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The late evening sun sends rays of slowly deepening red and pink light shooting in through the big bay windows of the bedroom, coloring the walls, the bed, and your lovely skin. You stand framed in the window, watching the sun. Your hair is tied up in a sleek ponytail; a string of pearls, shining pinkish in the sunset, lays gently around your smooth neck. A thin black dress cups and caresses your body; I especially admire the way it clings to your hips, the hem stopping just a few inches below your awesomely cute ass. You smell heavenly. I’ve taken off my jacket, leaving me in black slacks and white dress shirt, which is unbuttoned, halfway after removing my tie. We’re just back from the concert, and my eyes are drawn irresistibly to you; you turn your head and grin, knowing my thoughts after watching you flirt shamelessly with many of the best-looking men there, giving one a flash of nipple, another a flash of thigh, another the grazing of sweet breast on his arm as you brush past…I’m lusting just thinking about it.

You breathe deeply as you hear the soft rustle of clothing as I remove my shirt, the sound of my zipper, pants falling to the floor, socks being flicked aside. You sense, then feel, me close behind you, lips nuzzling your neck, a nibble on the ear, hot breath on your shoulder, hands gripping your waist. I reach down to your thighs and slide my hands slowly up, taking the little dress with them. bursa escort The rich red light climbs up your body as I remove the dress over your up-stretched arms, gazing at your full breasts cupped sweetly in your bra raised upwards with your arms. I feel my cock lengthening downward, stretching, feeling heavy…I press into you, and you feel my shaft pressing slightly into your butt, and a groan of pleasure escapes as I feel you grind your ass back into my crotch, you smiling wickedly.

My hands quickly undo your bra, and it slips off to the floor, and I move in front of you as you cup your breasts up, offering…I take…into my mouth…feeling them swell as you breathe…my hands trace your ribs, the swell of your hips, and rest on your cheeks, pulling you into me as my mouth travels upward, hungrily searching for your lips and tongue, sucking it into mine…You pull away suddenly, falling onto the bed, arms over your head and legs slightly apart. Again, my gaze is drawn irresistibly to your body, your belly, your thighs, the very thin fabric of you panties stretched tightly over your full mound…you smile as you notice my cock twitching under my shorts (which I pull off now). As my cock is freed, pre-cum drips out of the tip, and you feel a bolt of electricity shoot through as you watch me milk my cock and suck the pre-cum off of my now shiny fingers. In turn, then, you arch your back, making me want you bursa escort bayan even more if that’s possible…

I tell you to close your eyes, and you then feel the bed move as I move onto it. I ask you to breathe deeply, and you then smell the sweet scent of chocolate, and then strawberries, as I’ve bitten the tip off a chocolate covered strawberry and am now lightly rubbing the rest of the red fruit on your left nipple, circling, twisting, pressing…I move the fruit up to your lips and watch as you use your lips, tongue and teeth on the berry. I lower my head to you nipple, and you begin to feel the tugging, licking, and sucking. I get another berry and watch as you slowly eat this one whole, then kissing you deeply, tasting berry, chocolate, and your lust. My kisses travel south, grazing your belly, open mouth now on the top of your mound…you gasp as hot breath is poured onto your pussy through your panties…I move them to one side, inhaling your scent…your legs widen…I open my mouth wide and take your whole pussy into my mouth, my lips munching gently, mashing your lips, my tongue flicking up and down your slick center, my hand on you lower belly telling me all I need to know…

I feel pressure on my head as your hand pushes me into you, and I respond in kind, sucking your lips out, finding your core, teasing your clit and then mashing the flat of my tongue onto it…you run your fingers escort bursa through my hair, and I hear your sounds…you come strongly, shuddering, clenching, and finally laughing and pushing me away as it becomes too much…You pull me up to you and taste of yourself on my tongue…I rise, kneeling, and fish something out of the bedside drawer, and you watch with delight as I stretch an elastic rubber ring over my cock and then over my balls…Immediately my cock stands out stiffer than before, balls prominently displayed, pre-cum sliding down my shaft. You grab the shaft, sliding the pre-cum all over, and begin to run your hand slowly up and down, teasing, twisting the purple head, looking directly into my eyes as you silently mouth “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Smiling, I turn you over onto your knees and quickly spread your legs…you feel my cock teasing the entrance of your pussy just before I slide my entire shaft into you in one smooth motion. I love the way your pussy feels different in this position, and I begin to do as you say, slowly then faster, sliding my cock in to the hilt then out all the way, then in to the hilt, feeling your muscles clench around me, the fingers of one hand pulling the nipple of one of your beautifully swaying breasts,…soon I whisper thickly “I want to come, T, I want to come now, I want to come in you…” and I can’t stop it now, loving the way you respond and rock back into me as I explode into you, pulsing hot streams into you before shuddering to a stop, panting, feeling your ass slick against me, leaning down to cover your mouth with luscious kisses… Man, what a great end to a great evening out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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