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There they stood. Mom, dad, Seth and Jen……as much as I wanted to see my parents and my brother it was Jen I wanted to grab and hold onto as though my life depended on it. Most of us hadn’t made it off the plane before family members where running through the gate to see their soldier. To look at their faces and know they made it home safe.

Jen was standing behind my parents patiently waiting her turn. Everyone knows that we are meant to be together but the fact remained we are not married which left her at the back of the line as the “girlfriend”. After 4 years you would think she could make it to the front of the receiving line.

God knows she is what I have been waiting for.

“Brad, I have missed you.” Was the first thing I could hear when my mom finally let go of me. “I love you too mom.” No sooner did I get those words out of my mouth than my dad grabbed my hand. He had never been one for public affection. “Good to have you home son.” “It’s good to be home dad. ” “Hey Seth, miss me?” I said as I grabbed my not so little brother around the neck. “Not much big brother, but I am glad your home in one piece, but I think Jen has waited long enough.”

At the sound of her name she ran into my arms, wrapped her long legs around my waste and kissed me as though we were the only ones standing on the air strip. It had been 15 months since I left and the last thing she said was please come home.

I promised her I would.

The hardest thing I had ever done in my life was watch her stand strong and proud as my unit filed into the hanger to be deployed and when she thought I couldn’t see her she broke down.

Jen had been mine since the second grade; neither of us knew that then. She was my neighbor and my best friends little sister. Mike and I were seniors in high school when, for lack of better words Jen developed into the hottest thing at our school when she was a sophomore.

It made Mike mad as hell when she wore short skirts and tight shirts to school. No matter how much he bitched to their mom she would tell him Jen was fine and looked nice. But “mom” didn’t have to see the guys at school watch her walk down the hall, wanting some of that cute ass. We were all smart though; we didn’t touch her and sure as hell didn’t say what we were thinking around Mike.

One weekend his parents went out of town and I stayed at Mikes. Nothing new we did this all the time. When my parents are home I stay with him if mine our gone he would crash at my house. Jen always stayed at a friend’s, which left us to do as we wanted.

What Mike wanted was to pick up his girlfriend sneak her in the house and fuck till Sunday. Mike left to pick up Mindy and I manned the house. Just like every other weekend when we had one of the houses to ourselves.

I was upstairs when I heard Mike come in the back door. “Hey Mike, I’m upstairs.” No reply, nothing new. Mike and Mindy had already started their fuck fest.

When my cell rang I was surprised to see Mikes name come up, “Yeah.” “Hey Brad, we are going to party, cover for me, leave the door unlocked.” Click. What the hell, who is in the house? When I went downstairs I didn’t see anyone. Maybe it was the dog. I went back up to take a shower. “Shit” I heard someone in Jens room.

The ball bat was the closest thing to me so I grabbed it and opened her door. “Hey, who’s here?” “I’ve called the police.” Not a peep. The shower was on. I grabbed the curtain and started to swing…”What the hell are you doing here. You’re supposed to be at your friends.” “Fuck you Brad, now close the curtain ass hole.” All I could do was stare. Jen was perfect from head to toe. Long brown hair, nice tits, flat stomach and the legs that went on forever.

“Brad….Hello. Get in or shut the curtain, I’m getting cold.” Did she just say get in? “What did you say?” “Do you want to get in or not?” Hell yeah! Shit, Mike will kill me. As if she pendik escort could read my mind, “Afraid of my brother?” “No.” “Then get in you know you want to.”

I took off my shorts and jumped in, thinking what the hell am I doin? Maybe I wasn’t thinkin at that moment but Jen was. She turned towards me, took my hands poured her soap in them and said “wash me.”

When I put my hands on her shoulders she laughed and moved them to her tits. “Isn’t this what you wanted to feel?”

She was smiling at me as she slid out of my hands down to her knees. My God the shower was running down her back, down her hot little ass and I just stood there, watching her.

Watching her take my dick in one hand and tease the head with her tongue, then she took the whole thing in her mouth. I almost lost it. As I grabbed her hair to pull her up she grabbed my hand to let her go and she fucked me with her mouth till I came.

To this day that was the best head I have ever had.

Jen stood up rinsed her hair and got out of the shower. Leaving me there. She didn’t say a word. I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my waste and started for Mike’s room. Yeah right.

There she was, waiting for me. Lying on her bed, naked, rubbing her clit with one hand and pinching her nipple with the other. “Jen, I don’t think we should…” “Why, don’t you want me?” She asked me with grin on her face. “Mike would kill us both.” “So don’t tell him. He won’t be home tonight anyway.” “How do you know that?” ” I talked to Mindy. She is going to take him to a friend’s house to stay tonight.”

