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The lady next door, Ms. Johnson, asked me to clean her pool every week. It was no big deal because the machine did all the work — I just had to push it around a little and empty the filter tray when I was through. I enjoyed it though because sometimes she would be swimming when I got there and I could watch her get out of the pool. She always wore a white bathing suit and when it was wet I could see her nipples and a very hairy pussy through the thin material. When you are a horny eighteen-year-old that’s really good stuff, even if she is forty-five years old.

I was making some progress with my girlfriend who was, like me, about to graduate from high school, but I had still never had a chance to “dip my wick” as one of the guys at school always said. Playing with tits and pussy and not being allowed to do anything more than play can be a very frustrating experience night after night. It leads to a lot of jacking off. I was going steady with Susie and she had these damn rules, but she was the best looking gal in school and we were headed to the same college in the fall. I had high hopes.

The first time it happened, I thought is was an accident. But then, she did it again. I had gone over to her place to clean the pool. Ms. Johnson got out of the pool and I had my looks at her as she went into the screened-in porch. Once inside she unhooked the straps on her bathing suit, pulled it down, and dried off with a towel. She was standing where she couldn’t be seen from the pool but I was standing off to the side near the equipment and from there I got a good look at her naked.

The third week I was ready and I was almost certain that she was doing this for me to see her. I watched till she put on a big fluffy white bathrobe and then I went over and knocked on the screen door. She opened it quickly, her robe giving a nice view of her cleavage.

“Come in Bobby, come in,” she said. “Can I get you something to drink? A beer maybe?”

“Sure Ms. Johnson, a beer would be great.”

“Oh don’t call me that. Call me Gail. Everybody else does,” she said with a smile as she walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

When she bent over to get the beer off the bottom shelf there was no doubt she wanted to show me her tits. Her robe was open at the top and she made no effort to close it. I was starting to get a bulge in my shorts.

We walked back out to the porch and she motioned me to a chair. She sat down across from me and crossed her legs causing her robe to drop open and show a generous amount of thigh. Why does a woman’s thigh look so much better that way even though you can see more of it in a bathing suit? She saw me looking.

“Do you like my legs?”

I must have blushed because my face felt funny. “Well … I ah … Yeah, I guess.”

She laughed. “I saw you looking at me when I took my bathing suit off.”

I figured she knew I was looking but it still embarrassed me. I said nothing.

“Here,” she said. “Take a better look.”

With that, she stood up and took off her robe and stood there naked. Damn! It was the first time I had ever seen a naked woman and she just stood there letting me look. Then she lifted her arms up and put her hands behind her head and pulled her elbows back.

“Your girlfriend is young enough that she doesn’t have to do this to show off her tits, but at my age they look better this way. Do you like them?”

I guess I was still blushing. God! She had beautiful tits — big and creamy white with luscious silver dollar sized nipples that were starting to stand up. Her belly was not as flat as Susie’s, but her tits had to be twice the size of Susie’s and she had a big, thick, curly-haired, brunet beaver that was much bigger and had a lot more hair than I felt on Susie. My cock was rock hard bulging out in my shorts.

“Come over here Bobby,” she said softly. “Come over here and feel of my tits.”

Like I was in a trance I got up and walked over to her and began to feel of those beautiful, heavy tits. She reached down and started to massage the bulge in my pants and then opened my belt and unzipped my shorts and let them drop down my legs together with my undershorts. My cock sprang up hard and ready and she took it in her hand and stroked it.

“Here, baby, put one hand down here,” she said as she moved one hand down to her pussy. She put one foot up on the chair, spreading her legs. Then she put my fingers on her dripping wet pussy lips and shoved them inside.

“Play with it baby. Play with it.”

I started to play with her pussy moving my fingers in and out. It was a lot bigger and looser than Susie’s pussy. It was wet and slippery and I thought about how easily my cock would slip into her.

She pulled me down on the soft mat covering the floor and positioned me on my back. Bending over she began to suck my cock. God! It felt good. I had persuaded Susie to do this a couple of times but Gail’s mouth was hot and her tongue working on the head of my dick felt like canlı bahis nothing I had ever felt before. I thought I was going to come but she raised her head and moved one leg over to straddle me and taking my hard cock in her hand she positioned it between the lips of her pussy and settled down on me and started to hump. My God! This is what some of the guys at school had talked about. It felt wonderful!

