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Bob’s grand plan was a layover in Denver on his flight from Chicago to Los Angles to see an old flame living near Denver. The flight was to arrived in the morning and he was going to leave again on another flight that evening on a different airline. This was the only way he had been able to arrange the layover he wanted. He had paid a little extra for this, since it was a one way flight, it really wasn’t all that much more. He thought it was going to be worth it when he bought the tickets. Bob boarded the L1011 and found his seat; row 21A, a window seat with only one seat next to it.

Pam had just spent two days in Chicago at a seminar and was very happy to be on her way back to Denver and home. It had been hot and humid. Hot was okay, Denver could get hot. It was the humidity that was killing her. She had slipped into the ladies room as soon as she got to the airport and removed her bra. She really didn’t need one and wasn’t fond of wearing one, but in the business environment it could get very catty if a woman didn’t have one on. She didn’t like flying but had a book with her to keep her busy during the flight. Pam boarded the plane and started looking for her seat; 21B.

For a short time Bob had harbored the hope that no one would take the seat next to him. That hope was short lived. A woman came down the isle with a carry on bag and her purse reading the seat row numbers and stopped at his row. She was dressed in a tight short skirt and a very loose silk top that wasn’t tucked in and sandals. She was small breasted, and the way her breasts were bouncing and the way her nipples were poking at the material of her blouse he thought that just maybe they weren’t restrained by a bra.

She had a small carry on bag that she wanted to put in the overhead compartment, but before she put it up there, she wanted something out of it. She put it in her seat, and while still standing in the isle, bent over in his direction to dig something out of it. While she was bending over, he had a very nice view all the way down her front. His first guess had been right. There was no bra. He had a nice view of two very nice small breasts with their very sexy long nipples. It was cold on the plane, and her nipples were very erect. She didn’t seem to be able to find what she was looking for, so while she looked in her bag, he enjoyed the view. Finally she gave up and just put the bag in the over head compartment and closed it.

Pam knew he had been looking down her blouse a few seconds after she had bent over, but decided what the heck, he’s cute, let him look. Her breasts were small, but she was proud of them. The combination of the silk blouse rubbing on them and the cool air in the plane made her nipples were very erect. She thought her breasts looked better when the nipples were sticking out. Her blouse was loose enough and just low cut enough that he was probably getting one hell of a view of her chest. She couldn’t find the book she was looking for, and stirred around in the bag a little longer than necessary to give him a real eye full.

Bob now had a rather obvious hard-on. He moved in his seat to try to hide it, but he thought she had noticed from the smile that came over her face as he moved.

She has seen his predicament all right and was quite pleased with herself for having causing it. Maybe the extra time she had spent bending over was worth it. It was time to find out who owned that newly sprouted erection she had just created, “Hi, I’m Pam.” she said with a smile.

“I’m Bob, nice to meet you.”

“You just going to Denver or all the way to L.A.?”

“I’m going to lay over in Denver for a few hours, then I am going on to L.A.”

“Why are you stopping in Denver?”

“I am going to surprise an old girlfriend. It sounded like a good idea up until a few minutes ago, but I have been wondering if I shouldn’t have called her first.”

“It is summer and people do go on vacation or make some other plans.” or go on a hot date she thought. Speaking of hot dates, she wouldn’t mind a hot date with this guy herself. She had liked the looks of him the first time she laid eyes on him. That was why she had let him have a good long look down her blouse. She had noticed years ago that that really got a guy’s attention.

They talked and flirted all the way to Denver. He found himself wishing that she lived in L.A. so he could ask her out, and she was hoping that the woman he was looking for in Denver would be out of town when they got there. It looked like lust at first sight, but neither one thought they could really do anything about it.

The plane finally arrived in Denver and they waited until those who were really in a hurry got off the plane. She was ahead of him in the isle and he took the opportunity to admire her shapely ass and legs as they left the plane. Well, he thought, the one I am going to see looks just as good.

She thought she felt eyes on her bottom as she walked down the isle, so she walked by placing one foot almost canlı bahis directly in front of the other. It made her bottom wiggle more than in normally would.

