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Another fun weekend at college. No parties to go to. Holiday weekend so most of the campus was gone. Just me and my pile of dirty laundry. The laundromat was about three blocks away, so I tossed the basket in my 2 seat drop top and started the inevitable. There were two people inside. A girl in a pair of sweats, and some older lady finishing her folding. I tossed my stuff in the first washer I found, set the water to cold, (no bleach), learned that lesson, and kicked back to wait.

The girl in the sweats looked familiar from school, but I couldn’t be sure, so I stayed quiet. She looked at me and laughed. Nice smile. Hard to tell the body type in the sweats.

“Whats so funny, I asked?”

“You. she said. Typical boy, dumping all you clothes in one washer instead of separating them. Didn’t you mom teach you any better?”

“Yeah, I said. I know better but I just hate doing laundry.”

“Me too, she said, with another smile. Lets keep each other company and lessen the agony.”

“Cool. I said.” Smooth as ever.

We hung for an hour or so. Bought her a soda, found out her name was Carol and yeah, she was a student at school. We folded at the same table and I noticed some nice panties among the fresh clothes.

“Thank god that’s over. I said Um, the laundry, not you.”

She stuck her hand out and said, “See you around.”

She left, and I finished folding and went to my car. As I drove toward campus I saw her walking with her bundle, not struggling but she had a ten minute walk in front of her.

“Hey, hop in. I yelled when I got close enough. I’ll make room and give you a lift.”

“Great. Nice car.” she observed.

It was a two minute drive to her dorm so no time for small talk which was just as well because I had none.

As she got out she said, “This was fun, and I appreciate the lift. What do you say we do it again in two weeks? That’s usually my clean clothes limit.”

“Sure, sounds great. I said. Except next time let me pick you up so you don’t have to haul the laundry.”

We exchanged numbers, and I was on my way.

Two canlı bahis weeks passed, the pile grew, and it was time.

I reached out to Carol and she said, “Sure, I’m ready.”

When I got to her dorm she was waiting outside talking to a friend. They said goodbye, and she hopped in. Same sweats, same smile.

“Lets roll. she said. I’ve got more this week. Probably will take two or three hours.”

“Me too. I said But I promise to use two washers this time.”

This drew a laugh and we were on our way. When we got to the laundromat the first thing we noticed was the AC. was down.

“Oh, this sucks. I said. It’s an oven in here.”

She gave me a look of agreement as a few beads of sweat rolled down her neck onto her sweats. Then I had a thought.

“What do you say we go to my house and cool down? I have a great AC and some cold beers in the fridge.” She looked at me for a moment, and I said, “Look, I’m a good guy. You can trust me. I just don’t want to sweat my ass off here.”

She said, “I know you’re a good guy. I’m not worried. Lets go.”

We hopped in my car and were at my place in a minute. We got inside and the cool air made all the difference. I noticed right away she had sweat through her top and her breasts were pretty good sized and her nipples were showing through.

“Beer? I asked.”

“Hell yes. she said. Nice place.”

“Thanks a lot. I responded. I’m a bartender two nights a week, and I make enough to afford a decent place. I can’t deal with dorm life. Plus, I like living alone.”

We sat for a few minutes sipping beer when I noticed she looked uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Carol said, “These sweats are nasty. I wish I had fresh clothes.”

I said, “Hey, I have a clean tee shirt you can wear. My shorts will be too big though.”

“Great. she said. Where do I change?”

I led her into the bedroom, rifled through the drawers and found a shirt I had long outgrown. I tossed it to her and started to leave when she said. “Do you mind if I use your shower? I’d like to rinse off bahis siteleri real fast.”

“Sure. I said. Towels are in the cabinet.”

I left and went back to the living room. I heard the water running for about five minutes, then stop.

After a moment I heard Carol yell, “Bob, would you come in here for a minute?” I went into the bedroom and Carol was wearing the tee shirt, sans bra, and had her lower half wrapped in the towel.

She said, “Look, I really like you, but I have a boyfriend back home.”

Figuring this is my luck in life I said, “No problem.” and turned to leave.

“Wait. she said. I don’t want you to go. What I would like is for you to do is go down on me.”

And with that she dropped her towel exposing this neat light brown triangle. My cock sprung to attention. I reached for her to kiss her but she stopped me.

“No kissing! She said with conviction. Just take care of my needs and we will see where it goes.”

I stood there for a moment and took my shirt off. I started to undo my pants and Carol said, “No pants. Just the shirt.”

She laid back on the bed with her legs open and waved me to her. She kept her tee shirt on as if it were some kind of protective barrier but her nipples were bursting through the fabric. I guess she thought I would go right for her pussy, but I started on the inside of her knee and worked my way up. She started to moan softly and I could see she was getting wet. I got to the hollow of her inner thigh and flicked both sides lightly with my tongue. I finally took her pussy in my mouth and gave it a long lick bottom to top, saving her clit until last. God, she tasted incredible. She kept getting more and more wet. I put a finger inside her and used her own juice to slip my thumb into her ass. She started squirming to the point where I had to take my fingers out and press down on her thighs. I ate her gently for a few minutes when suddenly she grabbed my head and forced it hard into her box as she had a strong orgasm.

She held me there for a minute and when she let me go said, “Incredible. I’ve been bahis şirketleri trying so hard to be faithful but it’s not easy. It’s college and all the guys I meet try right away to get into my pants. You didn’t and that’s why I thought you might go for this. Can you keep your mouth shut and deal with my conditions?”

I didn’t hesitate and said, “Sure, but right now my cock is hard enough to cut glass. Can you help me?”

Carol said, “Yeah, but not in the way that you think. No sex, and I save the blow jobs for my boyfriend. But you can jerk off and come all over me while I play with myself. Deal?”

“Deal.” I said.

I took my shorts off and my cock sprung out. I’m pretty good sized and I had a lot of fluid dripping from the hole.

Carol smiled and said “Let me get you ready.”

She took her hand and spread the juice around my cock and then took her tongue and bathed my balls and prick until I was soaked.

“Now, do it.” she whispered.

She laid back on the bed and slowly started playing with her pussy and her tits. In my inexperienced sex life I had never seen anything so hot. I started stroking my cock slowly, knowing that I would cum soon. She put one, two then three fingers inside herself while lifting her ass off the bed. I got between her legs and started to jerk myself until my hand was a blur. I felt it start to build in my balls and was ready to shoot.

Carol was getting flushed and she said, “Yeah, now, all over me.”

With that I exploded, shooting a long rope of cum across her pubes, belly and my tee shirt, with some splashing on her face. She licked the cum off her lips and flashed me that smile again.

I knelt down next to the bed trying to catch my breath, when Carol said, Same time in two weeks?”

Then she laughed as did I.

“Oh, yeah. It’s a date. And a deal.” I managed to whisper out.

This went on for a year when it suddenly stopped. I heard she moved out of the dorm and into a place with her boyfriend who had moved to town.

A P.S. on this story. Two years later, my frat was hosting a sorority for a party and who showed up? Yep, Carol. We both kept a straight face and never really talked that night but we both had fond memories of laundry day.

This is my first story submitted. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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