She leaned down so her tits were right over my face and I reached up to play with them, but then, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My cock stared to tremble and I started to pump sperm up into her. God! It felt good!

Gail caressed my face and kissed me gently on the mouth. Then she rolled off to the side. I started to get up but she pulled me gently back down. She reached down and started to play with my balls very gently and after a few minutes she moved down and started to suck me again. It was only a minute till I was hard and standing up and ready. Then she lay on her back and spread her legs and pulled me on top of her, putting my cock into her pussy. I started to fuck her again and I felt her pump her hips to meet my every thrust. God! It felt good!

I was fucking her hard and thinking about coming again when she started to moan and hump harder. Then her whole body started to tremble and I felt her pussy start to contract down on my cock. It was a feeling I had never felt before and I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed tight and she seemed lost. I had heard about it from the guys at school. This must be what a woman’s orgasm feels like, I thought. I kept pumping her harder and I quickly had another orgasm. Then I collapsed on her body and rested.

It was a full ten minutes before she spoke. “It was your first time, wasn’t it?”

I was embarrassed. I wondered if I should I try to brag. She’d know. “Yes it was my first time. I’ve played with my girlfriend Susie but she won’t … ah, you know.”

Gail chuckled. “She won’t fuck.”

“Yeah,” I said. “She won’t.”

“If you treat her right she will,” Gail said smiling at me. “You have to know how to do it. It’s hard for a girl to do it the first time. So many people have told her she shouldn’t.”

“How do I treat her right?” I asked.

“Don’t worry baby. I’ll show you. She’ll be spreading her legs for you any time you want before the month is out.” Gail laughed as she said it and reached down to play with my dick again. “You’ll be using this lovely thing like an expert before you know it.”

We got up and she put her robe back on. This time it covered her properly. I picked up my shorts and got dressed. She came over to me and took me in her arms and kissed me gently on the mouth. Then she whispered in my ear.

“Come over here tomorrow afternoon. Same time. I’ll give you your first lesson on how to treat Susie right.”

The next day I was so hot I couldn’t stand it. I kept saying to myself that I was going to get fucked. I said not one word about Gail to anyone and I was careful to call her Ms. Johnson in front of my folks. When the time came I went over to her house by a round about way so no one would see me. She met me at the door to the porch, smiling.

“Been thinking about it?” She said as she opened the door.

“Ah … well … ah … yeah, I guess.”

She laughed. “Maybe it’s better to ask if you have been thinking about anything else.”

She was right. I hadn’t thought of anything else. I laughed.

“That’s better,” she said, taking me in her arms and kissing me. “Fucking is fun. You’re supposed to laugh about it. Today I have some new things to teach you.”

“What am I going to learn today?” I had actually been thinking about her promise to teach me how to seduce Susie. I was eager to learn.

“If you look it up on Wiki you have to look under ‘oral sex’ but if you talk about it with the guys then ‘eating pussy’ is the proper language. I’m gonna give you the best blowjob you’re likely to have for years. Then I’m gonna teach you how to eat pussy so good you can make any girl your slave. Every time you fuck me I’m gonna blow you first. That will slow you down enough for you to bring me off when you fuck me.”

“Wow!” It was all I could think to say.

“Yeah, wow. If most guys your age got the lessons I gonna give you there’d be a lot fewer frustrated women out there. Pleasing a woman is a skill. You have to learn it. Now, it’s gonna be hard for you to learn if you’re turned on big time, so I’m gonna set your thermostat a little lower. Whip it out!”

My dick was so erect that I had a hard time getting it out. She dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth and I felt her tongue moving rapidly around the head of my cock and her head moving to slip my cock in and out of her tight lips. I felt embarrassed because I could feel myself rushing toward an orgasm and in less than a minute I was pumping a big load into her hungry mouth and she swallowed it as fast as I pumped it.

“Jesus!” I said. Then I laughed.

“That’s bahis siteleri it baby. Laugh. It’s funny to get a blowjob that gives your dick no choice but to pump a load before you have time to think about how good it feels. That felt good didn’t it?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes it felt good. Damn. I’ve tried to keep my dick in Susie’s mouth but she won’t leave it there.”

