moved aside as she entered. Linda turned around to see that he had paused at the door. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, looking each other up and down.

He started to close the door for her and she found herself stopping him from doing so. It was like she wasn’t in control of what she was doing. Linda pushed the door open, as he let go of the handle. Then she stepped back against the far wall, looking him up and down, being as bold as she dared to be.

For a moment Linda thought to herself, ‘What the h..e..double..l am I doing?’ Then he was in the bathroom with her, and gently closed the door. You could cut the air with a knife as he turned the lock. Linda could hardly think. She wasn’t thinking. She was overcome with desire and all she wanted was to have him in her!

Leaning back against the wall, Linda lifted the front of her blouse to expose her belly. He caught sight of the belly button ring as she flicked it with her finger. He moved closer, his hands braced against the wall on either side of her. “So, here we are,” he whispered. “Here I am,” she whispered back. “You’re a bad girl,” he snickered. “Oh, I can be real bad!” she said. “Really, what would you have done if I didn’t come in?” he asked.

“I was gonna do this,” she began to feel herself up under the top. Linda gazed into his eyes as she fondled her tit. His gorgeous dark brown eyes stared back at her. “Then, I was going to do this,” she said as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid a hand down the front. “Do you like this?” she asked, licking her fingers and sliding them back into her crotch. “Yeah I do,” he was breathing heavily.

Linda was grinding her muff against her hand, fingers diddling her twat. “Do you want me?” she teased. He stared back at her in a horny fit. “Do you want to fuck me?” she asked, taking escort pendik her moist fingers and touching his lower lip. “Oh I’m going to fuck you all right!” he said. “I was hoping you would say that. I need a good fuck right now!” she told him.

His hands were on her, feeling her tits up under her blouse as they kissed long and hard. His tongue was in her mouth, probing as she sucked on it. Linda returned with her own tongue as they exchanged kisses. His hands ravaged her tits as she hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans, sliding her little hands in to grab his big throbbing cock. He groaned as she messaged his stiff prick. Linda quickly dropped to her knees, pulling his pants down. His lovely hard-on bounced in her face and she took a good grip on it with both hands, and slowly, deliberately, took him into her mouth.

“Oh…fffuck!” he moaned as she sucked and stroked on his shaft. He was…soooo…BIG! Must have been a good eight or nine inches! Just what a girl needs! She teased his bulbous head with her tongue, licking up and down his shaft. Linda took as much of him into her mouth as she could, jerking on his prick. “I’ve never had such a big fucking cock before,” she breathed. She stood quickly, pulling her jeans off and turned her back to him, leaning over the sink. His hands were on her ass as he tugged the panties off. Linda gasped at the feel of his tongue on her gash!

She was so fucking horny and could hardly wait for his cock to be in her! His tongue sent waves of electric pleasure through Linda’s aching pussy. Then his fingers were in her, pressing, penetrating her. She grinded her twat as his fingers pummelled her, his thumb pressing on Linda’s anus, driving her into a fucking frenzy!

Then he stood up, as she gazed at their reflection in the mirror above the sink. He hugged her from behind, his hands grasping her breasts through the blouse. She could feel his hard cock pulsating against her ass. Linda plucked the buttons of her blouse and popped open her braw, letting her firm tits bounced out into his warm hands. He strummed her nipples, making them hard. He was kissing her neck as she reached behind, fondling his cock and balls. “Oh my fuck!” she hissed. “You’re so big and so fucking hard!”

Without a word, he bent Linda over and slowly shoved his throbbing pendik escort bayan cock into her. Linda held onto the sink, gasping, as he slowly shoved in all the way. They grinded slowly at first, as she got accustomed to his large size. He firmly grasped Linda’s hips as they rhythmically began to grind together. Her pussy was getting so wet she thought she was going to cum already! He was feeling so good inside her.

“Your so hot on my fucking cock!” he exclaimed. “You fill me up sssooo good!” she panted. Linda wiggled her ass at him and he began to pound her faster. She lifted her head to watch in the mirror again, as she got seriously reamed by this stranger’s cock. He reached around, pressing his fingers on the front of her clit, as he banged her from behind. “Oh yeah,” she whispered, feeling the stirrings of an orgasm creeping up inside her. His fingers diddled her clit, making it hard and sending her into a wanton fit.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” Linda gasped. He just moaned in response as they continued to fuck. His enjoyable moan only made her hornier. Linda banged her ass against his hips in time with his thrusts, his big, slippery cock feeling so good. The more she grinded her ass, the harder he got!

“Oh… my… fuck!” Linda stammered as she felt her body take over. “I’m going to cum!” she announced. He moaned and pummelled her faster. “Oh yeah,” she panted. “Fuck me…fuck me hard!” Linda just about screamed as she splashed al over his giant cock. “Oh yeah baby!” he groaned as she came all over him. “Oh…fuck!” she moaned, as he viciously fucked her during climax. He suddenly broke away and Linda turned to see him jerking on his cock. “Here, let me!” she cooed as she went to her knees and serviced him. He was madly stroking himself and Linda grasped his thighs, manoeuvring her mouth over his dick. That was all it took and he blew such a large load, she couldn’t swallow it all. It dripped down her chin as blast after blast shot from his throbbing big cock. He moaned loudly as she sucked every last drop of cum from him.

Linda stood up and they kissed again, his quivering penis poking her belly. She reached down, stroking and caressing his big dong as they kissed. They got dressed and he slowly opened the door to see if it was clear.

They went about their chores, trying not to stare at each other as they finished doing laundry. Linda was still folding clothes as he was leaving. He walked by, dropping a note on the table next to her. ‘Next Sat. 1pm.’ it said. No name was on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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