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Author’s note: I was hoping to add a bit of humor into this story, and it turned out rather long because of it. It isn’t just a sex story in my opinion. Hopefully all who chose to stick through reading it feels that it wasn’t a totally wasted effort. Feel free to vote and/or leave feedback. Thanks in advance to those that do :).


I saw him standing there. Simple as that. I saw him and knew that nothing would be simple. First off, I knew I wanted him and didn’t even know his name. That was shocking for me. I’m not the type of girl that chases after men but I couldn’t deny the breathless moment I had when I looked toward him.

Even more shocking was the fact that he also wasn’t some drop dead gorgeous guy that women usually associate with the wet panties. I instantly pegged him as tall, dark and handsome, though anyone else would probably feel different.

He glanced my way also, though I’m not entirely sure that he really noticed me. I am certain that seeing me didn’t have the same effect on him that he had on me. I am not one who draws attention of the men around me. Hell, most of my friends are men and they don’t seem to want to go out with me. I am fine with that. Doesn’t bother me at all. I would rather talk openly to them about their sex life than find out how truly horrible my sex life is in comparison to other women my age.

I mean hell, I’m 30 years old, single, not quite what someone would call attractive though my male friends assure me that they could find me attractive if circumstances were right. I am on the shorter side, perhaps a little chunky by some standards, mostly my own…so I’ve been told. But I am content with myself and feel that I am not gross by any means. In the right light, I even see myself as having a pretty face…and given the right clothes, I can feel damn sexy.

Today wasn’t one of those overly sexy days, but there, there was the first man in many months that made me wish he were more than friendly. That perhaps he was single and would see me and fall head over heels in lust with me. Not love…that’s over-rated. I want pure lust filled fantasy type stuff now. Last time I felt LOVE for someone it ended pretty badly. I haven’t gotten laid since then.

“God, had it really been that long ago?” I wonder. “A year? Sheesh, no wonder I am looking at him like he is some kind of feast.” I can’t help but smile when I then thank the good man upstairs for letting someone invent vibrators.

“Damn, he is leaving.” I see him turning to go to the register and pay for whatever book he is holding. I wonder if I should distract him or let him go. I don’t want to let him go, but I’m not sure how to go about stopping him either. “Grab a book and go stand in line behind him?” I think to myself and run to grab a book, slipping between some other woman who was about to take my place behind him.

I turn and make what I hope is a “sorry” face to her. Then turn around and stand behind THE man. I catch a whiff of his cologne and wonder what it’s called. I notice there is one person in front of us, well in front of him and I’m glad for the extra minute to try to figure out what I could say to him to not look like an idiot.

Times up…other person done and leaving. Tall dark and handsome man is stepping forward. His book I see now is possibly a naughty book or something; black plastic covers it so I can’t see in. “What book did I grab?” I wonder looking down to see some book that I would never be caught dead reading. It was some kind of Suzy homemaker try new recipes and decorate your house books. “Damn. Nothing seductive or even suggestive of what I want.”

I was still trying to figure out how to get myself out of that when the woman behind me for some unknown reasons pushes her buggy into me and I drop my book. Now the man in front of me is looking at me. I turn to glare at the woman behind me and turn back around just in time to see said man bent over at the waist picking up my dropped book.

He stands up and smiles. He hands it back to me as the cashier is handing him his change. He says to no one in particular, “Have a good day”, and turns to walk away.

“Shit! Here I go again. Missed opportunity.” I think. I turn to the other woman and shoot her a “what the hell was that look” and on impulse I run to go thank said man for his assistance.

I decide to follow him out toward his car, less he have a girlfriend inside it or something. He walks up to a minivan. “Crap, maybe a married man? That sucks.” I think followed by, “Well you still need to thank him and of course check for wedding band.”

He is pushing the little button to open the car and I yell a bit louder than planed…”Excuse me”.

“Yes?” he questions.

“Hi. I wanted to say thanks.” mentally slaps self in forehead thinking, “I wanted to say take me home and fuck me hard.”

“Oh, it’s no problem at all.”

“I know but I didn’t have the chance to say thanks inside.”

“Well, did you get your book all taken care sex izle of without her running into you again?”

