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All the sorority houses on campus had variations to the one I am about to reveal to you. This is just a glimpse into the misconception of one certain sorority and fraternity widely overlooked on campus.

Jaime awoke with a start on Wednesday morning or Hump Day as it is widely known throughout the world. It is called this normally because it was halfway through the workweek and school week for all the western civilization. Jaime’s sorority though, had taken the meaning to a whole new level. The girl’s of Gamma Alpha Pi or GAP as they were known, had a fresh outlook on how to stimulate their brother fraternity on this day. Although they may have the previously mentioned Greek names, their sorority had a better name they used behind these closed doors. It was Give Away Pussy.

Jaime slowly slipped out from her bed and looked out the window, she noticed the grounds outside covered in snow and was immediately excited by the prospect of classes being closed today of all days during the week. She sat down at her computer and went to the campus homepage and was greeted by a message of class closings. It seems the campus had received a foot of snow late last night and early this morning and the snow was still falling. Jaime opened the door to her room and walked across the hall to her best friend Heather’s room. She didn’t knock, just went in and jumped on the bed.

“Get up sleepy head,” Jaime giggled. Heather the petite raven haired president of the sorority rubbed the sleep from her eyes and groggily replied, “What is it Jaime, I don’t have class until noon today.” The glint in Jaime’s eye told her that something was up and the girl quickly filled her in. “So,” Jaime started, “I think today dear pledge master and sister that we force Brenda into completing the last of her trials as a pledge.” Jaime’s eyes lit up and she was giddy already having been forced to wait a month and a half to get that new little pledge into finishing her tasks and getting initiated into the sorority.

Brenda had come to the college on a full academic scholarship and like most of the other girls in the sorority house she had a high IQ and was quiet and mousy at the start. She had been dressing down since the day she started to develop and she had concentrated on her studies instead of boys.

It was the same with almost every girl here. Not always the body, but the intelligence level was extremely high. These were the nerdy girls no one wanted to date in high school that seemed too shy to have fun and yet once in college they somehow managed to get the same high marks in classes and yet unleash the sexual potency all the other girls had managed to gain in high school. Some of the girls here were still shy but once they were a member of GAP they also were sluts to their brother fraternity at least one day a week if not more.

Jaime slid up on the bed and cupped Heather’s face in her hand and gave her a quick peck on the lips, avoiding a morning kiss due to that nasty morning breath. She slowly lowered the covers though and slipped underneath them with her friend and ran her hand up the girl’s body. “Do you know what day it is sweetie,” she asked as she cupped a firm breast and teased the nipple. “Of course,” Heather purred as she stretched out and arched her back, pushing her tit into Jaime’s hand, “it’s hump day.”

The girls lay in bed for a while softly rubbing each other until the phone rang next to the bed. Jaime giggled and ran her fingers over Heather’s tight little ass as she reached for the phone. “Hello this czech experiment porno is Heather can I help you?” Heather smiled down at Jaime as she flicked her tongue up and down over her soft flesh. Jaime kissed her ass and teased her fingers inside the wet pussy of her sorority sister as she listened to one side of the phone conversation.

“OK, that sounds great Chad, we will be over with her in about two hours or so,” she paused twirling her fingers in her hair as she mouthed “the boys are ready” to Jaime. “Yes, Chad, just make sure everything is prepared on your end.” With that she hung up the phone.

“Chad said that they were up early and prepared the house for our weekly visit and that new hunky pledge was ready to submit to our whims all day.” She grinned and pushed Jaime away slightly, “Sweetie we have to go get Brenda up and prepared she has a long, long day ahead of her.” With a quick sigh and kiss Jaime jumped from the bed and ran across the hall to jump in the shower herself and get ready.

