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He’d only recently moved in after starting his new job in the area. It was a typical subdivision, not quite suburban, but not quite in the boondocks either. The houses did have a sort of cookie-cutter look about them, but at least the paint and architecture weren’t completely like the aggressively pastel-colored neighborhood from “Edward Scissorhands.”

He grinned, remembering the tension in Johnny Depp’s heavily made-up face as he lay ill-advisedly on the waterbed, and let that image percolate a little as he carried one of his favorite toys out to the pool that had come with his new residence. He squinted at the powerful summer sun, even through dark sunglasses that hid his piercing grey eyes. At least he had plenty of daylight left to enjoy. After connecting one of the inflatable float’s valves to a double-action hand pump, he started filling it with air, watching as the yellow vinyl began to take shape.

His neighbors seemed nice, too, he reflected, if a little disinterested on average. However, he hoped the curvy brunette next door proved an exception. He had been too busy moving to introduce himself the few times he had seen her so far, but with any luck, she owned rather than renting, and he would have plenty of time to get to know her a little better.

He smiled as he stared at the inflatable, which he had had commissioned to look like the cartoon raft on the cover of the movie “Up The Creek”–albeit made of heavy pool toy vinyl instead of laminated canvas, and about half the size of the depiction, it was still a yellow whitewater raft with the pretty face and voluptuous bosom of a beautiful woman. He gave it a tentative squeeze and pronounced it fully-inflated. Just as well, since the phone rang just as he started to disconnect the pump. He closed the valve and went in to answer it.

Half an hour later, he finally managed to finish answering his supervisor’s tiresome questions, and he returned to his backyard oasis, applying a nice even coat of sunscreen, since he planned to spend considerable quality time enjoying himself and his plaything. He picked the huge float up and dropped it into the warm water, noting that the sun had also warmed and softened the vinyl considerably, but not so badly that he couldn’t get some enjoyment out of it. He climbed aboard, already feeling a happy, familiar stirring in his loins as his body responded to the scents of vinyl from the toy and coconut oil from the sunscreen. The latter was one of the few reasons to enjoy the fact that his ruddy skin burned so quickly.

Thanks to the high white pine fence surrounding his yard, he felt no self-consciousness at all (well, maybe a little) as he gingerly slid out of his swim shorts, tossing them to the side of the pool. Realizing he’d exposed some skin he really didn’t want to get burned, he grabbed the sunscreen from the pool edge casino oyna and slathered some on. The fact that it would also serve as a convenient lubricant didn’t hurt either.

He put his arms around the rather provocative bow of the toy, which positioned his stiffening manhood over one of the inflated tubular crossbeams that served as seats, and instinctively started to rock back and forth. Just as he had begun to develop a pleasant rhythm, with the water rocking the soft, stretchy toy against his taut body, he heard the gate open and a loud gasp.

He turned to find his gorgeous next-door neighbor staring at him, her eyes wide and her pink-painted lips parted in shock. She was holding what looked like a fresh-baked pie. “Um…nobody answered the door…should I…what are you doing?”

Well, she hadn’t run away. That was at least something.

He felt himself blushing furiously from his cheeks down to…well, probably to his cheeks. “I’m…well, I guess you could say I’m having a little fun. Stress relief. I know this probably looks a little, um, odd…”

“You could say that,” she said, putting a dainty unencumbered hand on her upper chest rather fetchingly. “Certainly not what a lady expects to see when visiting a new neighbor for the first time.”

His blush deepened, but while he had stopped rocking, his manhood had not subsided at all. If anything, it had gotten even harder. “Look, I’m really sorry, I should have made sure both gates were locked,” he said, reaching for his shorts at the side of the pool.

She took a step…putting a well-manicured, sandal-clad foot firmly on his shorts, so that her instep landed right on the open fly. “Yes, you should have,” she said demurely, her voice a gentle alto, rich with sweetness and warmth. “On the other hand, I feel much less offended than simply shocked…and a little intrigued.”

His erection twitched, and his normally powerful baritone deserted him for a second. It took him a bit to rally and repeat, “Intrigued?”

She answered his question with a question. “Do you like to blow up balloons?”

“Sometimes,” he admitted. “But I have to be more careful, because balloons pop much more easily.”

“Do you not like to pop?” she asked, letting the double entendre sink in, and smiling devilishly.

Twitch. “I, um…Well, it’s kinda sudden for me,” he said. He wasn’t quite ready to let her know that he didn’t mind when his inflatables lost air, but he wasn’t a huge fan of balloons suddenly exploding.

She grinned. “That’s why I like it,” she said, slowly crouching down in front of him until she was sitting on his shorts, tailor-fashion. This gave him a brief but tantalizing view of her considerable cleavage from the top of her pretty pink and yellow sundress. “I love to blow things up bigger and bigger until they just can’t take anymore, and suddenly, canlı casino BANG!” The last word was delivered as a conspiratorial whisper, mere inches from his ears.

