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Big Dicks

“Where have you been, young lady?” I asked with mock surprise in my tone, after opening the door to my bus.

I knew where she had been. Over the last two years Rayfella had told me of the many trips she had taken on freighters, seeing a good portion of the world in slow motion. Freighters were not a quick way to travel. One had to be pretty much self-sufficient and enjoy reading, as most ships have a library, writing or watching videos.

“You expected me back last week, I suppose. I missed the ship in France and had to catch a train through the channel tube to catch up with it in London. Missed it there too. I decided to visit a girlfriend near by and fly home.

I had indeed been expecting her return. When home, she caught my bus 2 or 3 times a week shopping, visiting friends or family.

Her usual seat was open directly behind me and we talked continuously for the hour and 28 minutes it took to get downtown. She happily told me she would wait for my bus for the return trip back to the beach. I told her what times to look for me. Watching her exit the bus, I always found it amazing how a woman, I figured in her 60s, bobbed down the stairs of my bus as if a teenager.

She was an intriguing woman and I at 23 had always found the older woman sexually attractive. I had always hesitated to ask Rayfella if she was married. I did not want to alienate the lady by asking personal questions.

We both love to travel and I loved to hear stories of the many places she had been. She was the reason I stayed on the beach run.

Happily, I saw her standing at a bus stop on my return downtown, I hoped, waiting for me to chauffeur her home.

“I missed your last trip by mere minutes. But then I remembered I hadn’t had lunch.” She chirped skipping up the stairs of the bus. “Did you miss me?”

“Terribly!” I replied, knowing she had either shopped a bit more are just waited a long time. It may me happy that she would go to that extent.

The mid-afternoon trip was the slowest, passenger wise, of my 10 hour, 4 roundtrip, workday. But, the seat behind me was taken as well as the seat across from me. I detoured through two malls and it was not until the second mall that the seat across from me came open and Rayfella quickly occupied it.

When stopped, killing time to stay on schedule or at a red light, I could turn to look at her when I spoke to her, giving me a chance to study the older lady.

I had always set the small round mirror over the left-hand corner of the door to view the legs of any woman sitting directly behind me, I had discovered early on that Rayfella had pretty legs that any 20-year-old girl would die for.

This day she had her hair drawn back and braided about 6 inches. Her hair was a beautiful silvery white. Her face was pretty and fun to look at. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. She wore a white cotton shirt over light blue denim pants, with denim flats. Her coat lay atop her shopping bags. On her slightly freckled arms, she wore a small watch. There was one small ring on her left hand but not on her wedding finger.

We talked almost nonstop. I saw her bus stop coming up but she did not make an effort to prepare to stand up. She never noticed as we passed it, so intent was she with her nonstop travelogue.

As I pulled into Fort Story;

“My goodness! We went right by my stop!” She exclaimed. “You let me do that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“I confess! I enjoy your company pretty lady. It’s good to have you home again.”

I had a 20-minute layover at the lighthouse and I hoped that no one would join us at this time of day.

“Naughty! Naughty!” She teased as I circled the bus around the gravel parking lot pulling closer to the tree line to hide the bus.

“I ask your forgiveness, my lady!” I said, as I pulled the bus out of gear, pulled the rear door handle, setting the back brakes and left by seat to sit across from her.

“Are you married, Press?” She queried.

“Engaged. Are you?”

“My one and only husband died many years ago. He was 63.” She replied.

“Ray, if I may be so bold. How old are you?” I asked, trying to hide my instant curiosity.

“You shouldn’t ask a lady her age, young man!” She said merrily. “You’re going to be surprised!” She waited a few moments for effect, I suppose, then, added, “I’m 91!”

I thought I’d been struck by lightning, and undoubtedly my mouth dropped open.

“You’re joking! You’re not a day over 61 or 62.” I said, disbelief in my tone. “You move like a teenager.”

“It’s true! Good genes, I suppose.” She stated. “My father died at 102 years old. My mother at 99! Dad could lift a 100-pound bag of potatoes when he was 100.”

She spent the next 10 or 12 minutes telling me about her family. Finally, as she talked, I stood and got behind the steering wheel of the bus. I rolled slowly out of the lot. I picked up one person in the next few blocks.

“You’re late!” The man said as he dropped his money into the box.

The man proceeded as usual to the very back of the bus where he hoped I would not see him smoking. I always did.

“Nope! Right on casino oyna time.” I replied as always. He said it at least twice a week.