What the hell is happening here? Was all I could think. “What? You planned this.” “Yep, why so surprised? You have been watching me all year. Did you really think I couldn’t see you watching through your window?” Hello no he didn’t think she knew she could see him.

“Get over it Brad, do you want to come over here or stay in Mikes room by yourself?” That was all it took. She was right I had been watching her since earlier this summer. Jacking off to her had become my summer sport.

Dropping the towel I went to her bed. I was already hard as hell when she grabbed my dick and started to wrap her hand around and stroke. “You keep that up and this will be over soon.” Laughing she let go, threw her leg over me and was now straddling me. My dick could feel the heat coming from her pussy.

She was beautiful. “Brad. What do you want?” “I want to fuck you till you cum.” “MMMMMM, Then what are you waiting for?” I rolled her on her back and kissed her till her hips came off the bed. All the urging I needed, I pushed my dick in her hot wet pussy. Tighter than any girl I had ever screwed. I pushed harder. When I realized what I had just done it was too late to stop. “Are you ok Jen?” Opening her eyes, she let the few tears roll down her cheek. “I’m fine.” “I promise, it will stop hurting.” She nodded her head and I started moving slower, pushing a little deeper with each thrust. In minutes she was digging her nails into my back and raising her ass off the bed to take me in all of me.

To hear her moan and pant only made me hotter. As I picked up pace she kept up with every stroke. “When she said my name, I came in her. I could feel her cunt contracting around my dick as she finished what she had started.”

As I rolled off of her and handed her my towel I pulled her to me where we laid quietly for awhile. “Jen, why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” “Good God Brad I’m seventeen and never had a boyfriend. Would it have mattered any way?” Probably not, I thought to myself. “Why me, why now?” “I have loved you since we were kids. You will be leaving in a few weeks for boot camp and I wanted you to be my first.” As if that explained everything that just happened.

I had wanted Jen for a long time, but she was my friends little sister. Mike was going to kill him. “Shit?” Jen raised up on her elbow, escort pendik looked at me as though I had just broken her heart. “What’s wrong?” “A CONDUM N, we didn’t use protection?” Laughing she laid back down. “This is not funny, what if you get pregnant?” “I’m on the pill, stupid.” “What? But why? How? Your parents would kill you.” “Mindy went to the clinic with me. Remember I planned this. I’m young not stupid.” “You and Mindy are closer than I thought. Mike would kill her if he knew.” “Are you going to tell him?” “No.” “I didn’t think so.”

“What next?” Was all could think to say. She was mine now, and I didn’t know if she knew that or not. “I don’t know. Balls in your court now.” “Are we going to tell Mike?” “That we had sex? Only if you want to take beating from your best friend.” “No little one, that you are mine now.” “Yours. I never said that.” She had to be kidding. Then she looked at me with her big green eyes. “I have always been yours stupid.”

I took her hand and headed for the shower again. Only this time I took my time, carried her back to bed and made love to the girl of my dreams.

Four years later she is here wrapped around my waste and is still mine. Putting her down us all walked back to the car.

This was going to be a hard thing for my parents but I had no intention of staying at the house and Jen at her parents the few days I was home. Jen and I had already talked about this so she was prepared. Even as an adult it is hard to tell your parents that you and your girlfriend are staying in a hotel for some privacy.

“Mom, dad….um.” Seth is all but about to burst out laughing as he walks beside me. “I am not staying at the house while I’m home.” “Yes you are.” Mom said as if I were sixteen again. “No I’m not; Jen and I are staying in town. We will be over to the house later.” Seth and Jen looked at each other and started laughing. “Son, you’re an adult, Jennifer told us of your plans and there is no way in hell you are staying in a hotel the few days you are home. You have your room at the house. Anyway Jen is staying with us to be closer to school for the next few months since Bob and her mom moved to North Carolina to be closer to Mike and the new baby.”

Punching Seth in the shoulder and looking at Jen, “You both knew this and let me make a fool out of myself to my mom and dad.” “Yep. It was kinda funny watching you umm, squirm.” “You’ll pay for this little brother. Wait till I see Megan and she wants to see you in a few months after you’ve been away at boot camp.” “And you, you’ll get yours later.” “Promise?” Was all she said.

Home again after fifteen months and a changed man I did not want to spend the next few hours with family and to my surprise no one was at the house waiting for us.