He barely managed to restrain himself from rubbing against his inflatable again. It took every ounce of self-restraint he had. He swallowed hard. “Not just balloons, I take it?” he asked daringly.”

“Not just. But I do like a good 36″ round–as a start,” she answered.

“Well, I don’t have any handy, at present, but…perhaps you’d like to add a little air to my float here.”

“She does look a little soft. Where did you find something like this, anyway? Her boobs are bigger than mine!” She gave them an affectionate squeeze.

“Not proportionally,” he pointed out. “Look at her head.”

She was unconvinced. “No, I think even taking that into account…” She paused. “Tell you what. Let me know what you think.” And with that, she slid the slender straps of her sundress off her pretty shoulders, and shrugged a couple times, and she was down to a matching set of hot pink bra and panties.

“I think you look spectacular,” he answered, unashamedly drinking in her shape. Her skin had already gotten a nice tan that made the sheer neon undergarments stand out nicely, and there was no doubt that while her bustline was not that of a huge inflatable pool float, she was still quite buxom.

It was her turn to blush a little. “Thank you,” she answered quietly. “Now where do I inflate this naughty toy of yours?”

He pointed to a valve on the left ear of the float’s head. “She’s kind of an airhead.” They both had a laugh at that.

“Well, you’re going to have to make a little room, cutie,” she said, and he moved back behind the seat tube so she could crouch in the space in front of it. As she leaned forward and pulled the valve out of the toy’s ear, she stuck her round rump in the air, seemingly unaware of its effect on him. He started to press his now-aching manhood against the inflatable again, and began to rock in earnest. “I’m sorry; I can’t resist anymore.”

She paused between breaths, letting air trickle out of the nozzle. “If I minded, I’d have gone home, big boy,” she answered, waggling her rear end. She blew breath after breath into the toy, and he felt his pulse through his member as her air pressed the vinyl tighter and tighter against it. “Now, you’re going to have to tell me when, because I never know when to stop…”

He was pumping against the busty raft hard and fast, not caring that he was naked in front of a near stranger and masturbating besides, as she blew the toy up bigger and bouncier. He even leaked a little fluid as he had a very naughty thought… but would she let him get away with it?

He decided to find out, and reached over her with each of his arms, clutching the huge round yellow breasts at the bow of kaçak casino the inflatable, knowing that this brought his member right up against her beautiful buttocks as she continued to exhale.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” she asked, in a mock-scolding tone.

“I’m just checking the pressure,” he answered innocently.

“Sure, you are. Mine or hers?”

But she rocked back against him–causing him to leak a little more.

“Why not both?” he asked. She actually wriggled!

“What’s the verdict?” she asked, not waiting for an answer before resuming her lusty breaths into his toy.

“You’re perfect…but I’m afraid if the inflatable gets too much more air, it could….”


She gasped. “Oh, no! I’ve popped your toy,” she said. “I’m sooooo sorry… is there any way I can make it up to you?”

The toy would take some time to seriously deflate, he knew. Plenty of time for what he–well, obviously, what they–had in mind. “Perhaps you could blow something else up,” he said. He took his hands off the toy’s bosom and placed them lightly on hers. He worried about her reacting badly to that, but instead, she put her hands over his and rubbed against him again. “You have something else you’d like inflated?”

He chuckled as he rubbed himself against her, and to his surprise, felt her sex dripping right through her shiny pink panties. Without warning, she teasingly slid them slightly aside so he could press the tip of his manhood pressing against her nether lips. “Or do you want to pop already?”

“Mmmm…such a tough choice,” he said, playing gently with her breasts, backing off when she signaled that he was being too rough. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. He rasped, “I want you to take me in your pretty mouth…”

She smiled coyly. “And you can play with these–gently! while I wrap my lips around you, then…” She wore wet-look lipstick in a light pink frosted shade that made her mouth all the more irresistible. She put her pretty tongue right on his frenulum. “Now, do you want me to lick it like this? Oh, I can taste myself on you! Or…” she pushed down onto his hard shaft… “taking it in like this and holding it there?”

Her words were understandably muffled at this point, so she pulled away just long enough to ask, “Or do you want me to fuck you with my mouth like this?” and without waiting for an answer, she plunged him back in, and worked up and down, as his member began dribbling fluid freely. He was well past the point of no return, and they both knew it.

Finally, the combination of her soft body, her gorgeous mouth, the smells of sex and vinyl and coconut oil, and the soft hiss of the leaking inflatable brought him over the edge, and as he felt the first spurt of his climax escape him, she pulled him out of her mouth and nestled his erupting manhood between her huge breasts, letting him spill his seed all over them, with several sticky strands splattering her gently pointed chin and her pert nose.

“Ooops. I think I popped you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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