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Big Dick

True to her word, Crystal moved out that weekend, moving back into the apartment she had shared with a friend before meeting me. Donna wanted to move in, which I refused, wanting to spend some time trying to figure life out first. Just what did I want? With Crystal gone, I found that I missed her much more than I would have thought. In those few months we had grown closer than even I realized. In the weeks that followed, she still came by frequently, but always refused to spend the night, saying that she didn’t want to go back to that unless we were going to be serious again and not just play. It was just too difficult for her otherwise. I couldn’t blame her because even though I still invited her, I knew that in the morning it would be hard to say goodbye.

Marge stopped by frequently as well, occasionally for sex, but mostly just to “hang out” as she put it, trying to help me find some direction to my life. In some ways she was like a mother, in others a lover. She had on some occasions not come alone, which was her version of dating. She would bring a sexy woman, usually younger than her, but not always, and spend an afternoon doing things. Those things didn’t always include sex. Often it was just watching a movie or playing some games or the three of us taking a long walk in the woods. As the early winter cold settled in and the much longer nights took over, I was starting to feel quite closed in. It was always this way as winter came into it’s own. I was a very outdoors person, and the winter months made it difficult to want to or even find daylight to be outside. With six inches of fresh wet snow on the ground from an early November storm, I was surprised to see a forecast for low fifties for Saturday and immediately started looking forward to getting out for a hike.

“Hello Michael.” I heard as I answered my cell, the caller ID showing Williams, but the voice clearly not that of Marge.

“Hi. Christina?” I asked cautiously.

“Yeah, it’s me. I was wondering what you were doing this weekend?”

“Well, I was planning on going for a hike. I thought some nice snow pictures would be fun.”

“Ahhh, okay, I can do that,” she said as if I had just invited her.


“Sure. Mom said you wanted to take me out this weekend, and that all I needed to do was call and find out what you planned.”

“Ahhh, I see.”

“She’s being a busy body, isn’t she? You really didn’t invite me, did you?” she asked after a few seconds of silence.

“She means well.”

“Yeah, she’s been trying to get us hooked up since the canoe trip.”

“Uh huh. She refused to tell me what you were wearing to the party though, so I could have met up with you and not even known it.”

“Well, maybe some time I’ll tell you what I was wearing. Anyway, you seemed like you were pretty busy there anyway.”

“A bit,” I answered, suddenly feeling embarrassed. “I seemed to attract younger women interested in only one thing.”

“And as a guy you’re complaining about that?” she asked with a chuckle. “I think my mother may have played some role in that. Oh, by the way, how are things going with Crystal?”

“Oh, I thought your mom would have told you. She moved out. Mutual decision.”

“Actually, she did. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on someone else’s toes,” she said quietly.

“Nope, none at all.”

“Well, I guess that’s all I wanted. Have a good weekend!” she said cheerfully.

“Christina!” I said before she could hang up.


“You know, if you wanted to, I’d be more than happy to take you along.”

“Hiking in the snow?”

“Yeah, take a few pictures. Snowscapes can be nice, especially if it’s sunny.”

She paused a few moments before answering, “Okay, I can do that.”

“Want me to pick you up or you wanna come by here?”

“How about I drive myself over. What time? Tenish?”

“Tenish works fine for me,” I answered. “See you Saturday then.”

“Sure, see you then,” she said before hanging up.

“Marge!” I said looking at the phone and shaking my head. She’d been trying to get me to take her adopted daughter out since the canoe trip. To be honest, neither of us were particularly excited about the idea at the campsite. She’d heard about the antics of some of the girls and after the car hood thing, she seemed more interested in keeping her distance than anything else. Oh well, I wouldn’t turn down the company, knowing that Crystal was tied up, or at least she said she was.

The next day was a typical work day, though it seemed to drag on a bit. I was kind of surprised to realize I was looking forward to the weekend, and maybe getting to know Christina, or at least prove to her that I wasn’t a complete dip shit intent on fucking every skirt that walked by. I’m pretty sure that was her impression, at least. Someday I was going to have to move on from Crystal and find someone serious. If living with Crystal had taught me anything, it was that I didn’t want to be alone any longer. Not that I didn’t have plenty istanbul escort of women to pick from, but I just hadn’t found that “right” person. I cared for both Crystal and Donna, but the more I looked at Donna the more I realized that I wasn’t sure I wanted to end up married to her. And Crystal, well, we all know the problem with Crystal, and it wasn’t emotional attachment. They were both fun. I wanted to spend time with them, but marry? No, not really. After Crystal moved out, I realized that we wouldn’t have made it anyway, or at least that’s what I kept telling myself every time I missed her.

