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Kim stood in front of the mirror looking at her trim nude figure as she picked out the clothes for this special evening. She had to admit to her self that she looked pretty good. 5’4″ 105 pounds, all in the right places. She had always thought that her ass was her best feature and tonight hadn’t changed that opinion. Her breasts were small and firm, never needing a bra and capped with large pink nipples that stuck up like pencil erasers when teased. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders, matching the color of the freshly trimmed patch of fine hair between her legs.

Kim was getting dressed for a very special evening and wanted to look her very sexiest. She picked up a black silk teddy and pulled it over her head, letting the smooth fabric caress her breast as it covered her body. Before snapping the crotch she put on a matching black garter belt. With the teddy snapped over her pussy she pulled on the stockings and attached them to the garter. A short tight black dress completed the look. Kim was ready for the dinner and all that was to follow.

As she packed her suitcase she thought about Billy, her high school sweetheart and the night in his truck that necking went farther than she had planned and left her with her pants on the floor and her virginity gone. With a smile she remembered the joy she felt on graduation day when she got her period and knew she hadn’t been pregnant. What a relief that had been. Now she was getting ready to experience sex again. It had been two years since the night in the truck. But this time it was going to be different.

From the moment she saw Tom in school she new he was someone very special. They had been dating two weeks when he told her that he wanted to make love to her. Not right away, but when she was ready. The next morning she went to the student center and got on the pill. She had told Tom that she wouldn’t do it with him in his car or either of their dorm rooms. She had walked in on her roommates having sex one time to many to risk that. No she said, we need someplace special if I am going to let you make love to me. On Monday she had told Tom that if he could find a place where they could be alone, someplace special, she would make love to him. On Tuesday he told her all was arraigned. Bring clothes for the weekend he said, and a your bikini. We can leave Friday after classes.

All during dinner Kim was anxious to see where Tom was taking her. When the finally finished and left she asked where they were going. He only smiled and said don’t worry it will be great. She couldn’t believe it when they pulled up in front of the cabin in the woods. It was miles from anyone and huge. This was going illegal bahis to be great. They went in, took put their suitcases away, and set down on the couch by the fire. Tom kissed Kim full on the lips, parting her lips with his tongue pulling her tightly to him. “You look great tonight, and I want this to be very special.” He said. “When ever your ready we can move into the other room”.

“I was ready when we got here” she said with a sexy smile and stood up from the couch. She reached behind her back, unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. Tom’s eyes sparkled as he saw the girl of his dreams wrapped in black silk. “You can unwrap the rest in there” she said and walked into the bedroom. Tom followed and smiled as Kim laid back on the bed. He lit a candle and moved to join her.

If Tom had reached for the snaps of her teddy he would have found Kim ready for him, but he had other things in mind. Tonight was about Kim’s pleasure and he was going to take his time. Kim gasped as he moved her hair aside and began to nibble and kiss at her neck. Kim was used to guys moving fast to try and get into her pants, not that any had since Billy, and Tom’s attention to her neck was driving her crazy. Her nipples were getting hard and aching for his hands to touch them, yet his mouth kept kissing her neck and throat. He moved back up to her mouth, again slipping his tongue into her mouth as his hand moved up to gently caress her right breast through the silk of the teddy. She was so turned on already that she groaned as his fingers played with the hard nipple, twisting and pulling and pinching it, never causing pain, just making her pleasure more extreme.

First one then the other, both of her firm tits where given more attention than they had ever had. She hardly even noticed when his hands moved the straps of her teddy down and uncovered her little breast and rock hard nipples. He broke the kiss that had been going on since he touched her tits for the first time and let his mouth cover her erect nipple. As Tom sucked her nipple into his mouth Kim shuddered and moaned as waves of pleasure burst through her body. “Oh my God” she thought as the pleasure subsided. “He made me cum by sucking on my tit.” Before she could say anything his mouth took her other nipple and began to suck it. Within moments she was cumming again, this time crying out “Oh yes, suck it, suck it, yes yes yes” Kim couldn’t believe that she was cumming from just her nipples being sucked on. The only orgasms she had ever had been caused by her own fingers on her clit.

Tom hadn’t touched her clit yet and she had cum twice. Tom pulled his mouth away from her swollen nipple and illegal bahis siteleri stood up from the bed. He gently reached down and pulled the teddy down towards Kim’s feet, while she arched her back to help him get it off of her, exposing her pussy to her lover for the first time. Tom then took his shirt and pants off, leaving his underwear on, which barely covered the hard cock they contained. Kim could see the wet spot at the tip of Tom’s cock and knew that he was enjoying this as much as she was.

