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I try to write descriptions of what happened in my life. Sometimes the action comes early, sometimes it takes a while. Your feedback is always appreciated. The characters are real, the situations really happened, and I try to stay true to the moment if not the exact words.


So here I am in the mid 1980’s, suddenly divorced, in college and wondering why I keep making such bad decisions. As a 28 year old guy I thought I had my life on track with someone I had fallen deeply in love with – so much so we married and were working towards our joint life.

Not so for my ex though. Sara had some different ideas and I found myself listening to echoes instead of heartbeats in my apartment one day. Sara was gone and I was scratching my head for a way forward. I still had classes to attend and a job to keep my rent paid but I had serious concentration issues.

Being 10 years older than most of my classmates felt a little strange. I’d already served in the military and been out working so I had a clue what life had in store for them. There were a couple of older students like me but most were 18-20 year olds who had just left home.

On the plus side, girls didn’t scare me or leave me tongue-tied every time one of them took a deep breath. As I looked up from my initial depression I found that my maturity had some attraction to the girls around me. More than one was sending me signals which culminated in an odd situation one Halloween.

Officially I was in a study group for one of my classes but my attendance was spotty at best. I didn’t feel very sociable and mostly wanted to be left alone. As long as my work was turned in on time the instructor was lenient about attendance so I took advantage by not attending. One of the girls in there was roommates with someone I knew in another class and she sent several messages through her when I missed a study session. For the most part I shrugged or laughed these off.

Halloween rolls around and I spend most of the day finishing up a big project to be turned in the following Monday. As the evening starts to get dark I can hear children knocking on doors and having fun. My porch light was out so it was obvious I wasn’t participating and I had decided to just relax for the night when someone started knocking too hard for a child.

When I answered the door I saw the girl from my study group (Kathy) wearing a short cape and cat makeup with a few of the other students with her. There was a Dracula and a zombie; one of the girls was in a Playboy bunny outfit (which looked REALLY good), a cute little redhead from my accounting class was a pixie; in other words, a typical group of college kids out to have some fun. Kathy had a leash attached to her collar and a tall, skinny guy was holding the end.

“Aren’t you going to invite us in, Mike?” Kathy asked. “It’s pretty cold to be standing around in what we’re not wearing,” she added with a smirk. There was a lot of skin showing in the group and I smiled and moved aside to motion them inside.

“Sure, I said. “But it’s a small place so watch your legs.” It was a small place. I rented a one room apartment with my bed in the front room with a bathroom and kitchen behind it. Most of one wall was taken up with my motorcycle which I always parked inside. I rented this place because the owner was okay with my bike being inside and it was a straight line up the path into the apartment. The college was about two blocks away so I could walk to classes easily, too.

The group moved inside and I closed the door to the outside chill. They were all standing around looking for obvious places to sit so I told them it was okay to sit on the bed or the dresser. Pixie jumped up on the dresser and the Bunny sat on the bed with a couple others. I leaned back against my bike and looked at them. There was a bottle of something being passed around and I could smell the sweet residue of some weed.

“What brings you here tonight?” I asked.

“We’re having a costume party at Doug’s house,” one of the guys volunteered.

Kathy looked at me as she said, “And we all decided you haven’t been out enough recently.” There were nods from around the room as she continued.

“We’ve decided you need to come with us and relax tonight. Have a couple of drinks, maybe dance a little.” She looked at me seriously while talking.

I smiled back at the group while replying, “I appreciate the offer but I haven’t felt much like partying, guys.”

Playboy bunny said, “We know … but we’re still here to try and change your mind at least for tonight. No pressure but we’d really like you to come with us.”

“I wasn’t planning to go to a costume party, I don’t have anything to wear,” I tried to divert them.

“You could wear that and come as a biker,” Kathy said, pointing to my riding jacket hanging off the handlebars. The leather was covered with a denim cut-off covered in pins and patches. I considered it. It wasn’t a costume to me but to most people it represented czech sharking porno something out of the ordinary. There was 16 years of memories and thousands of miles in that faded and unwashed denim.

Kathy continued, “Doug’s is just down the block so we’re walking down there. Why don’t you come with us and have some fun?” I looked around and saw this meant something to them which froze my automatic refusal behind my lips.

