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I run into you in Harvard Square. I haven’t seen you in ages, and can’t believe how sexy you look with your new haircut. I cut a dashing figure in my black wool pants, blue shirt, and brown jacket. We say hello. I’m in town for a conference, was going to look you up. You prim your hair a bit, and I know you’re glad to see me … I brazenly suggest you skip work today, and come with me to my hotel room. You stumble over your words, stunned at so brazen a suggestion. Then a “yes” escapes your lips, and we are off in a cab for my hotel downtown.

The cab stops at the Four Seasons, and you turn to grin at me, surprised that I should be staying in so luxurious a place, but eager to see just what those rooms are like. We walk quickly and silently to the elevator, where I take you in my arms just as the door closes. I kiss you deeply, invading your mouth with my tongue, so eager to penetrate you in every way. The door opens. We quickly separate, but you can feel your panties start to get moist as others file into the elevator. You wonder if they can tell from the blush on your cheeks that you’re aroused, that you’re eager to get fucked. You feel your nipples harden under your bra, and watch as the numbers climb to my floor.

The doors open and we go out, immediately embracing as they close again. Did I grab you to me too quickly? Did the people on the elevator see us? I smile, and take you by the hand to my room at the end of the hall. The door opens to reveal a stunning view of the Common, and a large, comfortable bed nearby. You go to it, and feel how soft the comforter is, as I take up the phone and mumble some things to room service.

I turn to you smiling. You look so sexy in your white blouse and skirt, ready for work. So professional. I look alluring in my blue shirt, which I start to unbutton a bit as my eyes draw you near. tuzla escort You stroll towards me, unbidden and full of desire. I take my hands from my shirt to your blouse and unbutton it a bit as I stare into your eyes, wondering what they will look like when you are full of my cock, when you are cumming as I shoot deep, deep inside you.

I can feel my cock hardening in my pants as my hands wander down your body, grazing lightly over your breasts and pausing at your hips, pulling you toward me. You can feel me getting hard for you, and you grin mischievously as our faces draw ever closer. We can feel each other’s breath as my hands slide down your thighs, pulling up your skirt. You feel a bit exposed, but so eager to have me inside you. Our lips meet, and we kiss lightly as my hands slip under your skirt, cupping your ass.

Suddenly, I turn you around, so that you’re facing the window, the city laid out before you. You instinctively grab the railing in front of the window as I caress your ass, your thighs, slowly coming down to my knees behind you. You feel me unzip your skirt, and it drops to the floor. You step out of it, and spread your legs a little wider than they had been.

I run my tongue along your neck, your hair pulled back, as I cup your ass with both hands, feeling its softness through the delicious texture of your black pantyhose. I kneel behind you and kiss, caressing your ass and legs. You close your eyes to enjoy the sensations. You feel me tear your hose open between your legs, and feel my fingers slide in, caressing your pussy lips through your panties. They’re so silky, and getting moister all the time as my hot breath seeps through them to your damp cunt.

I step away. You stay where you are, assuming I am undressing, getting ready for you. Then you hear a voice. You turn, startled, to see that room service tuzla escort bayan has come in with a bottle of champagne and a jug of orange juice. The handsome young man is shocked to see you there, in your blouse and hose, your shoes still on, looking like you’re about to get fucked. He eyes you up and down, wanting you, as you stand there, too surprised and embarassed to cover yourself up. I clear my throat, and he brusquely takes the tip I’m offering him, and hurries out.

You eye me angrily, when I suddenly and roughly take you in my arms again, kissing you passionately as I pull you to me. I stifle your protests with my kisses, and slowly you realize how exciting it has been to be on display for a moment, to have had a stranger know, without doubt, that you were here this morning for one reason only. You start kissing me passionately, your hands fumbling to open my shirt, and mine yours. I expose your breasts, and the lacey bra that holds them, and bring my mouth to them, sucking, kissing, biting.

Then I turn you around again. You do so eagerly, anxious to be taken in any way. You feel my hands at your wrists, tying you to the railing with silk neckties. This time you keep your eyes open, looking at the people in the streets, in the windows of other buildings, wondering whether anyone will look your way, wondering whether anyone will be able to see your face as my cock enters you for the first time that day.

You feel my hand on your pussy and you moan. I rub you through your panties. I tease your hardening clit as you moan ever more loudly. You want so much to reach up, to touch your breasts, to play with your clit, but you can’t. You struggle against your bonds as you feel me pull your panties aside and rub your hole with the head of my cock.

The world on the other side of the window is now just a dim blur as all your escort tuzla senses focus on the hard, warm, rod that is slowly thrusting into you, gradually stretching you, little by little filling you. You press back against me, wanting me inside, and I grab your hips, pulling you onto me.

We fuck passionately, grinding into each other, still partially dressed, in full view of whomever cares to look up. It feels like the eyes of all Boston are on you as your orgasm builds, as your wetness drips down your legs, soaking your pantyhose. I can’t believe the textures. Your hose against my hands, your panties rubbing against my cock and balls as I fuck you deep and hard. My arms aroudn you, playing with your clit, your tits, still clad in lace. You feel your body start to tighten, then to quiver.

Screaming, you explode before the window, the city. You feel my cum squirt into you deep, as I pound you against the window. Your tits and face pressed against it, you open your eyes and revel in how exposed you are. I pull out, and you feel my cum run out of you and down your legs.

Later, you dress and do your best to cover up the tears and stains in your hose. The room is a mess. The fine sheets on the bed crumpled with sweat and cum. I lie there spent, with the taste of your cunt still on my lips, my cock still wet with your juices and mine, as I watch you put yourself together. The remains of our mimosas, and of lunch, and of dinner, sit on the table. I stand to kiss you, to embrace you, and we say our goodbyes.

From the lobby, you can see how dark it’s gotten outside, and you peek out to see if the cab we called has arrived. The bellboy that brought us our drinks is still working. He’s off to the side, glancing at you and whispering to his friend. You smile at him impishly, and he smiles back, meekly, embarassed. You walk up to him, take out one of your cards, and hand it to him. He takes it, incredulous, as you turn away quickly. Over your shoulder, you throw him one last smile, knowing you will be back at the Four Seasons soon. Very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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