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Based on a true story: mine. To avoid further damaging the skin on my penis I can’t just rub it any more. If I’m going to beat off without causing damage, I have to use a lube. Since I can’t get naked and use a lube in the middle of the afternoon without someone noticing, I don’t beat off. That means I still look at porn, but I no longer masturbate to porn. Ever. The change has been good for my relationship with my wife. The change has also been good for our sex life, which is what gave me the kernel of this story. The details, however, are my fantasy of how it might be.

Part 1: Beauty Treatment

“Your doctor warned you about this, more than once. I’ve reminded you about this. More than once. But you’re too easily caught up in the moment, you have no strength.”

Andy’s angry wife Barbara paused, glaring. “I get some use out of your cock, too. Not as much as you, apparently, but I get some use out of it. Right now I can’t use it, can I? Now with the skin on it looking like that.”

She paused. “Pretty selfish to take sex away from by having too much on your own, isn’t it? Now you’ve gone so far you can’t even use it yourself. You can’t be trusted to keep your cock ready for us to share, and I’m worried you’ll just keep in beating off and end up making is unusable for both of us. So I am going to take your uses away from you. From now on your cock is my toy, not yours. And it’s going to stay that way until I decide you can be trusted with it.”

She pulled out of a bag the chastity cage they had played with several months before. She pointed to the open padlock. “This time you already don’t know where the key is.

“You know, when you raised the idea of chastity, I knew you were masturbating too much and I thought you were making a sincere effort to make a change. I was disappointed to discover it was just another kink that kept you masturbating.”

She set the cage back down. “Before we put this on we have to see to treating you for this condition.”

She produced a tube of lotion. “If you weren’t constantly rubbing yourself, your skin wouldn’t be so badly worn. Hold still.”

She applied a generous amount of lotion to the palm of her hand, capped the tube, rubbed her hands together and began stroking Andy’s cock to smooth the lotion into the skin. He wasn’t hard when she was scolding, but he rapidly got hard under the sensuous massage. Her lubricated hands even circled his balls, gently massaging to moisturize all the skin of his genitals.

The feeling was overwhelming. Andy’s hips were bucking with an involuntary response to her sensuous ministrations.

“Are you getting close?”

Andy nodded, unable to speak. Barbara stopped massaging. Andy gasped, his hips bucking even more in search of her sweet hands.

“Here’s the deal,” Barbara said. “You will be caged unless I want to use your cock. That will keep you from masturbating so often, and no masturbating will keep you from rubbing your cock raw. Save it for me.

“Don’t worry, I plan on having your cock out to play with quite often. And, of course, I’ll have you out of the cage every night for your beauty treatment, like this, but that doesn’t count as my having fun with your healing cock, it’s just me doing maintenance on my property.”

Andy finally found his voice. “How long will this go on?”

“I’ve thought about how I’ll know I don’t need to keep you caged any more. When you can last twenty minutes with me stroking you like this, without moving your hips, just sitting still and letting me stroke in this lotion, then you can start having your cage off part of the time.” She smiled encouragingly. “Just twenty minutes, that’s all you have to last. You can do that if you apply some strength of will and focus on the long term goal.”

She added some lotion to her hand from the tube and returned her attention to slowly stroking his erection. “Instead of instant gratification.

“I want to help you accomplish this goal. It is important for me that you succeed. I suspect right now it’s even more important to me than to you, but in time it will be more important to you than to me.”

She continued to stroke him slowly while he gave all of his mental energy into holding still. His breathing was ragged as he strained to hold off, strained to control his hips that seemed to have a will unrelated to him, wanting to hump his cock into her hand.

After a few minutes more she asked softly, “You’re not going to make twenty minutes tonight, are you?” However, she continued stroking.

Gritting his teeth, Andy made a sharp snap of his head to the left, then to the right. He immediately felt her hands stop stroking his straining cock and took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

“I didn’t expect you to pass this test the first night,” Barbara said. “Are you ready to be caged now?”

He looked at her, incredulous.