Saturday morning came as quiet and unassuming as always. It was still dark when I got up. I settled in with my laptop to do a little writing and then finally got up for a shower and breakfast about eight. With still an hour before Christina was supposed to show up, I got out my camera gear, checked lenses and batteries, stuffed my gear, some bottled water and snacks into my pack and then dug out what I would call lightweight winter wear. I was used to the winter, so for me a pair of long johns, knee high muck hunting boots, a sweatshirt and a light coat were all that I really needed. Of course, a hat and some light gloves would top it all off, but it wasn’t a particularly big load to wear. With things packed and ready I sat back down for some more writing, waiting for Christina to show up.

The doorbell dragged me out of the middle of the science fiction novel I was writing, prompting me to get up and answer the door.

“Wow,” I whispered as I opened the door. “Christina?”

“That’s me!” the woman on the other side of the door said. She was about five and a half feet tall, wearing a pink down jacket with white furry cuffs and hood trim, pink, blue and gray yoga style pants that tightly encased her shapely legs, and pink calf high boots with white fur trim around the tops. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and the hood of her jacket from under a white and pink knit cap with a pink pom-pom on top. She wasn’t thin, but definitely not fat either. Even through the padding of the down coat I could see she was maybe a size ten or twelve and had a very shapely chest. She was a far cry from the last time I’d seen her at the river, her whole body covered in a baggy gray sweatsuit and her hair up in a rather unattractive bun.

“Come on in,” I said after a few moments staring at her, stepping back from the door to allow her to walk in.

“So. Where are we going hiking?” she asked as she stepped through the door.

“Well, if you come with me, I’ll show you,” I said, closing the door behind her and then leading the way to the kitchen.

“Hmmmm hiking as far as the kitchen? Or was the bedroom more to your liking?” she said with a crooked little grin.

“Huh?” I asked in surprise, practically stopping in the kitchen.

“Well, your reputation precedes you. I just wondered if you really planned on hiking or if this was just a pretense to get me to bed.”

“Oh, geez. No, we’re really going hiking,” I said, blushing a bit. “Um, see that bluff out there, about three hills distant?” I asked, stepping to the sliding glass door.

“Uh huh. The one with the big pines on top?”

“Yep. Down at the base is a deep valley shaded by the bluff. I figure that rock wall is going to keep the sun off the snow down there until late afternoon, so it should be nice. When I was down there turkey hunting, I found a nice stream down there. If it’s not frozen, I’m thinking there should be some nice shots.”

“So, how far is it?”

“Oh, I’d say about three miles, give or take.”

“Well, guess we better get started then!” she said with a smile.

“We better,” I answered, pulling a package of food from the fridge and dropping it into my pack. It only took a few moments for me to pull my sweatshirt on and my jacket over it. I picked up the pack, slid the door open and motioned for her to head out. I followed out the door and then closed it behind me.

“So, you don’t have to go far for a hike.”

“Not really,” I answered. “I’d usually take the ATV, but this was as much about getting out and enjoying the day as it was getting anyplace in particular.”

“Well, an ATV could be fun too, but maybe a bit chilly.”

“That it would,” I answered as I swung the pack on my back. I pulled on a pair of light gloves as I led the way across my yard and down the hill behind the house leading to the sixteen thousand acres of national forest land.

I led the hike for almost an hour before we topped the third hill, the sun now high in the sky and beating down on us. The snows here had started to melt, and the temperature seemed to be climbing quickly. There was a rock outcropping that the snow had already melted off of and had dried in the sun, a perfect looking place to take a snack break.

“Whew. It’s getting warm out,” Christina said as she stepped next to where I sat down on the rock and peeled her pink down coat avcılar escort off which had been unzipped for almost the last mile. She had on a long-sleeved spandex workout shirt in a matching pink, blue and gray pattern to the tight pants, the material formfitting over her, her breasts pressed tightly in a sports bra beneath the tight spandex.

