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Megan loved pistachios and remembered reading somewhere that when the nut ripened the shell would open halfway to expose the nut inside. She had also read that in Iran the ripe pistachio was referred to as khandan, which meant laughing. One reason she liked the pistachios so much was the way it opened, with the hidden nut inside, reminded her of her lover’s pussy, how the lips just slightly opened to expose her hidden clit.

Recalling how, as her lover became aroused and her pussy lips began to swell and open to her, it would look something like the pistachio with the tiny clit just beginning to peek from the shell. Because of this image she would say her lover’s pussy was laughing as it just began to open to her.

Eating pistachios turned Megan on, because she would think of her Janine’s laughing pussy, how after she had kissed Janine’s breasts, sucked on her nipples and then moved her head down between her legs, her pussy would be just opening to her, fully ripe and ready for love, the clit just peeking from the slit. Then as Megan slipped her tongue into Janine’s pussy she often thought of pistachios. She wondered what the pistachios might taste like coated with Janine’s canlı bahis juices. She wanted to experiment and find out, but Janine was a bit too fastidious about her pussy to let anyone slip a few dozen nuts into her body.

Janine enjoyed pistachios too, but didn’t see her lover’s pussy magically appearing in the shells. Okay, she enjoyed the laughing pussy bit, and okay, the visual metaphor was insightful, if not a bit far fetched, but when she looked at a pistachio she only saw a pistachio. Perhaps that’s why Megan and she got along so well for so many years. Megan was the artistic dreamer and Janine kept her grounded in reality.

It was like that in life and it was like that in their lovemaking. Megan was always up to trying new techniques, new positions and new toys, while Janine was more than happy just to settle in between Megan’s legs and slowly work her to orgasm. Although she was just as happy for Megan to do the same to her, she did have some pretty incredible orgasms as Megan hung from a swing, or curled over backwards, or underwater in the pool.

Of course Janine was there to remind Megan of a few things such as gravity, the laws of physics and the physical bahis siteleri limitations of their forty something bodies. Oh how she loved Megan’s forty something body which she was reminded of just that morning.

Janine woke up earlier than Megan but instead of crawling out of bed and making coffee, she slipped down between the sheets, gently nuzzled Megan’s legs apart and woke her lover up as she slowly ran her tongue up and down her slit, opening up her pussy lips. Just as Megan opened her eyes, Janine pushed her tongue into her pussy, tasting the salty, tanginess of her juices.

Megan just opened her legs wider as Janine moved her tongue up between her delicate lips finding her clit. Gently caressing it with her tongue, she moved slowly and deliberately, enjoying how Megan responded to each movement of her tongue. Often she could draw out her lover’s orgasms until she was gasping for breath, but she didn’t want to tease her this morning, she just wanted to love her. Sucking the clit into her mouth, she moved her tongue a bit faster, quickening her pace as Megan began to pump her hips and moan.

Moving her fingers to Megan’s pussy, she gently worked two of bahis şirketleri them in through the soft folds to the wet opening. She loved feeling Megan from the inside when she came. As Janine’s fingers pushed deeper into Megan’s pussy, Janine ran her tongue in several quick circles around the woman’s clit, feeling her tense up. Suddenly Megan moaned loudly and lifted her hips as she came, her pussy squeezing on Janine’s fingers again and again. She then relaxed back onto the bed as Janine gently kissed her pussy over and over.

Megan then moved quickly, pushing Janine onto her back and diving in between her legs. Her tongue quickly pierced into Janine and then slid up to her clit. Megan licked and sucked hard and in just a minute or so she had Janine arching her back in ecstasy as she came, her juices coating her lover’s face. Janine then grabbed Megan’s head and pulled it to her face as they kissed, tasting each other on their lips and face.

They embraced and held each other for some time, each gently touching each other all over. Finally Megan asked, “Do we have any pistachios?” When Janine laughed, Megan sat up and looked down at her pussy saying, “I just love how you laugh.”

“No it’s just those laughing pistachios that you love.”

“It’s your laughing pistachio that I love,” Megan replied, moving her head back between her lover’s legs and pushing her tongue into her pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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