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This is Chapter 3 of Janie’s experience during the summer of 2000 in Wisconsin.

It had been a rather ordinary day so far: my alarm clock failed to rouse me, the boss was in a bad mood, there were way too many customers needing caffeine ASAP. I work at a high-end café in the city, and I really do like my job. I mean, it pays decent for a Joe-job, and the hours are flexible around my college courses. The only irksome aspect about it? Dealing with customers needing their morning brew.

By lunchtime, the crowd changed from successful business 30-somethings to a younger and mellower group. These were the early 20-somethings hitting the record store across the street on their lunch break, who almost forgot to eat because they were too busy listening to the new Radiohead or Phantom Planet album. They were much more my type. If I was lucky, I could score such a girl’s phone number between serving iced chai and bagel sandwiches.

That’s when I saw her; I nearly dropped a whole bag of organic coffee beans. She was tall and had long golden locks that reminded me of taffy. Her eyes were slanted slightly, giving her an exotic look, but the way she dressed convinced me of her Californian residency. She was approaching the counter, so I made sure to puff out my chest a bit and to smile at her.

“Hey can I get an iced mocha and a Caesar?” she asked with eyes twinkling. My heart skipped a beat. She WAS from California. Her Valley-girl accent was a dead give-away. She was looking me up and down slyly.

I finished taking her order and gave her a number and receipt. She walked out to the patio and lit a cigarette while she waited for her meal. I was transfixed by her long tan legs and amazing proportions. My thoughts flowed to naughty places while I finished brewing the espresso for her drink.

I checked my reflection in the shiny microwave door before carrying her tray over to where she sat. I couldn’t help but grin at her. God, I must have looked goofy; I am already aware of what large white teeth I have.

“Here you go miss. One Caesar, one iced mocha. And if you should need anything else, my name is Travis,” I winked at her.

“Thanks, Travis; I’m Mariah.”

“Well, Mariah it’s a pleasure to meet you. It’s just hard to believe a gorgeous woman like yourself is having lunch all alone.”

She shrugged slightly and stared down at her food. “If you get a cigarette break anytime soon, come out here and bum one off me.”

I took that as a definite “yes, I like you too.” Too bad I had quit smoking last year. I walked back inside the café slowly, resisting the urge to turn around and steal another glance.

As soon as I crossed the threshold I announced that I was going on break. My apron was flung into the corner of the break room, my hands ran through my bleached blonde curls, gum was popped into my mouth; Okay, I was ready to make my move.

Luckily, she was still perched on her stool under the green patio umbrella. Briskly, I walked through the café, and then slowed my gait to a casual lumber as I approached her from the side. Without thinking, my hands found the large pockets on my baggy jeans which sagged off my hips slightly. I crouched next to her on a bench seat and waited for her to notice me.

“Oh my Gawd! I didn’t see you sit down! Dude, you freaked me out!” she laughed.

I smiled at her, “Yeah, I tend to scare the women I meet.” Mariah grinned at me and continued to eat her salad daintily. I found my palms were sweating a bit. “So, what are you up to this afternoon?”

“Oh just taking a long break from work; it’s actually my last day.”

“Onto bigger and better things, huh?”

“You could say that,” she said with a bright smile.

“I’m still in college but I can’t wait to get out in the real world. Just one more semester! But I was thinking about getting an MBA next. Ah, baby steps I guess.”

She nodded at me. “Hell, I went back for a second Bachelor’s. I’m almost done though…in physics.”

“Wow, beauty and brains! So, do you think you might give me your number so I can take you out? We can celebrate your moving on to a better career?” I noticed I was holding my breath.

She was applying a pink lips gloss, and I could tell she was thinking over my proposition. “Well, I am going out tonight, if you want to meet me at the Dakota.”

Not exactly the dinner and a movie I was hoping for. Then I remembered that the Dakota is a gay club. “Wait a minute, isn’t that a…”


“And you want me to meet you there?”

“Yeah, I’ll be on the dance floor by 11-o’clock,” she said and stood up. I glanced at my watch; my break was over. Before I could think of something to say, Mariah was swinging her beautiful ass as she walked down the path to the parking lot. I called out a “see you then” and turned toward the café.

