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To get the context, you need to read Chapter 1 first.


Laura and I never really “dated” much. I didn’t want to spend money on the bitch. If I wanted to spend money to get laid, I’d hire a whore or pay the back alimony to my ex-wife. We did go out a few times for drinks, dinner, and dancing but usually I just stopped by her apartment after she got off work and let her get ME off.

The nonstop sex continued for several weeks. At first I liked groping and sucking her tits but it got boring after awhile. There isn’t much there to play with. The blowjobs became predictable. Always good, but predictable. And we had fucked in every position we knew. She liked doggy best, but my favorite was fucking her face while she hung her head backwards over the edge of the mattress. It was like fucking a cunt. I rolled her head back, held both sides of her face and inserted my dick. That girl could suck cock.

After about a month, things were starting to get routine for me and she acted like she was afraid I’d dump her for some other hottie I met at a bar while she was working. Actually I did bed a couple of other chicks for some one-night-stands during that first month, but mostly I hung out with the guys and went over to fuck Laura when she got off work. I practically lived in her apartment, but I never brought a toothbrush. I used hers.

I liked that she was worried I might leave her for other girls. Several times we agreed there were no commitments between us, but I knew she was not fucking anyone else and always acted jealous of any girl I talked about or eyeballed when we went out. It kept her doing things for me a lot of girls wouldn’t.

Doing more canlı bahis and more daring and perverted things kept things interesting for me. I mean, why spend time and effort picking up some new babe in a bar who might give me a quick BJ or a boring fuck when I had a girl like Laura who was so willing to please me? Over the next few weeks I had Laura do all kinds of sexual things for me. I made her dress up in costumes, let me spank her, let me push a dildo up her ass while I fucked her cunt, stuff like that. Sometimes she objected, but usually she eventually went along with it. She often gave in when I got quiet and cold, or when I acted like I was getting bored with straight sex.

One night I brought over some of my old silk ties and a blindfold. Her bed didn’t have bedposts, so I had to rig some leather belts to make loops from the corners of the metal mattress frame to the top of the mattress. Then I used the silk ties to bind her hands and feet to the belts. It worked quite well. I kept the bindings rather loose but made sure she couldn’t move her limbs more than 6 inches. The blindfold and a set of stereo headphones added the final degree of vulnerability. Unlike some other sexual games we played, Laura agreed right away to be tied up, thinking it would be fun for both of us. And it was. I ate her out a couple times, tormenting her by pausing just short of orgasm until she begged me to finish her off. I enjoyed teasing her and exerting so much control over her mind and body. I climbed on top of her a few times and made her suck my dick. I also fucked her hard while she lay spreadeagle. It was fun but it was actually less satisfying because she couldn’t use her fist to bahis siteleri pump my shaft during oral sex or her fingernails in my back during missionary sex. But it did have a kinky kind of fun about it that kept things interesting between us for awhile longer.

The following weekend, I left town for a business trip and didn’t see her for a week. It was the longest period of time we didn’t fuck since we had met six weeks earlier and I was pleased how desperate for me she sounded when she called me on my phone a few times. I told her she could only call me twice that week and only between 7pm and 8 pm. She broke the rule, though, and called me four times. I took three of the calls but ignored the fourth one because it was almost midnight and I was in the middle of fucking a chubby thirty’s-ish young woman I had met at the hotel bar. She was at least 25 lbs overweight for someone her height, but she had bigger tits than Laura and I found burying my face in her soft grapefruits was a nice change from sucking Laura’s pair of peaches.

By the time I got back in town that Friday night, I was horny for her again but tired, so even though I told her I would come by, I skipped it and went to my place instead. The next morning she called me and acted hurt I didn’t come over. I played hard to get and she fell for it. I acted almost annoyed with her, even though I could hardly wait to see her.

“Oh, all right,” I feigned. “You I’ll come over at 11, and you can make me some lunch..”

“Good, I missed you,” she gushed like a schoolgirl with a crush, “I can’t wait to see you.”

“Yeah, well, when I get there I want you to greet me at the front door totally nude. Not bahis şirketleri a stitch of clothing. Not even an earring, you got that?”

“Uh, yeah, ok.”

She did as I told her. I brought my digital camera and made her pose for me. I filled up three SD cards with a couple hundred naked high res pics of her, then took another card-full of pornographic close-ups of her cunt and of her sucking my dick, etc. etc.. I actually think she liked posing for me. So the next day I brought over my digital camcorder to make some movies.

Naturally, she made me swear no one would ever see them except me. I had to agree to get her to cooperate fully. I had her spread eagle herself and masturbate. I took close-ups of her entire body, and had her put her legs over her head and got great shots of my fingers opening her cunt lips and finger fucking her. Then I set up the tripod and the wall charger and we made home porn movies all day. I filled up 6 hours of digital media with porn that was every bit as hot as anything I’ve seen on the net. The only time I stopped fucking one of her holes was to move the camera, change disks, or take a piss. I wouldn’t let her wipe off any of my cum, so by mid-afternoon she looked like a bukkake whore. I took video of her showering it all off, then more movies of her sucking my dick. That time I put the camera was on a tripod and made her lay backwards with her head off the bed the way I like. I got some great footage of me fucking her face and dumping a load on her face and tits.

The camcorder became a constant companion the whole rest of that week. I fucked her every night and took video of almost every bit of it. I downloaded it to my hard drive then went back the next night to film some more. Even with a light on, some of the first films came out dark so I played with the camera settings to capture details better in the low light. Those films were really good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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