“Yeah, warmer than I expected,” I said as I dug out my digital Cannon SLR.

She sat down on the rock next to me and I pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to her. “Here, drink this,” I said as I stood up. I walked a couple dozen feet away and took a few pictures of the landscape below us, the valley opening up for nearly two miles below us, most of it still in the shadow from the southern bluff wall. I turned back and saw Christina sitting on the rock drinking, brought the camera up and snapped a few shots of her. With the sun shining on her, the tight spandex encasing her body and her long brown hair hanging down behind her head as she tipped it back to drink from the bottle, she looked…well, angelic. No, she wasn’t a rail thin woman like Crystal was, but her curves were well showcased in the tight spandex and looked perfectly proportioned on her.

“So, you are taking pictures of me for a reason?” she asked after she drained the bottle.

“Yeah, cuz you look sexy sitting there like that.”

She snorted a little. “Sexy, yeah. Too much baby fat!” she said patting her stomach.

“Not hardly,” I said shaking my head and lifting the camera again. “Actually, I think you look extremely hot sitting there like that.”

“Okay, you can stop any time. I may enjoy the flattery, but unlike my mother, it won’t get you into my pants,” she said with a scowl.

“That wasn’t my intent,” I answered as I let the camera dangle from the strap around my neck as I moved back to the rock and sat down. I pulled off my jacket and stuffed it into the pack and then pulled another water out, cracking open the lid and taking a long drink.

“You do have bit of a reputation about that,” she said quietly.

“About what?”

“Being a womanizer. I heard about the girls on the river, and about you doing someone on the hood of mom’s car. Let’s see. There was something about a strip club where you played the part of a male stripper. I understand that my mother sucked your cock in front of everyone there. And let’s not forget the Halloween party. I saw you practically fucking one young lady right there on the dance floor. Not exactly a sterling reputation.”

“I take it I’m not exactly what you’re looking for in a guy?”

“Not even close.”

“Then why the date?”

“Two reasons. First, to get my mother to stop badgering me. Second…curiosity I guess. I wondered what kind of man would be so attractive to my mother that she’d take entire days off to go play sex games with him.”

“I wouldn’t say we do that. She comes by from time to time. Sometimes we do have sex, lots of times we don’t do anything but watch a movie or sit and talk.”

“So…you do have sex with her?”

“I’m not going to hide it. Yeah, we do. Her idea by the way, not mine.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“Why is that?” I asked curiously.

“Well, she’s gotta be almost twenty years older than you are. What do you have to offer that she needs or wants?”

“That you’ll have to ask her.”

“I have. All she says is ‘total and complete sexual bliss!'” Christina said with her head cocked and looking at me sideways. “Let’s face it, NO ONE is THAT good!”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s what I keep telling her. Doesn’t explain this date though, if you wanna call it a date.”

“Actually, it does. I wanted to see what kind of a man could turn my mother’s head, and well, the heads of quite a few other women.”

“And your conclusion?”

“Haven’t made one yet. But I am surprised. I half expected we’d never even make it out of the house, and you’d be trying to seduce me.”

“What would the point be? You obviously didn’t come here to get laid. You didn’t even come here to see if there were any relationship opportunities to be had. You came here to measure me up. To see just what kind of jerk your mother was screwing around with. That about cover it?”

“Surprisingly, yeah, it does,” she said.

I stood up from the rock and slung the pack on my back. “Sorry to disappoint you,” I said as I turned to walk down the long slope that led down into the valley.

“Hey! Wait up!” she called as she got up and ran to follow me. “So, what do you think you’re disappointing me on?” she asked after a few minutes trekking down the easily half mile long hillside.

“Not trying to seduce you.”

“Okay. About that. Why not?”

“Why not what?” I asked without looking back at her, paying attention to following the trail in the growing snow depth.

“Why not try to seduce me? Am I not good enough looking? Not skinny enough? Not your type? Too many clothes? What?”

I stopped and turned to face her, şirinevler escort looking almost level with her eyes since I was standing a good six inches lower than she was on the hillside. “Is that what you think I do? Size up every woman I meet to see if she’s potential sex material?”