“Okay,” I agreed nodding. “Let me grab a t-shirt and pretend I’m the Fonz for the night.” There was some laughter as Kathy leaned closer.

“Just be yourself,” she said and winked at me. I recognized the guy who was holding her leash. His name was Stan and we had a couple of classes together. He was smiling too but it wasn’t a confident face he was wearing. I hadn’t realized they were dating and wondered how he felt about stuff tonight.

The room was full so I pointed to Pixie on the dresser. “I need to get in the second drawer for a t-shirt,” I said. “Or do you just want to throw me one?”

“I think you should come get what you need,” she said sliding her knees apart with a smile. She slid her hands down her skirt to hold it down and sat there with a challenge.

The room exploded with laughter and cat-calls as someone said,” Damn, girl. Should we just leave the two of you here?”

I walked over and stood close enough she had to lean back a little. The top of her outfit rode down until more of her freckled breasts were exposed. The straps over her shoulders struggled to hold the top up in what was bound to be a lost cause. She was smiling as I put my hands on her knees and slowly slid down her naked legs until I could feel the edge of the wooden drawer. She didn’t move back and I could smell her perfume as I found the drawer handle and slowly pulled it open.

“Looks like I found it,” I said with a smile. The laughter continued around the room as I pulled out the shirt and pushed the drawer shut with a bang. Pixie jumped a little and then blushed as I called her on her teasing. I hadn’t moved away from her yet.

“Should I just change here?” I asked. Pixie smiled and tugged at what I was wearing. Her small hands gathered the material at my waist and lifted it up until it was under my arms.

She raised her face to mine to say softly, “You’ll need to raise your arms.”

I dropped the clean shirt beside her and let the pressure of her hands lift my arms until she pulled it over my head. I heard a couple of whistles behind me as my shirt rose and then the room got suddenly quiet as my scars became evident. I felt hands on my lower back touching the angry puckers where I had been shot and heard Kathy behind me.

“I think I’d like to hear the story about these, Mike,” she said, “if you don’t mind telling us.” I turned around to see her close to me.

“Maybe if I get drunk enough,” I replied. “Not all stories have happy endings, you know.”

“I know,” she replied.

Kathy leaned past me to get the clean t-shirt from Pixie. She opened the neck and motioned for me to drop my head low enough for her to reach. She pulled the shirt over my head and helped me put my arms in as well. As she smoothed the fabric down across my torso I felt her touching each of my muscles in turn. Behind me Pixie was smoothing my shirt down across my sides – an interesting sensation having two people dress me.

Okay, I’m pretty fit. I’ve spent my adult life working hard and that has built some muscle on my 6′ frame. My shoulders and arms are well developed and there’s just a comfortable padding across my stomach. I’d been a competitive swimmer as a child and developed a long, lean build from all the exercise. With brown hair, a beard, and brown eyes, I’d been told I wasn’t ugly by enough girls to believe it. Most guys didn’t have my build unless they’d been raised on a farm or worked construction.

“Well,” Kathy said, “now you’re dressed we should get going before all the fun stuff is gone.” She was smiling up at me while the room agreed and we moved towards the door. I grabbed my jacket as they filed outside with Pixie leaving last.

Pixie leaned towards me and hugged my free arm while saying, “Don’t get lost. We have some unfinished business, okay?”

She released my arm and skipped out the door with her red hair catching highlights from the setting sun. The little ruffled skirt she had hung around her hips bounced enough for me to see small panties covering her tight butt. She smiled back over her shoulder at me from the street and waved at me to catch up. I think I may have found my evening’s distraction in this little tease. Ahead on the street I see Kathy looking back at us with Stan still holding the leash. To be honest, he doesn’t look that happy.

It’s obvious where the party is happening as the front yard is full of college aged partiers. The music isn’t too loud though as we move through the crowded doors to the main room. People are sitting everywhere and czech streets porno sitting on the floor amongst empty bottles. The room is hazy from cigarette smoke and I can see people grinding (I mean dancing) in a room to the side. There are more candles than lights on in the house as I look around.

Pixie disappears and returns with cups of punch, offering one to me. I take a sip almost gagging on the sweet brew. Yes, it has alcohol but way too many juices for me. She smacks her lips as she downs her cup very quickly.

