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This is a continuation of Jennies DVD. All characters are over 18. This is a work of fiction


Derek was sitting with Jenny on the couch after a very nice meal savouring a glass of chardonnay and gently caressing Jenny’s breast while she scratched his cock through his jeans, kissing him gently between sips. He was just thinking of taking this a step further when the phone rang. Jenny untangled herself from his arm and picked up the portable bringing it back to the couch.

He could only hear one side of the conversation; “hello… Oh Hi Carol. What am I doing? Well, I’m sitting her with my friend Derek and I was just about to start sucking on his cock…. just a sec I’ll check.”

“Carol wants to know if she can come over, she lives not far away, don’t worry your cock won’t miss out!” Derek readily agreed and Jenny told her to come right over. Jenny unzipped him and popped the head of his cock in her mouth and gave it a few gentle licks and a suck. Then she stood up and lifting her dress pulled his head close, he pulled aside her panties and lapped at her cunt, slipping his tongue between her lips and teasing her clit. She reluctantly pulled his head away and went to make coffee, while he got up and selected some music.

Soft music was playing by the time there was a knock on the door, Jenny went to answer it. She led Carol in and introduced him, “this is my friend Derek,” she said reaching for his cock through his jeans and giving it a friendly squeeze.

Carol was a stunning brunette, dressed in a short black dress with thin straps over the shoulders, a pair of matching high heel shoes, which accentuated her excellent legs. She had full sensuous lips and perfectly manicured fingernails. He held out his hand to shake hers, when Jenny said, “I think you can do better than that Derek, give Carol a kiss and a cuddle, make her feel welcome.” He opened his arms and she stepped close so he felt her breasts pressing against his chest and her perfume invading his nostrils. Their lips met in a gentle kiss.

“That’s better,” Jennie said, “now my turn.”

Jennie moved closer and kissed Carols waiting mouth then turned and kissed him. He still had hold of Carol till Jenny said, “you can let go now Derek, let’s have some coffee.” Reluctantly Derek let go of Carol and they headed for the couch.

They sat together and chatted, the conversation turning to sex and Jenny extolling his virtues at cunilingus.

After coffee, Jennie said, “well why don’t we take up where we left off Derek?”

“Sounds OK to me as long as Carol is cool with it”

With that Jenny unzipped him and pulled out his cock. Carol sitting on the other side of him leaned closer and got to work kissing him, this time open mouthed pushing her tongue casino oyna into his mouth. Jenny pulled down his jeans and boxers throwing them into the corner, then resumed sucking on his cock and balls. Carol worked her way down his chest sucking briefly on his nipples before joining Jenny in licking on his cock.

The girls alternated between sucking him into their mouths, their hands fondling his balls. Carol stood up and got out of her dress quickly, she was wearing no bra and she straddled him pushing her firm breasts into his face. He sucked on her nipples as he felt Jenny guiding his cock into her waiting cunt. He slid in easily and could feel Jenny’s mouth sucking on his balls as Carol bounced up and down on his cock while kissing him passionately.

“This feels so good, but if you want me to last for a while we better change positions,” he said. Jennie stood up, grabbed his hand and Carols hand and led them to the bedroom where they shed the rest of their clothes before falling onto the bed together. Jenny kissed him and then lowered her dripping snatch onto his face, while Carol went back to work on his cock with her talented tongue.

He got busy with his hands pushing first one then two fingers into Jenny’s cunt while he lapped on her clit. His other hand was probing her rectum, finally slipping two fingers into her musky depths. Jenny groaned, “time to swap Carol.” The girls moved around and Carols beautiful cunt was lowered onto his face while Jenny impaled herself on his member, slowly working up and down till the head was just at her pussy lips then thrusting down to take him deep inside her.

Meanwhile his tongue was busy on Carol’s cunt, his fingers busy in her depths. Once again he was close to coming and he asked Jennie where she wanted it.

“I think we should let our guest have first choice,” she said, Carol rolled off his face and assumed a position with her legs in the air, he moved between her legs resting them on his shoulders and placing his cock at the entrance to her waiting cunt. Jennie then moved her cunt over Carols face and groaned as Carols tongue went to work on her. He gently pushed his cock into Carols waiting cunt savouring the velvety smoothness of it, Jenny’s face was inches from his and they kissed passionately while he thrust in and out of Carol.

“This is sooo cool,” he thought, fucking one beautiful woman while kissing my best friends lucious lips.”

Finally he could hold on no longer and he exploded inside Carols squeezing cunt, Carol and Jenny coming at the same time. They untangled themselves and lay on the bed getting their breath back.

“That was fantastic,” Carol said.

“How long do you think till he’s ready to go again?”

“Depends on how skilful we are with our tongues!” said canlı casino Jenny, but first, let’s get something to drink and freshen up.”