As Jen and I got out of the truck Seth grabbed my bag. “We’ll be back in a few hours, your mom and I need to go to the store and who knows maybe a movie.” Winking at me dad pulled out of the driveway.

“You owe me brother. Mom wanted a big family dinner I kept telling her if she did you would leave that you had more important things to take care. Finally dad put his food down and told her that we would have dinner tomorrow and she would leave you alone tonight. Didn’t go over well, but you know when dad says something that it’s final. Anyway I’m going to Megs for a while. Try not to break the bed. Glad your home. See ya Jen, be gentle.” Laughing Seth left.

No time to waste I grabbed Jens hand and ran up the stairs. “I need a shower we were on that damn plane for 14 hours.” “Shit Brad. Are you serious? ” Jen said as she pulled her jeans off. “Just fuck me and we’ll shower in a few.” That’s my girl ready a willing.

I pulled my tee over my head as she undid my pants it was all we could do to get undressed. Before I knew it my dick was in the sweetest pussy, pumping as hard and as fast as I could. Grabbing her ass I lifted it off the bed and pendik escort bayan drove into her as hard as I could. Her scream was all needed to finish. I gave her all I had as she clenched her cunt around my dick pulling every last bit of cum I had to offer. This time.

“Glad your home soldier. I missed you.” She said as walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Like a lost puppy I followed her into the shower.

Her naked was all it took, I was hard as rock again. “I missed you too baby.” Was all I was able to say when her soapy hands wrapped around my cock. “I can see that.” Down on her knees she pushed me against the wall of the shower. I could see her like she was sixteen again, with the water running down her face when she wrapped her lips around me and sucked me till I was filling her mouth.

Not the kid I once was this was not going to end in the shower. Pulling her up by her hair I turned her around with her back to the wall and put her foot on the edge of the tub. Kissing her until she could barely breath while rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand I bent lower to suck on her nipple, she arched her back and dug her nails into my shoulder pushing me down farther.

If nothing else Jen knew what she wanted and she wanted my mouth on her pussy. God she tastes so good. I sucked on her clit and ran my tongue along her slit. “Tell me Jen. Tell me what you want.” “Please Brad, you know….” She was moaning as I slid my finger across her but not pushing in.

“What Jen.” “I want you to use your fingers pppllleeeeeeeeeeeaaase.”

During our relationship I had learned that one of the things Jen loved was to be finger fucked until she came. I could hear her moan and felt the nails dig deeper as I slipped one finger into her hot, tight pussy. Then two.

“Please Brad.” “Please what?” “Harder….Fuck me harder.” Pushing in a little farther and pulling out slowly was driving her crazy. I could see it in her eyes as she watched my hand move in and out of her. Then a little harder, and a little harder. “Cum for me baby.” I told her as I fucked her with my fingers.

God to watch her when she came was something else. Quiet by no means when she came she let out a scream to wake the neighbors as her pussy tightened like a vice around my fingers and her hot cum ran into my hand.

Turning the shower off I grabbed two towels and picked Jen up and carried her to the bedroom. Drying her beautiful body was making me hard. But she wasn’t ready to go again, she had some exploring to do.

“My God Brad. Your body is amazing. I have never seen you so muscular.” Jen had noticed his rock hard body the second he stepped off the plane and when he took his shirt off she almost came. Walking around to where her breast where teasing the taught muscles of his back as she ran her hands over his broad shoulders and down well defined arms she became wet. This was her man and he was fucking amazing.

Circling around to face him she ran her nails down his chest over his tan six pack abs and around to his tight ass. “Happy with what you see?” I asked her with a shit eating grin on my face. “I get wet just looking at you.” To prove it she took my hand and placed it on her pussy. “See.” She was right. I could feel the heat, she was dripping wet and I hadn’t even touched her.

“Sit down a sec. I need to talk to you before I fuck you again.” “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing. You will like this conversation I promise.”

Jen sat on the edge of the bed looking very nervous as I walked to my bag to get something. “Close your eyes.” “Did you bring me a present? I love presents.” “I know.” After she closed her eyes I walked over to the edge of the bed. “Okay you can open your eyes now.” When Jen opened her eyes I was kneeling in front of her with her engagement ring held out. “Will you marry me Jennifer Renee Jenkins?” With tears running down her face she got on the floor looked in my eyes and said yes.

As I slipped the ring on her finger we said nothing. I kissed her like I have never kissed her before. Everything was perfect.

And I again made love to the girl of my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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