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I don’t have tons of wonderfully erotic sexual memories from the old days but there was this one experience that might deserve to be recounted. I was about 22 and living in a cheesy apartment on Reseda Blvd. in, you guessed it, Reseda, California. No girlfriend but not for lack of trying. Shitty job at a pharmacy. Drove a beat up old ’55 Chevy wagon, no, not a Nomad. Really didn’t have much going for myself.

But one night these three friends of mine stopped by and told me they met these two sisters the night before and they wanted to use my apartment to hook up with them. I wondered why they didn’t just go to their house and they explained these girls were new in town from St. Charles Minnesota and their mother was very wary of all the local guys. We all had long hair back then (about 1969) and that was still considered a “No No” in the midwest. So, they arranged to meet the sisters at my place. “OK, whatever.” I told them.

The girls, Kathy, about 20 and her sister Gail who was 18 showed up right at nine followed quickly by Gary, Jack and Glenn. We listened to a few albums and, this being the sixties, we smoked a couple of joints too. You know…with the candle flickering and incense burning in case the landlord should knock. The sisters were cute enough but I assumed they were already locked in with my buds so I just went with the flow and tried to stay out of their way. Eventually, the five of them left.

The next morning, the whole incident had been put out of my mind and I was washing the dishes when I heard a knock at the door. It was Kathy. She explained that her little sister was sick and could she please stay at my apartment until she felt better? I’m thinking “If she’s sick, why come here? I mean, why not stay home where her overly protective Mother can, you know, take loving care of her?”

I can’t honestly recall exactly what Kathy said but I ended up agreeing and about 15 minutes later there was another knock at the door. I took one look at Gail and figured out what was going on. My asshole buddies had given her downers! She was pretty looped and, yeah, her mother would have been real suspicious of her slurred speech. I shook my head and led her into the living room where I had her lay down on the sofa. I told Kathy I would look after sister and she went on home.

I had returned to the dishes when I sensed, rather than heard Gail get up and move directly behind me. I glanced back at her and then glanced again. She was giving me this heavy lidded stare. Finally, after she didn’t say anything, I turned to face her thinking she might want an aspirin or something. She just moved into me and stuck her big tits right into my chest!

I’m thinking “Damn!” I just stood there for a moment and then, somehow, vivid porno I was kissing this good looking girl I’d barely even met! She took the initiative and pushed her tongue into my mouth and we got hot and heavy right there in the kitchen. I pushed the dirty blond hair our of her face and showered kisses onto her cheeks and neck. I was getting hard and shoved my loins into her lower body, hoping to give her the message.

As quickly as this had happened I assumed I was going to take off her jeans and panties and fuck her in, like, five minutes! I’m wondering where my supply of rubbers is and do I even have one for that matter? I led Gail over to the sofa where I’d laid her only a few minutes before and more necking ensued. I managed to unbutton her sweater and pulled her bra down so I could get at her teenaged tits and what a delight they were! Large pink nipples capped her smooth ivory flesh. Gail gasped and moaned as I sucked her nipples and didn’t balk when I placed her hand on my cock.

I tried to take Gail into the bedroom but she stopped me claiming she was still a bit woozy from “Those red pills they gave me.” I understood. We sat there on the couch and Gail told me how Impressed she’d been with me last night. I listened to her and was thinking how suave and deborair I must have seemed to this country girl from St. Charles. Here I was…with my own apartment in glamourous Reseda! Heck, I had the Jefferson Airplane’s new album! I had pot! What more could a girl want?

I gave Gail a couple of glasses of water and told her she probably would be feeling the effects for at least a few more hours.

“It might be best to sleep it off, honey.” I told her. I took her in the bedroom and, without asking, unzipped her jeans. She followed my lead and kicked off her shoes and allowed me to pull her pants down. I finished removing her sweater and then helped Gail into bed. She was dressed in just her bra, which she’d pulled up and her white panties. I leaned over and kissed her tenderly and told her I was going to finish the dishes and would check on her in a little while.

I’ll say I was gonna check on her! I knew once she got comfy in that bed with a bunch of downers in her system, she’d be out like a light and I’d be free to pull down her panties and look at her bare pussy! So I’m in there washing the dishes with this great looking girl dozing in my bedroom and I’m having a lot of impure thoughts! I kept looking at the clock and wondering if she was asleep yet.

Finally, the waiting got the better of me and I figured it’d been a half hour or so and so I went in the bedroom fully expecting to see Gail snoring loudly in my bed. No such luck. She wore the same heavy lidded look on her face and gave woodman casting porno me the same goofy smile when she saw me. Acting like the “Concerned Elder” now, I put my hand on her forehead as if checking for a temperature. She did feel a little warm.