He though it a bit weird then talking about him like that while he was still in the room but hey, who was he to complain? It looked like he was going to get a lot more action before the night was over!

They all took turns in the bathroom before heading back to the lounge room. Jenny got out a bottle of Champagne and he opened it while she got the glasses. With a drink in one hand and two beautiful girls either side of him taking turns kissing him and fondling his balls he was in seventh heaven and it didn’t take long for his cock to be standing at full attention once more.

Jennie lay back on the couch with her cunt close to the edge, he got down on his knees and started to kiss her snatch slipping his tongue between the folds of her pussy, instantly finding her clit and gently teasing it with his tongue while he inserted two fingers inside her. Meanwhile Carol had got on her back below him and wormed her way beneath him so she could get her lips around his cock, she wrapped her arms around his waist for better support and took his cock deep into her throat.

He took his fingers out of Jenny’s cunt and replaced them with his tongue while he inserted his fingers once again into her bottom. Jennie groaned and held his head close as she pushed her pelvis towards his eager mouth. She gave a little cry as she shook with her orgasm and her juice gushed into his mouth. Carol wriggled out from beneath him and knelt with her knees either side of Jenny’s thighs and kissed Jenny, leaving her and Jenny’s cunts and arses exposed and available to him. He slipped his cock into Jenny’s cunt while Carol moved her hips down to grind her pelvis on Carols. He took it in turns, pulling out of Jennie then plunging into Carol for a few thrusts then starting over in Jenny’s pussy.

Jenny moved out from beneath Carol leaving him thrusting happily in and out of Carol’s cunt, holding on to her slim waist.

“Hmmm, Yes, Yes, Yes… Derek keep going, I can feel the tip of your dick touching some very nice spots in there!” Carol purred.

“Don’t you come yet,” Jenny warned.

“I’m holding off as best as I can, but its sooo nice in here!”

He watched as she went to the bedroom and came back out wearing a very life like strap on penis and carrying a tube of lube. He slowed his movements down and did some quick mental arithmetic in order to slow his impending ejaculation.

Jenny positioned herself behind him and lubed up his arse sliding first one then two fingers inside him to loosen him up, her other hand was between his legs cupping his balls. Then she slowly inserted the rubber appendage into his rectum. She gently kaçak casino eased the cock past his sphincter until it was fully engulfed inside him then started a slow in and out motion in time with his thrusts into Carol. Carol had seen this too and said “Derek… I want your cock in my arse now!”

Happy to oblige, he pulled back out of her cunt and Jenny handed him the lube over his shoulder still keeping up her gentle thrusts. He greased up Carols bum hole and then gently eased his cock into her, she reached back and held his cock, controlling exactly how fast and how deep he was going.

Eventually he was fully engulfed in her and started gentle thrusts in time with Jenny’s thrusts into him.

“Yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck my arse” she screamed. Jenny was holding his hips and thrusting into him. He felt his orgasm rising.

“I’m close to the edge,” he said.

“Come in Carols arse,” said Jenny and increased the tempo.

“Yes please,” cried Carol. “Fuck me harder!”

“Fuck me Jenny,” he called.

Jenny was coming close too thanks to the little nub on the inside of her strap on, massaging her clit as she thrust into her best friend and lover.

They all increased the tempo and he groaned as he exploded in Carols arse when Jenny’s strap on cock massaged his colon.

The three lovers collapsed together on the rug, his hands continuing to explore their bodies, his mouth on their nipples, while the girl’s hands were busy with his balls and cock. They kissed once more and then went to freshen up.

He walked out of the bathroom with another erection to find the girls sipping champagne.

“My goodness,” Jenny said.

“He’s ready again. Well, Derek darling, I’m ready for your cock so come over here and fuck me!”

She got on her hands and knees on the rug. Carol grabbed his cock and fed it into Jenny’s cunt then kissed him passionately.

“Fuck me fast and hard Derek,” said Jenny.

He willingly obeyed and started thrusting in and out of her cunt while Carol straddled Jenny sitting on her ass facing him offering her tits for him to suck on. It didn’t take long before he came once again, spurting into Jenny’s cunt.

They all got dressed and Carol got ready to leave, they exchanged phone numbers and she gave him one last kiss and hug before giving his cock a gentle squeeze and a promise of a one on one session soon. He kissed Jenny thanking her for a wonderful evening and left with a grin on his face from ear to ear.

After his encounter with Jenny and Carol, he sent flowers and a thank you note to both ladies thanking them for an incredible experience. He got a call a few days later from Carol. They chatted and then Carol invited him to her place for dinner the next evening. He gratefully accepted and asked what he could bring.

“Oh… just your lovely cock and maybe a bottle of nice wine,” she said. “Just dress casually — jeans will be fine, you won’t be in them for long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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