“Umm…no actually. I remembered I didn’t need that book after all. I had grabbed the wrong one.” I replied without thinking. Then another mental head slap, “Great! Now you sound like an idiot. Just what you need.”

He laughs. Not your typical, who the heck is this crazy person and get them away from me type laugh but one of those head thrown back maybe I’m enjoying it kind of laughs. It’s a great laugh. It’s one of those contagious laughs that makes even the idiot laugh right along. “How cool is this?” I wonder silently, even as I’m thinking about how it wasn’t that funny.

“Sorry,” he is talking again, “I just got the mental image of your face when you turned around to see me bent over picking it up. “You went from looking like you were ready to punch someone to what the hell is he doing instantly.”

I laughed again wishing I had gotten rid of the “Punch someone” face before turning around.

I am trying desperately to figure out what the hell to say next caught between wishing I could just tell him what I wanted from him and wishing I wasn’t just horny enough to wish he would bend me over the hood of his mini-van. I am almost laughing again at that mental image and he says simply, “By the way, I’m Dave.”

I remind myself that I don’t know enough to yet be picturing myself bent over anything, much less a mini-van which could very likely be a family car and respond with, “I’m Julie. Nice to meet you.” I follow that thought up with “wow…how original is that? Dammit.”

He isn’t running to his car and jumping inside it to hide from me. Instead, we end up standing in a somewhat uncomfortable silence. I am trying to figure out what to say now that the polite introductions and thank yous have been said and I have no clue what so ever, as to what is keeping him standing there. I almost wish he would leave to end my torturous thoughts and let me go home and grab my faithful little plastic buddy who has served so well the last year.

Instead, he says, “I saw you by the books. Were you following me?”

“Wow. So he likes direct questions. Hmm…What can I do with that?” I consider it a moment. I chicken out on all the good comments that sprang to mind and say simply, “I was wondering what you were buying. You seemed to grab and run.”

I almost fell down laughing when the man blushed before my eyes. I never knew men blushed so easily. I make a mental note to remember this occasion.

“I uh…was going to grab it and pay then return to the store and say hi to you.”

Not sure I totally believe his response but okay…I’ll play along. Sort of. “What were you picking up?”

Another blush as he replied,”Just a book. I was getting it for a friend. He likes reading those type books.”

“Yeah right!” I want so much to laugh at his innocent schoolboy thing. Though all I say is, “I saw the black bag over it. It must be some book. What’s it called?”

“Uh…girls next door or something like that.” He seems relieved that I’m buying his innocent routine.

“Does your wife know you buy those for your friend?” I question…curiosity killing me…is he married or not?

“Oh, well…I don’t have a wife, or girlfriend.”

“Oh.” I state simply.

Damn silence again…I can tell he is ready to leave this time around. I know I don’t want that to happen. “Should I ask him out?” I wonder…”Why the heck not. What’s the worst that can happen?” I say, “I know we just met, but how about lunch? I want to thank you properly.”

He seems surprised but says, “Sure.”

“Okay great. Let’s go to Shadows, right up the road.”


We go to our respective cars, little further walk for me since he is standing at his mini and I wonder if he will really be there when I get there.

He was! I couldn’t help thinking OH MY GOD! I still couldn’t figure out what it was I was really after. Well of course beyond the fact that I was horny as hell and he was to blame for it. I was just not sure at all how I was going to let him know that I was totally in heat. I thought only dogs were in heat but I couldn’t come up with any other way to describe the way I felt.

Okay, I see him and now he sees me. He waved, as if we are some kind of lifelong friends. God his smile could melt ice cubes. Men should not be allowed to look that good when they smile innocently. Sexy seductive smiles like his should be reserved for in the bedroom after he delivers a mind-blowing leave you panting type orgasm. My body announcing its need to feel just that has me telling myself to resist the urge to think about those mind blowing orgasms.

I walk up to him. “Hi again.”

“Hello. Shall we go in? I haven’t been here in months.”

“Why not? It’s my favorite place to go for a quick lunch.”

“Yeah, mine too. But I just got back into town.”

“Oh. I guess that is a good reason to stay away. Where were sexmex porno you, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I don’t mind. My girlfriend lived in Georgia and I lived here. It sucked, so I moved out to be with her.”