They said good-bye when they got out on the concourse. He headed for the phones and she for the baggage claim.

Bob was going to surprise Sarah with a call from Denver International Airport, but the surprise turned out to be his. He had called her at work and got her answering machine instead. The ugly part of the surprise came when he got the message. She would be out for a week on vacation. He tried her home number in desperation; no answer. It had never occurred to him that she might not be there. He had had a bad feeling about this as soon as he sat down on that airplane.

He was stuck in Denver for the next few hours alone. It was now time to collect his bags. He didn’t know if Pam would still be there or not, but he hoped so. Maybe she wasn’t in too big a hurry and would at least have lunch with him. He figured it was a long shot, but since he was looking at quite a few hours here by himself, it was worth it. Come to think of it, he didn’t know if anyone was going to meet her at the airport. She might have something as disgusting as a boyfriend show up!

Pam got to the baggage carousel and waited and waited. She hadn’t been the last person off the plane, but she had expected the bags to show up a little faster than this! She was hoping to see Bob again, but expected him to show up with some tall blond on his arm. Damn blondes anyway. Only a blond could get a guy to do something like pay extra for a layover in a town to see her. No, wait, he was going to call the blond, assuming it was a blond, and she would have to drive out here. She might get to see him for a few minutes after all, not that it really mattered if he was going off with blondie. No one was coming out for her, her car was in the parking lot. Bob had gotten her excited during the flight. Nothing he had said or done, it was just that she liked him and well, it had been a long time since she had had a man between her legs and she really wanted that right now. Getting herself off only went so far. There was nothing like the real thing. There was just something about him. She was starting to have fantasies about what it would be like to be in bed with him while she waited for the bags. What it would be like to have him eating her, sucking on her nipples, and to finally have him between her legs. She was having such a good time in the fantasy that she thought she felt herself starting to get wet.

Bob saw Pam standing by an empty baggage carousel with a good number of others from that flight. For once he was quite pleased that the bags hadn’t shown up yet. It was about time something going wrong had worked in his favor. Even more important, there didn’t appear to be anyone with her. “Hi Pam!” he said coming up behind her.

“Hi.” she said, “Get in touch with your friend?” She thought she knew the answer, but there was always hope. She was sure he was going to say that blondie was on the way.

“Nope, I should have called first. She’s on vacation and won’t be back for at least a week.”

Great! Tough luck blondie, with a little luck I am going to get laid by your boyfriend. If I don’t, it won’t be for lack of trying. “So, uh, what are you going to do now?” she asked. Wanna come home with me and screw all afternoon? she thought to herself.

“I don’t know. I guess I check these bags on the other airline whenever they show up here and then, well, I don’t know. Find a way to kill about five or six hours I suppose. What are your plans? Do you have the rest of the day off or do you have to go back to work?” He had never thought to ask her what she was going to be doing for the rest of the day, and now hoped that she didn’t have to go back to work or do something that was going to leave him stranded in this airport for six hours. He was giving her his best lost puppy act, hoping she would take him home with her.

The carousel finally started up and the bags began to appear. “I have the rest of the day off.” She said. “I guess I will just get lunch somewhere on the way home and then take it easy for the rest of the day. Nothing planned.” She hoped he would take the lunch bait. Please take the lunch bait!

“If you have the time, would you have lunch with me?” Hot damn, she was free for the afternoon. There was hope for this day after all.

Yes! He took the bait! “Sure, I’d love to.” She tried to act very calm about it. If you snooze you loose blondie. She had the wicked notion of asking him if he would like to come over to her place and just eat her instead of going somewhere, but she decided not to.

“Is there anyplace nice to have lunch around here?”

“Heavens no, we are out in the sticks. Half way to Kansas! I know of a nice quiet little place not too far from where I live though.” First you feed me and then I will take you home and play with you! She thought this day had hope too.

“Do you have bahis siteleri a car here or will we need a cab?” he asked as his first bag appeared.

“My car is in the parking lot here.”

