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By the time you finally arrive my whole body is on fire, I am mad that you are late but the anticipation has served to heighten my arousal. I will say nothing about you being late, its not my place to question what you do with your time, I am not a girl friend, a friend or even a lover, this can be called nothing but plain fucking. Besides even though I will never admit it to you I am slightly intimidated by you.

Your now almost at my steps, I want to run out to meet you but I won’t loose face by admitting I have been standing here watching for you. I quickly back away from the window so you can’t see me and force myself to the other room to wait for your knock. It seems to take forever, how long does it take to walk up the stairs? Your knock finally comes and I jump. Now I am nervous, I shouldn’t be. This is nothing new for us but I can never be fully comfortable in your presence. I think for me that is part of the pleasure.

I take one last quick look in the mirror and go to answer the door. I open it and neither of us says a word. I turn and walk away headed for the bedroom. I know the routine and how this will go. At least the first few minutes, after that I never can be to sure what’s going to happen.

I don’t make it to the bedroom, half way thru the living room you grab me from behind and whip me around to kiss me. I am startled, this is something new. Your kisses are hard and demanding. I return them with the same passion, trying hard to give you all the pleasure I can. I want to touch you, to explore every inch of you but I wait, letting you lead, afraid of doing something wrong.

As your kissing me your hands are massaging my shoulders it feels nice and odd at the same time, I am not used to something so intimate from someone I am used to just fucking. The nice doesn’t last long. Your one hand leaves my shoulder and combs thru my hair. You grab a handful and yank, not hard enough to make me yelp or even hurt that bad, but I can feel the slightest bit of pain. The contrast of the pain from my hair and the massage on my shoulder drives me wild. I kiss you harder letting a little moan escape into your mouth. I have never been in to pain or anything like this, but from you it seems ok, it seems exciting.

Your hand leaves my hair and travels back down to my shoulder, lightly tickling my neck along the way. When it gets down to my shoulder your other hand leaves and you wrap your arm around my body rubbing my back slowly. Your other hand comes down and knowing where you are headed I arch my back before your hand can even find my breast. I want you to touch me so bad I move in every way I can to make your touch find me quicker.

You stop kissing me and laugh slightly, you know what I am doing and I hate tecavüz porno it that you find it amusing. I want to tell you to get out, that I don’t need this and especially not from you but I can’t. Your hand has finally found my breast and I am too busy moaning. You’re so gentle with it that I quickly forget how mad I am at you all over again. You softly squeeze my breast slowly massaging it in the same rhythm as the hand rubbing my back. I relax more and more sinking into your arm enjoying the pleasure you are giving me.

You stop for a moment and remove your hands; I start to protest until I see that you are just removing my shirt. When the shirt hits the floor it is quickly followed by my bra and then I am back in your arms once more being lightly massaged with my back being rubbed. I start to get comfortable and it changes again. You pull me sharply against you, at the same time you squeeze my nipple hard, this time it does hurt but it feels so good to. You mouth finds mine and once again I am being kissed, you are demanding more and more of me with every thrust of your tongue and I struggle to keep up wanting to keep you happy.

You must be tired of standing cause you let go of me and walk away. I follow you into the bedroom and find you getting undressed. Without looking at me or saying a word you make yourself comfortable on my bed. You are already hard so I walk over knowing what you want. I sit beside you on the bed and wrap my hand around your cock, not a sound from you as I slowly start stroking you.

After stroking you base to tip for a couple minutes I lean over and lick the tip, it jumps in my hand and excites and encourages me. I move my hands down to your balls squeezing them hard enough to hold your cock right where I want it and slowly lick my way down to the base. When I get there I move slightly to flick my tongue over your balls and then drag my tongue back to the tip. I bring my hand back to the base and wrap my fingers around it, squeezing slightly while I bite down on the tip of you. Not hard enough to be mean, just hard enough for play.

I squeeze my hand a little tighter as I bite and then release both my teeth and my hand as slide my mouth down your cock. When my lips reach my hand I move my hand lower onto your balls again slowly massing them as I bring you more and more into my mouth. Once again my lips reach my hand and I start back up leaving my hand where it was until I reach the tip. I then bring my hand up to follow my mouth. Then I stop, for now your turn is over.

I lay back beside you, telling you in my own silent way that its now my turn. You apparently agree because you don’t hesitate before reaching over and grabbing my exposed breast in one hand, bringing travesti porno your mouth down to reach the other. Pinching one nipple you bite the other bringing waves of pleasure to me. I moan again and you must hear me cause you put more energy into your assault on my breasts.

