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Anal Fisting

Adam looked at the floor as Pastor Julian took a seat at the desk. No doubt his father had told the Pastor about what he had done.

‘Look up at me son,’ said Pastor Julian sternly.

Adam looked up into Pastor Julian’s eyes wishing the ground would swallow him up. He could see the disgust in the Pastor’s eyes. Feel the judgement for the things he had done.

‘I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed in you Adam,’ said Pastor Julian ‘You seemed like such a well rounded young man, but you’re just like every other eighteen year old boy out there.’

‘I’m sorry Pastor,’ said Adam weakly ‘I couldn’t help myself.’

Pastor Julian shook his head in disgust.

‘Your not sorry at all,’ said Pastor Julian. ‘In fact, I bet you’ve had the time of your life, being a filthy sinner.’

‘I’m sorry Pastor.’

‘Premarital sex with both boys and girls. Touching yourself to disgusting adult films. Using toys in your anus, and sending obscene photos of yourself to people online! The list goes on,’ bellowed Pastor Julian ‘You bring shame upon your family and this church’s congregation!’

‘I’m so sorry Pastor, I won’t do any of those things again. I promise!’ said Adam frantically.

‘I don’t believe a thing that comes from your sinful mouth,’ said Pastor Julian angrily. ‘Your father told me how he’d beat your ass black and blue with his leather strap after every altercation, yet you continue to partake in such lewd behaviour.’

Adam hung his head in shame. In fact, his father had given him a severe canlı bahis strapping just before he’d dropped him of here. He had no doubt he was here for further punishment.

‘Your father is so sick of you, that he has asked me to deal with you,’ said Pastor Julian ‘but I won’t punish you unless you repent, and ask me for it.’

‘Please discipline me Pastor,’ said Adam ‘I know I need to be punished for my sinfulness.’

‘Good boy, now strip and get up onto my desk, and lay on your back.’

Immediately Adam did as he was told. He could see a brutal looking cane standing in the corner of the room, and assumed he would receive a full body caning. However, Pastor Julian had other ideas. A punishment much worse than a full body caning. Pastor Julian took some ropes out of his drawer, and began to tie Adam down on his desk. His feet and hands were bound to each corner of the desk.

‘You are now helpless Adam, and whatever happens to you is up to me. But know that you are to blame for what you are about to feel. I’m am however glad you’ve submitted for punishment.’

With that, Pastor Julian took Adam’s huge cock in his hand and began jerking it fast. This came as surprise to Adam, was this supposed to be punishment? It felt so good. Pastor Julian’s pace, meant Adam was ready to cum in no time. Adam’s body tensed as the Pastor took him over the edge, and thick globs of cum shot out of his pulsing cock head. Suddenly Pastor Julian punched Adam hard in his balls. The pleasure Adam had felt quickly turned to excruciating bahis siteleri pain. He screamed in pain as the Pastor landed another cruel blow to his balls.

‘You didn’t think i was going to let you enjoy the pleasure of ejaculation did you?’ said Pastor Julian ‘You’re here to be punished.’

‘What are you going to do to me?’ asked Adam timidly.

‘Well now that you’ve ejaculated, your cock is in reprieve mode Adam, all the nerves are hypersensitive and shouldn’t be touched. However, i thought, since you like sex and masturbation so much, it might be a good idea to punish you with your own filthy, sinful cock.

Dread filled Adam’s mind as he lay there completely helpless. He had seen porn videos of post orgasm punishment. Even the toughest muscle studs had been reduced to whimpering shells, begging for mercy.

Pastor Julian opened his drawer and took out a shiny leather glove. Slipping it on he rested his hand on Adam’s chest and caressed his erect nipples.

‘I want you to feel how supple the leather is Adam, completely smooth and soft and buttery. Does it feel good?’

‘Yes Pastor,’ whimpered Adam.

‘I’m glad you like it,’ said Pastor Julian ‘because I’m going to palm your cock with it.’

‘Please, no,’ said Adam frantically ‘I won’t be able to handle it.’

”Good. This should help curb you’re filthy ways.’

With that Pastor Julian took Adam’s shaft in his hand and began to pump it, getting it rock hard again. Adam was a eighteen year old boy, so this didn’t take long. bahis şirketleri The foreskin had been pulled back, exposing the hypersensitive glands and cock head for punishment. Holding Adam’s hard cock with one hand, Pastor Julian began palming Adam’s tip with the other. The smoothness of the leather was intense. It was an overwhelming mixture of pleasure and pain, to much for any man. Adam’s body writhed, trying to pull away from the Pastor, but tied down, he was helpless.

‘Please stop Pastor Julian. I won’t do it again, I promise!’ begged Adam.

‘I’m not going to stop palming you until you ejaculate again,’ said Pastor ‘I don’t care how long it takes.’

The leather glove was now slick with sexual juices oozing from Adam’s pulsating cock head. This only made the sensation even more intense for Adam.

‘Please have mercy!’ begged Adam as he pulled against his restraints ‘its unbearable.’

‘Is that something you think you deserve Adam?’ asked Pastor Julian.

Adam didn’t answer. He knew what a disobedient boy he was. He needed this punishment.

Pastor Julian continued to palm Adam’s cock for about five minutes more, before the boy started shooting cum again. Adam screamed in pain and pleasure as the Pastor continued to Palm his cock as he ejaculated. Wads of thick cum covered the leather glove, Adam’s shaft, balls and pubic hair. His muscular chest heaved as he rode the intense wave of pleasure his post orgasm punishment had produced. Opening his eyes, Adam looked up at Pastor Julian with glassy eyes, hoping his punishment was over. But it wasn’t even close to over. Something that became very clear as Pastor Julian pulled a fleshlight out of his drawer.

‘Its time for round two Adam.’

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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