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The phone rang, as Tina’s mouth opened to suck in one of my balls, her hand firmly wrapped around my cock head.

“Hel…Hello, Sco –Ah OT, here!” I answered, my voice rising sharply, as Tina spit out one ball and grabbed the other with her lips.

“Scott? What’s going on…You okay?” I heard Jody ask, with an odd tone to her voice.

“Oh ya…I’m fa…INE, just interviewing a friend of yo…OURS!” I said, reacting to Tina’s attention on my balls and cock.

“Really, who?”

“Ta…EENA!” I responded, quickly clasping my hand over the phone mic.

“Tina, Christ, stop it…I’m on the phone with Jody!” I said, looking down at her beautiful blue eyes and red lips wrapped around my cock head.

Tina shrugged and popped her lips, as she drew them from my cock. I started to return to Jody, as Tina stood and turned.

“Ya, hi baby…everything’s fine here. Got an e-mail from Tina and she wants her story written…You were right on, yes…Yes, I know you said that. Ya, it’s a good story so far, and Tina has been exceptional – in telling it!” I commented, over reacting, watching Tina bend and slowly remove her skirt.

“Oh we were discussing some of her talents…You know where her and her son are concerned. Oh ya – very talented, as far as I can see…Tell!” I said, slipping, as Tina’s skirt dropped giving me a view to die for.

“Ya, I think so…Said she’d love to be here when you got back. An hour? Okay, we’ll see you then. Love ya babe.” I said, slowly hanging up the phone, as Tina pressed back, her “camel toe” peeking out between her legs, with a thong strap running through it, wiggling her firm ass in front of my face.

“Scott…Be a dear would you and slid this thong down. It’s kind of tight and I’d love to be free like you.” Tina cooed, turning to look at my staring eyes.

I slipped from my shirt and through it aside and reached to side my fingers inside the tiny thong straps. Slowly I pulled down, watching the crotch strap extract from her ass cheeks and change color. It went from dry white to a, wet, off colored white, as I pulled it down.

The crotch strap slipped out from between her pussy lips, dragging a long string of pussy juice. I stopped pulling and cut the string of juice with my fingers and reached up to slide my fingers through her slit, watching her ass quiver.

I put those fingers in my mouth and sucked them dry, as I pulled, side- to-side, dropping her thong to her ankles.

Tina stepped from the thong and bent again, spreading her cheeks asking,

“I know you love Jody, but what do you think of “my” little love nest…wet huh?”

I said nothing, as I reached to spread her cheeks farther apart, freeing her hands, and slid my tongue up her crack. I tasted the saltiness of her sweating body, riming her hole and then pressing hard, stabbed my tongue into her rectum. I felt her flinch, then settle back, forcing me a little deeper, moaning about how good my tongue felt.

Tina moved easily against my face, squirming, her ass cheeks rubbing my face as she enjoyed the anal attention. When her breathing shortened, I pulled my tongue out and quickly inserted two fingers into her rectum and found her pussy with my free hand. I buried my thumb deep in her pussy and cupped her like a bowling ball, strumming her clit with my free fingers, as I probed her ass deeper and deeper.

In moments she came…She was a squirter! I felt her bear down and scream out, just as the clear warm liquid shot out, hitting my palm and blasted back into my face and chest.

“Holy shit Tina…That was awesome, you never told me!” I said, starting to laugh.

Tina giggled and replied,

“You never got around to asking…I squirt good huh?” She giggled more, standing up pulling my fingers free and turning to face me.

“Oh my God, I really got you good!” She said, breaking out in an all out laugh, as she saw my wet face and chest.

I started to laugh and reply to Tina, when Jody burst through the door!

“Tina! You cum squirting whore!” were her first words and then she added, “Scott, you fuck! I give you one interview and you just had to go the fucking limit!” as she quickly walked in and stood, squaring off with Tina.

“Oh God Jody, I’m so…” and Jody cut Tina off, pulling her tight against her body and planting a deep sensual kiss on her lips. When they parted Jody smiled at Tina and said,

“You did great! I knew he’d never resist that body of yours!” as she turned giving me a wicked little smile.

“I told you I’d figure out how to repay you…Tina is my gift and repayment – today anyway!” Jody said, laughing at my stunned face.

Before I could utter a word, Tina was shedding Jody’s clothes, and in moments both women were naked standing before me – ready and waiting.

My first words were stupid sounding, even to me…”So, there never was a Michael – your son?”

Jody started to laugh and Tina joined, as they linked arms and kissed once more. Finally, they parted and Tina calmed down, smiling student sex parties porno at me and said,

“Yes Scott…There is a Michael and he is my son. This is just what Jody said, a gift for you…Are you up for it?”