As I resumed my duties behind the counter, I couldn’t help but fantasize about Mariah. I kept imagining my dick sliding between casino oyna her gorgeous tits, and her lowering her pink lips over my dickhead as it butted against her chin. She was sexy and confident; her body was amazing. I concluded that no gay club was about to keep me from seeing her again. Besides, maybe this was some kind of test, or game she was playing. She certainly didn’t come off as a dyke. Furthermore, if she was in fact a lesbian, she wouldn’t have flirted with me. These thoughts running through my head made it very difficult to finish out my work shift.

After work, I stopped by the library to drop off a book. As I passed the outdoor mall, I couldn’t help but spot a nice button-down shirt in the window. If I was going to a gay club, I must at least dress metrosexual if not completely homosexual. So I bought it on a whim, and couldn’t wait for Mariah to see me in it later that night.

As I got ready, I almost called a few buddies. Seriously though, I doubt they would accompany me to the Dakota. They would have laughed right in my face if I even mentioned that idea to them. Instead, I decided to go alone.

My reflection staring at me from the mirror looked decent. I kept the black collared shirt untucked, and just rolled the sleeves once. I had a pair of LUCKY men’s jeans in a silver-grey to match. My 6’5” athletic frame looked pretty good, I had to admit. A white mother and a black father had contributed the best genes from each race to me: I have grey-green eyes, mulatto skin, a wide nose but high cheekbones, and a smattering of light freckles across it all. Of course my best asset is unmentionable. I’ll just say I’ve never had any complaints in the Johnson department.

Hailing a cab on the corner, I felt a bit strange asking for the Dakota, which was downtown in the gay district. It was next to the sex shop, Pinky’s Naughty Delights. God, that place was unreal. I settled into the seat and watched the lights over Lake Michigan fade as we headed into the city. My thoughts wandered again to Mariah’s body. I wondered if her pussy lips were pink or brown. Maybe a bit of both? The stirring began in my loins, but I realized walking into a gay club with a boner popping out probably wasn’t a good idea. I decided to think about a brick wall instead.

As we neared the club, the cabbie pulled over and motioned for me to get out; there was no where to park. A wad of bills were tossed his way as I closed the cab door. The night air was cool, but I didn’t need a jacket. I kept my eyes low as my pace brought me to the entrance quickly. There wasn’t a line, but a very butch lesbian looked me up and down as I handed her my ten-dollar-bill. She didn’t say one word as she stamped the inside of my left wrist and glanced at my I.D. I kept waiting for some sort of remark or joke, but none came. Did she honestly think I was a gay man?

Inside the club, there was a long mahogany bar on the right and the dance floor was in the back, cloaked in darkness. The music was loud and the lights were so dim, it might as well been pitch black inside. My height allowed me to see across the room though, and I recognized Mariah immediately.

She was stunning. She had on a silvery metallic skirt and a pink tank top, with about four black studded belts hanging low on her waist. Her hair was down and curled like long ropes of honey. Mariah could dance; her hips swayed seductively and her arms flailed rhythmically.

Then I caught a glimpse of her dance partner; my jaw hit the floor. And I thought Mariah was gorgeous? Her girlfriend was drool-worthy. She was shorter, but her tits were just as large. She had long dark locks with amber streaks, and her style was rocker-punk chic. That’s just how I like ‘em. Mariah’s friend had light skin, flawless like porcelain. I could tell she was probably close to my age, but she had this angelic, baby face. Her body, however, was anything but immature, complete with a bubble butt and muscular legs.

I grabbed a quick drink at the bar and made a bee line to the two of them. Mariah saw me approaching and waved at me with a big smile on her face. Her friend turned to look at me and I was greeted with dazzling green eyes. Amazingly, I could tell they were green even in the low light.

“Hi, Travis, this is my girlfriend Janie!” Mariah yelled at me over the music.

My heart melted as we shook hands lightly and Janie stared up into my eyes. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just began to dance with them. Thank God I got my rhythm from my Dad’s side; I can dance all night long.

In time, the girls sandwiched around me. I was in heaven! Mariah pushed her pink-clad tits against my chest immediately, but I could tell that Janie was shy. I could feel her chest rub up against my back timidly.

We danced for a few more songs and I started to loosen up. Janie, too, seemed to warm up to me as all three of us danced close. Prince and Madonna encouraged me to grind my pelvis into canlı casino each girl, in turn. Whenever I would smile at Janie, she would lower her thick eyelashes and stare down shyly. Her smile was coy but very sexy. I found myself getting aroused thinking about which woman I would possibly score with later.

