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A beautiful spring evening, we are going out to dinner… You look stunning in your evening dress, you have a classy silk scarf over your shoulders to protect you from the cool air still hanging about in the city. I also have a woollen scarf around my neck over a suit and tie. Your long hair, still glistening in the setting sun, rolls over your shoulders. I tell you how gorgeous you look for what seems like the 100th time already, your smile showing me that you are happy to continue to accept the compliments.

We reach the restaurant slightly late… still smiling and flushed following our passionate shower together… my cock twitches just at the recent memory of your legs wrapped around my waist, me inside you, our naked bodies tightly together as I slid into you your back against the cool wall of the shower. I catch your eye and we grin knowing that the other is still warm from the eruption of our shared orgasms.

We eat a light but tasty meal, sharing some wine. I cannot keep my hands off you throughout, stroking your back, your slender neck and your arms… holding and stroking your hands. We order a desert but my mind is already wandering, imagining us together again. We finish the meal with a liqueur, which you like but it is too sweet for my tastes.

You shiver as we walk so I offer you my jacket, which you take and we walk so close… I look into your eyes and kiss you softly, the taste of the liqueur sweet on your lips, it tastes so much better on your lips than from the glass.

I ask if you want to go for a drink, or a walk through the park, but you shake your head with your beautiful brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight… You take my arm and we walk for a while, heading back to the grand hotel room we have hired. We stop frequently, to kiss, or to just be close to each other, every time you can feel just how powerful an effect you have on me with my cock straining against my tight suit trousers.

I tease you too, kissing your neck, lightly brushing my lips against yours, I pull you close into me, grnding my hard cock against your body, telling you that this is how hard you get me… without even trying… You seem to like the power that this holds over me. It just turns me on more.

We make it to the hotel and enter the elevator, thankfully it is empty and again we embrace, it is such a powerful feeling you give me when I am so close and kissing you so passionately. I lift your dress stroking your thighs, only then does it become apparent that the knowing smiles you have given me all night has been because your wearing no panties…

I stroke your already wet pussy slipping my fingers inside you as you moan in ecstasy. I kiss you deeply as I stroke your clit, moving my kisses down to your neck and your boobs. I loosen my belt and your hand slips inside my trousers, stroking against my hardness…

We czech couples porno jump apart as the elevator alarm pings and the doors open. A conservative looking couple, shake their heads with disdain upon looking at us… I catch your eye as the have their back to us… I stifle a giggle and only end up almost choking on a guffaw as you mimic their snootiness. The elevator doors open and we get off, hurrying to our room,

We get to our room and I open the door to let you inside you walk in and I take your arm, turning you around to unzip your dress, you let it fall to the floor, you turn, taking my breath away with your beautiful body.

I take your hand and lead you into the bedroom, your completely naked and smiling a knowing smile. I tell you it’s not going to be like that… and your face drops slightly… And I pull the scarf from around my neck… Tying it around your right wrist… I lead you to the grand bed and tie the other end against the post. You look at me as if to say, ok what about the other one, I pick up our silk scarf, tying it around your left wrist and pull it towards the far post.

You lie completely naked and I take out the blindfold from my flight. You shake your head playfully but is slip it over your head putting lights out – but only for you leaving you in darkness as you have no idea what I have planned.

You are lying on your back with your legs together, and a beautiful smile on your face, which is half covered by your blindfold. I take off my tie and tie it around your left ankle, pulling you, hard to reach the other post, you have lost the knowingness of your smile but you are smirking. I take of my belt and fasten it around your right ankle and pull it to the remaining post…

I leave the room, I can hear you shouting for me to come back asking where I am going… I return to the room and you hear me you ask me what I am doing… A little bit of trepidation in your voice… it’s a side of me you have never seen, but you trust me so let me continue.

Despite the trepidation I can see your pussy is glistening in the light, I lay on the bed with and whisper into your ear that you are beautiful, and to trust me you nod eagerly,

I take a mouthful of whisky and we kiss the warmth of the whiskey against our lips, I take another drink and with it some ice… I hold the ice between my teeth and run my mouth and the ice over your boobs making you gasp, circling the ice over your nipples your shiver but it is not the ice but the sensation, I continue down your body the ice melting as I go, over your stomach and between your legs, circling your already wet pussy with the cold ice. The water mixing with your wetness, you sigh moaning at the sensation and the wave of pleasure it gives you. I slide the melting ice over your clit prompting a further more intense gasp.

I czech estrogenolit porno swallow the ice and begin to lick your wet pussy you raise your hips to meet my hungry tongue as I slide it inside you. You try to grab my head but the scarves drag halt your wrists. I sit between your spread legs, stroking your pussy, you are getting more turned on and are rocking against my fingers, I slide my finger inside you stroking inside your pussy…

You are moaning more and gasping for breath, I tell you how hot you look with your wet and glistening pussy, I begin to tease your pussy with the tip of my cock, stroking it against your lips and clit. You thrust your hips up telling me you want me to fuck you, I stop and move away.