“You don’t like it?” she asks swaying towards me. Her hips have found the beat and watching her move is pure fun.

“It’s a bit sweet for me,” I replied. “Do you want mine?”

She smiles and finishes her drink before taking mine and sliding the cup inside her empty. That was a generous shot she just swallowed and I wonder at her capacity. She sips at the new drink and dances to the music. Smiling she grabs my hand and pulls us towards the dancing couples in the next room. I smile and cooperate as we move into the dimness.

The music is some disco-era relic with a beat so it’s easy enough to move together. Her top is having a hard time covering her breasts as they move around on their own. I’m having fun just watching her move. When the music slows she moves into my arms without missing a beat as we sway together. The cup gets jostled by another couple and she drinks what is left before it spills on us.

She drops the cup into a bin and settles in front of me with her arms around my neck. I have to say this feels strange as Sara was almost my height and Pixie is barely 5’4′. I haven’t danced with anyone this short in many years and I’m out of practice. She’s in heels which help but my hands wander to places by themselves. Her top is slit on the sides so as she moves my hands find bare flesh.

I suddenly realize her left breast is resting on top of my right hand.

“Oops,” I murmur to her. “Sorry, I think I’m out of practice,” as I move my hand away.

“It’s okay,” Pixie says. “If I didn’t want them touched I wouldn’t be dancing like this with you.”

She moves her hips tighter against me and grinds against my groin.

“See,” she continues. “Touching feels good.” She drops her left hand down to my arm and moves my hand back to under her breast.

“Thanks for coming with us tonight. I’ve been trying to spend some time with you ever since I heard you were available,” Pixie added.

I nodded. “I haven’t felt much like socializing,” I replied.

She snuggled closer before continuing. Her body was definitely getting a solid reaction from mine.

“I know,” Pixie said. “I listened to how you talked in class before stuff happened. Sorry you’ve had a rough time. You know,” she said looking up with a smile, “that’s part of your appeal, right? If divorce hadn’t bothered you I wouldn’t be here trying to dance my way into your pants.”

“Is that what you’re doing?” I asked her. She nodded and licked her lips at me.

“Uh huh,” she confirmed. “Unless you really, really don’t want me,” she emphasized. “I have a couple of things I need to work through myself. I was hoping you could help me with that.”

“Well that’s a different way of looking at it, I guess,” I said smiling back.

“My big brother served, too,” Pixie said. “Maybe I just have a soft spot for vets but I’d like to show you some personal appreciation if you’re interested.”

Okay, I’m not going to complain. She seems to know what she wants tonight and it’s been a while for me. Hope she’s up for a wild ride later. I move my other hand inside her top and enjoy the feel of her nipples firming up in my hands. She gasps and then moans as she pushes back against my caresses.

“You keep doing that and I may not want to wait until we get back to your place,” she gasps. Looking up she continued with a smile, “You ever have a naked girl straddling your lap while you sat on your idling bike?”

I smiled at the suggestion and replied, “Not recently. You sure you want to try?”

She nodded. “Oh, yeah. There’s a few other kinks I’d like to try too if you want to help.”

I moved back to look at her more fully. There was a definite challenge to her approach and she met my gaze calmly as I surveyed what she was offering. Warm, heavy breasts, slender build and tight backside inside freckled pale skin. The red hair and blue eyes were a startling contrast. I started hoping she tasted as good as she looked. Moving closer I gathered her into a tighter embrace as I moved us together to the music. I slid my hands down until I cupped each mostly naked buttock in my palms. I could feel her muscles moving as I fondled her and whispered in her ear.

“I have a couple of kinks you might find fun,” I offered and she nodded in agreement before turning her back to me. Her ass rocked and wiggled against my groin as she guided my hands to cup her breasts. My hardening cock betrayed my response to the feel czech super models porno of her under my hands. We broke to catch our breath but kept the dance going.

Looking around I see others from the class dancing in couples and catch the sweet smell of some grass on the air. The cloud is moving towards us and I take a couple of deeper breaths while I fondle the heavy breasts in my hands. Over to the side there’s a couple groping each other. She’s in his lap and has her top off. He’s busily sucking on her breasts while she has her hand in his lap. I wonder how much further they’ll go in public.

