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Introduction: Hello this is Chapter I of a series named only “Kyle he has brown, curly hair and brown eyes, he’s very muscular with a tanned body and a 7” uncut cock. Kyle has a fetish for being dominated, tied up, humiliated and public/exhibitionist sex.

Brock is a 37 year old who likes younger guys. He’s about the same height as Kyle, and a little heavier; he has short, blonde hair and blue eyes, he’s not as muscular but he’s nicely tanned with a 10″ uncut cock. If you like this chapter then you’ll like the series.

* * * * * *

After about five miles on the bike trail we were already well away from any distractions. It was nice and sunny with a gentle breeze blowing over our shirtless bodies; we were on somewhat of a rocky mountain with plenty of tree coverage. I couldn’t help constantly looking up at and staring at his nice ass in those tight biking shorts, I just couldn’t stand it any longer and I had to bike up to him and ask him to stop.

“Do you need a break Kyle?” he asked.

I leaned into him putting my hand on the crotch of his shorts, he looked down at his cock which I felt hardening in my hand. I met his eyes when he looked back up at me and I put my lips next to his ear and whispered.

“I want you here, Fuck me like you never have and cum deep in my ass”

He must have been feeling the same way I have because next thing I know he’s got me up against a tree and his tongue is down my throat. I kiss back feeling his chest and pinching his nipples, I feel his hands on my ass spreading casino oyna my cheeks under my shorts. I bend my knees slowly, licking his chest and kissing his nipples all the way down. I look back up into his eyes and he starts moaning, I start peeling off his shorts kissing his smooth pubic area above his cock and rubbing his nuts. He bends down to take off his shorts and I kiss him some more, he stands back up and his beautiful 10 inch uncut cock is dangling right in my face, my mouth waters as I stare at his shaved balls and cock. I grab onto his dick and he moans softly, his big cock staring me in the face. I push it up and press it against his abs and began tonguing his balls and the area between his ass and nuts. I bring his cock off his abs and spit on the head making it all wet before I kiss it and slurp the spit back up. I put my mouth on him and began working his cock head with a combination of small flicks under the head and big laps over top and all around. I suck hard and pull his dick out of my mouth making a popping noise and then run my tongue down the side of his cock; I begin jacking him off with my hand while I spit on my other fingers.

Brock grabs the back of my head and shoves his dick back in my mouth and begins fucking my face. I use the hand that I was jacking him off with to rub his balls and I put 2 of the fingers I spat on into his ass. I look up into his eyes as I shoved my fingers in his butt just to see him moan. I began to finger fuck his shaved asshole and rub his balls while he shoves his canlı casino entire dick in my mouth making me gag. He picks me up by my hair turns me around and bends me over a stump; he picks up a knife out of his pack and cuts off my spandex biking shorts, he rubs his wet dick against my ass and spits on my hole. He slowly puts the head of his cock into my tight butt and I moan loudly pushing back against his dick, he slaps my butt hard and squeezes my cheeks with his hands.

“Cum in my ass!” I shout at him.

He begins slowly thrusting in and out of my ass with his huge cock and I push my butt against his dick with every one of his thrusts. I begin moaning as he speeds up his pace; stretching my tight ass and making my body shiver all over.

“Fuck Me Brock!” I scream at him.

He slaps my ass and speeds up. “Take my cock son.”

“It’s so big daddy, it feels so good inside me!”

Brock groans and moans as I feel his dick swell inside me, I feel his load shoot deep in my ass. Brock moans again and shoots even more hot cum in my tight ass.

“Lick my dick clean and clench your ass tight, I don’t want any of that cum escaping yet.”

I turn around on my knees and grab a hold of his still hard cock and lick the cum and sweat off it until he orders me to go on all fours with my ass sticking in the air.

“Is all of my cum still inside you boy?”

“Yes dad, every last drop”

“Good, now relax your butt”

I do what he tells me and I feel two of his fingers enter me.

“You did kaçak casino a good job boy, but not well enough for you to cum yet. Now; you are going to eat all the cum I find inside your ass.”

“Thank you sir.”

He pulls out his fingers covered in cum and reaches around my body to my mouth and makes me suck his fingers clean. He does this a few more times before telling me to squat like I was going to take a shit.

“Now, I want you to try to take a shit in my hand so that we can get every last drop of

Cum out of your ass”

I loosen my ass up and a puddle of cum forms in the palm of his hand.

“Close your eyes boy.”

I face Brock and close my eyes, I feel his hand all over my face and I can smell the cum on his hand. He orders me to stick my tongue out and rubs his hand all over my tongue and puts his fingers in my mouth and makes me suck them as the rest of the cum on my face dries. I open my eyes and feel the cum crusting on my eyelashes, Brock is putting his shorts back on and motions to me to come over to him.

“You don’t have shorts anymore unless you want to try and put on some cut up Spandex, so you’ll just have to finish the trip naked and covered in cum.”

“Yes sir, and when can I cum?”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll decide when the time comes.”

“Yes dad, thank you.”

We both get back on our bikes and continue on our drip down the mountain.

*Plz give me feedback, I rely on feedback to write my stories and without any (good or bad) I won’t be able to write anymore or improve so plz take the time*

** And for those observant people, yes I am writing gay erotica, and yes I am straight. Not bi or gay, wrap your mind around that because I sure haven’t yet, lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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