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking,” Barbara told him. “Get you this close then lock you up? Am I that heartless?” canlı bahis She chuckled softly. “I fully expect you to conclude I am heartless before you achieve your goal. Your beauty treatment every night is to restore your skin, not to get you off. If you feel like you’re being punished, it’s because I’m punishing you while you heal, to teach you a lesson.

“I’ll give you a soft start. Just tonight, would you like me to finish you off with a beauty treatment hand job?”

He just looked at her, uncertain how to answer, and in response her voice took on a harder edge. “You won’t find me making an offer like that very often.”

He met her eyes. He understood the answer she really wanted, and decided to give it. “No, dear, I’d like you to stop now. I think that’s better for me.”

He said it intending she would believe he was taking her seriously, and maybe ease up on her plan. But her hand resumed stroking, slowly, sensuously but with a firmer grip so he was really feeling the strokes. “Tell me to stop.”

“Stop please, Barbara.”

Her hand started going a little faster. “Didn’t sound sincere to me.”

“Barbara, please stop now. I’d rather wait, work with you.”

Her hand went faster. He got the hint.

“Barbara, I, mm, really want you to, ah! Stop. Ah! Now.”

But her hand kept going.

“Ah, Barb, please. Stop. Barb. Please. Stop. Please. Please.”

He was becoming less coherent, losing himself in her lubricated ministrations to his penis. He was not holding his body still, but was still trying to fight off the orgasm building up in him, so speaking to Barbara was a distant third priority and failing rapidly.

“Oh, God, Barb, stop, stop!”

Mercifully, her hand stopped.

“That was what I expect in a sincere, no, heartfelt request that I stop. Because I’m going to give you these beauty treatments every night, right up to the point that you can’t stand it. It’s part of your training. It’s part of your punishment. But it’s also part of your healing. And I plan on bringing you right up to your limit every time.”

She looked at the clock. “Oh, honey, you’re already at nine minutes! This is going to be easy for you.”

She left the bedroom, reappearing shortly with one of the frozen compresses they occasionally used after a hard workout led to a pulled muscle. Without warning she fully covered his cock, deftly molding the compress into a shape to fully cover his cock but not his balls. It was very cold, but Andy was surprised it wasn’t as uncomfortable as he might have expected. His cock shrank quickly. After a minute, she lifted the compress. She pulled the ring around his balls and after a minute of fiddling she was slipping the cage over his cock. Even though she worked quickly, his cock was beginning to swell, but she just pushed the cage onto the locking band and secured it with the padlock.

“Good thing we tried this out chastity cage last winter. You’d have been hard again if I’d had to fiddle around with getting the proper fit. And I also know which ring assures you can’t just pull the cage back off.”

She went to his wrists and ankles, releasing him from the restraints. He regretted his kinky libido let her talk him into bondage this evening. He began to think of what he would do the next time he talked her into being the one tied down.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Barbara said. “Taking some form of revenge on me will only come back even worse on you. Let me remind you that you don’t know where the key is located. I did say key, in the singular. I didn’t hide the other two keys somewhere else, I threw them away. There is only one key. Don’t look for it.”

They went to sleep together soon after. Andy was breathing normally, but had the sensation he was short of breath. He was at the same time highly aroused, unsatisfied and comfortable with having had enough for the night. He surprised himself by cuddling with her, the same way they did nearly every night. He wasn’t angry, he was intrigued. Okay, he admitted to himself as sleep overtook him, he was a little angry, but only about how this started.

Part 2: Control and Consequences

Looking back over the three weeks, Andy was surprised at how he’d grown to accept the new routine, how he just complied with it, let his wife keep him in chastity, tease and deny him. He was happy with how well the skin on his penis was healing under her care. And he was surprised how well he was adapting to her plan that he last twenty minutes without moving, while she stroked his cock. The past three days, she had told him he’d gone sixteen minutes.

“You’re doing so well,” she said approvingly. “You’re demonstrating some commitment.”