“Oh.” Damn. No wife but he does have a girlfriend. I should have known better. Is it too late to back out on lunch?” I question myself.

“Don’t look so disappointed.” He teased.

“Oh shit. Did I look disappointed?” I thought, but refrained from asking. Saying instead, “Uh…” and sounding even dumber.

He laughed. Out loud. People were looking in our direction. So embarrassing. I could feel the blush covering my cheeks and probably, if truth be told, the rest of my body as well. I can’t remember the last time someone had me blushing so much.

What did he say once he finally stopped laughing? Nothing much, simply “Don’t worry. Moving in with her was a huge mistake. We split up.”

I am not sure whether I should be happy or ticked off because he made me wonder about his single status. I didn’t have time to wonder too much cause at that moment the waitress came over to take our order.

On a first date, I always eat lightly, and this was no exception, well except for the fact that it wasn’t really a “Date”. Call me insane, I did. Shadows’ is well known for its feasts. You order a simple cheeseburger and end up with like a half pound of hamburger patty with all the toppings any true southerner would put on their burgers. I wasn’t sure I wanted tall dark to see me stuffing one of those in my mouth. I settled for a salad and a good old-fashioned glass of sweet tea.

Tall dark wasn’t as worried about appearances, he got the cheeseburger and fries and I was jealous.

Once the waitress is out of earshot, and we have our teas, I sit trying to figure out what besides the fact that I haven’t had a real orgasm in a year makes me want to fuck the man across from me. He has dark hair, which I’ve always been a fan of. He is somewhat trim. Not fat but not necessarily skinny either. His face is hard angled, manly perhaps. Great teeth and dark brown eyes. It isn’t shocking that I would find him appealing. I can see it. I am just not sure why I went weak kneed before saying hi. I usually take a LOT longer to warm up.

“You’re staring.” He states simply and I feel the blush from my toes to my ears.

“Uh. Yeah I guess I was. Sorry.” What else do you say? I’ve never been caught staring before. Not and confronted about it.

“No need for Sorry. What were you thinking while staring?”

“That I want to fuck you silly?” I think blushing even more and praying he didn’t notice. I wanted to say it, but didn’t have that kind of balls just yet. “Put that ball in his court and see what happens.” I think, more calmly than any thought I’ve had since seeing him.

“Well, I was thinking that you were too good looking to be buying magazines that have a black plastic cover over them for a friend.” I say followed by another mental head slapping and thoughts of, “Damn. Okay so not quite such a witty thing to say.

He damn near falls out of his chair laughing as I’m sitting there trying desperately to assure myself that although not a bright thing to say it wasn’t that funny. People are staring at us again. I want to crawl under the table and hide.

Dave, still laughing at me, says, “I am going to assume that was a compliment. Please, tell me if I’m wrong.”

Now I really am thinking the floor looks good. I know I am about as red as a person can be, but somehow I find the ability to speak. I say simply, “You’re not.”

Still trying to cover his laughter he says, “Thanks.”

We are back to the somewhat uncomfortable silence and I’m ready for the food to arrive so I can eat and not make a fool of myself. He is the first one to talk again.

“So, tell me about you. I assume you’re not married. You wouldn’t have asked me out if you were. Boyfriend perhaps? I can’t see any reason why you would be getting a Lovely Home, unless you were attached in some way.”

“Oh, well, I’m not married. Nor do I have a boyfriend. I just picked it up.” I say, hoping he will let it go so I don’t have to explain why I had it.

“Really? You seemed to know the book you were going for. I mean you weren’t standing there when I was looking.”

“Shit, here we go…” I think. Closing my eyes, I decide to jump with both feet. After all, he said he had been in a hurry to check out so that he could return and say hi, right? “I grabbed it so I could buy another minute to try and say hi to you.”

I see the evil little twinkle in his eye. He enjoys making me confess. I mentally call him a brat. I’m not able to think of anything more befitting.

“Really?” he asks, as if in deep thought. “Why would you want to do that?”

I try to think of things to say to get him off this line of questioning. I come up blank and I’m not sure how to get myself out of the hole he has dug for me. I’m not so sure that sikiş izle I want to tell him, “Because, I saw you and wanted to fuck your brains out.” I stumble through it saying, “You’re good looking and I wanted to see if you were single.”

