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It had been a difficult few weeks since the conference. Hectic schedules, newness of relationship, and the haphazard realities of electronic communication left both Ian and Michelle frustrated.

They were going to try to meet in the middle for a weekend to reconnect but Ian was knee deep in the work he did with local law enforcement and when he had told Michelle she responded with a very cold, “Fine.” The word and the tone the universal warning signs for men everywhere. “Fine” never means “Fine”

She didn’t take his calls all weekend, her texts were short and clipped. Finally on Sunday she picked up her phone talking about being busy, hanging out with friends, being busy. In the background though he heard a male voice and his jealousy raged. He didn’t ask who, or what, or anything – he just saw red.

For the next week it was his turn to sulk, not calling, not being very communicative at all. Early on Friday afternoon he loaded his truck and headed towards Michelle’s. The three hour drive flew by. At 5 he called, “We need to talk, this is bullshit.”

Michelle replied, “Yes we do, but the realities are we have tried this shit through texts and phonecalls and it doesn’t work, we truly need to sit and talk.”

Ian growled, “I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

Before Michelle could respond Ian hung up his phone and within 10 minutes was sitting in her driveway. As he approached the door Michelle called out, “It’s open”

Ian strode in with purpose, his eyes burned with frustration and hers with anger. All he said was, “Of course you left the fucking door unlocked.”

Michelle began to protest but Ian’s hand went to her throat as he pushed her against the wall and kissed her. There czech first video porno was no pretense, no romance, just raw primal passion. It didn’t take long for Michelle to begin to kiss him back, her senses overwhelmed by the sheer size and energy of this man. Just when she tried to catch her breath he kissed her again, his left hand holding her neck, his right hand ravaging her large breasts, teasing her nipples as he groped.

His mouth went to her neck and ears. “No more games, no more fucking misunderstandings. We belong together and we both know it. We fucking knew this would be hellish at times, but shutting down from me, ignoring calls, and having me hear a fucking guys voice is NO MORE. Am I clear Michelle Lynn?” He never let her respond as his hand snaked down her yoga pants and his finger slid deep into her, his palm pressing against her clit as his large finger massaged her G spot. His hand was relentless, demanding, taking. He was truly finger fucking the fight out of her, the anger and frustration turning to need and lust.

He knew she was close, her body shaking, her pussy walls clenching at now two of his fingers. As she was right on the edge he stopped. Her moan filled the room. “Oh no, it’s not that fucking easy.” He growled.

He pulled the oversized sweatshirt off of her, pulled her pants and panties off of her. Her eyes softened but he was having none of it. He pushed her back against the wall and again plunged his fingers into her. This time as his mouth was at her ear he growled. “Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me we aren’t made for each other. Tell me you’ve had better, tell me I don’t own this pussy and I will leave right now.”

Michelle czech gangbang porno was a wet and panting mess by now. She had no answers, all she could smell was his aftershave, her cologne, and her musky arousal. Ian pulled back and lowered his head to take her nipple in his mouth. He bit down, causing a small yell to come from her mouth. “Go on, tell me and I’ll leave.”

She had no words as he dropped to his knee, pulled one of her legs over his shoulder and took her clit into his mouth and began to batter it with his tongue. She had to cum, she need to cum, but she was almost afraid to.

Finally, she could take no more and she found words, “Please, may I cum, Sir.”

She felt the vibration of his mouth more than she heard the words as he granted permission. Her hips arched pushing her pussy harder against his face. As she arched he slipped one finger out of her pussy and quickly slid it into her ass. Now she felt truly filled, two fingers keeping time with his tongue as one orgasm rolled into two and then she lost count.

Ian never stopped, just forcing one orgasm after another from her. She needed a break as her legs were shaking and her voice was aching from her guttural growls. Ian wasn’t about to give her a break as he stood and undid his belt and pushed her into the kitchen, he bent her over the table and his right hand came down across her ass then his hands found her hips and he drove into her with one thrust.

The weeks of frustration came rushing through both of them, the entire house was filled with grunts and growls and the sound of his hips slamming into her ass. Each thrust caused her clit to rub the edge of the table as his brazzers porno cock bounced off of her cervix. Michelle was lost and so was Ian. He knew he wouldn’t last long but he didn’t care.

“Mine,” he growled as his body owned her. “Say it Michelle Lynn, admit it. Tell me, admit that you are mine, that this pussy was made for my cock. Admit it.”

She clenched her teeth and shook her head, she was going to make him fucking work for it… or work fucking for it. He continued to drive into her, his hand causing her ass to become a darker pink as he spanked her. As he was close he pulled her hair, causing her back to arch. Now her large tits bounced and the clit was driven into the table. “Admit it, you are MINE,” he growled.

Still her stubbornness wouldn’t budge. He knew he was out of time as he drove hard into her and slipped his left thumb into her ass at the same time. She broke, “Yours Ian, I am yours” she yelled as the orgasm tore through both of them.

He stayed in her, leaning forward to kiss between her shoulder blades. “Michelle, I’m yours too. I love you, darlin”

Michelle laid her head on the table knowing that things were moving awfully fast, but in truth she couldn’t deny it. “I love you too Ian, I’ve missed you.”

They laid quietly until Ian’s cock finally retracted from her warm home. They stood up and she turned towards him and placed her head against his chest and they hugged, standing naked in her kitchen for what seemed like forever.

Ian whispered, “Who was he, Michelle?”

Michelle laughed, “My brother in law, but if you fuck me like that every time you’re jealous I’ll start making shit up.”

Ian laughed, “I love you, brat. Let’s shower and go get something to eat.”

Michelle’s hand lowered to his cock. “You’ve had your appetizer, I think it’s my turn before we shower.” She lowered to her knees and took his now soft cock in her mouth.

Ian sighed, “You’re going to kill me, I’m an old man.”

As she felt his cock start to respond again, “Not too old it seems.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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