Tom moved back onto the bed fighting his desire to take his hard cock and slam it into the blonde pussy framed in the black garters. As much as he wanted Kim’s pussy wrapped around his cock, he wanted to taste it first. So he moved back to her tits and started kissing and licking the firm mounds and hard nipples. This time his kisses began to go lower, licking the underside of Kim’s tits, then down her firm flat stomach. Kim knew that Tom was going to lick her pussy and the thought was driving her as crazy as his kisses, which kept moving closer and closer to her wet hole. Before getting there Tom kissed all the way down her stomach and along the inside of her thighs, often breathing on her pussy but never touching it.

Finally when she didn’t think she could take any more Tom plunged his tongue deep into her sopping wet pussy. Kim gasped and his tongue moved around where only her fingers had been for so long. As is tongue came out of her pussy Tom kissed and sucked on her lips, nibbling, pulling kissing his way ever so slowly toward her swollen clit. She could feel his breath on it before his tongue touched it and the sensation was driving her wild. At last his tongue fund her clit and Tom began to make love to the little button, first licking, then kissing, then sucking it into his mouth. The more his licked the hotter Kim got. Soon her hips were bucking up and down and Tom was having a hard time keeping his mouth on her cunt. Her moans and cries told him that her orgasm was close and at last Kim came, grabbing Tom’s head and pulling it into her sopping cunt as she cried out, to far gone for words just groans and moans of pleasure. Tom had sucked her clit into his mouth and held it there when she started to cum and as she began to relax he let it go, giving it a parting kiss.

He moved beside Kim and put his arms around her letting her enjoy the last seconds of orgasms pulsating through her body. “I have never felt anything like that in my life” she said, holding on to Tom as if her life depended on it. “I told you I wanted to make Love to you” he said “and I meant it. I wanted you to have the pleasure that you deserve” She smiled and canlı bahis siteleri kissed Tom.

“What about you” she said.

“In a minute” he said. “After your pussy has recovered.” She kissed him again and reached her hand into his shorts, grabbing his cock.

“I have never done what you did to me to a guy” she said “But if you want I’ll do it for you.”

“I would love for you to suck my cock.” He said “And before the weekend is over I’m sure that you will, but right now lets pleasure you.” And he reached down and pulled his briefs off, exposing his throbbing cock and tight balls.

He pulled Kim on top of him and looked into her eyes. “Put my cock inside of you if your ready” He said. She sat up over him and reached between her legs. Her small fingers found his cock and guided the head to her tight wet cunt. She placed his cock at the opening of her pussy and slid down on it. They both gasped as Kim began to move on the hard cock now filling her up. She moved ups and down, raising her hips then lowering them, bending forward to kiss Tom nipples or offer her own to his mouth. She finally laid out flat on Tom and began to grind her pussy into his body, the bone at the base of his cock rubbing her clit just so. Her eyes began to glaze over and her movements became faster as a new pleasure swept over her.

“Ah ah ah I’m cumming!” she cried as another orgasm burst over her. She collapsed on Tom and felt his heart beating as her own calmed down. “You still haven’t cum have you” she asked.

“No” he said, “but I really want to fill you now.”

“What do you want me to do” she asked.

“Hold on” he said and grabbed her, rolling over on the bed. Now Tom was looking down and Kim and said.

“What do you want Kim” She looked at him and smiled.

“I want you to cum inside me” she said.

“How do you want to me to do that” he said.

Kim looked at him with lust in her eyes and said “Fuck me Tom, fuck me long and hard. Fill my cunt with your cum.” Tom smiled and pulled her legs up toward her chest. Kim could feel the difference in her pussy and smiled, “oh yeah baby I like this”. Tom put her knees on his shoulders and moved forward, almost folding Kim in half underneath him. He started to slide his cock in and out of her tight wet cunt, each stroke pulling at his cock and rubbing her clit. He tried to keep the pace slow and make it last, but the night had been to much, and when Kim looked up and started crying “Fuck me fuck me, oh God Tom Fuck me hard, he lost his resolve and did as he was told. His cocked slammed into Kim’s cunt over and over and over as she cried out yes yes yes, I’m cuming fill me fill me. He slammed forward one more time, and let his cum flow into Kim’s pussy.

They both collapsed in each others arms, holding each other and soon sleeping. But knowing that tomorrow would bring more lessons in love.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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