I saw Rayfella prepare to stand up. I eased the bus to a stop.

“I may see you tomorrow.” She said, stopping momentarily close to me, placing her hand on my shoulder, as I opened the door. “Bye Press.”

She stepped down the first step, “pretty lady, have dinner with me!” I said, as quietly as I dared, making sure she would hear me.

She turned and stepped back up the step, moving close to me. “Did you not say you were engaged?” She whispered. “My generation considered an engagement the same as being married – except for sex.”

“I’ll tell Alice if you want.” I replied. “But I really want to see you somewhere besides on this bus.”

“You have a pen?” I wrote down her number and she told me to call her to set time and date.

I waited anxiously for two days, not wanting to seem overly zealous.

“Did you tell Alice?” She asked as we talked on the phone.

“You didn’t tell me I had to.” I replied sheepishly. “All right, I confess, I don’t want to.”

“I’ll see you at 7 o’clock then.” She said. “I’m looking forward to it Press.”

I picked her up at 7 o’clock sharp. It being late November, it was already dark.

She was wearing black dress pants and a red silky blouse. Her shoes were gold-colored flats, her hair again in a braid.

“You’re very lovely tonight.” I told her as I helped her on with a shawl. It was an unusually warm November.

“For a 91-year-old lady! But thank you!” She said with a smile.

I had picked a rather nice restaurant that I knew had a dim lighted ambiance.

As usual, we talked about travel. I preferred travel in the US and Canada over Europe and we debated the preference. We laughed a lot and I felt very fortunate to be with a pretty older woman, even if she was 91, she did not show it – nor act it.

She invited me in when we returned to her home and we sat on the sofa, she drinking wine and me Coke.

“Ralph left me quite well-off thank heavens as I had some idea my life was going to be a long one.”

“So you’ve lived on the oceanfront for a long time?”

“Oh heavens yes! 50+ years. This is my third house, all within about 3 miles of each other – weathered a lot of storms too! So, when are you getting married?” She stood to walk to the bar.

“Next May 30th. Would you like to see a picture of Alice?”

“Noooo! I don’t think so.” She replied, then, a few moments later. “So you’re sowing your last oats with an older woman? Press, what exactly are you hoping will happen tonight?”

“Well, I like you very much. I think, that you like me – very much.” I began but she cut me off.

“And you’re hoping you can take me into the bedroom and have sex with me. Do you not have any concept of my age? I have not been with a man for near 30 years. I shouldn’t have even had dinner with you tonight. I knew what you were expecting. I feel like – I don’t know what I feel like.”

She drained the half-full wine glass standing at the bar, then, filled it again.

“We don’t have to be in a hurry, Ray.” I replied, not wanting to push, but wanting to pacify, to get my way.”

“You know, you’re right.” She stated. “You need a sensational sexual memory. I have the opportunity to give it to you, so why not.”

She sat down her fifth glass of wine, counting 2 at dinner, saying, “I’m going to change into something a little more to your liking, and we’ll see where it takes us.”

Rayfella returned in a few minutes wearing a light blue nightgown cut just below the knee. I could see her nipples pushing against the material, making her braless, and could barely make out her under-wear, which appeared white.

“You’re still dressed, my good man!” She observed, returning to the sofa. “Would you consider doing a striptease for me? The radio is already set, just hit the button on the tuner.”

I eyed her suspiciously. “You’re serious?”

“I am! She assured me.

With much hesitancy and a lack of experience in that sort of thing, I stood, pulled the coffee table away from the sofa and turned on the radio. As luck would have it the proper music was playing. I began, what I hoped would be, a seductive removal of my clothes.

“Take it off, sugar babe!” She encouraged teasingly. “Take it all off!”

I threw the items of clothing to her as I removed them. She laughed heartily and sipped at her wine.

I soon stood before her naked. With no more clothes to remove, I turned in a circle and pushed my hips her way in a seductive manner.

I moved to the sofa and flopped down next to her, we both laughing. I noticed her attention to my semi-erection and I lifted my arms to the back of the sofa to posture my cock.

“At full attention, how long is that thing?” She questioned in a sober tone.

“6 or 6 ½ inches. Alice measured it on both sides.” I answered.

“It’s quite thick, isn’t it?”

“I suppose.” I answered.

“So, how long have you and Alice been intimate? What is her age?”

“About two years. She’s 26.”

“You canlı casino and an older woman. Interesting! Is she good in bed?”