“After you start fucking her regular she will. She’ll want to keep you around if you’re as good for her as I think you are gonna be. She’s gonna do what ever the hell you want her to do to keep you. You’ll see. But first you gotta learn how to eat pussy.”

She lay on her back on the soft mat on the porch and spread her legs wide, her knees in the air. Jesus! Her pussy was big! She had big inner lips that hung out and glistened with moisture. They gaped apart slightly. At the top surrounded by her thick pubic hair was a pencil-sized clit. She rubbed it gently and it got hard.

“Okay, baby, try not to get too turned on. Just listen and do what I tell you. Take you finger and gently rub my clit. Feel how hard it is. Now run your finger gently down each side of my clit to the head. Ouch! Not that hard. Clits are sensitive. Now feel the head of it. Gently now! That’s it. Now take my pussy lips in you hand. No not the big ones! The inner soft wet lips. That’s it. Between thumb and forefinger. One in each hand and stretch them out and down. Now remember what you’ve seen and felt. You’re gonna be doing this with your tongue in the dark.”

I followed her instructions carefully but my dick was sending me messages. Her pussy lips were really big.

“You’re thinking how big my pussy lips are aren’t you? Yeah, they’re big. They get stretched out a lot when you fuck. Susie’s are smaller that mine. Have you played with Susie’s pussy?”

“Yeah I have but I wasn’t sure what I was feeling.”

“You were probably so clumsy you hurt her. It’s like that with young guys. Okay, now start to use your tongue. Start on my clit.”

I closed my eyes and put my tongue on what I thought was her clit.

“Open your eyes dammit. Watch what you’re doing. That’s it, finally you found the right place. Gently! Dammit! Yeah, that’s it. Now work your way down one side and then the other. What you are looking for is a spot that she seems to like better that any other. Touch the head of the clit very softly. It may be too sensitive. There! Did you feel me jump? When you feel that don’t go there again. The head of my clit is so sensitive I never rub it directly. Some girls like it but other girls don’t.

Now start on one of those big wet lips — take it in your mouth and tickle it with your tongue. That’s it! Work you way down all the way. Good. Now work your way back up the other lip till you get back to my clit. Some girls like this and other girls like you to work on their clit. You have to figure each girl out by the way she moans and moves”

“Okay, Bobby, now you need to know about pussies.” I sat next to her on the floor and listened. “All dicks are pretty much alike. Blow one and you’ve blown ’em all. Tickle the head of a dick with your tongue then move it in and out of your mouth and the guy will come — some faster than others. But pussies are all different. Some like it rough — some like it gentle. Some want their clit worked on — others are too sensitive. On and on. And every pussy has a sweet spot. A spot that is different in each pussy. Every gal discovers it in high school when she’s playing with her pussy in bed. From that time on she masturbates rubbing that spot. When she gets a vibrator she uses it to stimulate that spot.”

“You’re job, Bobby, is to find that sweet spot in every pussy you eat. And, you have to find it in the first few minutes. Most guys know nothing about what I’ve been telling you. They just shove their tongue into a wet hole and slop it around. The average gal moans and groans pretending to like it and then maybe fakes an orgasm, hoping the guy will finally quit. Some poor bitches do that their whole life.”

“Now hear me Bobby. You gotta learn to find that sweet spot — figure out where they like it in the first few minutes. Then you can bring ’em off. Once you’ve found it, you can tease ’em. You can make ’em beg. You learn how to do that and you’ll have more pussy than you can handle. They’ll be standing in line!”

By now my hard on was starting to ache and Gail pulled me down on top of her and I fucked her till I had my orgasm. I don’t think she had one but I wasn’t sure. After I left I thought about what she had said. Damn! There was a lot to learn about pussies! Somebody ought to write a book.

I went by Gail’s place every afternoon for a week. She was patient with me and gradually I learned to eat pussy to her satisfaction. I kept asking her where her sweet spot was and she kept saying I had to find it for myself. Our routine was the same every afternoon. I started with a blowjob (to lower my thermostat she always said), then, bahis şirketleri I practiced eating pussy for about a half hour. Then I fucked her. About half the time I fucked her she had an orgasm. She said that was a good sign that I was learning how to fuck.

