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I suppose it was me that started it all. My curiosity, that is.

My husband, Brett, loves to fuck me doggy style. No matter how we start, no matter what direction the sex goes, I always end up on my hands and knees. Don’t get me wrong; I love it as much as he does. The extra depth he gets with each thrust, pushing his cock further and further into me…well, what’s not to like? Also, the fact that he gets so excited and pumps extra hard, that’s a bonus too.

But I always wondered: what is it about doggy style that he likes so much? So after four years of marriage, I asked him. And his answer was pretty interesting. (For me, anyway. And maybe for other girls. But I suppose all you guys reading this would already know the answer.)

“I love to watch my cock sliding into you, all the way, in and out. And I love the way your asshole opens and closes just a little with each thrust.”

Wow. That was an eye-opener. (And an ass opener, apparently.)

Well, of course, that’s something we girls never see, because we’re face down on the pillow at the time. Which I thought was very unfair. So I made a decision.

“Video tape it for me.”

That took Brett by surprise. To be honest, we’re pretty conservative. (Or were.) Our sex life was great, but it was very straight. In fact, when we first met, he’d only ever fucked two other women and I’d only ever fucked one other guy. Sure, we were only 19 at the time, but you can see that we weren’t what you’d called highly experienced. We’re both shy by nature. I don’t even like to wear a bikini at the beach, preferring a demure one-piece. And we’d never, ever filmed ourselves having sex. But Brett had aroused my curiosity (and not just my curiousity) and I was determined to see what he could see.

“Yes, video tape me when you fuck me doggy style. I want to see what you see.”

Brett didn’t take a lot of persuading. It was 3.00 in the afternoon on a Saturday, but he was getting the camera out of the cupboard before I’d barely finished the sentence. Just the idea of it seemed to have got him excited. Before I knew it, he was pulling my clothes off. I liked the fact that he was suddenly so hot for me. I knew it meant I’d be getting a very good going over.

Do I have to describe the sex to you? Not really. In fact, we bypassed the usual cuddling and foreplay and got straight down to business — which meant I got straight down on my hands on knees right there on the lounge room floor. And it was over very quickly — yes, Brett really was VERY excited by the idea. In fact, I’d say it wasn’t much more than five minutes later that he had the video tape in the player. And suddenly I was looking at my ass as I’d never seen it before.

First, the negative stuff. My ass looked bigger than I thought it was. Brett just laughed and told me I had a wonderful ass and that it just looks bigger in close up.

I did like the look of my pussy though. I confess to having looked at it in a mirror, but you can’t get the same view as you do with a camera. My slit looked nice and smooth, making me glad that I shaved under there. I was also surprised by my asshole. It was very sweet looking, and very tight — hardly a hole at all.

Then the main event began. Suddenly Brett’s cock came into shot. It looked huge. Well, he is big, I think — not that I’ve had much to compare it with, but I think 7½ inches is probably above average.

Normally Brett would guide his cock into me, but he was holding the camera, so I had to do it. Leaning with omy face on the floor, I used one hand to pull my ass cheeks apart and the other to steer Brett’s cock towards my pussy. Just that action looked amazing on the TV screen. (We have a 42 inch plasma, which is probably why my ass and Brett’s cock looked so huge, now that I think of it.) First, by pulling my ass cheeks apart, I could suddenly see into my own pussy — quite a surprising sight. The movement also saw my asshole open up a little, which was very intriguing.

And then my other hand directed Brett’s cock forward into my slit.

Wow! While we were filming, that moment had felt good. But watching it… I exploded. I actually came on the sofa. I gasped. I could mentally feel Brett’s cock in me again. And actually watching it slide into me multiplied the experience tenfold. I was dripping wet without being touched. And with each thrust of Brett’s cock on the screen, I panted and squealed as if he was fucking me again. He looked at me, then smiled. Without realising it, I had slipped two fingers into my pussy — something I’d never done in front of Brett.

Brett didn’t need an invitation. A moment later he had his head between my legs and was licking my clit. I pressed my hands on his head, pushing him hard against my pussy. And all the time I couldn’t take my eyes of the TV screen, reliving every plunge of Brett’s cock.