“Very good, actually!” I replied duly proud.

“And you want to waste your energy taking this 91-year-old lady to bed. What expectations are you expecting?” She said, studying her empty wine glass briefly before setting it down.

“Only that you are willing.” I said softly as I turned towards her, leaning to kiss her lightly.

Ray, accepted my kiss, returning it instantly. I wrapped her in my arms and we kissed passionately. I smothered her face, neck and shoulders with kisses.

“You are hungry!” She whispered.

I palmed, then, caressed her left breast, thumbing the nipple, eliciting a soft moan from her. I felt her fingers toying with my cock, bringing it to full erection.

I pulled her downward, dropping her behind me on the sofa. I joined her and embraced her, sliding my right knee between her legs, pushing it against her crotch. She lightly dry humped my knee.

“A two edged sword,” she whispered. “Enough wine to be crazy but it’s making me sleepy. If I fall a sleep on you take me anyway, just be gentle. I like gentle.”

“I’m not going to let you go to sleep.” I assured her.

I had lifted her nightgown enough to caress her ass. I finished lifting her nightgown above her panties and began pulling them down over her hips, her legs, removing them.

“What happened to; we had all the time in the world!” She chirped.

Maneuvering her to her back, spreading her legs, pushing them back, I put my face to her pussy, noting just light fuzz on her mound.

She jumped like she had been hit with electricity when my tongue touched her clit. She moaned softly. I slipped my hands under her ass.

Rayfella’s skin was silky smooth, and delightful to look at, though her body had a look akin to a concentration camp survivor, but she was healthy and well fed, so hers was the fault of age not starvation. Her ass was very much devoid of the muscular structure of a younger woman. Still, I knew she was not that frail!

“I suppose this is not a good time to tell you that I have to pee?” She sighed. “I don’t want you to stop. But I really need to pee!”

“May I watch?”

“Why the hell not!” She answered gleefully.

Less reluctantly, I gave way and followed her to the bathroom. She smiled up at me as she sat on the toilet. I could hear her water splash in the toilet. Finishing up, she did not wipe herself with a tissue, but instead, removed her nightgown, pulled the curtain back and stepped over into the tub. She squatted, adjusted the water, and took the soap, scrubbing her pussy.

I turned on the water at the sink and reached for the pump bottle of soap. I washed my cock watching her wash herself.

“I do love to watch a woman squatting down peeing our cleansing her pussy.” I said.

“In some things, generations never change. My husband loved it too. If you’re going to be nibbling on this thing, it might as well be squeaky clean.”

Having stepped out of the tub, after drying herself, I followed her to the bedroom. “we’ll be more comfortable in here.” I watched her pull down the bedding and position herself on her back in the middle.

“I’m wide awake now Press. Carry on, sugar!”

I kneed myself onto the bed. Moving from the bottom, she was obliged to instinctively lift her legs, spreading them.

“This is not where we left off!” She protested, but reached for my firm erection and placed it to her.

“I promise it will not be too long. I just want to be inside of you for a minute or two.” I replied, pushing slowly into her. Her pussy was dry and it took a while until I got my entire length into her. I had watched too many XXX-rated videos of grannies. They never showed one over 80 that could still take the full length of a cock. Rayfella took it all – deep!

“Thank you Jesus!” She moaned. “A warm cock sure beats the hell out of a rubber dildo!”

Well, that answered that question!

She surprised me at every turn and I was intoxicated being with her – in her. I was careful to hold my weight off of her as I stroked slowly into her. We kissed and I peppered her face, neck and shoulders with kisses.

I had only momentarily studied her breasts when she had lifted the nightgown off in the bathroom. Now, up close and personal they looked a bit deflated but the nipples were large and firm. I took one in my mouth and she moaned appreciatively.

“I’m pretty sure I can’t come like this, Press. Make me come with your tongue before you do.”

“You would think that in 91 years you would have learned some patience!” I teased, as I pulled slowly out of her and began to kiss my way down her body.

“Don’t be a smart ass and get back down there and lick my 91-year-old pussy!” She teased back.

“Yes ma’am. My pleasure.”

I slipped my hands under her buttocks and began to tease her pussy with my tongue. She began a long stream of moans, groans and words of encouragement.

My face and chin became wet. She was finally aroused enough to produce lubricant.

Sometimes kaçak casino putting firm pressure on her clit and other times just feather-light caresses began having the desired effect, making her crazy.