I certainly was, in more ways than one and pressed my hands into the chair arms, to stand before the women, my cock rock hard, leaning out. Jody pointed towards the bedroom and asked Tina to escort me in.

“I’ll be right in, just have to grab some wine and glasses.” and with that, she bent and gave my cock one long, slow, suck, before turning to leave.

Tina placed her soft hand on my chest and moved in to watch Jody’s lips slide smoothly on and off my cock, grinning. Briefly we watched Jody’s naked form walk away and then Tina cupped my face cheek and whispered,

“Come on big boy…I can’t wait any longer. Have I told you how Jody and I got started?”

With my second stupid face expression, I shook my head slowly, as Tina grasped my cock and tugged playfully, leading me towards the bedroom, starting her tale.

“So anyway, Michael and I sorted of tricked her…Mike called and said I was anxious to see her, making out like there was some sort of problem. We were both sitting in the hot tub drinking Margarita’s when she walked into the back yard! We laughed at her shocked face and then invited her to join us.”

“And what – Jody just jumped…” I started to ask.

“Yes Scott…I did. I stripped down and stepped into their sexual world.” Jody said, arriving with the wine.

Jody handed me the wine bottle and cork screw, leaning over Tina, to kiss me, as Tina squatted to renew her cock sucking efforts, and went on.

“Before I knew it, Tina was sucking my nipples and Mike had his fingers buried in my pussy. They had me hotter than shit in no time and it wasn’t the hot tub either!”

“Umm, ya (slurp)…She was hot…(slurp –slurp)…Alright.” Tina commented, not stopping her penis pleasing fun.

I stood like a statue, poised to open the wine bottle, my mouth open, listening to the women recount the story of their first sexual encounter. Tina slowly pulled her lips free from my cock and stood up, allowing Jody to drop and take over.

“So – are you going to open that or do we have to suck the wine out through the cork?” Tina asked, giggling lightly.

“Umm God I (sluuuuurp)…Love doing…(slurp, slurp)…This Tina.” Jody said, with her mouth stuffed with my cock.

“You are one lucky bitch Jody! That mans cock is just too much…I can’t imagine that schlong up my ass!” Tina said, sliding her fingers into the crack of my ass, watching Jody work my dick.

Without warning, Tina pushed a finger into my rectum and I suddenly jerked the wine cork free and gasped out loud. Jody stopped her sucking and laughed, telling Tina,

“Jesus…I felt his cock jump when you did that! Grab the lube bottles, Tina, they’re in the nightstand drawer…I’ve got an idea I think he’s going to love!”

Tina removed her finger and damn if Jody wasn’t right. I felt my cock drop slightly, like Tina’s finger intrusion made it stiffer – longer somehow. Tina rolled onto the bed and opening the drawer found the lubrication bottles and dropped them on the bed.

“Okay you sex pot…What do have in mind?” Tina asked Jody.

“Scott, dear…Pour us some wine, while Tina and I get ready – pleeease.” Jody cooed, turning to join Tina on the bed.

“On your hands and knees girlfriend…Jody’s going to oil that sweet ass of yours!” Jody said, grabbing a bottle.

With a wide eyed stare, Tina did as asked and turned her face to watch my cock, as Jody poured oil on her ass. Tina gasped when Jody slid her fingers home, sinking them deep into her rectum, pushing in and out.

“Oh God Jody…Is he going to put that monster up my ass?” Tina moaned out.

“Oh ya…And mine too! Here take this and get me ready now!” Jody replied, removing her fingers and handing Tina the bottle.

I turned quickly looking at Jody, her comment echoing in my mind and over poured the third glass of wine. The wine ran down my belly and over my stiff cock, dripping onto the carpet. Both women laughed, but it was Jody to the rescue, as she presented Tina with her delicious ass.

Tina started the oil ritual, as Jody slowly lapped the wine, taking long strokes with her tongue, up and down my belly and, finally, onto my shaft. Jody had just made my cock head, when Tina pushed her finger deep into Jody’s ass, causing her to lurch forward slightly, engulfing my cock head.

My hands were shaking, watching Tina work Jody and I stood with a frozen stare, as Tina winked at me and smiled, saying,

“I do love this woman of yours…First time watching two girl’s play?”

I nodded slowly, offering the glass to a very busy Tina, but blushed, realizing my mistake and set the glass with the others.

Tina finished with Jody’s ass and Jody released my cock, getting up to retrieve a towel for Tina and herself. submissive cuckolds porno With clean hands the women took their glasses and we toasted, taking a long first sip of wine.

