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Ding Dong

The moment that bell went was the moment her head kicked into overdrive.

This morning when she woke up she had an overwhelming desire for her man, she had awoken with her pussy swollen and wet with her little erect nipples already up to greet her. Without thinking she found her fingers playing with the warm lips that reside where her legs meet, her fingers swirled and twirled around her protruding clit and her other hand grasped her large breast, the soft flesh oozing through her hands. The orgasm had hit her so quickly that she could almost believe she had dreamt it. And now here he is, her lover. His thick muscles and skilful tongue will satisfy this wild fire that has engorged her.

He stood there as innocent as anything, his big puppy dog eyes looking at her making her weak in the knees. She pulled him into a passionate kiss, her tongue dancing with his and tasting his sweetness.

“I want you, right here, right now.” She huskily whispered in her ear. His deep groan of excitement gave her a surge of pleasure.

“Come ‘ere then baby.” He pulled her little body tight against his and she could feel his heavy weight on her stomach, she amatör porno couldn’t help but fall to her knees. She coyly looked up at him, her devious eyes glinted in the low light at the dumbfounded yet lustful look in his face. She unbuttoned his jeans to give him release, his boxers unable to hold his thick cock that she was staring her right in the eye. He tucked her hair behind her ears and she smiled at him before getting to work. She grasped him, his dick looking even bigger in her petite hands. She lowered her head and stuck out her wet tongue and run it down his bulging vein and up again before planting a light kiss on its head. On her lips she could taste his honeyed precum. Wrapping her lips around him she glided him into her mouth, wiggling her tongue as she did so. Back and forth she bobbed her head, her cheeks pulling in as she was sucking and she could feel her lace panties gathering her wetness.

He bent down and picked up the kneeling woman, instinctively she wrapped her long legs around his waist as he carried her up the stairs while nibbling softly on her neck, the sweat made from their heat left a salty taste in his mouth making him want anal porno to taste more of her.

Her placed her softly on the edge on the bed and adored her, her curly red locks pooled around her head and her pupils were wide with passion but something was corrupting the view; her clothes. He leaned over her and softly put his lips to her as his expert hands slowly unbuttoned her crisp shirt slowly revealing her plump breast being exposed in a delightful satin and lace bra. When he slipped down her skirt she was wearing matching French knickers, it was so like her to be matching and to be perfect.

He left her lips and kissed down her jawline, down her warm neck, down her body and over her belly button. His gentle but powerful hands pulled her legs apart and he lowered his head to place his kisses over her second pair of lips. He used his tongue to part her wet lips and his erection tingled. He wanted to ravage her right now, take her and rip her apart while she screams to the high heavens. But he must restrain himself, he will drive her to the point of insanity before he unites with her. He flicked his tongue back and forth over her dripping pussy, she anal breakers porno tasted so sweet as he devoured her. His mouth played with her, he sucked her clit into his mouth, running his tongue over the dainty little bud. Then he felt her coming; She gasped breathlessly and her legs clamped round his head pulling his face into her as she was erupting.

There, he had made her cum. Now it was his turn.

The two of them came one when he entered her. Her warmth wrapped firmly around his throbbing aching member, the suction of her was enough to make him cum, for her the stretch that his stiffness provided was ecstatic. Every time he pushed back into her she could feel her body melting more and more into his arms. At first they were slow and delicate, expressing their young love but soon neither of them could hold on any more so they let go. Now they we’re fucking like rabbits, he pounded into her, plunging into her delightful pussy with his extravagant dick. The headboard hammered against the wall, her sweaty palms ran over his back, his fingers gripped the bed sheets, she called out his name as he came and he collapsed into her tender arms while remaining inside her. Their hearts were pounding so fast you could hear it in the air and her pussy throbbed over his pulsating cock.

She was right; he had satisfied her sexual needs. But she knows that tomorrow when she wakes up next to him she will only want more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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