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Big Tits

“I’ll bet I can make you come with just my mouth.”

“Just your mouth?”

“Just my mouth.”


Mel slides down and looks up at me while she quickly undoes my zipper and hauls out my cock, buffering me carefully against the zipper. She sits back and makes me pull my jeans all the way off, then she makes me take of my shirt. I am totally naked and she hasn’t even loosened her bra. I reach to help her out of her bra but she stops me.

“We can do that later, I promise,” she says. “Right now I want to make you come using my mouth. just my mouth.” She smiles her seductive but disarming smile. “I really want to taste you,” she says the cliché without a trace of sarcasm, sensing my discomfort at her sudden focus and my not being able to reach out to her.

“Watch me closely,” she says and immediately she slides the knob of my dick into her hot mouth and clamps her lips close around it without taking her eyes off me. Then, sure as shooting, I feel something I have never experienced before. She starts working her tongue around and over my head and twisting her mouth ever so slightly so that her lips, tongue, and teeth explore every nerve in my dick, yet I can barely see her mouth or face move from where I sit, and she never breaks the suction.

I reach for her glowing skin instinctively when I start fake hospital porno feeling the good life but mighty Mel takes my wrists and holds them firmly without moving her mouth or diverting her eyes. Yep, I’m pretty much trapped in her game.

I am going crazy and expect her to wimp out and start bobbing up and down on my shaft, swallowing me deep like she loves to do, but she doesn’t. She nibbles and sucks my head then slowly eases a little deeper, about an inch below the head, but that is all.

So now she is turning her face to that perfect angle we love so much, the one from which I can watch her lips slide around my cock head. The visual itself is damn near as powerful as her mouth work.

“God, you are so good, I mumble, I can’t believe you are not using your hands!” I mimic her jokingly to lighten up the sheer intensity of what she is doing to me. She shakes her head slowly from side to side a few times, of course without loosening her mouth suction in the least. This almost sends me over the edge and I tell her that standard line that is a cliché when anyone else says it, “I’m sorry, baby, but you’re going to make me come if you’re not careful.”

This time she nods her agreement, moving her head up and down a few times sucking harder as she nods, a sliver of smile fake taxi porno creasing her lips at the edge of my saliva slickened cock.

Girl spit has built up in her tightly closed mouth along with the clear boy cum that I can feel starting to seep from deep in my body into her mouth. As she moves along that inch and a half of dick I can see the slick wetness escaping and running and spreading out across her lips and along my shaft.

My tension buildup is enormous and I feel feverish, like I am going to absolutely disintegrate from the inside out — and I feel that other universal cliché: the need to grab my dick and jerk it off into her mouth. Nothing doing. Her hands hold my wrists firmly. I am trembling so hard I think I might just pass out – cliché after cliché darkens my word-lusting jumbled thoughts. Thankfully my confused writer’s mind collapses when my shudder builds into a wave that I know is the beginning of a massive orgasm.

“Jesus Christ, Mel! God, I’m going to come in your mouth!” She smiles that flat, tense smile — the “I know it” smile, and sucks harder yet and I burst into her mouth in torrents of scalding hot cum.

She swallows hard once before she is totally overwhelmed. She opens her thoroughly-exercised mouth for the first time, tilting back to catch the family stroke porno next wave of sperm that strikes the top of her mouth.

She gasps and swallows again, but this time a mass of thick cum pours out across her lips and down her chin and neck and drips in thick streams onto her blouse. She diverts her eyes down for a few seconds and I can see she is working hard to swallow as much of my stuff as she possibly can.

Finally, she gets control of it, and lets the last few bursts gather in her mouth. She lifts her eyes again, smiling brightly, and slowly tilts back toward me again and opens wide so I can watch and marvel at the thick cum coating her tongue and teeth and dripping across her lips. She moves her face slowly from side to side, dragging her mouth slowly across my oozing cock head to create thick strings of salty mess.

Then, without letting go of my wrists, she slides her body up my torso, letting my cock pop out from her lips and and fall hard against her clothed breasts.

Never taking her eyes off mine, she brings her messy mouth straight to mine and holds it open, a breath away from mine.

She waits for me to open my mouth to breathe, then brings her mouth to mine, reaching for my tongue with her cum coated mouth. She tongue fucks my mouth gently and deliberately, smearing my tongue with cum and saliva and coating my lips with hers.

Timeless moments later, I collapse back onto the couch and she cuddles close to me. “That was delicious,” she purrs quietly, licking her lips. “I did all that without using my hands. I made you come in my mouth just using just my mouth.”

Priceless giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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