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Jessie and Stephanie said goodbye to their beaus, and left for the weekend. They had been looking forward to this weekend of shop-till-you-drop. The men gave them some cash and told them to buy whatever their hearts desired and said to have fun. Stephanie booked a hotel in the centre of town so they could walk everywhere they wanted to go.

They arrived a little earlier than they anticipated. So they unpacked and got freshened up and went out on the town. Stephanie and Jessie expect they will have lots of fun shopping at the new major mall. There was even a fun-land park inside. They went on some rides and enjoyed themselves, laughing and screaming both at the same time. They shopped at every store in the mall, looking at everything and having a wonderful time. They stopped and had some supper, talking over a couple slushy margaritas and at some spicy Mexican food. Jessie thought this was just great! Good food, sexy friend, hopefully fantasies fulfilled, lots of fun!! Stephanie suggested that they visit the sexy shopping areas and see what they are missing, and mutually decided to look down the main street where all the sex shops were side-by-side. Stephanie and Jessie wanted to add a little spice to their already busy sex lives with their beaus. They went into a little shop and noticed all kinds of goodies, but they were a little shy to buy anything. They laughed and said “who really cares! Nobody knows us here so let’s buy some goodies,” and they did. All kinds of toys, sexy lingerie, candles, massage oil and some sex games. After they were through trying on all kinds of lingerie, purchasing all those sexy things – both of them feeling horny decided to go back to the hotel. Jessie decided to take a shower and get ready for bed. Stephanie took one after her, and both got dressed for bed. They talked some more and had another margarita, feeling silly and a little uninhibited. After searching the television for a good chick flick without any luck, turned the channels to the pay channels with a sexy flick playing. Jessie and casino oyna Stephanie both were staring at the two women on the television making love, so forbidden, so sexy, soooo amazing!!

They giggled and talked while they watched the movie, Jessie then got up, not realizing that she drank a little too much when she stumbled over to the bathroom. Laughing and feeling quite aroused wondering if her friend felt the same feelings. Upon returning sat down beside Stephanie who was engrossed in the movie, squirming on the couch. Jessie realizing this and knew then that Stephanie was indeed getting hot. Their conversation started to get hot and heavy, discussing their recent sexual encounter with their beaus. They kept looking into each other’s eyes and something clicked and their head came closer and closer and they kissed, first just a peck, and then another and finally a deep tongue kiss, both mutually enjoying each one’s every touch. Their hands began to roam over each other, slowly searching over and over, caressing every inch of their breasts. Jessie gently pinched Stephanie’s erect nipple and she did the same to her. They began to really get into it, but wondered if it was right. They slowly started taking off their clothes. Stephanie bent down and placed Jessie’s nipple into her mouth and tongued it ever so gently. She always wondered what it was like to have another woman suck her nipples. It was strange and forbidden but so sensual and hot. Stephanie started to nibble on Jessie’s shoulders and up her neck finally her ears and then made her way to her mouth. She kissed her very passionately on her lips, gently sucking each one in one at a time. Driving her tongue deeper into her mouth, Jessie responding to her fully. They kissed and felt each other’s bodies for what seemed like a lifetime not wanting time to end. Jessie was getting hotter and hotter with every touch. Stephanie worked her way down Jessie’s body, slowly flicking her tongue over her flat belly making her way down to her honey pot. Jessie’s body quivering in response canlı casino to Stephanie’s tongue, wanting more!

Stephanie, finally reaching Jessie’s hot, wet, awaiting pussy, aching to meet her tongue, started flicking her tongue on her hard clit, Jessie thrusting her wet pussy against Stephanie’s mouth causing her to cum instantly. Jessie had fantasized about this for such a long time that she couldn’t hold off anymore. It was so erotic. After coming down from her orgasm she returned the favor to Stephanie. Slowly licking her clit, tonguing her wet pussy, started tongue fuck her slowly, inserting a finger, driving Stephanie over the edge. Faster and faster she thrust her finger into Stephanie’s wetness, all the time sucking her hard clit and flicking her tongue on it. Stephanie grinding her pussy against Jessie’s hand and mouth, cumming so hard, so wet!!! Jessie licking up all her moisture, loving every drop.

They both lay there for a couple of minutes coming down from those wonderful orgasms. Both reached for their gift bags of goodies they bought today. They both had washed everything earlier when returning from shopping and placed them back in the bags – not letting each other know what the other was doing. They dumped out their goodies all over the bed, there were doubled ended dildos, smooth plastic vibrators, strap-on dildos, life like cock shaped dildos, lubricate, edible massage oil and lots of other things. They looked at each other and giggled – not realizing that they both had such a great assortment of toys. Imagine, both of them shy at the beginning of this trip. Shy no-more!

Stephanie picked out the double ended dildo and licked seductively and then placed it at the opening of Jessie’s pussy. She was so wet, she then slowly began to fuck Jessie with the dildo. She then pushed it deep inside her pussy, what a wonderful site and by the look on her face it was a wonderful sensation. Pushing it deep inside her pussy, she then mounted the other end, slowly moving toward Jessie with her wet pussy kaçak casino swallowing the other end of the dildo, this caused the other end to move deeper into Jessie making her to arch towards Stephanie. She was going to cum again. Stephanie grabbed the centre of the dildo and pushed it back and forth into each other’s pussies, both of them so wet, fucking each other, arching and thrusting toward each other. Both girls were moaning and fucking each other with great passion. Feeling each other cumming, sat up and kissed passionately, thrusting back and forth slowly enjoying each other’s touches.

Falling back onto the bed, invigorated and so very horny removed the double dildo. Jessie reached for her doubled headed strap on dildo. Inserted one of the vibrators inside her wet pussy pulling the strap-on closer fastening it onto herself. Reaching down toward Stephanie placed the other head at her pussy lips. Mounting Stephanie, Jessie pushed forward thrusting slowly and deeper into Stephanie’s so hot, so wet pussy. With each thrust Jessie also felt her vibrator go deeper into her pussy. As their pussies met with each thrust, the dildo and vibrator would go in and out deeper and deeper. Their bodies mashing together, rubbing their breasts together, kissing so passionately, tongues searching out each other’s mouths. Jessie’s thrusts deepening faster and faster, in and out – fucking Stephanie while she was fucking herself, it was so wild. Both girls cumming together , grinding themselves together as the most wonderful orgasm overcame them both. Upon their orgasm subsiding they collapsed upon the bed, exhausted and so satisfied and feel asleep in each other’s arms.

They woke up the next morning, showered together, made wet love in the shower, and then went shopping for more fun stuff, lots of sexy lingerie to share with their beaus. And a night they would never forget and hopefully share this experience with their beaus. After all, this was the fantasy of Jessie’s, having the experience of making love to a woman one on one and perfecting it before sharing it with her beau. This being their first experience, it was worth the fantasy and the wait. This reality was more than the fantasy ever was! Can’t wait until the next fantasy cummms true!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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