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My boyfriend and I have been dating for about six months and we’ve been having sex with each other for just as long. He was the third guy I’d slept with; the first was someone I had little interest in, but I was tired of being the sexually frustrated but well behaved Catholic girl. He was horny and experienced. Things worked out. The second guy was a random co-worker. One night stand. Minor regrets. But then I met James. And James…James was hot. We went out for dinner, and the second I saw him I knew I wanted to have sex with him. I held myself back on the date, not sure if he wanted me too. Apparently he did. The first date sex was amazing. I never wanted to stop, and we rarely did. Now, James was very experienced, and he loved wild, kinky sex. I was practically still a virgin. I lost it three months before I met James. Missionary position: cool. Girl-on-top: very cool. Anything else: scary.

One night, after we were done having sex, James turned to me and said, “This is great. It really is. But I fantasize about something wilder. I’m not sure what. But we need to spice this up.” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to say. I’m sure he thought I forgot about it, but that statement stayed on my mind for a long time. I wanted to have wild sex too, but I didn’t know what to do. How does an innocent girl spice up a nymphomaniac’s sex life?

A few weeks after his suggestion, James and I went out to eat at a restaurant outside of the city. I decided that it was time to “spice” things up. I didn’t have a plan, but in preparation for whatever happened, I wore an outfit I knew he would love. My red skirt was short; it held tight from my hipbones down to the rounded end of my butt. There was a strip of flared material underneath that, and when I moved it was all that kept the world from seeing curve of my butt meeting my thighs. If I sat without crossing my legs, anyone across from me could get a clear shot of my thin lacy black thong. My habit of crossing my legs would prevent that from happening, but the skirt also rode up along my thigh until my entire leg was exposed. I also wore white socks, the schoolgirl kind, with black Mary Jane shoes, just like I wore for my uniform when I went to a Catholic school.

I wore a black cardigan sweater, buttoned up my stomach but open on top, giving a peak of the lace-covered camisole underneath. The sweater was strategically planned; the shirt I was wearing underneath was not appropriate in any setting outside of a porn movie. It was actually a halter top, with one extremely thin strap holding it up. The lacy part that showed above the sweater was pretty much all there was to the top. The bottom hem ended right underneath my breasts; the heavy bottom part of them hung out from below the shirt. The material was almost sheer, and I wasn’t wearing a bra. The material rubbing against my breasts made the small pink nipples harden. Just that feeling alone got me a little excited.

As we drove towards the restaurant in James’ van, I was extremely nervous about what could happen. Never in my life had I done anything this crazy or sexual; even the skirt was out of character for me. Unfortunately, I was the one who knew where the restaurant was, and because I was too nervous to remember to give James directions, we got a little lost. We found casino siteleri ourselves on a deserted road; James started to get stressed out, and I noticed he was speeding. A lot. Just as I was about to tell him to slow down, I saw flashing lights in the rearview mirror. Busted. It was a cop.

James pulled over, slamming his hands against the steering wheel. I looked out the back window and saw the police officer was a woman. A very attractive woman, with wavy brown hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail. Her uniform shirt stretched across her breasts forming two lines of pulled material that accentuated both her chest and her small waist. I involuntarily squeezed my crossed legs together, and suddenly realized that I was a little wet. A little attracted to this woman. My face flushed with embarrassment. I had never been attracted to a woman before. I felt my nipples harden a little more. Reaching my hand down to my lap and slightly stroking, I gathered all my bravery, turned to James and told him “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll handle this.”

I don’t know what my plan was, or how I would “handle this.” But when James rolled down the window and the officer stated “License and registration, please” an idea formed in my head. It was lame, but it was worth a try.

“That’s a beautiful accent! Where are you from?” I exclaimed, leaning towards the window. My lace shirt pulled down a little, giving a clearer view of my cleavage. I uncrossed my legs, my clitoris pulsing. The officer smiled, showing her perfect teeth, leaned down to the window, and looked at me. Her gaze lingered for a minute, moving down for a second to my breasts.

“Alabama. Where are y’all from?” She sucked in her bottom lip a little, completely ignoring James. I felt my thong get wetter. I shifted in my seat, uncomfortable and excited all at the same time.

“Oh, we’re just from the city back there. Born and raised! My name’s Lisa, what’s yours?” I reached across James and gave the woman officer my hand. In order to keep my balance, I placed my hand on James’ thigh, and felt a slight bulge. I smiled more broadly. He was turned on.

“Why, I’m Kendra. Very pleased to meet you, Lisa.” She stared right into my eyes, still holding onto my hand. Her eyes were an amazing blue, a light blue, so light it was like you could see through them, almost like looking through a glass window at the ocean. I was enamored. I wanted to touch her. I wanted her to touch me. And I wanted James to watch.

The woman officer slowly let go of my hand, letting it slide through her perfectly manicured fingers. Fingers I wanted to feel on me, inside of me. She bit her bottom lip and looked down, then glanced back up at me through her thick eyelashes. Damn.

“Ma’am, can you get out of the car please?” She stood back up and tugged on the bottom of her uniform shirt, causing her breasts to move imperceptibly. I glanced at James, ran my hand down my breasts and to my lap, then down the side of my thigh. He nodded, eyes wide. I held myself back from jumping out of the car and running to the driver’s side. Instead, I slid down the car seat a little to push my skirt higher up my thigh and opened the car door. As I got out, I made sure my skirt rode up enough so that the officer could see the bottom of my lacy underwear. I looked canlı casino over my shoulder at James. His eyes were bulging almost as much as his pants. I smiled and licked my lips, then slowly walked over to the driver’s side, swaying my hips as I moved.