Tina wrapped her arm around my neck and leaned to kiss me, parting my lips. Her tongue found mine and small moan escaped her throat as she pushed deeply into my mouth.

Jody found the second lotion bottle, as Tina finished her tongue fucking, and squatted down behind me, preparing to lubricate me. Jody’s oiled hand slipped between my legs and grabbed my penis, stroking it, creating a shimmering oiled rod and then pulled back to massage my sensitive balls.

Tina gave me a wicked little smile and moved to the bed, placing her knees just on the edge, hanging her calves off, in mid-air. My breathing was ragged and dry, as I lifted the glass, taking another sip, just as Jody slid two fingers into my rectum, making my cock jump again.

“God Jody, I think he’s enjoying that…I know I am!” Tina commented, as Jody began to stroke my cock with one hand and plunge her fingers in and out of my ass, with the other.

My legs were shaking by the time Jody finished and she stood to kiss me deeply and dance again with my tongue, before pulling away.

“Ready baby?” She whispered and grabbed my slick cock, tugging me towards the bed and Tina.

Jody climbed onto the bed, straddling Tina’s head and bent to spread her ass cheeks, as I positioned myself between her legs. I slid my cock up and down Tina’s crack several times, before stopping at her oiled doorway.

“Oh my God Jody, he feels fucking huge!” Tina gasped out.

“Oh he is…Believe me he is, but man what a rush when he’s inside you!” Jody replied back, reaching to hold my cock head against Tina’s tightly swirled hole and then added,

“Push baby…gently.”

I slowly pushed my rock hard cock into Tina, as her voice jumped octaves – screaming out, as suddenly, my head disappeared, popping into Tina’s ass, as I over came her rectal muscles.

“Jesus…Oh fuck Jody…My God how did you ever…”

“Shhhh Tina, relax and enjoy.” Jody said softly, her eyes blazing with lust, as she watched my head disappear.

I waited and moments later I felt Tina’s rectal muscles relax, releasing the tight grip she held on me and I inched inside slowly, stopping to pull back each time before pushing deeper.

“Oh – fuck – I’m – going – to fucking – faint…Christ Jody he’s too fucking…Oh my God…Oh MY GOD!” Tina screamed out, as I started to thrust my hips faster.

Tina’s scream turned to a whimper, as Jody got up and turned to lift Tina’s head, forcing her up, onto her hands. With a wink, Jody slid under Tina and began finger fucking her pussy, knowing fair well what Tina would do when she came.

I felt Tina’s body trembling hard, shortly, after Jody started in and her moaning grew louder. I coasted into an easy rhythm, grabbing Tina’s ass cheeks, pushing and pulling, enjoying the view of her up turned ass and the sight of my cock disappearing into it. Moments later, Tina shook hard and jerked her head up, crying out,

Oh God – Oh God – I’m…I’m so…I’m cu…Cum…Oh shit I’m CUMMMMMIIIIING!”

Without further warning Tina shot a hot, full stream out of her pussy, soaking Jody’s hand and splattering back on my legs. Her hips wildly thrashed, as I held on, burying my cock deep, waiting for her to finish her climax.

Jody slid out, licking her fingers, as Tina collapsed on the bed, jerking my cock out and screamed loudly, as I popped out.

“My ass…Oh God – my ass has never had a fucking like that! I can still feel you inside me…Jesus, what a rush!” She moaned, as she rolled over, her legs spread wide.

Jody and I exchanged glances, smiling, as she pointed to Tina’s pussy, doing a mock hip thrust, silently urging me to pump her. I gave Jody a curious look, shrugged my shoulders and dropped my hands on either side of Tina, aiming my cock for her wet hole.
I parted Tina’s sweet pussy lips with my cock head, and Tina jerked her eyes open wide and cried out,

“OH NO…Oh Christ NO…Jo…DEEEEEEEE!” as I slid home, burying my cock in a surprisingly tight vagina.

I watched Tina’s full breasts roll and sway as I worked her pussy, trying to build to a climax and Tina grabbed her head with both hands and moaned louder than before. What I didn’t see was Jody’s disappearance. Moments later, I felt her!

Jody had quietly slipped on a waist harness and inserted a medium sized, anal, dildo into the holder and stepped up behind me. I felt her hands massaging my ass, as I sent Tina near the edge once again. I was enjoying the sandwich effect, when Jody pressed the dildo to my rectum and pushed.

I jerked hard, slamming deep into Tina, as Jody pushed the dildo home, my cock stiffing beyond my wildest imagination and Tina screamed out, as she came hard a second time.

How Jody managed to get a rhythm going I never figured out, but the effect sent me quickly taboo heat porno to my own edge. Tina’s pussy juice went everywhere, spraying out hard twice and as I approached release, Jody quickened her pace, driving me crazy.