The next thing I knew, Brett had thrown me on the floor, onto my hands and knees. A few feet from my face, I could see Brett’s cock slamming harder and harder into my dripping pussy on the TV screen. fake hospital hastane And now, at the same time, I could also feel the real thing slamming into me from behind. It was heaven. I don’t know how many times I came. I was screaming and shaking like I was having a fit. And Brett was pounding me harder than I’d ever felt. And then I heard two groans — one from Brett on the TV in front of me, and one from Brett behind me. He’d come at exactly the same moment.

We slumped onto the floor, Brett still inside me and holding me tight. I glanced back up at the TV and saw Brett’s cock slip out of me, sticky and limp. And then, like a small oozing river, his load of cum came dripping gently out of my open pussy hole, trickling down my leg. I had a sudden urge to lick the TV screen.


I work at a school, in administration. You’d think schools were very proper places, and that people who worked in schools were all good, upright citizens. They mainly are, but of course schools are like every other workplace, with a wide mix of people.

One of my workmates, Julia, is a part of that wide mix — some might say mixed up. She’s actually more than just a workmate, she’s a kind of friend. Brett and her husband Mitch work together, so we occasionally socialise out of work hours. Whe’s nice and I like her, but she has a few dubious habits. One of which is looking at porn on the internet. Now, if you get caught looking at porn at my work, you’ll almost certainly lose your job, but that doesn’t stop Julia. Worse, it doesn’t stop her showing other people what she considers particularly good porn.

On a recent school sports day, we were the only two people in the building. She couldn’t help herself.

“Jen, come and look at this.”

Jennifer, which I’ve just realised I haven’t mentioned before, is my name.

“Jen, you’ve gotta see this.”

Personally, I never look at porn. I don’t like it. But I also don’t like people thinking I’m a prude, so when Julia talks dirty or wants to show me things, I go along with it and laugh in the right places.

“This is the best doggie fuck of seen for ages. You’ve gotta see it.”

I walked over to her desk and looked at her computer screen. And almost fainted. I recognised that slightly biggish ass. And that biggish cock. That was my ass. That was Brett’s cock. That was me being fucked. And it was on the world wide web for a world wide audience of billions to see.

I froze. I wanted to scream. I wanted to throw up. I wanted to pick up the computer and throw it through the window. Julia was looking at my pussy being fucked, and fucked hard, and I was supposed to laugh and say something clever. Julia didn’t take her eyes off the screen.

“Nice cock, eh? See how deep he goes. Man, I’d love a cock like that in me right now. Wouldn’t you?”

She looked up at me. I smiled weekly. That cock had actually been in me only a few hours earlier for some morning glory before Brett and I set off for work. What could I say?

“Yeah…um…they’re really going at it.”

Julia didn’t notice how uncomfortable I looked.

“I’ll show this one to Mitch tonight. A little inspiration for him.”

That was another of Julia’s habits — she liked to tell me about her sex life. Julia and Mitch liked to be “inspired” by porn, she told me once, and occasionally even shared their lovemaking online with other like-minded people. That was a bit of a shock — I filed that under “too much information”.

But I had more important things on my mind than Julia and her husband. Like murdering my own husband.

I went home early, getting there before Mitch. I’d taken a note of the website where the video was posted and immediately opened the site up on our computer. It was called “LovingWives.Com” and it was full of videos like ours. Well, not quite like ours. Much as Julia liked it, I quickly saw that our video was tame. Very tame. The other couples — and not just couples — were doing much, much more than just a little straight doggy style fucking. And most of them seemed happy to show their faces. (Many of which were getting covered in cum at the time.)

After a little searching — and seeing some eye-opening videos along the way — I found our video. I had tried to fool myself that I might have been mistaken, that maybe the video Julia was watching wasn’t our video but another one that looked the same. But no. Brett and I had watched the video 20 times at least since we made it, and there was no doubt that, yes, that was my pussy getting pounded.

“Oh fuck.”

I turned around. Brett was standing in the doorway, looking very sheepish. Ten minutes earlier I had wanted to kill him, but now, with him standing there looking so guilty, I softened a little.

“Um…why is my pussy on the internet.”


“I don’t recall discussing the idea of exposing myself to the entire planet.”

“It’s okay… no one will know it’s you.”

That was a bad direction to take. He should have been fake taxi porno on his knees begging for forgiveness, but instead he was making excuses.

