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I started having fantasies about my Philosophy professor just recently. I think it has something to do with me hoping I could screw him for a good grade…:)

His office is the very last office in the history department, down a long hall and at the very back. I think it’s because he’s one of the longest-running faculty members in the department. The room is rectangular, and as I walk into the room the wall facing me is completely covered by books on any Philosophical subject under the sun. I have to turn left as to the right there is a wall, and as I do, I see he is sitting at his dest, engrossed in a book he is reading. I slowly turn and close the door, then walk across the small space to an uncluttered chair, where I sit. I have just come from work, so I am wearing a hot pink cotton skirt that falls just below the knee and a black button-down top that feels much like long underwear. As usual (and as mandatory), I have stockings on, black ones today, and some 3″ black heels with only a thin strap of canvas over the crease of my toes. I crossed my legs, knowing that my skirt would slide up, revealing the dated garters I chose to wear instead of the modern pantyhose. I pulled out a notebook and pen, then adjusted my shirt for maximum exposure and waited expectantly for him to look up from his book.

It didn’t take long. He cleared his throat, marked his page and placed the book aside in one swift motion, then he turned his office chair to face me. His flurry stopped suddenly as he took me in in one long look. He must have realized then that he was staring and he adjusted his glasses and greeted me.

“Hi, Barbara,” he said. He was wearing the usual; a white, long-sleeved Oxford, unbottoned at the throat. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and his shirt was tucked squarely into his gray slacks. He wore dark brown loafers and gray plaid socks, and the outfit was completed by a leather-banded watch on his wrist.

“Hi, Dr. Mikkelsen.” I replied, shifting slightly. “It was nice of you to see me.” I uncrossed and recrossed my legs, hesitating a split second with my legs open. I feigned nonchalantness and flipped my hair back as I did so. I pretended that I didn’t see how he watched every move I made.

He cleared his throat again, shifting his eyes from my body. I wriggled again in response. “No problem, Barbara,” he said. “I like it when students show me that they are taking an interest.”

My eyes wide and innocent, pen siding gently up and down my chest, I said, “I am very interested, Dr. Mikkelsen.”

He swallowed visibly and cracked a half smile, “That’s great, just great,” he said, mind obviously straying to the dark side of the conversation. I decided to play with him.

“Okay,” I began, pulling a paper out of my notebook, “what do you think I could improve upon?”

“Absolutely nothing.” he replied, not thinking.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Oh!” he stumbled, trying to recover. “I mean, let me get our paper out so we can go over it…” he pulled it out and began looking voer his notes, bursa escort nervousness leaving slowly. “Yeah, um, on page two, you could be a little clearer about your second point. I don’t want you to feel too forced to make another point.”

I crossed the room and knelt by him. “Where was that?” I asked innocently, looking at the paper. “I don’t feel forced at all, Dr. Mikkelsen.” I said, looking him straight in the eyes. “I just want you to enjoy it.”

He looked at me for a long while in silence. “Is there anything else?” I asked, gently placing my hand on his knee. “I’m a willing subject here, so give me your best.”

He looked down at the paper, considering my words. “Are you sure?” he asked gingerly.

“Definitely.” I responded. “Anything for a good grade.”

He slowly took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Okay…” he started. As he began talking, he leaned toward me to show the specific places in my paper that he thought could be better. I looked at the paper, and could feel his breath on my neck as he spoke. I could tell by the inflections in his voice that he was making points and criticizing my paper, but I registered none of what he said. All I concentrated on was inching my hand slowly up his leg, feeling his smooth baritone reverberate in my chest as he massacred my paper. Then there was silence and I realized he had stopped talking. I blinked quickly and looked into his face, inches from mine.

“Wow.” I said. “That was a pretty hefty assessment.” I dropped my voice to a husky whisper. “Are there any other problems I can take care of for you?” I let my hand wander further still. I looked at the obvious bulge two inches from my hand and then up at him, my eyebrows questioning.

He took my hand and held it up. “Don’t play a grown-up game if you’re not going to follow through.” he said, jaw clenching.

“Dr. Mikkelsen,” I began, “I intend to give you the best of my abilities on this, believe me.” I stood up in front of him and began unbottoning my blouse. “And I expect for you to fully appreciate my efforts.” I slipped it off, allowing him a first long view of my body. I had worn my lacy black bra — my “good” bra — that made my breast look delicious. I could practically see him salivate as he looked at them. I then untied the string on my skirt and lowered it slowly to the ground, lifting each foot out slowly. I stood facing him in heels, black stockings, lacy black garter, panties and bra. I oozed sex and he sucked it right up.

“Now, Dr. Mikkelsen,” I said, leaning back on his desk, “I believe it’s time for you to put that ferocious tongue of yours to better use.” I slid my panties to the side of my crotch, giving him his first look at my luscious pink folds waiting to do his bidding.

He slowly stood, came to stand between my legs, and tilted my face up to see him. “This may be your game, little one,” he said slowly, “but I am the manager. Get on your knees and suck me.”

I immediately complied, undoing his fly and letting his button free. I pulled his pants down to his ankles bursa escort bayan then followed quickly with his underwear. His cock was amazing. It wasn’t fully hard like I thought, but only semi-erect and it was as big as most of the other guys I had been with. I let out my breath in surprise.

