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Fahim had the hot for Samena, the wife of his closest friend Karim. Samena had a great personality. She was funny and very intelligent. She was exceptionally beautiful with delicate features such soft hair, and large eyes that men would just want to sink into. On top of all that, she had a curvaceous hourglass figure that screamed for sex, full and luscious. Her figure had curves in all the right places. Samena was 5’6″ had the sweetest full and firm ass with round shapely buns, but her greatest assets by far were her breasts. They were big, firm and protruding, almost an invitation to grab and squeeze them hard. They were big- almost too big for her slight frame. They hung heavily, but stood out proudly and came to a beautiful upturned point. She really had the type of breasts that most men just can’t keep their eyes from their head.

Samena has been married for seventeen years. Of course, due to long standing tradition, it was an arranged marriage. Raised in a middle class conservative family; her parents had taught her how to curtsy correctly, along with what manners to use and how to dress appropriately. Samena’s husband had his own small business as she assumed her role as a simple houses wife and a mother of four teenager children. At 38 years of age and even though Samena bore four children, she was still an attractive woman and she kept herself in excellent shape. Her big, firm, and full breasts and very shapely bottom had not yet started to sag to the point of flabbiness

For the first thirteen years, they were a happy couple who had a satisfactory sexual life. Everything seemed to be fine with no problems. For the last three years, however, Samena, had noticed numerous changes in their relationship. Sex became boring and ordinary and she sensed that it had become sort of a routine ritual for her husband. On the other hand, she needed variety and spice in her sex life. She loved her husband, but she often felt unsatisfied in his bed. Some nights, she found herself in bed battling with emotions and feelings at times, quietly crying herself to sleep, wanting someone to understand and satisfy her needs. She cared deeply about her marriage vows, and she was strong enough to keep them no matter what the circumstances.

Samena couldn’t understand why her marriage had gone so stale. She knew, at most, she had the looks and body of a woman in her late twenties. She never worked out, but kept herself fit enough to have a figure man still turned their heads to admire. Samena was aware she was an extremely pretty woman blessed with the typical beauty synonymous with women in India. Her stunningly beautiful face always sported a charming smile, while her large eyes glowed with appeal. To Fahim, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Samena’s beauty, and good nature, coupled with her exuberance had fascinated Fahim. Whenever he had the chance, Fahim always stole a peek at Samena’s enticing breasts.. Fahim and Darim, along with their wives who were best friends, often had dinner together at Samena’s home.

Fahim often took opportunities to stare at Samena’s body, particularly her cleavage, and the curve of her butt, especially when she bent down. While serving them food, whenever she stood near him and she would bend over while placing food in his plate, he would never miss a chance to look at her hidden treasures. He would do this in such clever ways, Samena seemed oblivious to the fact that Fahim could see her cleavage, which was plentiful

Unbeknownst to Fahim, his stares had not gone unnoticed to Samena. Though she was coy, his flirting did spark something in her. She never took it seriously since she was used to men staring at her body… She noticed that his eyes were peeking at her bouncing breasts and her swinging ass when she moved around. She smiled to herself knowing how proud she was of those assets..

The thing was that the woman Fahim had craved back when they were both younger, was Samena. What Fahim didn’t know however, was that many women were attracted to him and just like all those other women, she too found herself unable to resist the gorgeous young man. She tried to avoid his flirtations because, well, she was not that type of woman. Fahim just happened to be good friends of her husband and she was a faithful wife married for over 17 years who bore four children. This is why she would never let anything happen between she and Fahim..

Fahim was a handsome young man who kept himself very fit. At 6’3″ and at 190 pounds Fahim was an imposing figure. He was in his late thirties, a good-looking young man sure to break the hearts of his fair share of women of his age. Fahim’s body was lean and toned and it was easy to notice his sculpted physique. His had a combination of boyish good looks, thin black hair, and classic handsomeness, thanks to his piercing big black eyes and narrow lips. Coupled with his obvious physical attributes, it would have been easy for him to charm just about any woman he wanted.