Of course, it wasn’t simple and fun. To get to sixteen minutes without moving, he went through something like ten minutes of sheer pleasure, marred only by having to hold back and avoid cumming too soon. After the easy part he went through a few minutes on an erotic plateau, forced to put increasing bahis siteleri effort into holding still and holding off against the exquisite pleasure. At the end came the agony. It began only when he asked her to stop. She would glance at the clock, and invariably say “You haven’t gone long enough yet.” For what seemed like an eternity but was actually something like two minutes, each night he would be reduced to a blubbering mess, begging her to stop stroking him in increasingly abject terms.

He’d tried asking her to stop earlier than usual, trying to fake his response to the pleasure at the end. She’d seen right through that. She had learned how to read his reactions and always knew just when to stop, when he was so close to the edge he thought he might actually cum.

Just as an experiment one evening, after she finally took her hand off, she bent over and blew puffs of breath on his cock. She started at the base and move her way up, the puffs of air feeling like little licks to his fevered, over-stimulated mind. When a puff of breath hit the head of his cock, he began to ejaculate. There was little pleasure in it, and to make it worse he expected he would be punished for it.

Barbara surprised him. “I guess you were right,” was all she said. “It was time to stop.”

The next night she told him the only rule was he couldn’t cum while she was stroking. “And, of course,

you can’t masturbate, but that’s not a rule, that’s fact of life,” she said as she put him back into his cage.

“Once in a while, though, when I think you need it, I’m going to make you cum during your beauty treatment,” she added. “Just warning you it will happen. When I think it’s what needs to happen.”

The next night she did just that, She kept on stroking him when he began to beg for her to stop. The only difference was she didn’t cajole him to hold out longer. She just silently kept stroking. He didn’t notice this difference and continued to try to obey the one rule while she mercilessly forced him to violate it. When he came, he thought it was the best orgasm he’d ever had.

“Did you like that?” Barbara asked. It was rhetorical question; they both knew how good it was for him. “This is what you get when you cum once a week instead of three, or four, or five times day.

“Benefits for you, benefits for me,” she emphasized.

A few times a week Barbara wanted sex. The first time she secured his wrists and ankle cuffs to the the bed as usual, took off the chastity cage, stroked him erect but then mounted him without telling him what her plans were for the night. Sometimes she would straddle over his face and demand a pussy licking to get her started, or sometimes it would be sucking on her dangling breasts.

She was cautious about too much stimulation for him, so while she rode his cock, she also reminded him to hold still and ask her to stop just as he did with a beauty treatment. When he asked her to stop, she would stop immediately, move to up and require him to lick her to a good orgasm.

After she was satisfied she still insisted on massaging moisturizing lotion into the skin of his cock. She did take it easy on him those nights, not really pushing his limits and not watching the clock.

Seated on his cock Friday night, enjoying the long, slow screwing she was giving herself, she spoke about their sex life before she intervened. “Back then, it used to be so rare that I could spend time feeling how good your cock feels inside me,” she explained. “Either you’d just jerked off, in which case you weren’t all that hard for me, or you were on a hair trigger, and you didn’t last.”

She sighed and settled herself down on his impaling cock, wiggling her hips and shifting her weight slightly to get every last bit of available penetration. “Now I’m really enjoying sex with you. I want to get to the point that we can spend an hour fucking, with me enjoying your nice hard cock for every minute of that hour.” Andy was surprised, if she ever said “fuck,” which was seldom, she was really angry. Now she used the word casually, talking about the way she wants to have sex with him.

She stopped talking until she had his full attention again. “Sex isn’t an orgasm, “she said. “Sex is playing together and feeling good together. The orgasm is what makes it end for a man, so you can have more fun if you don’t rush to just have an orgasm, delay the ending.”

It seemed surreal, having a talk that sounded like a lecture while enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet pussy wrapped around his straining cock. He didn’t understand how she could be so cool, so detached instead of falling into a lustful frenzy like he did. But nights when she had sex with him were also lecture nights. Somewhat to his surprise, he tended to listened to what she said despite the situation.

She lifted herself up so far his cock came out of her vagina and fell with a plop onto his belly. She moved up to his face and said “lick me, sweetheart.”