“Oh my God…” I said before I enveloped him in my mouth. He immediately let out a small moan and began pumping my face. At first I could suck it all in, as I had been practicing controlling my gag reflex, but then he grew harder and harder until I could only fit about 3/4 of it in. I knew for a fact that I could take an 7″ cock, so I knew then that this cock was around 9″ long! I immediately gushed at the thought, wetting my panties through and feeling it make its slow descent down my thigh. I treated it as a normal cock, just one that I couldn’t completely take in. My mouth swirled from bottom to top of his dick, circling and sucking it as thoroougly as possible. I pulled his cock out, then pursed my lips, making a pseudo-pussy for him as I sucked him back in. It entered my mouth with a pop and was vacuumed into my warm, wet, face-hole. I could feel him tense and knew that he had enjoyed it. I redoubled my efforts and tried again to take him all into my throat, almost achieving it. I sucked, I rolled my tongue, I teased, and finally I felt his balls contract, and then this hot jism splatter my tonsils. He reached around and held my head as he came, forcing me to swallow every drop. As his orgasm subsided, I swirled my tongue a few more times to make sure I got ever drop, then let him drop out of my mouth. God, he was a monster.

“Holy fuck…” he said, staggering to hold onto the table for balance. He looked at my serene face, looking back at him innocently and placid. “Jesus, girl, you nearly sucked the life out of me!”

I looked back at him, equally serious, and said, “Actually, I only meant to suck the A out of you…but that’s good, too, I suppose.”

His eyes squinted in the corners, the only indication of humor he seemed capable of. “You most assuredly earned an A with that mouth.” he said, then lifted me off the floor and put me up on his desk, sweeping away everything on it with his other hand. He leaned to kiss me, then his hands grazed my shoulders and arms until he found the clasp of my bra. He undid it magically and moved down to my stockings. “God, I’ve missed these..” he said as he slowly undid each strap from the hose. He gently took off myshoes and let them each drop to the floor with a thunk. I could feel my juices puddling on his desk. Then slid my stockings down my legs, each touch to my naked skin sizzling. He reached up around my waist and undid my garter belt, leaving me only in my panties. He stood back and asked me to stand. I did as requested and he softly slid my panties over my hips, down my thighs, across my knees and then held them as I stepped out.

He moved to push me back onto the table, but I stood firmly. “Let me undress you…please…” he assented, lifting his arms slightly as I unbuttoned his escort bursa shirt and pulled it off. I lifted his undershirt over his head and kneeled to release his feet from the clutches of his bunched pants. Then I lifted my arms around his neck and tilted my head up to him. “You may be the manager, but, as a player, I have my demands.”

He chuckled lightly and asked, “And what exactly are these demands?”

“Well, I want you first to kiss me deeply. I am not a whore, and it’s not only for a grade that I do this –“

“Why else is it?” he asked, twining his arms around my back and pulling me close.

“Because I find you sexy and intriguing, ” I said. “I want to fuck your mind.”

He swallowed hard and said, “Well, then, that’s simply wonderful. Anyway, I think I can comply with your demands –“

“Those aren’t all of them,” I interrupted. “I also want you to…well…I want you to lick and fuck my asshole.”

I thought he would fall over. “You do?” he asked, trying to be sure he heard correctly. “I didn’t think girls your age liked that…”

“Well, I do,” I said bluntly, standing on tiptoe to look him straight in the eye, “and after you fuck my pussy good and hard and give me a few orgasms I want you to do me in the ass and lick it up. Got it?”

“I can handle that,” he said. “Are those all your demands, Ms. Meyer?”

“I think so, sir,” I said.

“Then now you remember your place. I will comply with your rules but you will do whatever I say, whever I say it. YOU got it?” he asked.

I nodded, too nervous to respond orally. Then he lifted me and slammed me on the desk, spreading my pussy apart and entering me in one thrust.

“Holy Jesus, you are so fucking wet!” he cried, hands on my hips to help him thrust.

“You made me that way, you bastard!” I replied, equally excited at our position. I grabbed the nape of his neck and help on as he pounded into me, easily hitting the bottom of my womb and moving around it to fit himself into me. I had never, ever, felt so good in my entire life. It was a good thing I was so wet — I don’t think he could’ve entered me as easily otherwise. Who knew that this Philosophy nerd, this again Professor or redundancy, could fuck me so well? I had made a good decision.

It had only been a few minutes and I felt my orgasm start to begin. It was a pressurized point in my pelvis that got bigger and bigger, growing like a sponge in water until I felt a small pop and hit a wall of pure pleasure. I’m not sure exactly what I said, but I know I twined my legs around him, trying to get him closer, holding him with all my strength as the orgasm racked my body with bliss. He didn’t stop even though he felt my tremendous spasms — in fact, it must have given him a boost of pleasure because I felt his cum hit the walls of my pussy soon after.

He lifted me up, careful to keep inside me, and sat in his chair, me on top. “Well, Ms. Meyer, I think this has been a really productive session. Maybe we should try it a couple times a week for the rest of the semester. I think you show intense potential.”

“Oh, Dr. Mikkelsen,” I responded. “Don’t look forward to that just yet. You’ve still got quite a bit of work to do here!” Then I wraped my arms once again around his neck and kissed him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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