When the found all of their luggage, he checked his back in with the other airline and helped her carry hers to her car.

“Where are we going?” he asked as they left the airport.

“Do you like Mexican food?”

“Sure, that’ll do just fine.”

“Okay, I know a nice place on Mississippi in Aurora that’s nice and it’s usually pretty quiet. It’s a little early, but we can have drink first and then have an early lunch there. A place called Senior Ric’s. Not overly fancy, but nice.” Then I can take you home for desert. she thought.

The arrived at Senior Ric’s, had a drink, and then ate lunch. If she ever had any reservations about taking Bob home and getting into bed with him for the afternoon, she was loosing them fast. She was very horney and he was looking better all the time.

Bob was becoming very infatuated with her the more he talked to her. He was having a hard time taking his eyes off her. He was horney and he found himself wondering what she would look like undressed. It was cool in here and he noticed her nipples poking at the material of her blouse again. He was dying to see what they would look like with nothing over them. He paid the lunch tab and they walked back out to her car. “Well, I guess you can take me back out to the airport so you can have the rest of the day to do whatever you want.” he said, all the while hoping that she would invite him over to her place. Oh please invite me over to your place! he thought.

Oh shit, she thought, we can’t have this. You aren’t getting away from me now! “You can come over to my place with me and lounge around there a little if you like. It would be nicer than those seats at the airport I would think. I have few beers in the fridge, at last they won’t cost you three buck apiece if you want one. I have a few things to do there, like unpack, but you are welcome to come over there and watch TV or something.”

Yes! “That sounds a whole lot better than the airport.”

At her condo they unloaded her bags and went inside. She took her suitcases into her bedroom and set them on the bed. She took him out to the kitchen and found a cold beer for him and gave him the clicker to the TV. “Have fun, I’m going to unpack quickly and be right out. I think I will slip into something more comfortable too.” she said as she headed for the bedroom. Damn, he hadn’t made a pass at her yet. She was hoping he would. Maybe he just needed a little help.

“Take your time.” This, he thought, is where the chick slips into something slinky in the movies. He wasn’t sure what she was going to change into since this was real life, but he was pretty sure he could kiss off the movie version. Real life probably meant jeans and a T-shirt; it was hot out, maybe shorts and a T-shirt. He settled into the recliner, turned the TV on, and started flipping through the channels. He really wanted to come on to her a little more, but felt a little awkward doing it in her house and really having just met her. It would have been different if she had come over to his place, but then maybe she wanted him to and that was why she had invited him over here. He was confused and hoped she was give him a clue.

Pam unpacked quickly and then slipped out of her skirt and blouse. She was now standing there in her panties and sandals. She kicked the sandals off. Earlier she had thought of coming out with nothing on but a teddy, but now was wondering what he would think of her if she did. Oh damn, she thought, this all sounded so good in the car. These games people play are such a pain in the ass. It would have been a lot easier back at the airport if she could have just said gee, I sure would like to fuck you, would you like to come home with me and fuck me? She just wanted him in bed so badly. I know he has to be a great lover. He just has to be. Slowly a plan formulated in her head. First she took off the undies and used a tissue to dry herself.

Christ she got wet thinking about him! Next she put on a teddy. Not her most risqué, but one that was pretty sexy. It was dark purple, almost back-less, low cut in the front, had a lot of see through lace to it, and had spaghetti straps. It was French cut at the leg openings, but not outrageously so. The material over her breasts, bottom, and crotch was solid so it wasn’t all that inviting in spite of being very form fitting, or so she thought. I did the laundry a few days ago, so what is there in the laundry room that I could go by him to get? Ha! I have another loose skirt in there. She left her room with her heart beating a little faster and walked by the recliner on the way to the laundry. “You might know I would leave what I needed in the laundry room.”

Bob had been flipping through the channels while he wondered what she would come out in that was more comfortable. He just about couldn’t bahis şirketleri believe his eyes when she did come out. “Wow! You look very nice like that!” he blurted out, and couldn’t believe he had said that. I must sound like a complete ass to her, he thought. The “wow” and the “like that” were too much. None the less, he was sure the clue he had been looking for had arrived.