“I don’t fucking care if other people don’t know it’s me — I fucking know it’s me! I’m on the fucking internet! I’m being fucked on the internet! What I don’t know is why my husband, who I thought loved me, has put my pussy being fucked on the internet for the whole world to see.”

That got his attention. He went quiet. But I didn’t want quiet, I wanted answers.


And then he gave me one. A very surprising one.

“Because… because your ass is better than Julia’s.”

Now, I have to say, if I’d been given a couple of million optional answers, that wouldn’t have occurred to me.

“Julia? What does Julia have to do with this.”

And so I got the full story. Mitch and Julia, it seems, do more than just fuck in front of their webcam, they also post videos of themselves on the net. More specifically, on LovingWives.Com. Mitch had shown Brett a video of him and Julia fucking, and Brett, fool that he was, felt that anything Mitch could do he could do better. I soon saw what Brett was up against.

He took control of the mouse and brought up a number of postings by a couple calling themselves M&J — and I didn’t need the names spelt out for me. Because there, in front of me, was a naked Julia sucking Mitch’s cock.

Now, the odd thing is, my first thought wasn’t, Oh my God, there’s Julia sucking Mitch’s cock, it was, Oh my God look at the size of Mitch’s cock. Brett’s 7½ inches is impressive, but Mitch had something from Mars. It looked like someone had let the python out of the zoo.

Yet, big as it was, Julia seemed able to accommodate it in a huge number of ways. After sucking it for a little while, she took it in her pussy. I was impressed that such a huge piece of meat could actually fit inside a pussy — and amazed that she could take every inch of it inside her. But what I saw next came as a total shock.

Julia was on her back, her legs literally over her shoulders but spread wide, and Mitch was pounding her like a jackhammer. But then he pulled his monster cock out of her pussy and started rubbing its head over her asshole. I could see pussy juice running between Julia’s ass cheeks, and Mitch was using it as a lubricant.

I thought, surely he’s not going to…

But suddenly he did. Her asshole seemed to open up for him, swallowing the head of his cock first, then at least three inches of its meaty length. For a moment he slid it out again and I thought, well, her ass couldn’t take any more of that. But I was wrong, because the next instant he plunged down again and drove his mammoth nail hard into her. Her eyes popped, her mouth opened and she groaned with pleasure as Mitch’s cock slid all the way up her ass. I couldn’t help myself.

“My God! How is that possible! How can she take that huge cock in her ass?’

Brett just smiled.

“Practice, I guess.”

Time for another confession. I’ve never done anal. Ever. But I must admit, the first time I saw the video of my ass, when I saw how my asshole opened just a little with each thrust of Brett’s cock in my pussy… I did think about it. And I soon realised Brett had thought about it too. Lots of times.

“Jen, you remember when you first asked me why I liked to fuck you doggie style?”


“Well, I lied.”

I knew where this was heading.

“Sure, I love to watch my cock sliding into you. But I also love to look at your asshole. And I always imagine my cock isn’t just sliding in and out or your pussy, but in and out of your ass.”

Well, there it was on the table. I was supposed to be beating Brett up about putting our video on the net. But instead we were talking about him wanting to ass fuck me. And watching Julia take Mitch’s monster so easily, I did exactly what Brett had done.

I said to myself, anything Julia can do, I can do better. Or so I thought.

Ever done anal?

Let me tell you something: it hurts. Hurts like hell. The first time, anyway. And the second time. Third time was okay. After that, it was good. I’d even say great. But the memory of that first time….ouch!

We lubricated well. And I was hot for it, really hot. As Julia would say, I had been “inspired” by the M&J video and was ready to take Brett’s beauty all the way up my tiny dark place.

I had no trouble taking one of Brett’s well-oiled fingers. He slid it in and out for quite a while, and I was surprised at how nice it felt. Two fingers was a bit of a squeeze, but still no problem. There was literally half a bottle of hand cream on and in my asshole and on Brett’s cock when he started pressing the head of his cock against the lips of my asshole. I was on my knees, face on the bed, both hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, waiting with anticipation.

He pushed. I screamed.

“Oh fuck! Stop!”

I took a breath.

“Okay, try again.”

Brett pushed. I gritted my teeth and family stroke porno worse — I tightened my ass cheeks.

“Babe…you have to loosen up.”

He was right of course, but that first bit of pain had put the fear of God into me.

“Okay, okay.”

I loosened up. Another deep breath.