I am in for another surprise as once again you switch from aggressive to gentle slowly stroking the sides of my breasts and blowing lightly on my nipples. You slowly trail your hand down my body until you get to the top of my jeans. I suck in my breath in anticipation of what I am hoping you are about to do. The disappointment is only slight. I wanted you to remove the jeans and find the sweet spot between my thighs; instead you let your hand trail down further lightly rubbing your hands over my crotch. The sensation thru my jeans feels nice but I want you closer. I push slightly against your hand trying to tell you I want more but afraid to put voice to it. I will never actually tell you what I want, afraid you will say no.

You ignore my physical pleas for a moment longer and then you finally bring your hands back to the top of my jeans and undo them. You slide both my jeans and underwear down at the same time and the cool air hits me turning me on even more. My hips start moving more I can’t help it. I am so excited; I am at your mercy.

For a minute you do nothing just leave me there wiggling waiting for your touch. Then you bring your hand down to my center. I force myself to still waiting for your touch. I hold my breath; please I need to be touched now. You trail your finger down my slit. I shiver and can’t help but buck my hips a little, trying to force your finger into the folds. You don’t allow it, you pull your hand back slightly and I know that you won’t touch me again till I am still. Again I force myself to be still, you wait a moment to make sure I am able to control myself then once again you start slowly stroking the outer lips, so softly and gentle. I need more, your not giving more.

You remove your hand from me and place it on my thigh pushing until my legs are spread as far as they can be. I feel way too exposed and I want to close my legs, torn between the pleasure I know you can give me and the embarrassment of being on display like this for you. Pleasure quickly wins out when you bring your finger back to the top of my slit. This time you don’t stop at the bottom instead going down and around till your finger is lightly brushing against the hole of my ass. I shiver again trying to stay still. This for us is unexplored territory.

I am not sure how I feel about where this may be headed but I know I don’t want any of it to end. You slowly stroke me back and forth like this gentle as can be and tumblr porno then on your way back to the top you suddenly ram two fingers in me as hard and fast as possible. I jump shocked but before your fingers can even get all the way in I recover and push hard against your hand wanting to take as much of them in as I can. You let them linger in me a moment before slowly pulling them out and ramming them back in. I have no control I couldn’t hold still if I had to. My hips buck against your hand fucking it as hard as I can, my pleasure mounts and I can feel myself ready to explode. When I am almost at the point of no return you stop. I whimper. I don’t know if you know what you did or if it was just coincidental but I will never tell you that I need you to keep going. You leave me on the bed wiggling trying to find release.

Then you slowly slide your head down to where your hand had only moments before occupied. I stiffen. I know what you’re going to do and I am excited but also uncomfortable. I don’t like you being there but I love the pleasure that comes with it. You part my folds and slowly lick hole to clit and back again, I shudder, I am still uncomfortable but I can’t deny the pleasure this brings.

When you are done stroking me with your tongue you nibble gently on my clit sucking it in and out of your mouth driving me further and further. I can’t hold back any longer I need to cum and I need your cock inside me. Pushed beyond my limits I finally get the courage to push you away, you start to climb on me but I stop you. I push you back on the bed and mount you instead.

When I slowly slide my way down your cock filling my aching pussy more and more a long loud moan escapes my mouth. My god how I needed this, how I needed you. When I reach the base instead of pulling back out the way I know you enjoy I wiggle rubbing my swollen clit against you. With your cock filling me to capacity and your wiry hairs rubbing on my clit it’s not long before I am cuming. I scream loudly pushing against you hard wanting it to go on forever. But all good things have to end. As the orgasm slowly ends I slump against your exhausted and too embarrassed to look you in the eye.

I have never before taken what I wanted from you and I am not sure now what the reaction will be. Thankfully you yourself haven’t cum yet instead of a comment on my behavior you roll me over and plunge yourself into me. As I took my pleasure with you, you are now taking yours with me. There is nothing slow or gentle you slam into me over and over it only takes a moment before you are cuming to. Your moans get louder and I start to get excited again. You finish cuming and lay back beside me.

You say nothing for a few moments and my own imagination has me hoping for another go. I am not to get what I want. You get up telling me that you have to go. Without so much as a kiss goodbye you get dressed and leave. I am left turned on and annoyed. Wondering why I do this but knowing that I will do it again and again whenever you call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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