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You come home after a long day and decide to take a hot shower. You want to wash away the stresses of the day and soothe your tired muscles. You’re standing in the shower with the steam rising and hot water dripping over you…making shiny, wet trails all over your soft, chocolate skin. I slip in quietly behind you, my clothes shed hastily on the bathroom floor as I couldn’t wait to join you. I embrace you from behind laying my hands flat against your chest and pulling you to me. I take a moment just to enjoy the feeling of having you so close to me, breathing in your scent, feeling your hard body in my embrace. I kiss and nibble your neck as you feel my nipples against your back, already hard with anticipation of what is to come. You smile your coy smile and place your hands against mine weaving our fingers together, as you feel my soft skin against yours.

I nuzzle my face into your back and press my lips to your skin as I begin to slide my hands down your chest, over your abs…lower…and lower…until I wrap one hand firmly around your cock. I can feel that you are already starting to get hard. I pendik escort feel your body tense and then hearing you moan deeply I get so turned on. I stroke you a few times…admiring the length of you…but this is only the beginning so I release you and slide my hands around to caress your firm butt.

You turn to face me now and placing your hand firmly on by back, you pull my body against yours. You pull me so close to you that it feels like our bodies are melting together and I can feel your hard cock pressed against me. Your mouth finds mine and our tongues caress and flick against each other. I wrap my arms around your neck and a soft moan escapes my lips. I love your kisses…the soft lips…the passion I feel coming from you…and your tongue inside my mouth makes me think of having you inside me.

You pull back just a bit and cup my breasts. Kneeding them gently you take one nipple into your mouth…and then the other. Flicking and nibbling with your tongue you send chills throughout my body. I grab onto your biceps trying to hold myself together because I know there is still more pleasure to escort pendik come. You stand up now and begin to kiss all over my neck and collarbone as you reach down and rub my clit. You feel how wet I am for you already and you can’t resist placing first one finger inside me…and then two. You can feel my heart pounding and my breathing becoming labored….I can’t help but let out an “ohhhhhh” as I feel you inside me. I place my hand under your chin and lift your face to mine so that I can stare into those beautiful, deep, brown eyes. You can see the passion in my eyes and hear it in my voice when I whisper heavily “I want you to make love to me…now.”

I turn to face the shower wall and lift one leg, placing my foot on the side of the tub so that I am open for you. You slide your hands down my sides, over my hips, and cup them around my butt…taking in those curves that you love. I feel your body press against mine as you enter me from behind. We both moan in unison as our aching bodies finally come together for the love-making that they have desired. I lean forward with one hand supporting me against the pendik escort bayan wall as you thrust slowly at first and then faster and deeper. I reach down with the other hand and touch myself, rubbing my clit as I feel you coming in and out of me…filling me up again and again. As I’m growing close to climax you slowly pull out of me and turn me to face you. Our eyes meet and I am amazed by the passion, desire, and love that I see there…it takes my breathe away.

You wrap your arms around me, lifting me up onto you and I wrap one long leg around your waist. You begin to thrust faster and faster…all the way inside me. You bury your face in my neck as you hold my body to yours and I can feel you breathe deep and ragged against my skin. I know you are about to come so I let go of the climax that I’ve been fighting back. I let out a soft cry and pleasure pulses through my body all radiating toward that one spot. You feel my pussy begin to squeeze around you in wave upon wave as I’m coming and you let out a long moan as you explode inside me. We hold each other for a long moment as we are both panting with exhaustion and release. Then you slowly pull out of me and place a long sweet kiss on my lips…a kiss of satisfaction and true affection as I revel in how wonderful it feels to be so close to you…so intimate with you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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