Twenty minutes later the girls met in the hallway and wearing only the barest of essentials now, they walked into Brenda’s room. Heather was wearing a red leather halter top and matching skirt and thigh high boots. That was all to her ensemble, no panties, no bra, and no jewelry. She was the sororities president after all and she had to look the part today. Jaime on the other hand was wearing her favorite hump day outfit. Her little plaid skirt and a white sheer blouse that hid nothing of her ample breasts and dark aureolas. Under her skirt was the tiniest of thongs that could be ripped away with a tiny velcro patch on her hip.

For Brenda though it had been decided that today she would be the bubbly cheerleader all the boys had always wanted in high school but never touched or gotten near unless they happened to be tutoring them. It was the classic red and white skirt and sweater. Her C cup tits would be proudly pushing against the sweater without a bra and the spanky they had her wear was slit at the crotch it had a single word across the ass that said “Slut.”

“Brenda, Wake up dear,” they cooed in unison, giddy with excitement already. Brenda woke up slowly and then smiled. She had after all, been just that cheerleader in high school but she had also been what the boys called a nerd, and cocktease. She had one of the best bodies of any of the pledges or sorority sisters, but she was just shy and too concerned with school rather than her sexual urges. She wanted a boy to like her for her mind not her body.

Brenda sat up and stretched out, she made no move to cover her nakedness from the two girls as the cover slipped off her torso. Her large breasts, ripe and perky on her chest and her nipples grew erect at the cold rush of air. She had been forced recently to break her cherry with a cucumber while all the sisters had watched her and she had actually loved it. Finally being free of that hymen would allow her to not fear the first time as much anymore.

“Well, dear Brenda, pledge hopeful,” Jaime said, “today is the day you either join us or you are cut from the sorority.” Heather was quick to add, “But it all depends on how or rather who you do and how well you do them.” Both girls giggled as Brenda gave a contrived smile. She had been looking forward to this but also dreading it with some degree of fear. She wondered how it would feel to be fucked by a man. Little did she know it wasn’t going to be just one man.

Brenda agreed and rushed to get ready czech first porno video throwing on her school sweater and her cheerleading outfit. She put her hair up in pigtails and then walked out of the bathroom and presented herself to her pledge master and sorority president. The girls looked at her and then each other. “The boys are gonna love you sweetie,” Heather smirked.

An hour or so later fifteen of the sorority sisters were climbing out of their van, packed in like sardines, but happy to be there and together. It was a sight to the male counterparts in their brother fraternity as the girls each stepped out of the van. Lastly came Brenda all dolled up and ready for some fun.

Once inside the entryway many of the girls paired off with a brother or two for some afternoon fun. While Jaime and Heather led Brenda to the top of the stairs to the pledge master and frat president’s room. Each step made Brenda’s tummy flutter but she was going to become a sister no matter what happened. Heather rapped on the door and entered with Brenda and Jaime in tow.

“Hello Chad dear,” Heather quipped, reaching out and stroking Chad beneath his black silk robe, “I see the tiger is ready to attack the kitten already,” she laughed. Chad kissed her and thought briefly about tossing her to the bed and fucking her right here and now but he knew today’s agenda wouldn’t allow for that just yet perhaps after everything else had been done she would be able to return to his room for some Hump day fun.

“Chad, Chad, Chad,” she giggled pulling away, “what am I going to do with you.” “Well, baby, I think later you can answer your own question. But for now I think everything is prepared, Jared is down in his room tied to the bed as you requested and he will be a happy little slave to his Mistress for the day.”

Chad’s cock was already stirring and tenting the robe around his cock. Brenda although scared was more than prepared to start the final phase of her initiation and she stepped out from behind Jaime and sauntered over to Chad. She dropped to her knees and looked over her shoulder as she reach beneath his robe and pulled out his immense cock. Her eyes locked on Heather’s she told her, “I will not fail you Mistress, go tend to your slave for the day.” Heather waited a moment to watch as Brenda, who even though the girl had limited experience had gusto. Brenda pulled open the robe and stroked Chad’s hard cock as she inched forward on her knees and kissed the bulbous cockhead before her.

