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Is a looker. I have known them both for years. Long enough we can all sit and talk about nothing, share old stories, and banter for hours. I stay with them whenever I happen to be back in the old stomping grounds. They are great people.

She is five foot ten, probably one-sixty-ish. She is not a small lady but she has all the right curves. She is an active woman owning a muscular, defined set legs supporting a set of hips you just want to grab hold of. A thin midsection leads to a set of glorious tits. I have no idea what size they are but they must be 36C, maybe D. They are always supported by a Wonderbra and she keeps them high, slightly separated, with just even showing to make you stare. There rounded tops divided by a soft canyon hiding delicious nipples. But more about them later.

Her dark hair is cut short; hanging just to the shoulder with a slight inward curl. It frames a round face with deep dark blue eyes. A set of high cheekbones extends a smile across her face. Full lush lips give her mouth an inviting look, a look which makes every man wonder what they would look like wrapped around their cock. It doesn’t help she is meticulous about her appearance and loves ruby red lipstick.

But back to her tits. I have tried to see them. Yes I have tried but she keeps them under guard. Even her bathing suits are padded and supportive. When they were married in Mexico she padded around the hotel pool in a Bikini. It held up her tits, perfectly placed, and only showing what she allowed. Even stretched out on a lounge chair no nipples. I was forced to imagine them; smarties, probably light brown, and begging to be suckled and nuzzled.

The suit did show off her awesome ass and grab me hips. I had to be careful not to get catch ogling as she pulled the fabric out of ass or adjusted her tits. I spent lots of time in the pool nursing a raging boner.

The site of her lounging on her back; tits in the air, gentle crease of pussy lips, and the sight of a stray cunt hair poking out, gave me spank material for a month.

Sadly she is my friend and my friend’s wife. Off limits!

Or so I thought.

I was stuck in the city on business, over a weekend with nothing to do. My flight home had been delayed due to the weather and then canceled due to worse weather. Finally when I thought it leave the airport shut down. Seems airplanes can’t fly in blizzards, who knew?

So there I was hanging out in the big city with nothing to do but hide from a blizzard and watch my week long hunting trip vanish in the snow. I was supposed to be landing right now, grabbing my gear and heading out on an ice fishing trip. Well maybe the guys would wait; right and maybe the closet in my hotel room is really a teleporter.

At least the hotel room was nice. I ended up with a suite. King size bed, balcony, and an ocean view you couldn’t see. The airport closure had left a room shortage and I received the free upgrade.

What to do? It is only five o’clock and I am bored. I fire up the internet and check the email, send some notices about being stuck, check the news, confirm the horrid weather, and log into crack-book.

Up comes my profile and what do I see, those wonder tits are stuck pendik escort here in same blizzard, in the same city.

Profile reads: Flight canceled due to the weather, can’t find a place to stay. Hotels all full. Send from my mobile device.

Well only one option here. I grab my cell and punch in her number. Ringing, Ringing, Ringing;

“Hey, hows things?”

“Well sitting in a king size hotel room bed watching my weekend plans disappear with a blizzard. Hear you are looking for a place to stay?” I try and keep my voice calm, don’t want to sound too excited.

Insert invitation “Why don’t you come and share my room with me? I’m hanging my hat at the Regent on Main. Have you had dinner yet?”

She pauses before answering me; weighting options “Sure, let me grab a cab and will see you in a few. Dinner sounds great I’m starving.”

Next thing you know she is knocking at the door. She enters, dragging a small carry-on and tote bag. Dressed in a tight pair of jeans and blouse, her tits perfect as always.

“Thanks. I was starting to think I would have to sleep at the airport.” She said.

“No problem, like I wouldn’t share. Let’s go get some dinner.”

Down to the restaurant. As we share dinner, swapping stories, laughing at old stories. She regales me tales of her husband and our mutual friends I haven’t seen in a while. The whole time I try to maintain eye contact with those tits right across the table.

We end up sitting in the restaurant for a couple hours; dinner, dessert, and coffee. I grab the bill;

“My treat. I make more than you anyway.” I offer.

“No, let me get it. You already paid for the room.” The counteroffer.

“Nope. My treat. I insist. You can get the next one. Plus I stay with you guys whenever I head out your way.” Check paid.

Still laughing over some out story we head up to the room. Getting into the elevator she slips on the door track and falls into me. We end up against the back wall, her glorious tits squished up against me.

“Oops, sorry.” She looks embarrassed, face turning slightly red.

“It happens.” I reply, holding on to her to extend the feeling of her tits against me.

I release her as she gets her balance back but she stays close, looking up at me…

Ding! The doors open. Damn.

We walk to room.

“I’m going to grab a shower. Then I will take the couch.” She says opening her bags rummaging for around looking for something.

“Nay, you take the bed. And leave me some hot water please.” Came my reply as I flop onto the couch and fire up the TV.

“Well we can fight over the bed later.” She states, very matter of fact and closes the bathroom door.

I hear the water and glance over at her bag. I am tempted to look for her panties. Yes, I am a little perverted, but really what man isn’t? I resist, I don’t want to get catch rooting in her laundry.

The water stops and a few minutes later she emerges wrapped in a towel. Hair dripping, holding dirty clothes in one hand and keeping her towel up with the other.

“Your turn” She says, focused on digging through her luggage.

“You leave me some hot water?” I ask.

My answer is just a look; escort pendik a quick glare from under her hair. A half evil eye half sarcastic smile. One of those looks you get when you ask a good friend a stupid question.