Just then, I noticed three muscular and butch lesbians approach and begin to dance next to us. They were giving me harsh looks which made me feel unwelcome in their club.

“Hey, I’m gonna go get some air,” I said to Mariah before making my way off the dance floor.

I watched Mariah and Janie scoot in close to each other as I left the bar. It’s not fair, I thought to myself, straight women can dance at a gay club, but no way is a straight male allowed within 100 feet from the entrance to such a bar. I stood outside and wished I still smoked. There were a few guys standing around, and one nodded my way. I found myself getting shy and a bit uncomfortable. I mean, I am secure in my sexuality, but I felt like I was false-advertising.

Glancing back inside the club, I saw Mariah and Janie dancing so close, they could have been kissing. Wait a minute, they were kissing! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and looked again. Sure enough, they were grinding against each other and their wet tongues could be seen slipping back and forth into each others’ mouths. Well, that explained a lot!

I must admit though, I was a little confused. Was this some kind of cruel joke they were playing on me? I wanted to go back inside to dance with them again, but I was rather unsure of the situation. Deciding to stay outside, I bummed a cigarette off the one guy who was eying me. I puffed along with him and tried to figure out what was going on with the two fickle women inside. Maybe they were bisexual and just needed some dick? That scenario seemed too good to be true.

“Hey, you ready to leave already?” Mariah quipped behind me, startling me slightly.

“Oh, um, well, I.” Fuck, I hate when I can’t think of something witty to say.

“Did you take a cab here?” she asked me.

“Of course.”

“You can come with us if you like, I drove,” she said.

I couldn’t tell if she was offering me a ride home or asking me to come home with her. And did she live with Janie? I wanted to get to know her better as well.

“That’d be cool,” I heard myself say.

“Okay, we parked around the corner.”

Without another word, we all started toward the street. Mariah was on my left and Janie, on my right, picked up her stride to stay with us.

“I think those butch lezzies wanted to burn me at the stake,” I said with a chuckle.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” Janie said. It was the first time I heard her voice.

“Yeah, we’d thought they’d be cooler about you being there,” Mariah added.

We stopped at Mariah’s white sedan and she let us in. Janie sat behind Mariah, so I could talk with both of them equally. We made some chit-chat as Mariah took us east.

I asked, “So where to?”

“How about our place?” Janie asked. How could I say no? I figured we all would watch a movie until Janie went to bed and then I could make a move on Mariah. Boy, was I wrong. As soon as we turned the corner at the off-ramp, I predicted we were heading for the dorms. My heart began to race as I realized these two were probably roommates. Having lived in the dorms myself previously, I knew they were all single rooms, double occupancy.

After a long elevator ride, we made our way to the girls’ room. I was a bit nervous; never in my 24 years had two women seduced me at the same time. Mariah led us into a stylish although very feminine dorm room. I quickly glanced around at the close-quarters and noticed there was no T.V.

“No T.V.? What do you guys do for a study break?” I asked in shock.

“We fuck,” Mariah said bluntly. I didn’t think I heard her correctly so I just smiled. Janie’s face blushed red.

After a moment of silence, I said, “I thought I saw you two kissing at the club.” They both took a step towards me.

“We’ve gone all summer without a real cock. You think you could help us out?” Janie purred. I nearly nutted in my shorts hearing a sweet girl say such filth.

Before I could respond, they pushed me back onto one of the twin beds and climbed up next to me. Mariah began to unbutton the front of my shirt and Janie went right for my fly. I couldn’t believe how cock-starved they were! My fly let loose and a huge bulge of boxers poked into Janie’s face. She took her time and shed herself of her black sequined top, all the while keeping one hand over my crotch.

Mariah opened the material covering my chest and ran her tongue all over my taunt stomach and smooth pecs. She spent a few moments sucking on my nipples, making me shiver.

Snapping back into reality, I put my paw on Janie’s ass. I pushed her into my groin and grabbed a handful of ass at the same time. Damn, she had one sexy ass. Her kaçak casino cheeks peeked out from under her ripped denim skirt. Her bright red panties called out to me, so I deftly stoked my hand over her panty-clad pussy and noted that it was very warm and moist.