She licked the shaft slowly up and down before swirling her tongue over the head and lapping up the copious amounts of precum waiting for her to taste building on it. Brenda teased and licked until Chad grabbed her head and forced her to wrap her hot little lips around his cock. With an inch or two in he pumped slowly and then stuffed the rest in her hot little mouth as he held her head down.

Brenda held her breath and sucked hard as Chad wrapped his hands in her hair. She knew that he was going to fuck her mouth and she wanted him to. More than she had realized before and she knew she was going to be the slut that all the sisters told her she would become after today. It was apparent already at the pleasure she was getting just from giving Chad head.

Suddenly things changed though and she felt Tyrone, the black pledge master behind her. She had all but forgotten he was in the room by his silence. But here he was now behind her. Brenda felt the man’s strong hands flipping her czech game porno pleated skirt up and her spanky being ripped away. She wanted to protest, she had thought she was just here to fuck Chad and only Chad today. But it was suddenly apparent that something more was planned.

Tyrone slipped his hand into the back of Brenda’s spanky and ripped them off of her tearing at the side seams. “Yes, that’s right baby,” he said in his deep baritone voice, “I am going to fuck that pink pussy of yours until you can’t walk.” Brenda was fearful and also soaked with his statement, she wanted to be stuffed full of cock but she also had to try and save some dignity. This situation seemed to present her the perfect opportunity for both. She could resist a bit but still get filled up with cock with her moral standing would remain intact.

She reached back between her legs and tried to cover her bare pussy from Tyrone’s fingers but he just slapped her hands out of the way and slid two big fingers into her well lubricated hole. Chad meanwhile was pounding in and out of the blonde sexpot’s little mouth. His balls were slapping her chin with each thrust and he was nearing his release. “This little slut has the mouth of a goddess T,” he said to his frat brother.

Tyrone was satisfied with the wetness of Brenda and decided it was time to get inside her pretty little cheerleader pussy. He dropped his shorts and stroked his hard shaft a few times before nudging head just inside her pussy. The pouty outer lips of her cunt stretched out and swallowed him in.

Brenda moaned onto Chad’s cock as Tyrone pushed the fat cockhead inside her virginal cunt. She didn’t know how big he was exactly but she was hoping there was a lot more man meat to be stuffed if it continued to feel this good. That’s when he grabbed her hips and pulled her back as the length of his 8 inch penis buried itself in her moist hole. He thrust hard three or four times and waited letting her adjust to the size and penetration.

“MMM,” she moaned. Brenda’s mouth was still sliding up and down over Chad as he facefucked her when she felt his cock start to swell and cut off her air supply as he shoved it down her throat. She swallowed and as her throat muscles contracted around his cock he blasted off a load into her throat and straight down into her stomach. She missed the first taste but pulled her head back and continued sucking for a moment or two as he pulsed and shot another load into her waiting mouth.

Tyrone was pumping deep inside her and could feel the tight walls surrounding his cock as he thrust over and over again. Within a minute or two her pussy was convulsing around his shaft. Tyrone felt the overwhelming desire to cream inside her but his lubricant would suffice somewhere else just as good.

Chad pulled out of her mouth and stood there with a content smile on his face. “Brenda I think you will be a welcome addition to your sorority,” he panted, still recovering from his orgasm. His cock was still hard and he knew there was still one last hole to be filled and this was his favorite job as frat president. He reached down and pulled up the sweater Brenda was wearing before thumbing and pinching her nipples. As they became rock hard she thrust her hips back against Tyrone meeting him thrust for thrust.

Tyrone moaned, “Here it comes slut get ready.” Brenda was in a constant state of orgasm right now feeling stuffed full of cock and that’s when Tyrone shot the first load inside her pussy. As soon as the first jet let loose inside her pussy Tyrone pulled out and blasted a shot onto her pink rosebud asshole. He jerked the rest of his cum out all over her asshole and slid his fingers against the bud as Chad came around to join him, leaving Brenda on her hands and knees and waiting for more cock.

More to come soon if feedback warrants it.

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