Tina squeezed her tits like a wild women, as she convulsed under me and I shot a hot load of cum into her, opening a flood gate. I couldn’t stop, as Jody pumped my ass with the dildo. With every new push I shot another load into Tina, my cock stiffening more, and she cried out to Jody,

“God dammit – Jody STOPPPPP, he’s got his cock in my throat! OH Christ heaven help me…”

What Tina and I didn’t know was that Jody’s strap on had its own vibrator and she too was at the edge, as it sent her clit into overload. Somehow, I managed to pull out of Tina and dropped to the floor, with Jody following me. She slapped my ass hard and thrust her hips faster, finally screaming out her climax.

“Oh my God…Oh yessssssss…I’m…I’m…Oh baby I’m…CUMMMMMINNNN!”

My cock felt like the head was blowing off, as she shook and quivered, the dildo buried deep in my ass. My ass was one fire from Jody’s pounding and when she finally pulled out I collapsed on the floor.

Tina laid in a fetal position on the bed, massaging her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other. Jody stood on her knees, swaying, frantically working the strap on, trying to pull the vibrator out of her pussy. I finally started to come down, my cock oozing out small droplets of cum, twitching and with inhuman effort I sat up and to help Jody, hearing her relieved sigh and we joined Tina on the bed.

“Now that was wild!” Jody commented, as she stretched out next to Tina.

“My God Jody I’m just fucking tingling everywhere…Is he like that all the time?” Tina murmured in reply.

“Uh huh…Oh ya, he’s my fucking machine and that cock is just pure heaven.”

Tina reached out and gently wrapped her fingers around my diminished cock, causing my body to convulse with an after shock and asked,

“First anal Scott?”

“God yes…Wow!” I replied and the girls started to laugh uncontrollably.

A body’s power of recuperation is amazing and moments later we were all leaning against the head board talking, laughing and drinking wine.

With three of us, the first bottle went quickly and I got up, crawling over Tina, to get another, suddenly feeling that pleasurable pain in my ass. I smiled at Jody and mouthed the words, “thank you” and left for the kitchen.

When I returned the ladies were gone, but the steam pouring from the bathroom door gave me an instant clue as to where they were. I walked in and set the open bottle down, next to their glasses and opened the shower door stepping in.

“Aw baby, we thought you forgot about us!” Jody giggled, as Tina grabbed my arm, helping me.

With wet, soapy bodies, they closed in on me and smothered my face with kisses, as their hands met to grasp my flaccid cock and squeeze it. I laughed and wrapped my arms around them, sliding my fingers between their soapy ass cheeks and let them have their fun.

The water was starting to turn cold by the time we finished washing, playing and laughing and Tina, as a thrill, rapidly turned the faucet to cold, spraying all of us with chilled water. It was mad scramble to get out, without hurting ourselves, as we laughed.

It was a unanimous decision for Tina to spend the night, as we toweled off. I was curious about Michael, her son, and asked Tina. Tina assured me he was as “happily occupied” as she was and not to worry, as she sauntered off into the living room, wearing only a towel head turban. Jody winked at me, as she wrapped a towel around her wet head, and then puckered her lips to blow me a kiss, as she went to join Tina. I grabbed the wine bottle and my glass and followed Jody moments later finding the women snuggled tightly together talking in low tones.

“Okay…What are we up to now?” I asked, turning the corner into the living room.

“Oh nothing really…Just reliving our beginning.” Jody said, smiling at my naked form.

“Ya, it’s been quite an adventure Scott…Care to hear about it? Hey, maybe you’ like to write that story too?” Tina piped up, giving me a coy smile and winking.

I felt the stirring down low, my cock giving the women a positive indication, as I grabbed the recorder and slid in between them on the couch.

Two hours later my cock stood erect and dripping, as I listened to the end of their tale, the girls laughing, touching each other and me, as they finished up.

“So are you going to divorce me?” Jody asked, slowly rubbing a finger up and down my cock.

“No, I think as just punishment – I’ll keep you and turn you into my wife! How’s that sound?” I said, laughing.

“Holy shit…Did he just propose Jody?” Tina said excitedly, grabbing my stiff cock and leaning over to kiss Jody’s lips and quickly added, as she pulled away,

“I am so definitely the maid of honor!”

“Hey okay now…Lets not go too fast ladies – I might want to marry both of you!” I replied laughing hard, tears in my eyes.

“Scotttt!” Jody squealed and slapped my arm.

“Ya…I’m spoken for, but thanks for the thought. Perhaps Jody would let me come over once in a while. You know for a real good fucking?” Tina replied in turn, giggling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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