I grab a hot shower; contemplate rubbing one out in order to stem the build up from staring at her tits all through dinner. But I resist. Why? I don’t know.

I get out; wrap a towel around my waist realizing I have no clean clothes in the bathroom. So much for a little modesty, not the first time I have been half naked in front of her. But the first time in a hotel room. My mind quickly fills with half dissolved images of scenes from cheesy porn flicks complete with the goof ball music. My cock obviously thinks this is reality and springs to attention; ready for action.

I open the door and walk out, turning my back quickly to her to hide my slowly easing cock. Down Boy, don’t embarrass me.

“Sorry. I forgot clean clothes. Give me a second” I say heading for my suitcase. I try not to look at her. Hard to hide a raging hard on with only a towel.

“Can I ask you a question? I need your opinion on something.”

Her question seems innocent enough.

“Sure let me throw some pants on first.” I answer digging out a pair of flannel lounge pants. With my back turned to her I carefully pull on the pants and toss the towel onto the floor. As I turn around my eyes fall out of my head.

She is wearing a silk nightie. In my hotel room.

It is red in colour and comes down to mid thigh. The thin shoulder straps barely look capable of holding in her tits. Her nipples are trying to poke through the fabric, her tits stretching the top hem. Lace trim at the top almost ready to unravel. Those glorious tits seemed to spring from her chest.

She was gently drying her hair by ruffling it with her towel.

Her nipples are the size of smarties and they are staring straight at me. Erect and straining against the fabric, jiggling with the motions of her drying her hair with a towel.

Her hair is still dripping and there are droplets of water making little rivers on the tops of her breasts. Leaving little wet spots on taunt fabric.

I was speechless. My cock was instantly back to raging hard, turning my pants into a circus tent.

Before I could react she smiles at my reaction and asks her question;

“I got my husband an early Christmas present and I want your opinion. I am not sure if he will like it.” She drops her towel and pinches the edges of her nightie with her fingers and slowly lifts it up to reveal her pussy, completely hairless.

“I got my pussy waxed today. Totally Brazilian and I am not sure if he will like it.” She pinched the hem of her nightie with two fingers and slowly raised it up; adopting a slight curtsy position. Her pussy lips moving apart still damp from her shower.

My cock was straining against my pants. The engorged head trying to sneak a peak out of the single button fly.

She was smiling at me while holding her delicate position. Waiting for my answer. I was dumbfounded. How do you answer this question?

My silence was mistaken for dislike.

“You don’t like it do you?” She said, lowering pendik escort bayan her hem and turning red. A look of rejection playing across her face. She sank down to sit on the bed.

I close the distance between us, “No I love it but I need a closer look. Please show me again.”

As I get closer she slides off the bed and kneels down in front of me, looking up with starving eyes and she deliberately lowers on skinny shoulder strap at a time freeing her tits. They bounce softly has they come free, her light brown nipples surrounded by perfectly circular areola. Absolutely faultless tits.

I try to say something, anything, but my vocal cords are frozen. Not even a grunt, a groan, a squeak, can get out.

She places her right hand on balls gently cupping them and uses her fingers to push my rigid cock to my stomach. She looks up and gives me the look again, the evil eye mixed with sarcasm. Only this time I see mischief and lust.

With her left hand she hooks the waist band of my pants and pulls them down over my cock. My cock tries to spring free but her fingers enclose it, squeezing, slowly stroking as she guides it to her luscious lips. Her lips plant a sweet kiss to the underside of my cock head while she pushes my pants to my ankles.

“Cum on my big beautiful tits. I know you love my tits. I see you staring at them all the time. Now cover them with your cum!” She grabs my cock with one hand and swallows it in between her lips. Pumping my cock she tucks her free arm under her tits and lifts them up, cradling them with the crook of her arm, forcing them together.

Soon I am pistoning my cock in and out of her hot mouth, her lips massaging my cock with each stroke. She lets go of my cock and grabs my ass, holding my hips still and deep throats me; her tongue rasping my balls.

She holds me in her steamy mouth for an eternity before slowly releasing me inch by inch. With each inch the suction around my head increases, her tongue swirls circles on my swollen head, the intense feeling of her tongue brings the pressure of my balls to boil. With practiced motions she uses her pouty lips to squeeze my cock while her tongue focuses on my over-sensitive cock head.

I feel the pressure in my balls building, my cock swells, entrapped in her hot mouth.

Slick with her saliva, her fist pummels me while she sucks my engorged head. She must have felt the sudden release, popping my cock out of her mouth she pumps my cum onto her tits.

One, two, three blasts of hot, sticky, pearly white cum lands onto her tits; her hand a flurry of motion, extracting every last drop. She stops pumping and squeezes, holding the last orgasmic contraction; my body tenses, ready to physically blow apart.

My white cream lays splattered on the tops of her tits, leaking down into the soft crevasse. Licking the last drop of sperm off my cock she moans and releases me from her grip. Still looking up at me she rubs my cum into her tits.

“You cum feels so nice on my tits. So warm, so silky. I love cum on my tits.” She purrs, rubbing cum into her nipples.

Slowly she gets up, still massaging cum into her tits. Looking into my eyes she uses her finger to scoop up a dollop of cum decorating her chest and sucks it off.

“Mmmm, you are so sweet. Get some rest while I go wash up. The weather is supposed to be bad all weekend and you still haven’t told me if you like the look of my pussy yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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