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You push me down on to the bed. Your, naked form falling on mine. We playfully kiss each other, each becoming more passionate and lustful. I quickly become excited and erect as your hard kisses and tender biting work their way down my chest and stomach. You’ve slid down my body; knowing everywhere to kiss and how to bite to get the reaction you want.

You sit up on your knees, straddling my legs your butt resting in the curve of my feet, with fiery passionate lust in your eyes. But your smile has a hint for mischief, as you look me over. Then that mischief moves to your eyes, as if some cruel thought has entered your mind. It is too late for me, you have begun what you’ve intend, before I can react.

With serpent speed you strike. You’ve taken my engorged self to your mouth my panic is gone. I’ve received these oral talents before, so I relax and enjoy. You know exactly what to do with me. Teasing the head with your tongue licking up and down the entire shaft. Returning to the head to consume the precum, sucking ever so lightly. Running your tongue down the slit in my head, then tracing its rim where it meets the shaft.

Oh, how only you can bring me to the edge, again and again, with out pushing me over. Your soft lips, wet tongue and the warmth of your mouth, what pleasures they bring. The memory of past experiences alone twitter porno excites me more. I feel myself swell even more in your mouth as the lips of your mouth tighten around me. Which inspires you on, to try and take more and more into your mouth to the very back of your throat.

I like watching you at work, our eyes meet, there is a smile, a smile that doesn’t quite make it to your mouth, for it’s filled with me, so I smile for you.

You’re pleased with your work as well, then that gleam of mischief is back in your eyes. I’m confused by it. You respond quickly trying to take all of me, but seeing this only arouses me more, making me to become even more engorged. Fogging my mind with delight. Forcing me to forget the mischief, I saw in your eyes. Making me want you more. You gage a little as I expand in you. But that doesn’t stop you from trying.

I’m on fire! I feel you dripping on my legs pinned under you. I can smell your hot juices, driving my insanity. I want to taste you! I must taste you! I try to change our position so I can give the same oral pleasure that I’m receiving. You refuse me, keeping my legs trapped with yours. I can’t take much more. I’m ready to burst. I want you! I want a taste! I have to taste you!

A moaning yell of, “OH GOD!” excepts my lips. Yes you, have become xhamster porno my goddess. You are my goddess! I must serve you, obey you. I desire only to please you! I must satisfy your ever whim, bend to your will. My goddess you are driving me insane with godly pleasures.

Yet when I grab your hair and try to remove you, I get teeth. Sharp teeth threaten me, threatening me with pain. I’m forced to relax my grip, and when I do the teeth are withdrawn. You chuckle around me. My mind screams why, why wont you let me please you?

I squirm, and buck under you, as my muscles begin to flex and tighten, out of my control. They burn in agonizing pleasure. I will explode if you don’t stop. I must grab something; my fingers flex in your hair. Your teeth are bared at the slightest threat of me trying to remove you. The pleasurable is becoming too much for me to endure.

There is a puddle of your juices forming on my legs. I can smell it, fell the heat form your mound. The sent, the heat only drives my insanity. My spasms only serve to excite you more. I must release your hair, for fear of ripping it from your skull. I grab the headboards brass rails.

That only seems to serve as a signal to spur you on. I try to speak, give you a warning of what is about to happen. But only strange, garbled noises escape xnnx porno my mouth. You seem possessed as you devour me. There is no escape for me. I am finished.

I explode into your mouth, you slow and pull back to only my head, so there is room for my load. I feel the brass rails bend under the force of my orgasms convulsions.

My mind slowly returns from its fog of ecstasy, but my body is paralyzed by the extreme pleasure you’ve delivered. You look up from your perch, dick still in mouth, seeing my exhausted and pleasure spent face. Only to tease me more, with your talented tongue. Oh what delightful pain that brings. My eyes begging for mercy, which you finally grant, and let me, drop from your mouth.

You know I can’t move, my calves twitching in pain, you tenderly roll me to my side. You know sleep for me isn’t far off. I am fully spent, I feel you curl up to me, your warm soft breasts pushing in to my back. I nuzzle back into you, feeling the hard cold nipple rings in my back.

I’m drifting off in your warmth I struggle to stay awake as I feel you slip from the bed, and hear the water from the bathroom, a weak smile on my lips I know that you’re cleaning yourself. You’ve had a powerful sympathetic orgasm yourself, from all the pleasure you have delivered. I can tell by how your own cum is now starting to dry on my shins.

I don’t really notice you returning to bed; I’m drifting off. I only feel your warmth next to me again. I can’t fight sleep anymore. As I fall into a deep satisfied slumber I know that in the morning

I shall have my revenge.

Char W. W.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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