Indian culture allows its natives to illegal bahis have wonderful dresses and costumes especially shilwar qameez. Shilwar is a short loose or paraller trouser pajama, loose at the top but narrow at bottom-cuffs. Qameez is a knee-long shirt or tunic. It does not have a collar or shirt-like cuffs. Shilwar qameez helps keep the wearer cool on those hot sweltering days, hiding women’s treasures from ogling eyes of lusty men because it doesn’t cling to the body. It is the most preferred Indian garment that women, especially Muslim women wear.

To beautify shilwar qameez, Indian women wear a stole or a long scarf called a dupatta. Women wear it over one shoulder or drape it around the chest and over both shoulders. Women wear the Dupatta, just like a Shilwar qameez, to cover a woman’s breasts and heads to protect it from prying eyes.

Samena had lush, full lips, which looked like they she painted them permanently with a light pink lipstick. She had dimpled cheeks, blemish-free smooth skin, long, thick jet-black hair reaching her hips, and eyebrows that looked like they were painted by a master artist to complement her wide, dark black eyes. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. While her body screamed, “fuck me anyway you want,” her upbringing was quite strict and she could never waiver from that.

Fahim couldn’t explain it but Samena always looked different to him. When she was younger, she had always been somewhat pretty, but now, she looked positively beautiful. Her pleasant face with a nice smile and black eyes now seemed more playful than before. Maybe it was the fact that she was getting older or maybe it was just that she was really taking care of her body, he didn’t know. Whatever the case, she looked great.

Fahim had set his eyes on her for a long time. Samena knew that and observed his eyes straying to her. They exchanged many a glances, but she wasn’t going any further. When she looked at Fahim with those alluring dark black eyes, it made his skin tingle with desire. He wondered if she felt the same magnetism.

Fahim always wondered if Samena would be receptive to his seduction efforts. Would she fuck me? He couldn’t help but think how incredible it would be to seduce this woman, get her into bed, and then fuck that sweet pussy. Though taking her to bed was out of the question, it was what he had wanted to do. He yearned to have a taste of her ripe lips, and to feel her soft body against him, holding her, caressing her.

On numerous occasions, he would be screwing his wife but fantasizing that he was fucking Samena..

* * *

Just recently, Samena was facing some financial problems. She couldn’t ask for help from her husband and wondered what to d… She thought about Fahim, and was very aware of his feeling towards her. She knew that he was always trying to get to know her better in many ways. She was sure he would help her; that he was a nice and gentle man who liked her very much. Still, she was very nervous, and a little worried that she would be alone with the lecherous Fahim. This would also be the first time that she would be this close to him. She knew Fahim was always ogling her out and whenever he could stare at her butt and breasts.

It was a Sunday morning when Fahim’s wife had gone to her parent’s home along with her children. Samena knew this and. after wrestling with her conscience for some time; she nervously picked up the phone and called Fahim’s home number, hoping that he would answer.

The phone rang several times and when Fahim picked it up, the voice on the other end sounded a little frantic to the point that at first he didn’t recognize it as his friend’s lovely sexy wife Samena. Fahim was surprised to hear her voice, but recovered quickly and asked, “Hello. Who?”

She hadn’t thought out on how she planned to start, but somehow managed to stammer, “Hi, this is Samena.”

For the next few minutes, they made small talk that was sometimes awkward. They continued chatting, but the entire time Fahim was wondering what prompted the pretty woman to give him a call in the first place. In fact, at first, Samena asked if Fahim wished to speak to his wife. Samena responded, “No, I wanted to speak to you. Do you have some time to meet today, privately. I need your help with something. It’s important.

“Of course! Any time you want, any place you want, Fahim responded excitedly.

“When should I come over?”

“Any time is fine with me. I’m not doing anything right now.”

” Ok! I’ll be over in a half an hour.”

“All right,” he agreed. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Before she left to meet him, she went to the bathroom to take a look at herself, then showered and washed her hair, drying it with the blow dryer, combing and brushing it; finally securing it in a ponytail. Her hair cascaded down to her hips, thick and lushes. Her hair was one of the few things she still actually is proud of about herself. She changed and wore her favorite dress. Samena illegal bahis siteleri ran a brush through her hair one more time; then put on light makeup, some lipstick in addition to other necessities needed to make herself look prettier. Once finished with this routine, she looked into the mirror and said to herself with sudden guilt. What are you doing? This isn’t right, you’re not going to meet your lover!