“Well, sorta. Hell, you didn’t get more than a mile down river before you had that little thing’s suit off and were fucking her. At least that’s the way I hear it.”

“For your information. I didn’t. She did. It was her idea to seduce ME. It was her idea to dump the canoe so we’d be far enough behind to strip for me and try to get me to fuck her. Did I fuck her? Yeah, I did. But no, I didn’t start it or seduce her or even encourage her. That was her idea,” I said before turning and hiking down the hill again.

“You don’t have to get angry.”

“Not angry. Just irritated.”

“About what?” she asked.

“Women,” I said shaking my head. “Just women.”

“Well, that covers a lot. What is it about women that frustrates you?”

“They talk. Mostly to each other. Apparently about things a whole lot different than guys. You take one woman to bed and all of a sudden she’s bragging about how wonderful you are in bed and the next thing you know half a dozen women are looking to try and get into your pants.”

“I wouldn’t think a guy would really care. I mean the more the merrier, right?”

“If you’re asking if a guy is unhappy that he’s the sexual desire of so many women, there are limits. Especially if that guy is looking for something more meaningful than just a lot of sex and one night stands,” I said shaking my head.

“So you’re saying you don’t want to be having sex with so many women? That doesn’t make sense from what I know about guys.”

“I won’t lie. I love having sex with a variety of women. It’s fun, it’s lively. But it’s also a lot of work. You have to learn each new person, what they like, what they don’t like, how they like it, if they like to hear you talk if they like to talk, if they’re loud, and if they’re not. How to tell when they’ve had an orgasm, or if they’re faking it. Hell, it’s a lot easier to have one woman you can really learn about and really enjoy. Of course, when you get a reputation as being a womanizer, not too many women that are looking for relationships suddenly want to date you. But the easy slutty girls that are in it just for the sex, well they’re buzzing around you like bees around a flower.”

“Mom said you were married once. Why’d you get divorced if you wanted to be with one person all the time?”

“For ten years we did. Sex was great. In bed we were a perfect match. For that matter, we were each other’s first match. But life isn’t just being in bed. During the light of day, we just got on each other’s nerves so much that we couldn’t ever be happy. So, we agreed that it was time to go different directions and find happiness with someone else while we were still young enough to build new lives.”

“When you put it like that, it sounds pretty sensible,” she agreed as she followed me down into the shadows. “Wow! Look at this!” she said looking down the path ahead of us, many of the trees hanging low with the wet snow making the path almost a tunnel.

I pulled my camera up and snapped a few pictures before we made any tracks in the fresh snow. “Go ahead and lead if you want,” I said quietly, stepping aside to let her go down the game trail we were walking on.

“It’s so pretty!” she said as she walked past me. I stood and took a number of photos of her holding her coat over her shoulder, turning to look up at the snow hanging on the trees. “EEEEEEE!” she squealed as a large blob of snow landed on her head and showered over her, making her cringe down cutely. I snapped a few pictures of her again and then walked to follow her down the trail.

We walked in silence until we came to a dip in the trail with water running about six inches deep and about five feet wide. I took a few pictures up and down the impromptu stream, getting shots of the water frothing over rocks and around stems of small trees before wading out across the stream.

“Um, Michael?”


“Your boots might be waterproof, but mine aren’t made for wading.”

“Oh, sorry,” I said, turning back. I let the camera hang around my neck and then stepped to her, quickly scooping up under her knees and back, drawing a squeal of surprise. Her arms wrapped around my neck as I carried her through the shallow stream and set her down on the far side.

“Wasn’t expecting that, but thank you,” she said, straightening her spandex top, which had slid up enough to show her bare stomach and the small silver belly button ring she had.

“No problem,” I said as I stepped past her to head down the valley farther. We walked in silence, enjoying the serene woods as the sun climbed higher in the sky, finally peeking over the bluff and down into the valley. “I think we better go back, or we’re gonna end up pretty wet,” I said as the first of the heavy snow hanging on the trees started to drip and slide off in the sun.

“Ohhhhh damn that’s cold!” she squealed as a large dollop of slushy snow fell from a branch onto her shoulder.

“On the other hand, we may be too late to not get wet!” I said with a laugh as she tried to brush the water off her shoulder.

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