“I’m still a little woozy.” She said, her blue eyes looking directly into mine.

“We have to be a bit careful here…” I told her. “If your body isn’t used to these things there can be an adverse reaction.” I think Gail thought that since I worked at a pharmacy, I must know a lot about medicine. Hah! I knew that a lot of older ladies loved those red pills and it wasn’t unusual to run into other delivery boys at the same house delivering the “Other” prescription from the “Other” doctor! They really got to like those things!

Anyway, I tried to keep my doctor thing going and told her I needed to check her pulse. I pulled the covers from her body and took hold of her wrist then looked at my watch. Of course, I’d never taken anyone’s pulse before and had no idea what to be looking for but I held her hand and said “Hmmm…” in my most concerned voice.

“I think we better take your temperature. You feel a little warm and it’s probably nothing, but if your temperature gets up over a hundred…” I trailed off and shook my head knowingly.

Gail was looking at me now with some concern in her dazed eyes. This was all a bunch of hooey but she didn’t seem to know or care. I went in the bathroom and returned a moment later with a thermometer. I shook it hard to move the mercury down and then told Gail to roll over on her belly.

It took a moment for the request to register. Her heavy lidded eyes widened and she began to understand what I was going to do. “Now wait a minute Jeff,” She said evenly as I continued to ease her onto her stomach.

“This is the best way to get an accurate reading Gail.” I told her without flinching. “I’m not trying to pull something on you. Would you rather have your Mother do this?”

Quick thinking wasn’t it? No way was she going home to have Mama take her temperature after she went out and took dope! They’d only lived here a couple weeks. Why, she’d be grounded for twenty years!

I also think she was wondering if she was in some kind of physical danger. It turned out she’d taken three of these pills which was, of course, two more than the recommended dosage So she reluctantly allowed me to move her over onto her belly. I then took the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down! I couldn’t help but think of how I would describe this lurid encounter when I got a chance to tell my buddies what had happened this sunny Sunday morning. I took Gail’s panties completely off and enjoyed türkçe alt yazılı porno a brief look at her marvelous teenaged ass! Nice and full! A keep split to be sure. So much so that her anus wasn’t immediately visible.

“OK Gail up a bit now…” I calmly told the pretty teenager. Gail was beyond arguing now and simply moved up to her knees. bringing her spectacular ass cheeks right up in my face! “Wow!” I said to myself as I used my hands to separate her hind quarters. This move opened her anal crease and her tight little asshole was on display. Just below that was Gail’s sweet little pink pussy. Not a lot of hair on it. Just two tightly closed lips. I had to resist the temptation to swipe my tongue all over those delectable pussy lips but now wasn’t the time.

I rubbed a bit of vaseline on the thermometer and then moved it to Gail’s waiting butt.

“Could you help me out a bit here Gail?” I innocently asked. Knowing what I wanted, Gail reached back and took hold of her rear cheeks and held them open for me.

“Thanks.” Was all I could think of to say as I savored the sight before me. This beautiful creature now knelt before me, virtually naked, holding her butt cheeks open so I could penetrate her asshole!

Which I did! I slowly slid the thin glass thermometer right up Gail’s little asshole which twitched slightly from the sensation. When I had it lodged in her tiny pink anus, I moved back and waited, drinking in the obscene image before me: Here was Gail Hogan, holding her ass cheeks apart with a thermometer sticking out of her asshole!

For at least a couple of minutes I was treated to this incredibly lurid display. Better than any adult magazine I had ever seen, this was real! A real live almost naked girl, right in my bedroom, her soft white panties nearby, no longer covering her feminine charms. Her pussy…beaconing to me! Her smoky expression as Gail looked back at me…

“OK, I think that’s enough time.” she finally said, a touch of annoyance in her voice. I was wondering how long I would get away with this. If this was Penthouse Letters, I would probably describe how I licked her pussy and then produced my ten inch cock and stuffed it into her pussy causing her to beg to be fucked Harder! And Harder!

Glad to have accomplished what I had, I slowly pulled the thermometer from Gail’s cringing asshole and then looked closely at the reading. Couldn’t really make out what it read so I said, “Well, it’s about 99. I think we’re OK.”

Gail gave a gush of relief and collapsed to her stomach on the mattress. She was obviously relieved and quickly covered up her body. She eyed me as I put the thermometer away, I assume wondering if she had just been tricked into exposing her nubile young body to me. I never gave an inch, covering her and then giving her a peck on the cheek before returning to the kitchen.

I’d love to tell you that we fucked like bunnies from the next day on but it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.

More about Gail and her sister Kathy very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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