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About 3-4 months ago I teased with the idea but this time it went further. Every word of this is true.

I’m a 32 year old married male. I get my hair cut by a friend that is also married. My wife and I will invite her and her husband over for dinner and then she will cut my hair.

Our house is laid out where we have a large great room that includes the kitchen and the living room. After dinner we spread a sheet down in the middle of the kitchen floor and I sit in a chair for my hair cut.

I was sitting in the chair and my female friend was cutting my hair. My wife and my friends husband were in the next room watching TV. I was looking directly at them but due to the countertop/bar being in the way they could not see anything below her waist. She was wearing baggy white shorts, like oversize gym shorts. She’s about 5’6″, and she works out at a gym once or twice a week so she’s got a good bod. I’ve always loved checking her out.

As she is reaching up cutting my hair I had my arms by my side. Her legs would brush against the back of my arms occasionally. I started making sure they brushed more and more. Her legs were very smooth. I found out a long time ago (we’ve been friends for about 12 years) that she shaves her legs every day.

I kept stroking her legs with the back of my arms and the back of my hands. I stroked casually at first, then with more deliberation as she stood by my side. She stayed very still and I became braver. She stepped forward so I could wrap my hand around the back of her calf. My fingers were just below her knee. I touched lightly now, cupping the back of her knee. bursa escort She cut slower and I became braver.

I slid my fingers higher now, she knew what I was doing and stepped a bit more in front of me. She kept her hands up but quit cutting my hair. I looked at her and she had her eyes closed. I let my fingers drift up the back of her thigh now until I felt the hem of her shorts. I then made up and down stroking movements on the back of her thigh. Every time I went up I went a bit higher.

The leg opening of her shorts allowed me to go up her leg with almost no interference. I went about an inch or so higher with each stroke. I was VERY turned on and could hear my heart beating in my ears. She kept her eyes closed but was breathing hard out of her nostrils. She seemed to almost be quivering. I slid my hand around the front of her so my hand was sliding between her legs now. I kept the up and down motion going.

Finally I felt my index finger brush against her panties at the top of my hand motion. I went back down and brushed harder against her panties. She moaned softly, I was so glad the TV was on in the other room. She was almost facing me which means she was facing directly away from my wife and her husband in the other room, they too were facing the other way watching TV. I brushed higher now, hitting the crotch of her panties harder with each brush. I did this about 10 times and then I stopped my hand at the top, pushing the side of my index finger into her panty mound. I tried to push my way in-between her pussy lips but it was difficult to tell where things were with her panties stretched bursa escort bayan tight across her pubic hair. She bent her knees slightly which allowed her to spread her legs which gave me better access. I reached up with my other hand, and using my thumb, I pulled her panties to the side enough so that the index finger of my left hand could slide between her hairy pussy lips.

I wished I could see what I was feeling but that was impossible. She was very wet now and once I got my finger into her wet slit I used only my left index finger to rub her clit. She put her hands on my shoulders now for stability and she moaned with each exhaled breath. She moved her hips slightly as she ground against my finger.

I was hard as a rock under the apron and wished she could see my cock. I massaged it with my right hand while I fingered her with my left index finger. She started fucking my finger then, her motions were much more deliberate as she ground her hips against my index finger. I wanted to put my finger inside her so I pushed harder toward the back part of her slit till I felt her opening. I slid my finger in all the way and then did several in-and-out fucking motions before sliding back up to her clit. She was close to cumming and was biting her bottom lip.

I kept my pressure only on her clit now, I wanted her to cum. I wanted to fuck her, but I knew that was not possible (at this time) so I wanted to make sure she had a wonderful orgasm so she would want more of me another time when we could be alone.

I reached for her left leg and stroked her thigh as my finger continued fingering escort bursa her. I fingered harder and she was pushing hard, holding her breath most of the time now. Then it happened, she bent her knees even a bit more and squatted almost too low for me to continue fingering her. She had her legs spread wide now and she was really grinding hard. She had to keep quiet and also keep her balance but she did both wonderfully. I kept my finger inside her, and she gradually stood taller after her cum subsided.

I let my finger slide out of her and out of the leg opening of her panties and I smeared a bit of her juice on her skin as I stroked one last time down her thigh. She stood up completely, then she opened her eyes slowly and looked at me and whispered one word, “wow”.

Then she said, “thank you very much”. I replied with the cheesy answer “my pleasure”. She slowly started combing my hair with her fingers and then gradually mustered the strength to start trimming my hair again.

We smiled at each other almost giggling for the next ten minutes. Waiting for her to move her orgasmic body in front of me, I removed my left hand from under the apron, I was wearing. Slowly I inserted my glistening fingers into my waiting mouth for a quick little taste as she watched. She tasted very good, but different than my wife.

I made sure she knew I was tasting her juice and I said ‘Hmmm…’ showing that I enjoyed the flavor. She hit me and said, “you’re a naughty boy”. I noticed then that she might be a bit embarrassed about what had just transpired.

The haircut was soon over and we joined the others in watching TV. I went to the restroom first though and washed my hands so my wife would not smell our friend on my fingers. We chatted and nothing was ever said. I guess this is ‘our little secret’ and I wonder how she is feeling today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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