It was the day Fahim longed for and fantasized for many, many years. It was the answer to his prayer.

Fahim had been dying to be with her alone and so was really looking forward to seeing Samena. He sat in the lounge watching TV; waiting in anticipation for Samena, his heart fluttering rapidly. He tried to imagine what she would be like in bed, and how it would feel to have her bouncing up and down on his big fat rod. He obviously knew that Samena was married, but he didn’t care. He wanted her so badly; he thought he’d go crazy.

He was more than a little nervous when Samena rang the front door bell at exactly ten o’clock. When he opened the door, he saw the gorgeous wife of his best friend in the doorway. His jaw dropped in shock and he just wanted to grab her and kiss her forever. Instead, he just stood there, his eyes nearly popping out of his head, gaping at what he saw and what she was wearing. Samena always dressed conservatively; her clothes very prim and proper: This time, however, she had outdone herself. She was wearing blue qameez and shilwar and the qameez she wore fit her like a glove. The qameez had a large neck and her bra seemed to be a couple of sizes too small. She looked gorgeous with a blue dress that showed ample cleavage and accentuated all of her other curves. Her generously proportioned breasts were not only bulging out of the neck but were also trying to spill out from the gaps.

Samena remained standing on the porch until finally Fahim recovering from his initial shock, asked, “Are you coming in or going to stay out there on the porch and give the neighbors cause to gossip?”

She smiled and said, “I thought you would never ask, Fahim.” she stepped in and added, “Good Morning. How are you?”

Samena drew closer towards Fahim and picked up the warm mucky odor. His stomach ached with desire. He turned away allowing Samena access into his house. “I’m fine, and yourself?” he asked.

“I’m very well.” She looked at him right in the eyes intensely, and Fahim swore he felt his heart skip a beat. He escorted her to the living room and sat down on the sofa. When they had both settled in their seats, he surprised her when he gave her the cup of tea he had prepared before her arrival.

He noticed her dress was a bit displaced; an unusual occurrence because of her upbringing, and yet her breasts were exposed beautifully showing an ample amount of silky cleavage. Fahim tried pulling his gaze away from her chest, but kept coming back to it as if his eyes were steel and her breasts a magnet. The smell of her lightly scented perfume was intoxicating, to say the least. He was doing everything he could to keep himself from ogling her. His cock grew hard just from the fact that woman of his dream was sitting alone with him in his house! He wanted to pounce on her like an animal in heat..

Fahim was trying hard; with very little success in trying to hide his throbbing erection, His head was spinning and he truly didn’t know what to do. His nerves were on edge with the lust that he was feeling. He would have jumped her right there, just thrown her on the sofa if it wasn’t for the fear of reprisal.

Samena was just as nervous with him around but relieved to see that Fahim was very polite and quite charming. She even managed to get comfortable enough to sip the tea but still she was cautious with him. They sipped tea and talked about harmless chattering things.

Finally, Fahim managed to say, “You look very nice today.” However, he was also undressing her with his eyes.

She replied shyly, blushing deeply, “Thank You.”

“So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about, Fahim?”

She smiled timidly, showing her pearly white teeth and answered, “Yes! I want to talk to you, but not sure how to start.”

She looked rather flushed and confused, so he said to her, “Feel free and be comfortable. Tell me what you want to say.”

Samena held her legs together and constantly tried to pull her dress lower to cover her thighs, keeping her legs pressed together. Seating quietly with her eyes downcast under heavy lashes, her lips parted while she searched for a little time and for what and how to begin her request.

Finally, Samena took a quick intake of breath, and began to speak. “OK, I have to ask you for a favor, but let me start from the beginning. Two years ago, when my brother was going to go abroad, he needed one hundred thousand rupees; equal to 1800 US dollars. He asked me and so I spoke to my husband. He refused, so I mortgaged the house with some of my jewelry. I paid interest for it more canlı bahis siteleri than a year, but now I can’t afford to pay anymore.. The person with whom I have mortgaged the jewelry warned me that if I didn’t pay him, he would foreclose on the house. What’s worse my husband is now asking about the jewelry,”

When Samena related her saga, Fahim noticed she hadn’t taking a breath. He would have bet that her lovely eyes were bright with tears.