“Oh! Press! Lord it’s good!” She exclaimed. “Please stop torturing me and make become.”

She did not get her wish and I continued to torture her with my teasing for a few more long minutes.

But then I began to concentrate a firm fluttering tongue against her clit, licking it firmly from time to time.

Her ultra-mature skinny ass was pushing up and humping my face.

I was on cloud nine and I was feeling the pressure of my rock-hard erection.

“Pressss! Oh Pressss!”

Her body stilled for a short moment and then her legs and knees pulled back as the orgasm gripped her fully. Her breathing was quick and loud.

“Oh mercy! Mercy!” She cried, blowing out a lungful of air, sucking it back in. “Come up!” She directed weakly.

She reached between us taking hold of my cock, placing it to her. I had an image of my cock pushing past an almost nonexistent labia.

“Easy! Oh hell! No! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!” She directed.

I again had my cock buried deep into her. I began to pump into her slowly but with a determined, deep penetrating, thrust.

“That’s better!” She sighed, placing her hands on my back lightly. “Please don’t be offended if I just lay here a moment. I’m exhausted! You can fuck me to your heart’s content.”

I was doing just that! There were no thick thighs or beefy ass to inhibit my cock from getting deep into the treasure at hand.

I wanted to see our coupling, and I raised myself up sitting partially back on my haunches, holding her right leg high and wide with my left hand, my right hand placed on my buttock as if riding a wild horse. I pumped into her.

Rayfella lifted her head for a few moments to look also, then, dropped her head back to the pillow.

I knew I could come anytime I wanted to and I didn’t have to get lost in lust to do so. I gathered her in my arms again and asked her if she was ready.

“Yes, my young lover!”

I began pumping with determination and within a few short minutes I erupted into her. I continued to pump into her. My cock remained firm and hard as I knew it would.

“You make me envy your youth!” She whispered.

Long, long minutes went by as I enjoyed Rayfella’s pussy but eventually;

“I really hate to ask you to stop, but I’m getting a bit sore!” She said apologetically. My who-who is not what it used to be I’m afraid! You’re upset again, I can tell. I can jerk you off if you want.”

I did want! I pulled slowly out of her and moved to her right side. I slid my left leg under her right leg; my other leg outstretched not wanting to put weight on her. She understood what was needed and reached to grab my cock with her left hand. I began to hump her thigh. She squeezed and pulled my cock most pleasingly. In no time at all, I shot off. She was pulling and stroking on the domed head of my cock, sending much of my cum into her palm and onto her thigh.

“That seemed to be quite pleasurable for you?” She queried. “Not nearly as good as coming in my pussy, I hope?”

“Nothing will ever be as good as coming in your pussy.” I assured her.

“Not even Miss Alice’s pussy?” She quizzed.

“Not even close!” I answered definitively.

“I really, really wished you could stick that thing back in me!”

Rayfella and I snuggled for a few minutes and then showered together.

“You don’t have to leave, do you?” She queried with a concerned tone as I gently scrubbed her back.

“No. I was hoping you would ask me to stay. I’m off tomorrow and Alice is out of town for a couple of days. She’s a buyer for Pen-nays’ and she’s gone quite a bit. Her father is high up in the regional headquarters and has a more “stay-at-home” position lined up for her after our marriage.”

“My favorite store!” Rayfella laughed.

“So, dear lady, are you going to let me continue to see you?” I asked, with my own concerned tone.

“You see me two or three times a week on the bus!” She replied jokingly.

“Ray, you know what I mean?” I said with a somber tone. “Spending time with you, being in bed with you, is not a joking matter.”

“You have me there.” She replied. “You do make me laugh.”

She turned and embraced me, kissing my chest.

We returned to the bed naked and snuggled and kissed a few minutes. She then turned over and I scooted over to spoon against her, placing my top leg lightly over her.

“You’re aware that your position is a desire to dominate and possess?” She asked.

“No I didn’t.” I replied. “Is it making you uncomfortable?”

“No in the least sugar.”

I spent the night sleeping next to her.

The next morning I awoke to the feeling of my hard cock being stroked. The light coming around the curtains showed the brightness of the sun well above the horizon.

Rayfella smiled at me. Assured I was fully awake, I watched her reach for a small bottle of Vaseline. The top already off, she turned the bottle upside down and set it down on the top of my cock, turning it slowly. Thus lubricated, she replaced the bottle on the nightstand and straddled me, holding my cock in place and settled slowly onto it.

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