She stopped by his chair feeling rather flattered. His eyes had just about come out of his head and his jaw dropped like a rock. She did have his undivided attention. “I was just on the way to the laundry to get a skirt I left there.”

“You can stay like that if you like. I won’t lay a hand on you and promise not to drool.” Oh shit, why did you say that? he thought, especially the last part. You sound like some high school kid. Shit, he was always putting his foot in his mouth around her. He also wondered how he was going to hide the fast growing erection in his pants.

“You won’t touch me?” We’re going to have to work on that, she thought.

“Not unless you want me to.” By now he was sure she did.

“Hmm….if you were just sitting there in your undies, I might have a hard time keeping my hands off you.” Well come on, that’s an invitation, take it! she thought.

“No,” he teased, “you would be a perfect lady, avert your eyes, and act like I was sitting here fully dressed.”

“Try me!” she hissed.

He thought that invitation was as plain as day. “Well, lets just see.” Bob quickly stood up, slipped his shirt, pants, shoes and socks off, and sat back down. He was now sitting in the recliner with just his briefs on. The briefs were doing a very poor job of hiding his erection.

She leaned over and pulled the side handle on the recliner. The seat back went back and the foot rest came out. She climbed on it, putting one knee on each side of his waist and planted her bottom high on his lap facing him. “Do you think a perfect lady would do this?” she grinned. She could feel the bulge in his briefs pressing up against the very bottom of her teddy. He was going to feel so good inside her. She had him right where she wanted him. She was going to get laid now. Eat your heart out blondie!

His hands went to her waist and then slid up the soft smooth skin of her back pulling her down to him. “Probably.” he said as their lips met. He felt her lips open as they kissed and he slipped his tongue into her warm inviting mouth. His hands roamed over the soft warm skin of her back. As they kissed, he could feel her crotch press down on his covered erection. He wanted to be inside her so badly.

She had her elbows up by his head as they kissed, giving his hands free access to her body as they kissed. She felt his hands slowly slide back down her back and over her thinly covered bottom. She felt his hands caress her bottom through the thin material of the teddy, then slide off to the side and slip under the edge of the leg openings. Those sexy hands now slid over the bare skin of her bottom and down toward her opening. Now he’s going to see how wet I am, she thought as a finger got to the very back edge of her sex. “Take me back to the bedroom.” she mumbled as they kissed. “I want you so bad.”

He picked her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He had his hands under her ass as he carried her back to her bedroom and sat her on the edge of the bed.

“By the time I got to the phones I was hoping that girl I was calling wouldn’t be there so I could spend a little time with you.”

“I have had the hots for you since I let you have a good look down my blouse when I got on the plane.” she said as she slipped his briefs down his legs, letting his erection spring free.

He took her hands and got her to stand up. “You mean you knew I was looking down your front?”

“Not right way, but once I saw you looking I kept looking for a book I knew wasn’t there just so you could have a better look.” He slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulder. The thin material covering her breasts didn’t fall away.

Bob reached up and slowly pulled the teddy off her breasts. “Did you notice that I was getting hard looking down your blouse?” Bob looked at her beautiful nipples. They were just as long, sexy, and inviting as he thought they would be. He leaned over and took an erect nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh…..that feels so good. Yea, I noticed. I thought the fact that I didn’t have a bra on probably had a lot to do with it.” She reached between them and found his hard cock. She ran her hand up and down the hard shaft. Her touch made him moan.

“It did.” His hands slid down her body taking the teddy with them. He let go of it as it crossed her hips and it slid down her legs and landed in a pile at her feet. He switched to the other nipple and sucked it deep into his mouth.

“Oh God you get me hot.” she moaned.

He moved a little. She felt one hand slide around to her rear and cup an ass cheek and the other came around to her tummy and then slid down to her bush. A finger probed into her wet slit. It slid over the wet outer lips then parted them and found her swollen clit. A soft moan escaped her lips as he touched it.

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