He nods his head, as if he knew it all along, and says only “hmmm.”

“Brat” I again think.

Thank god, the waitress decided at that moment to show up with our plates.

We eat in silence. My salad is great, but I can’t help envying him in the fact that guys are so “guyish” and can eat a friggen cheeseburger on a first date, without concern. If only us girls could care less if we looked like a pig in front of a new guy, but once upon time many ages ago someone, probably a man, decided that girls should strive to not have the pig out appeal. Damn our bad luck!

Anyway, amid small talk of nothing very important to anyone, we finish our meal. I’m still trying desperately to come up with some kind of clue as to how to turn the situation into something a little more rewarding that wouldn’t include solo pleasure with my little plastic buddy. I want to turn the conversation to something more personal but honestly have no clue how to do it and yes, I do know that is idiotic. If I were a guy, I would jump in with both feet if I were interested in the person sitting across from me but that goes back to that once upon a time stuff. Maybe one day the girls will catch up with the guys. I’m trying, but I’m obviously still a work in progress.

I know the “first date” is ending now that the food is gone and the waitress has already cleared the table. I’m getting the idea that Dave is growing a little bored sitting there because he is starting to look around. Looking for a quick escape perhaps? I can’t help but think that maybe I should let him off the hook, leave and visit my old faithful plastic buddy who I don’t have to worry about seducing into it. I decide that it would be easier than trying to turn the topic to sex, and how much I want some, in a public place, or lowering myself to asking for an invite to his house.

Dave, being the kind soul he is, takes the ball out of my hands and tosses it into the air like a true gentleman would by saying, “You look like you’re getting bored but I’m not ready to stop talking to you. I can’t invite you to my place because I’m sharing a house with a couple friends. Can you think of a place for us to go for a while? Or do you have something else you need to do today?”

I have to stop and think about my house. Is it clean enough today? Dirty panties laying on the floor or anything gross lying about. I can’t think of anything right off hand, so I take the ball out of the air and firmly put it in his hands. “I don’t have anything going today. I’m off from work until tomorrow at 9am. If you want we can go hang out at my house for a while.”

“Sounds great. I’ll follow you then.”

“Yippee!” I think but somehow refrain from saying. Aloud, I say, “Okay. Sounds good to me.” I reach into my purse to bring out some cash to cover my lunch. I don’t want him to feel that he has to pay for me.

“Keep it. I’ll get this. You ate like a bird anyway.”

“He says I ate like a bird?” I silently fume. “I should have gotten the cheese burger!” To him I only smile and say thanks.

I head out to my car while he is paying and when he comes out I hand him a note giving rough directions to my house and my cell phone number in case we somehow get separated on the drive over.

He heads to his minivan and I start pulling out of the lot making sure he has had enough time to get out also.

I spent the 10-minute drive to my house watching the rear view to make sure he isn’t lost yet and thinking about how to turn the conversation more intimate. There has to be something, that won’t seem like I’m begging him to fuck me. I consider the book that he bought. Maybe that is the key. I could ask him to let me see it. It’s for a friend of his but surely; his friend wouldn’t mind him previewing it. I like the idea, and decide to go with that. Look at some pictures of naked girls. He will get turned on, as most guys do from the visual. I could seek out his comments to keep him interested in it and when we turn to the stories, I could start reading them. Maybe read them to him. Now that the ideas are flowing through my head, I am very anxious for us to get to my house so that I can see if Dave is willing to follow along with me.

My house isn’t much, it’s actually just a small apartment, basic layout, decorated by me with hand me downs from parents and friends. I like it though. It gives me privacy when I want it the most and it’s a place to have friends over when I can get together with them. My X and I got the apartment and lived in it for 8 months. When he left, I wouldn’t give it up. If not for my little apartment I would probably still be living with my parents, and though they are great, that would never work.

I opened the door for Dave, peeking inside to make sure that the gross things, last night’s dinner or something, wasn’t there for all to see, and I invited him in.

“Nice place.” Dave said when he walked into the living room and glanced around while sitting down on the chair near the door.


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