You ask me where I am going, but I am silent. I want to take you by surprise. I stroke your neck gently with my fingers, as I suck on your pierced rock hard nipple. I nibble on the tip of your nipple you gasp but laugh wondering what I am going to do next. I continue to suck on your nipples, lightly then suddenly harder, you are moaning intensely, again asking me to fuck you, telling me you want me inside you. I stop again and move away from you once more, you tell me not to stop… But again I am silent.

I move round so I am right at your feet, I stroke your calves moving my hands up your legs, behind your knees, scraping my nails over your thighs until I am caressing your lovely arse, I pull your hips higher and begin kissing the inside of your thighs. Up towards your pussy, kissing and licking between your thigh and your wet pussy. You move your hips so my hot breath is panting against your pussy. I hold my head so close to your pussy, teasing you with my breath and the very tip of my tongue. I reach up and pinch your nipples, you are gasping for breath and sighing. You tell me you feel like you’re going to cum. As you thrust your pelvis forward meeting my teasing flicks of me tongue. Your gasps become more rhythmic, your moans more intense as you near your explosion.

Suddenly I stop, you shout “NOOOO! Please don’t stop, I am so close!” but I move away again. You are breathing heavily asking me again to fuck you. I move up towards your head, my cock is so hard and throbbing, I almost feel like cumming myself, but stop myself from getting too excited, keeping my breathing level and even, but the sight of your stunning body keeps me so hard, having you completely at my mercy is such a turn on.

I stroke my cock against your lips and hungrily your open your mouth, your wrists straining against the binds. Your take my heaving cock into your mouth as you use the freedom to move your head to suck and lick my rock hard cock. You lick the tip of my cock and briefly the power shifts as I feel myself give in to you. I stop myself again and pull away from your beautiful mouth.

I czech first video porno drop again to your wet pussy, eagerly lapping and sucking at your dripping pussy and clit. My lips are gleaming with your wetness. I move up and kiss you passionately, having you taste yourself on my mouth has you again moaning loudly.

I switch again, again slipping my tongue in and around your eager shaven pussy, licking your swollen clit, briefly, moving again to kiss you passionately, I do again and again, switching between your lips kissing your pussy then your mouth, you are so turned on you are begging for my cock inside you.

I slip inside a couple of inches as you buck against me, willing me inside you.

I lay on top of your spread-eagled body, still teasing you with my hard cock stroking your clit and lips with the tip, you are shouting at me to fuck you, I kiss you, you feel my smile as I do. You know how much I am enjoying this, the teasing of you. I slip out of you again, you sigh, frustration evident on your face as you want to come so badly.

I kiss your neck you your chest, gently so my bite on your boobs is even more intense to you, unexpected, slightly painful, but so pleasurable you gasp but push out your boobs. I slide my cock between them, hot, hard and sticky, I have pre-cum dripping from the tip, and you nod your head down licking the tip and the warm liquid I stroke my rigid cock over your pierced nipples, you know how much I want you just by how aroused I am, I am moaning myself and again you revel in the power you have over me.

You rhythmically move your body rubbing your beautiful boobs over my rock hard cock. You ask me if I like your boobs, I tell you again how hot you are, tell you how beautiful your body is, how beautiful you are, whispering into your ear my voice comes in breathless gasps as you lick my cock again.

I control myself, my breathing and move away once more I tell you it’s time for you to cum, your moans are muffled and you gasp “YES, oh yes I need to cum!! Make me cum!” I move down your body slipping my cock inside you again, slowly gliding deeper inside you, all the way as you thrust your hips to meet my hardness.

I kiss and bite your lip as I slowly and rhythmically thrust inside you, you tell me how god it feels to have me inside you again. You want to hold me to pull me deeper inside you but your restraints mean all you can do is grind against me, but it is enough with my body grinding against your clit as I begin to thrust faster and more forcefully into you. Our sweating bodies sticking together.

I am stroking your hard nipples with my nails, then reaching down to your ass pulling your ass up to allow greater penetration. I am pounding my cock into you my balls swinging against you as you are groaning, “BABY I AM CUMMING!” you cry as your body is overcome with the intense orgasm, I am still fucking you as your body pulses in ecstasy, your pussy tightening around my cock.

I mumble “Fuck yes” as I near my own orgasm, my hot liquid pulsing into your pussy as your body continues to quiver in your orgasm. As I cum inside you I kiss you deeply and whisper in your ear…”You’re beautiful baby!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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