“I’m afraid I need to search you.” The officer looked at me carefully, as if trying to decide if I was on the same wavelength as her. I was. I definitely was. In response, I giggled quietly, turned around, and held my hands behind me.

“I’ll be honest, I’m kind of a handful. You might want to handcuff me.” I said, without looking back. I heard the sound of metal rubbing against leather as she slid the cuffs off of her belt. I felt the cold steel on my wrists, and felt them snap shut. She then placed one hand on my hip and the other on my back, right below my neck. She bent me over the hood of the car, so my cheek was resting against the warm metal. The hand on my back slid down to my front, lightly rubbing the side of my breast. The other hand reached under my skirt, where it began caressing the material covering my wet slit. One finger slid under the lace and touched my clitoris. My hips bucked in pleasure.

The police officer moved her hand from the side of my breast and instead covered the entire thing, using her middle finger to rub my nipple until it felt as hard as a small stone inside of my shirt. She reached under the lacy material of the camisole and wrapped her hand around my breast. She paired that movement by putting her entire hand inside my thong. Two of her fingers slid inside of me and stroked inside while she used her thumb to rub my clitoris. I gasped with pleasure. Through the open window, I heard James groan, and then heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please,” I gasped, pushing my hips back and grinding them against her own, “take off the handcuffs. I want to touch you.” She paused for a moment, her fingers hesitating inside my vagina. Then she withdrew and I heard the tinkle of the handcuff keys. Soon the pressure around my wrists was released, and I whirled around to face the woman. She raised her chin and smiled at me, then took the hand that was inside me and placed it on her full lips. Her tongue flicked out and hit the tip of her fingers as she smiled at me. I reached under my skirt and slowly pulled the straps of my thong down around my knees, then stepped out of it. I tossed the wet material into the car, where it landed next to James. He gasped as it landed, and I saw that he was touching himself as he watched us.

Fueled by his response, I knelt down in front of the woman and unbuttoned her pants. As I pulled the thick blue material down, I saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and that she was as turned on as I was. She also didn’t have any pubic hair. I had never seen that before. I keep my own well trimmed, and I shave my bikini area, but seeing the smooth skin was amazing. I was nervous, though; I had never touched another woman. I thought back to a porn I saw in high school, one that had excited me more than anything in the past. I imagined the two women in that video and what they had done. Thinking of that inspired me; I leaned forward and licked her wet clit. She moaned and began unbuttoning her uniform shirt. I wrapped my lips around her kaçak casino and sucked in, then lifted my hand and put three of my fingers inside of her. She felt so tight against me that I was momentarily surprised. I looked up at her and saw that her entire top half was exposed, and only her hands massaging her brown nipples, which were pointed up, supported her huge breasts.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I stood up, grabbed her hand, and opened the sliding door of James’ van. I pulled her inside and pushed her down against the tan carpeting. I kissed her once, sliding my tongue inside her mouth and running it against her teeth. She grabbed my hands and cupped them against her breasts. Lifting my head up, I looked at her and nodded my head towards James. She smiled and nodded.

“James, we could use you back here.” He didn’t hesitate; he literally jumped over the seat. Both the woman and I reached over and ripped down his already unzipped pants and boxers. His hardened penis quivered, and I grabbed his ass and pulled his hips towards me. I wrapped my mouth around him and took him in as far as I could, feeling the top of his balls against my bottom lip. As my tongue flicked against the underside of him, feeling the pulsating veins, I felt a mouth hit my slit. Three hands reached up against my breasts and one held my butt in place. I moaned, feeling James’ penis vibrate in my mouth. My skirt was hiked up around my hips and my sweater was off. The camisole was lifted up around shoulders.

Just before I orgasmed, and I’m sure just before James did, I stood up off the officer’s face. I lay back down, opened my legs so my boyfriend could get a full look at my wet pussy, and pulled his penis towards me. As soon as he got the hint and entered me, I motioned to the woman, who put her vagina against my face. I folded my fingers down against her breasts, rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. She squealed in pleasure. At that sound, James began thrusting even harder, pulling his penis almost all the way out before burying it back inside even deeper than before. I wrapped my legs around him, tightening my thighs against his. His thrusts got faster and harder, and he began to groan. Knowing the signs of his oncoming orgasm, and my own orgasm being so close, I tightened my vaginal walls against his thrusts, clenching his penis almost in place. He screamed against the pressure. My orgasm came fast and hard, and I tightened even harder because of it. Suddenly, I felt him explode. The combination of our orgasms caused me to suck in hard against the officer’s clitoris. She shouted out loud, and I felt a gush against my face as she orgasmed too. We all collapsed against one another in a knot of naked bodies. I was covered in sweat and cum. I’d never felt so satisfied in my life.

The woman officer got up, her breasts heaving, and reached outside the van to gather her clothing. As she got dressed on the road, she turned and looked inside the van. “I guess I’ll let you folks off this time.” She winked as she buttoned the final button against her breasts. She turned on her heel and got into her car. She drove off, leaving James and I naked and panting.

We sat in the van for almost an hour, unable to think of anything except what had just happened to us. Finally, James looked at me and smiled. “I’ll tell you, I have never done that before.” I grinned and looked up at the ceiling of the mini-van, thoughts of future rendezvous running through my head.

“Don’t worry, James. I’m sure the best is yet to come.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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