“Oh. I see. How can I help you Samena?”

“I want you to lend me the money. I promise to repay it within few months. More importantly, we must keep it a secret between you and me. Even your wife cannot know about this arrangement.”

Keeping his face slightly serious and filled with concern, Fahim replied, “Samena. That is quite a bit of money. I doubt if you could ever pay it off, how I can arrange it for you with out your husband or my wife finding out?”

Samena replied with a sorrowful voice, “You are my final hope, Fahim. I don’t know where else to turn. If my husband finds out what I have done, I will lose my family. Pausing, taking a deep breath she continued. “I can return at least 5,000 every month to you,”

“That means you will pay me back in nearly two years, young Samena. That is a very long time. Are you sure you can pay me 5000 every month?”

“I’m begging you to help me, Fahim.” Samena said in throaty voice.

They discussed her situation for about 20 more minutes.

“Don’t worry Samena. Perhaps I could do something for you,” he promised brashly.

“Oh Fahim!” Samena exclaimed at once. “I just knew you could help me.”

“Nevertheless Samena, I need some collateral, because it is a large amount.”

“I am ready to do anything to get out of this trouble.” Samena tried to hold her gaze towards Samena but was unable to. Her eyes dropped to the floor.

Her reply aroused evil thoughts in his mind. Fahim realized that it was the perfect opportunity for him to exploit her weakness.

He said, “Well Samena, You’re an asset!”

She felt her stomach fluttering and looked at him quizzically.

“I can arrange this amount for you privately without any one knowing it. But you have to do something for me.”

She was elated to hear his reply, and she asked, “What can I do for you Fahim?” Samena’s pulse quickened. She looked at him with a sexy grin, and reading this, Fahim wanted to take her in his arms to kiss her, push her back on the carpet, and make sweet love to her. Samena sensed his feelings and could feel herself turning even redder.

Her body seemed to be calling to him and he would answer the call. Moving his hands round her shoulders he said, “Well Samena I just want to experience . . . you. That is; if you will oblige me.”

Hearing him say this, Samena went pasty white, stunned and lost for words. She looked paralyzed. She could not breathe, and she certainly could not face him. His statement crushed, embarrassed, and insulted her all at the same time. She wanted to run out of the house. However, she desperately needed the money. To contain her anger, she stared at her hands, wringing them together in the soft glow of her dupatta. Minutes passed, and then finally she nodded. It was not strange, as Fahim well knew that, for a Muslim woman that would have been the ultimate price to pay.

“Yes,” she said softly, “I know that’s what you want. You want me to sleep with you. However, you’re probably not expecting this answer but what you are requesting is out of the question, Fahim. In fact, how can you even think of such a thing? You’re my husband’s best friend. Do you think that I have no morals? Do you think that I am such a pervert that I would go to bed with you for money? Although I am in need of money, that does not mean I will sacrifice my purity for it. I thought you were not that type of man, but I guess all men are the same. You see a woman alone and you can’t wait to try and get her to bed.” She stared at him intently and finished with a hiss, “You can forget it. I prefer to remain in debt.”

Hearing this final statement from Semena, Fahim now realized, perhaps he had gone too far. He didn’t want to ruin the friendship that they both enjoyed. Other thoughts were racing through his mind. Is she really that mad at me? What if she told my wife? What if she told her husband? Nevertheless, Fahim didn’t lose his nerve. He had to see this through. “Well, Samena, the choice is yours. You are in need of money and I can give you that. All I want is a few hours with you lying next to me. No one will ever have to know what happened, and, the money I give you will solve all your problems. It would not be wise on your part to reject my offer. You sleep with me just this once, and that’s it. After its over, then we can carry on with our lives, and we’ll never repeat it unless you are the one who would like to resume it.”

When he finished his offer, she looked at him brushing her hair back with her fingers. She shook her head slightly, and said, “I don’t know, Fahim. Seeing this gesture told Fahim that the ice was melting and she was going to accept his offer. They sat there silently for several moments and he could see her breasts rising and lowering with increased intensity..

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