With her vaginal bahis şirketleri lips over his mouth, he had limited ability to move around, but he had always liked going down on his wife, so he did the best he could. She moved herself around, placing the spots she wanted licked in position to receive the attention of his talented tongue. He had always assumed it was all about the clitoris, but he noticed how many places she guided his tongue. She liked her clitoris licked, of course, but she also liked licking on the outside and inside of her lips, she liked his tongue pushing right up into her. She even had him lick the flat spot between her vagina and her asshole, grinding down as he did so.

He could tell by her breathing, by how she stopped moving herself around, instead bucking her hips, that she was about to come. She soon came, groaning loudly and grinding her pussy down on his face a bit.

These sessions had shown Andy that a little more stimulation after she came often got her going again. He found himself wondering why he hadn’t discovered that useful fact before. So he continued to lick and kiss her lips, slowing down so that it was a sensuous experience but not over-stimulating.

“Oh, lover, you are so good to me,” she whispered.

After a few more minutes of licking, she surprised him by moving back down over his straining cock and preparing to mount him again.

“I hope you’ve cooled off a little, big boy,” she said. “I want some more time with your cock in my pussy.” Reaching down between her legs, a motion he always thought was sexy as hell, she picked up his cock and rubbed the head sensuously against her wet lips. He felt how wet she was, and enjoyed the stimulation to his head as it slid along her warm, wet slit. She slipped just his head into the entrance and stopped. “I want to have this kind of fun with you every time we make love,” she said. “Wild and passionate, yes, but slow enough to be sensual, a lingering pleasure, not a quickie.”

She giggled. “Quickies suck.”

She sank down, engulfing his erect cock in her wet pussy in one push. That first time, his shaft still dry, he felt a little discomfort and grimaced. “Oh, sorry dear,” she said. “I forgot I have to be careful with that skin for a while longer.”

She rode him for several minutes, to his surprise he found himself pleasantly distant from any crisis. After a while she switched back up to sitting on his face for a licking.

A few minutes later, she said “Mmm, that’s good, but I need more penetration before I can cum again.” She eased back down, slipped his cock into herself once more. She made a point of being more gentle this time. Instead of sitting upright, she lay down on top of him and started kissing. She moved her hips just a little as she delivered the wettest, most erotic kisses Andy thought he had ever experienced.

Andy began moving his hips in coordination with her motion. He found that with her lying down the ridge of the penis was getting more stimulation, and by pushing his hips upwards the thrust would rub the most sensitive part of his penis inside her pussy. It felt wonderful, and he wasn’t about to stop.

But Barbara stopped it by sliding up, letting his cock drop from her pussy. She presented him with her nipples. Although he was disappointed to have lost the stimulation on his cock, he happily gave his oral attention to her nipples.

She soon shifted up to sit on his face again. After several minutes she said, “nope, I’m close but I still need more cock.”

Barbara shifted back down and eased him into herself again. Like last time, she chose to lay down and kiss him while they collaborated on the humping. Andy was surprised how quickly he got back on the plateau, then how quickly after that he felt like he was close to cumming. In response he slowed his motions.

She stopped kissing him long enough to say “don’t forget I want another orgasm, and you know your mouth has to give it to me.” Then she buried her tongue in his mouth, in what Andy thought was the sexiest kiss he’d ever gotten from her. Her hips moved in a circular motion that drove him wild. He lost all control and bucked his hips up to piston his erection in and out of her pussy. When his hips started that final, steady, long thrusting she just kept on kissing him.

In the back of his mind he knew he had crossed the point of no return, but Andy was surprised to find himself cumming into this wife, his hips pushing upward as much as he could against his restraints. Barbara just kept up the kissing.

When he finally relaxed his hips, she finally stopped French kissing him. She made some little, nibbling kisses over his lips. She whispered, “was that good, sweetheart?”

Andy nodded.

“I want you to remember, now, that I want a second orgasm, and I’m going to get it from your mouth.”

Failing to fully appreciate what she meant, he nodded.

“Good,” Barbara said. She reached down and eased his cock out of her pussy and kept her hand between her legs as she moved up to put her pussy on his mouth. By the time he realized what was going to happen, she was over him. He began to protest and her pussy responded by dripping into his open mouth.

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