“Go for it.”

And he did. Suddenly I could feel the head of his cock squeezing into my ass. It burned but I didn’t resist, just taking faster, shorter breaths. For Brett, the experience was quite different.

“Oh man, this is amazing.”

Tears were pouring down my cheeks now, but I was determined to do it.

“Push, push harder”

He pushed harder. And the pain intensified. It was like red hot pokers in may ass.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God.”

Brett misunderstood my agony for ecstacy.

“Oh yeah, babe, oh yeah… this is just unbelievable.”

Yes. Unbelievably painful.

But he was in now, all the way, and that initial agony was passing. Now it was just painful. He started pumping, in, out, in, out, in, out. Brett was loving it. He was as excited as he’d ever been, with the scene he’d been imagining every time he’d doggy fucked me finally becoming a reality.

“Out, out…take it out.”

That was the last thing he wanted to do, but Brett has always been gentle with me so stopped as soon as I asked.”‘

“More cream.”

It felt like I was being rubbed raw inside my asshole, so I wanted more lubricant. Brett was happy to oblige, squirting a huge dollop on my asshole and on his cock.

This time he slid in much more easily. The hand cream was squishing inside me, helping Brett slide in and out much more smoothly, and now I was actually starting to enjoy the sensation. I started rubbing my clit for a little extra stimulation and I found myself screaming yet again, but this time from genuine pleasure.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, fuck my ass Brett, fuck my ass.”

That seemed to spur him on, and he pounded away with renewed energy. And suddenly I felt his ward cum gushing in my ass and over my asshole. It was soothing, like a balm rubbed on sore spot.

“Ooooh baby… I love your ass….”

I laughed.

“Well, I think it’ll take a week to recover after that.”

Brett hugged me tight.

“No, really, that was awesome. I know it hurt you for a while there, and I’m sorry, but it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Well, it was pretty amazing for me too… in lots of ways.”

Now we both laughed. Brett kissed me and looked into my eyes.

“Next time… I’m gonna video it for you.”


We were getting ready to go over to Mitch and Julia’s house for dinner. Brett was brushing his teeth. There’d been things on my mind since the day, a few weeks back, when I first saw the infamous M&J on the net.

I had to ask, and I was sure Brett would know the answer.

“So…Mitch and Julia. How long have they been showing themselves on the net?”

I was right, of course. Men can’t help themselves. Mitch had kept Brett fully informed of everything he and Julia had ever done.

“Oh, for years I think. Not just posting videos, either. They go on webcam with other couples and have online orgies.”

I thought about that for a moment.

“Well, I suppose that’s okay, At least they’re still only really doing it with each other.”

Brett quickly corrected that misconception.

“Not, they swing as well.”

My jaw dropped.

“Swing? You mean, they swap partners with other people for real, not just online?”


Now I was shocked. And a bit disconcerted.

“We’re about to have dinner with these people, and now you say they’re swingers! No, no, no. I’m not going. You’ll have to call and make an excuse.”


“Well, they’ll expect us to…you know…”

Brett laughed.

“Jen, we’ve had dinner with them about 50 times, and you’ve never ended up on the table as dessert.”

I wasn’t amused by the image.

“That’s not funny.”

Brett was still laughing.

“Anyway, you’ve got nothing to worry about. They think we’re prudes.”

That stopped me.

“Prudes? Why would they think that? We’re not prudes.”

We were dressed and ready to go now, and Brett was leading me towards our car.

“Well, apparently Julia told Mitch that you don’t like it when she shows you porn on her computer.”

“She knows? Then why does she do it?”

“Babe, that’s why she does it. She thinks it’s funny.”

Somehow, all that made me feel even less like going to dinner with Mitch and Julia, but by now we were at their doorstep. Okay, bring out the smiles. Be nice, Jen, be nice, I told myself.

And I was nice. And we had a nice time. Julia is a lot of fun, and Mitch is a great guy. They’re a nice couple and, I suppose, their sex life is their own business. In fact, we had such a good time that we stayed longer than usual, and drank more than usual. A lot more.

Which is when I let something slip. Julia was joking about how I didn’t like to look at the porn on her computer at work — Brett, being silly, had brought the subject up. But when Julia said she liked having a friend who was a prude, I said she was wrong, that I wasn’t really a prude, and she started laughing.

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