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It happened late one evening. I was about to spend an evening with a friend I loved since high school. We were getting together to eat dinner and hang out at her apartment for the evening. I would be lying if I said it all started innocent enough. Let’s be real here. I loved this woman but, my feelings for her were not reciprocated. This is probably a good time to describe both of us. She is about 5”6’, weighs about 115lbs, and probably the prettiest face I’ve ever seen. She truly looks like one of the women you see in an Ebony magazine advertising expensive clothes and equally expensive eyewear. Did I mention she was/is extremely sexy? What probably stands out the most to me is her caramel skin. Everything about this woman is in perfect proportion down to her breasts. In any event, I’ll describe myself as well. I’m about 6 feet. I weigh about 200lbs. I’m not going to lie about my measurements. My manhood is about 7 inches and I’ve been told he is pretty thick. In the past, I often had to be careful of a few sexual positions for fear of breaking condoms.

The evening progressed with a lot of hugging. During one of these hugs, I somehow managed to pull her white tee shirt up and expose the beautiful breast clad under her sexy green bra. I’m writing this almost 6 years after the fact and some of these details remain extremely vivid for me. I can probably see why when one considers I fantasized about being with her since I was about 16 years old. We were finally at this point in our relationship 8 years later. Still, I must say she did not truly reciprocate my feelings.

The evening continued with the two of us just being next to each other. Probably türbanlı porno not exciting to the average reader. I however was on top of the world. Just the smell of her hair drove me wild. I still get choked up sometimes thinking about how good it felt just having her next to me. As if could not be any more sexually aroused, there was something on cable TV that involved comics and women stripping.

The night became even more interesting when we went to bed. That’s right. I spent the night with my first true love. As we lay in bed together, all I could think about was the story we shared over the telephone (we were “just friends” at least in her eyes). Two of those stories stood out for me that evening. One of the stories involved her telling me about her need to sometimes use a bath towel because of the amount of juices that flowed from her sweetness. The other story that stood out for me at that moment was a “gay” friend she stated saw her naked a few times. She went as far as saying they actually showered together. I remembered telling her this individual could not have been gay. After all, she was/is sweet enough to probably turn a gay guy straight. I remember spooning with her in the bed that evening. At the time she was still in her jeans and the white tee shirt. I was also in jeans and a pullover sweater from college. We continued to talk.

I eventually convinced her to take a shower with me. This took a lot of begging. The next thing I remember, we standing in the shower together. She is in front of me with back to me. I remember reaching up holding both of our arms together as the water beat down on our bodies. I türk porno was starting to build a decent size erection that was pointing down. My manhood seem to fit nicely in the crack of her sexy bottom. At the time, all I could think about was how much I loved her and how luck I was to have her as “a friend”. Next, I remember bringing my hand down her body and beginning to lather her breasts from behind. I must have continued to soap and lather her body for about 15 minutes. It eventually became more than I could handle. The next thing I know, she is facing me. My arms are around her as I lift her off her feet. Her legs instinctively wrap around my body. Within seconds, my manhood is inside. Our bodies began to move slowly at first. I remember feeling the water beat down on our bodies. I remember her soft breasts and hard nipples press against my chest. I don’t know how long we made love in this position.

We eventually had to stop but not before I felt her sexiness rhythmically spasm around my manhood. I knew then that I brought the woman of my dreams to the first of many orgasms to come for the evening. It got to the point were as I could barely see because of the sweat that started to drain into my eyes. At that point, we finished showering and returned to her bedroom. I remember laying her on top of her full sized beach towel and admiring her for all of her beauty.

Her hair was still wet from the shower. Her caramel body was a sight to see. I remember bending to place a soft kiss on her forehead. I continued to kiss her softly down the right side of her face until I reached her right ear. I began to nibble gently on her ear türkçe porno and kiss her down the side of her neck. As I did this, my left hand slid underneath to caress her back.

I continued to kiss down her body until I reached her breasts. I took my time giving each breast care consideration. I was also careful to avoid her nipples which seemed to be about ½ an inch. As I sucked the bottom of her right breast, I felt her begin to gyrate her hips and reach out for my manhood with her hands. She began to stroke me with both hands. I could not take anymore. I began to suck on her nipples. This must have continued to about 30 minutes. Next thing I know, her body is beginning to shake as she screams she is coming. About two minutes later, I noticed the towel was soaking wet. I wanted to take a slow trip down to her sweetness. At that moment it was calling me by name. I left her nipples alone and immediately kissed her on her neatly trimmed sexiness. My tongue instinctively found her clitoris. I began to alternate between sucking and nibbling on her clitoris. As I did this, my hands went to separate her lips. Her hands were on the back of my head as I continued to devour her sweetness. As I did this, I placed my right hand underneath her and my middle finger found its destination. It was beginning to enter her from behind. She immediately began bucking as she had another tremendous orgasm. She demanded that I make love to her that very moment. I placed my manhood at the entrance of her sexiness. I slowly began to enter her. I was amazed at how tight she was. Her sexiness held me extremely tight.

It took quiet awhile to fully enter her inspite of the amount of juices. Slowly, more and more of my manhood entered her until I was fully inside. I felt the tip of my manhood reach her cervix. She quickly met me stroke for stroke.

This continued for awhile until………

To be continued (depending on feedback)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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