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I woke up to the sound of the car pulling into the driveway. The bright headlights casted shadows across the room as they pierced the darkness. I pushed myself up on my hands and rolled my body over facing the other direction. I grabbed a pillow off the floor that I’d knocked from the bed earlier and shoved it between my knees. It was almost impossible for me to fall back asleep without something between my legs, I’d have to be really exhausted.

I closed my eyes and was just about to fall back when I heard the screen door open and the keys start to jingle down the hall. Ugh. Please be quiet… I just want to go back to sleep. I heard the door open and the familiar steps of my husband as he entered the house and dropped his bags on the ground. Normally he was quieter than this but just my luck he picked tonight to switch it up. I sighed and turned my head around toward the open bedroom door. A second later, light filled the foyer down the hall. I heard him fumble around a little bit by the door and then head to the kitchen.

I closed my eyes again and relaxed myself into the bed. It was quiet for all but a minute before I heard plates clanking together in the kitchen. The fridge door opened. Then the microwave. Seriously. I rolled over onto my back.

Fridge door again and the microwave again. Then the chair sliding against the tile floor of the kitchen. I sat up. I was fully awake now. Wonderful.

I scooted myself down to the edge of the bed and moved over to the door. The second I was in the hall way the light burned my eyes. I raised a hand to shield them as I shuffled down towards the kitchen. By the time I arrived it was silent. My husband knew he was in trouble. He sat at the kitchen table completely still. “Are you freaking serious?” I asked.

He didn’t answer and just sat there frozen in front of his microwaved left overs. I don’t know why but I assume he must have mistaken me for a T-rex. Thinking maybe if he sat still I would leave him alone. Not the case.

After a minute, he just mumbled… “Sorry.”

I sighed. But then he smiled. Which of course made me smile.

“Ohh wait!! This is good. I just remembered I have something for you!” He exclaimed as he jumped up from the table.

I leaned against the door frame. “Well… It had better be Benadryl or Nyquil or anything else with ‘may cause canlı bahis drowsiness’ on the label.”

He was over to me in an instant. I thought he was running into the other room so I turned by body but before I even knew what was going on his hands were on my face and my lips were pressed hard against his.

Very clever. He wrapped his hands around my neck pulling me into his body. His tongue slowly entered my mouth and he moved me back against the frame of the door. His hands moved around down my shoulders and arms and onto my ass. He pulled that part of me into him, pressing against me with his groin. He cupped my ass cheeks in his hands and pulled me from the ground. I smiled and squealed into our kiss as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Again he pushed me into the door frame as his tongue danced around my mouth. It was passionate and aggressive and I could feel his bulge nudge against my mound. I wrapped one arm around his neck and with the other arm started to pull up my vintage tee. He propped me against the wall with just his hips and started to assist. Pulling the tee over my head and arms. My breasts immediately popped out. I was asleep five minutes ago so obviously I had no bra on. He grabbed onto my ass cheeks again and this time began to carry me down the hall. It was ridiculous and I knew he struggled a little bit without the wall but I wasn’t embarrassed.

The entire way I continued to kiss him. Burying my face in his neck as he carried me I showered him little kisses down his neck and over to his ear. When we got in the room he stopped to kick the door closed before dropping me on the bed. It was dark but I knew where he was and what he was doing. He kicked his shoes off and I reached forward to grab onto his hips. I traced my fingers over his hip bones and unzipped them. He wiggled them off and again his lips were on mind he grabbed onto my upper arms and pulled me off the bed up to him where he kissed me again.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned down to press his lips against my hard nipple. He sucked it into his mouth lightly pressing his teeth into just enough to get me to moan a little. My fingers were in his hair grabbing at the roots and lightly pulling just the way I knew he liked it. He released his grasp around my waist still tickling his tongue over my erect bahis siteleri nipples.

His fingers dug into the waist band of my shorts and with one swoop they were down by my ankles. He slid his finger between my thighs caressing me. But before he could make it to my pussy I stopped him.

I kneeled on the ground in front of him. His huge cock pressed against his boxer briefs inches away from my face. I wrapped my fingers around the waist band and began to pull them down. His dick jumped out to meet me, there was moisture covering the tip and with my thumb I began to massage it into the purple tip. It was so hard as I started to stroke it. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft pushing all the way down to the base and then pulling back up to the tip.

I leaned forward and took one of his balls into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around it and I could hear his moan. Still moving my hand up and down his cock, I moved to the other one. Sucking it into my mouth and rolling my tongue around it. Then I started to lick up his cock leaving trails of saliva up his shaft.

When I got to the end I looked up at him as I took the tip into my mouth. He moved his hands down to my head and pushed my hair out of my face. I pushed his cock into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. Then I pulled it back out so I could suck on just the tip. I could do this all day. Nothing turned me on more than sucking his dick and knowing how much he loved it. I wrapped my hands around it again, working them around the length of his cock as I rolled my tongue repeatedly over the tip.

Then I pushed it into my mouth again. Letting it press against the back of my throat and when I pulled it out a long string of saliva continued to connect us. He entwined his fingers in my hair when I looked at him this time. I put his cock back into my mouth and this time he thrusted forward to meet my throat. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth a few times while holding my head in place. He pushed it all the way in the back and held it there. I pushed my tongue against the base and he moaned again.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and stood up to kiss him. He grabbed onto me and turned me around. He grinded his cock against my ass and put one finger between my pussy lips. He didn’t enter my cunt but just rubbed through my wetness. He circled his finger around bahis şirketleri my clit and then back through my pussy lips to my now burning hole. Then he bent me over.

He grabbed his dick with both hands massaging it as he pressed it against my opening. I grabbed a handful of sheets and turned my head back a little bit to look at him. A second later, he started to push into me. I stood up on my tippy toes with my legs apart to make it easier for him. My hand moved down to between my legs and I started to massage my swollen nub.

He pushed all the way inside me and grabbed onto my hip bones digging his fingers hard into my skin. He thrusted into me faster and faster each time. I moved my knee up to the bed and continued to rub hard on my clit. I felt his hands leave my hips and a second later he spanked me. I turned my head around a little and smiled. He knew I liked that.

My clit was on fire now and I rubbed harder and harder until suddenly I was cumming against the bed. When it happened my pussy hugged onto his cock and he slowed his pace enjoying the moment a little bit. I moaned into the mattress as each orgasm wave shook my body. He pulled his cock all the way out until only the tip was in and then pushed it all the way back in.

I removed my knee from the bed and now put my legs together crossing them at the ankles. He started to pump into me again starting slow but gradually getting faster and faster. My hands gripped onto the sheets and I continued to moan. His cock was getting bigger and having pushed my legs together it now rubbed against the walls of my pussy in the best way possible.

His hands slid up my ass and he grabbed onto my waist thrusting into me fast. Faster and faster until he pulled me all the way up against him and hot cum shot deep into my pussy. He moaned loud when he came and I felt his whole body twitch against mine. He eventually just stood there holding onto me as the last drops of cum left him and entered me.

“Think youll be able to get back to sleep now? Have I exhausted you enough?” He asked.

I hadn’t thought about it until just now. But yes. Now I was tired.

I started to laugh and he stepped back, pulling his manhood from my soaking wet cunt. I turned around as his cum started to seep from my pussy and he kissed me again. He grabbed me a tissue from the dresser behind him and I cleaned myself up before crawling into be naked. He wrapped his arms around pulling me close to him giving me a simple kiss on the forehead. That was the last thing I remember before I fell back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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