Kathy and Stan are dancing as well but he looks like an animated barber pole beside her. Kathy has lost her cape and I see the cat makeup was carried down her throat into what looks like a dark leotard with more cat makeup on her front and back. It looks very effective and she’s gracefully dancing. She smiles and waves across at me when our eyes catch for a moment. As the song ends Kathy makes drinking signs and points towards the kitchen area. I nod and say to Pixie,

“Let’s get a drink. I’m thirsty.”

Pixie nods and we make our way through the dancers until we get to the emptier kitchen. Passing through the main room I see other couples who aren’t too shy either. We have to step across one couple and there’s a guy getting a blow job from a girl on her knees in front of him. Pixie giggles when she sees them and squeezes my hand as we pass.

In the kitchen, Pixie gets another cup of the punch and drinks it quickly. I find a beer and slake my thirst. Kathy, back in her cape again, sidles up beside me to capture my drink and take a quick swig. Stan is still on the leash and holding a glass of sparkling wine.

Kathy returns my beer and asks, “Where’d you find that? All I could see was wine.”

I pointed at the cooler in the corner where it was out of sight.

“Do you want one?” I ask.

“Please,” Kathy replies.

I grab one and motion towards Stan to see if he wants one but he just waves his glass at me.

“Stan’s Dad won’t let him drink beer, “Kathy explains. “If he goes home smelling like it he’ll get grounded.”

“That’s rough,” I say.

“Yeah,’ Stan replies. “I have a curfew too. I have to be home by midnight.” No wonder he looks sad.

“I want to sit down,” Pixie suddenly announces. “My head’s spinning like a top right now.”

Given how much she’s drunk I’m not surprised. I look in the other room to see an empty couch suddenly appear so I guide her there before someone else claims it. Kathy and Stan are close behind and sit beside us to my left. Stan’s at the end with Kathy to his right with me in the middle and Pixie to my right

Pixie turns herself sideways on the seat to lie across my lap. She sighs and guides my hand back inside her top onto her breasts.

“I liked how you touch me,” she said. She reaches around my neck to kiss me while pressing her body against my hand. She drops a hand between us and feels at my developing erection. I use my other hand around her back to lift her up to my lips and taste her for the first time. Her breath is fruity and strongly alcoholic.

Coming up for air I see Stan with Kathy lying against his chest. His arm is over her cape and they don’t appear to be doing anything. Kathy is watching me and grins when our eyes meet. She gives me a thumbs up as I grin back at her.

One of the other guys from the class has a bandana wrapped around his head and a fake leather jacket flying Harley wings on the back. He has some fingerless gloves on his hands and chains pinned around his shoulder. The girl beside him is wearing an unzipped leather jacket and chaps but only bikini bottoms. She’s worth watching as she walks over on his arm.

He smiles as he walks over to say, “Hey, looks like you’re the real thing. Hope you don’t mind me wearing this.”

“You’re fine, man,” I reply. He waves and they weave their way across the room. Her ass is really worth watching and she gives me a big smile over her shoulder.

Pixie slaps my arm to get my attention back and gives me a fake scowl. I just grin at her.

I drop my hand to Pixie’s legs and slide a fingertip up along her thigh which causes her to gasp, jump, and giggle. Her eyes widen as she feels me caressing her upper thigh and she clutches my hair. Her top has twisted slightly so I drop my hand to her exposed breast and caress a nipple to hardness while capturing her gaze. Her breathing becomes faster as her body responds to my caresses. Her hand on my cock is trying to feel me through the denim I’m wearing as she moans.

“So whose idea was it to come get me tonight?” I ask.

Pixie grinned back at me. “I told Kathy I was having a hard time getting your attention,” she said. “You keep skipping class or the group when I try to talk to you.”

“Sorry,” I said. “It wasn’t personal. I’ve been avoiding everyone as much as I could.” My caresses keep her nipples hard against my palms and she is biting her lower lip when I pinch. Her hand has me pretty hard inside my jeans and she plays with my belly button under my shirt.

I bend down to kiss her when she suddenly belches and looks unwell.

“I need to sit up,” she says quietly.

I help her up and she sways while sitting on my lap.

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