During the second week, it happened. It happened so easily that I was completely surprised. I found her sweet spot. It was right next to her clit near the head on the right side. When I stimulated her there she obviously enjoyed it more than any place else. I had been there with my tongue before but I just hadn’t touched it the way she liked. She wanted it very soft. The next afternoon when I started to eat her I explored around and then went to work on her sweet spot with my tongue moving very fast and very light. She began to hump and make noise and in a matter of minutes I felt her pussy start to contract again and again. It was the first time I felt an orgasm with my tongue.

She looked down at me smiling. “You see? You found it and you brought me off. Now, I’m gonna want that every day. I’m gonna be looking forward to it like a horny teenager. You do that to a woman and you’ve got her hooked. Then she’s gonna fuck.”

When I fucked her that afternoon she had another orgasm and I began to feel very proud of my ability to satisfy her sexual appetite. I kept reminding myself that each pussy was different. When I asked her how many women I had to fuck to be an expert, she laughed and said you had to master them one at a time.

Now I was fucking Gail several times a week and she seemed satisfied. So I asked her how to fuck Susie. I explained how I kept getting stopped every time I opened my pants with her. Gail sat me down and gave me a lecture.

“Well, first you have to stop trying to fuck her and concentrate on eating her pussy to bring her off. You take her pants of in the car don’t you?”

I nodded and she continued. “So get her pants off and start to kiss her on her knees. Don’t try to spread her legs — she’ll think you’re trying to fuck her. Leave your pants on and your fly zipped. No sign of your pecker at all. Just put your face on her thighs at knee level and start to kiss her softly. Then work your way up. Go slow — that’s important. Don’t — repeat don’t – try to spread her legs. If you do it right she’s gonna spread ’em for you when the time comes. Trust me, baby, she’s gonna spread ’em wide.”

“Got that?” I nodded. She continued. “Now when you get up to her pussy — and remember it may take more than one night to get there — you’re gonna start to work on her clit. Do the sides first to look for a sweet spot and then do the clit — but remember, softly, she may have a super sensitive clit. Work your way down one pussy lip and back up the other. Remember, you’re not playing – you’re trying to find out what she likes. If you’re good, then she’s gonna start spreading her legs for you so you can get at her pussy better and when she does, remember, keep that damn dick in your pants.”

“You got that? Okay, so now you’re gonna settle into a nice slow routine of eatin’ pussy till she comes. Put your hands under her ass and take a cheek in each hand and lift her up gently to your mouth. Then start to explore her just like I taught you. Keep your head! You’re not having fun — you’re working. Remember that! Be very sensitive to her reactions to your tongue. When you think you’ve found a sweet spot don’t hit it again too soon. Move away, then, come back to it to be sure. Check it out to be sure there’s no place else that’s more sensitive. When you’re sure, then work on it the way you worked on me when you found mine.”

“Remember, keep your pecker in your pants. Your job is to make her want you to eat pussy again.”

Gail was right. Everything she said was true. I ate Susie on Friday night without accomplishing anything except making her easier to eat on Saturday. It was that second time that I hit pay dirt. I found a spot right next to the head of her clit, a little below it and to the left, that seemed to send Susie through the roof. I went to work on it and she started to moan and groan and pump her ass and then wham! I felt her contractions strong and long lasting. It was just like Gail said and I kept my pecker in my pants. Sunday night Susie took her own pants off, pitched them into her purse, spread her legs wide, and said, “Do me!” I did her.

The next afternoon I told Gail about my weekend experience.

“You got her hooked. Now you can fuck her, but you have to do it right. How long does she come?”

“I don’t know. You want me to use a stop watch?”

Gail laughed. “You see. Fuckin’s fun. That was funny.”

“You’re gonna eat me and make me come and then you’re gonna tell me if it was longer or shorter than Susie.”

I did her and her orgasm was about the same length as Susie’s. “Okay. Now here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna put on a condom before you start to eat pussy. I have some that are pretty heavily lubricated. Obviously she can’t see you put it on and obviously your pecker will be in your pants when you start to eat pussy. Do you understand that?”

“Yeah,” I said. “But that sounds kinda hard.”

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna practice on me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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