Mariah sat on her knees next to me and removed her pink shirt, exposing a black lace bra. The flesh overflowed her bra cups, making her chest look like something on an X-rated movie cover. Her arms went to each strap and lowered them; then one hand reached around behind her back to let the beautiful orbs free. The bra literally popped off with the sheer force of their freedom. Her near-perfect tits rode high on her chest and the dark nipples pointed straight out at me. My mouth watered as I imagined the rubbery sensation of her nipples against my teeth.

Sensing my desire, Mariah pressed her lovely breasts together and offered me her cleavage. My arms snaked out around her tanned waist and pulled her onto my lap. Janie stopped nudging her nose against my crotch, and helped steady Mariah on my lap.

I feasted on Mariah’s gorgeous tits. I started out going slowly and sensually, but quickly realized she liked them sucked good and hard. Between my sucks I was vaguely aware that Janie had removed Mariah’s silver skirt, which tied on the side, and most of her own clothes. I licked and nuzzled Mariah’s breasts until they were coated with my saliva and Mariah was gyrating on my lap and whimpering in a pleading way.

Mariah crawled off my lap and stared at me with pure passion in her dark smoldering eyes. She hastily stepped out of her panties, exposing stunning tan lines surrounding her well-groomed cleft.

Janie immediately resumed her play of my boxer-covered erection. Her dainty fingers manipulated the crotch slit around my boner, and she gasped as my full mocha length came into view. Mariah also cooed and dropped to her knees next to Janie. While Janie slowly yanked on my shaft and kissed it lightly, Mariah freed me from my socks and shoes. They both tugged at the legs of my pants until all my garments slid off my hips and left me utterly naked except for my unbuttoned designer shirt.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Janie’s sweet features and luscious white tits encased in a red striped bra. She noticed me staring and so hiked the smooth globes over the bra cups. Her large pink nipples stared back at me. I felt my erection get about an inch fuller. Her dark hair cascaded around her shoulders as she bent her head back to my groin.

Mariah was on the left side and Janie on the right side of me. Mariah grasped my shaft and pumped it gently into Janie’s face. I saw some drool escape the side of her mouth as she took most of my length down her throat. My cockhead brushed against her tonsils, but she continued to swallow me. Mariah rubbed my thighs and waited for her turn.

Finally, Janie allowed Mariah a chance to stretch her pretty pink lips around my manhood. She took me down to the base easily, but almost gagged on my length. She bobbed her head eagerly and hummed into my cock. Fuck, my head swam with desire! Janie ran her small pink tongue around the base of my cock and even licked at my balls. It felt amazing to have two tongues sliding over my flesh at once.

Janie stood and stripped off her red panties, allowing me to see her shaven secret place. I had to concentrate not to let a load down Mariah’s throat as I stared at Janie’s sweet pussy. Janie lifted a leg and straddled my lap facing away from me. Mariah reluctantly let go of my manhood and let Janie have her way.

My dick went straight from Mariah’s warm mouth right into Janie’s even warmer twat. Janie yelped in surprise as I filled her completely. Damn, they weren’t kidding when they said they’ve been without cock for awhile. Her pussy was as tight as a virgin’s and as wet as a whore’s.

“Oh fuck, Janie, babe, you got a sweet cunt!” I moaned in awe.

She just squeaked at me and let herself be impaled. I held her around the waist and fought the urge to bounce her like a basket ball on my court. Finally, after an eternity of the pleasure of this first stroke, I began to pump her tentatively. Her juices flooded out immediately and I felt Mariah’s tongue working around our union.

“Oh, God! Oh Mariah, he’s so fucking huge!”

“Yeah, you needed some cock, huh Baby?!” Mariah purred at her.

“Fuck yeah I did!” Janie grunted as she humped up and down on my lap. It was incredibly erotic to hear them talk to each other like that.

My cockhead brushed the very back of Janie’s cunt and sent her into a string of multiple orgasms. Each time she cried out in ecstasy, more juice ran out and Mariah was happy to clean up the mess.

I started to pick up the pace; I really wanted to loosen up that cunt. I began pumping upwards hard, and letting gravity do the rest of the work. Janie yelped and bent forwards so that she almost fell off the bed. She was shaking as she climbed off me, and for a moment I was concerned that I had hurt her. But beneath her mussed hair, smeared make-up, and sweaty forehead, was that same sweet smile. She plopped next to me grinning from ear to ear.

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