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Please read “His Loss” as it explains much of the background of these people. This is a love story. This story contains oral, vaginal and three-some sex. There is woman-woman pleasuring, nudity, and Polyamory. If any of that will offend you, don’t read this story.


The sign came down today. It read “For Sale” in front of Amanda’s house for almost a month. It was replaced with a sign that reads, “In Escrow.”

The construction on our home continues. The master bath is being remodeled. The master bedroom is being enlarged and a bedroom is becoming a big closet. We don’t sleep there or really live there. We sleep in Barbara’s apartment. When she started with the company I work for she just rented a two bedroom apartment, so now we share it with her. The construction guys tell me it will only be another month until they’re done. That would be on April first. I told Barbara and Amanda it would be May first at the earliest.

Barbara and I ride to work together every day. We share lunch about three days a week. It took a week before people at work noticed we were having a relationship. Some of the guys ribbed me about moving right in on her. They didn’t know how right they were. We moved into her apartment one week after our first date. It had taken me that long to get Frank, my friend and general contractor, to start the remodeling we needed.

Amanda has healed from surgery quite well. She can and does move both arms and has taken on the job of taking care of Barbara and me and the apartment. Before surgery she was a housewife and loves it so we talked it over as a family and now both Barbara and I love being taken care of by Amanda. I love walking in at night and dinner is made. The first smell from the kitchen tells me that I am loved and taken care of. Barbara likes not having to decide what we are going to eat, when to do the laundry, what we need from the market, but most of all she likes being part of our loving family.

It is surprising to me how quickly we have adapted to living as a family. It isn’t roommates. All three of us did that in college and this isn’t that. I love Barbara and I love Amanda. Amanda loves Barbara and she loves me. Barbara loves both Amanda and me. Not the love of brothers and sisters but the full out love of married, committed, sexual beings.

The realtor called Amanda with the news that her house was in escrow at about ten in the morning. She called me and I told Barbara. At noon we picked Amanda up and drove by to see the new sign. Then we had lunch together and decided to go out for dinner. We dropped Amanda at home with lots of kisses and went back to work. Five weeks ago I would have said I went back to the salt mine but with Barbara there I don’t say that any more. I’ve never heard of a sugar or spice mine but that’s what I’d call work now.

As we pulled up and parked at Barbara’s apartment Barbara saw a note tacked up in her parking space. We read it together. The manager wanted us to pay more rent as there were more people living in the apartment.

Barbara said, “We’ll see about that.”

Barbara had signed a lease and when we read it saw that it said nothing about the rent going up if she shared the apartment. She wrote a short note to the manager and we posted it in the same spot where we found his note. The note said, “No.”

Before we left Barbara and Amanda and I showered and changed clothes. The shower stall in the apartment was a single. We hated it. Our new bathroom would have a shower big enough for all of us to shower together. Every time one of us used the shower we complained about not being able to really get clean, and we laughed.

The restaurant was a favorite of mine that I hadn’t been in for at least a year. When you are alone wonderful restaurants are not often on the list of places to go, at least for me. I want to be with someone special in a special place. I walked in with two beautiful women and the manager remembered me. He called me by name and asked where we wanted to sit. Amanda picked a secluded corner booth and Gino led us to that booth. I sat in the middle of the round seat around the round table and had Amanda on my right and Barbara on my left.

After we ordered Amanda spoke: “I had another phone call today.”

“Good news?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It was John.”

Barbara leaned toward Amanda and asked, “How did you feel when you heard his voice?”

“I almost hung up! As he talked I realized I am very hurt and very angry and very disappointed with him. He talked about being afraid and being alone after his parents died. I realized again that I knew when I got sick that he was going to run. I can’t blame him for doing what I knew he would do. That would be like being mad at a dog for barking.”

“Why did he call?”

“He said he was calling to see how I was doing. He got the papers for the divorce and for selling the house. He said he understood that he had hurt me by not being more supportive and that he has signed the papers and mailed them today.”

“Does he want to get back together?”

“Yes and no. He said he misses me. He says he bursa escort hates himself for being so weak. He even said that if something happened again he would go to the hospital to be with me. He didn’t ask if we could meet or go on a date or anything.”

“Now that the call is over, what are you thinking?” I asked.

Amanda took my hand and reached across me and took Barbara’s hand. She looked at us and said, “I am thirty-six years old. In all those years I haven’t been as happy or as loved as I am right now. What I’m thinking is that I want this for the rest of my life. I’ve thought a lot about this crazy three-some since it started a month ago. I’ve been scared. I’ve thought we are each and collectively crazy. I’ve been afraid people will find out and send us away. I’ve been afraid that Pete will love Barbara more than me. I’ve even been afraid that I might love Barbara more than I love Pete. After John hung up I thought it all again. What I know is that I love you both. I want to take care of you and love you and grow old with you both.”

Tears were in all our eyes. Before we could say anything Gino was back with our dinners. After he was gone I spoke, “Amanda, my life is better with you in it than it has ever been. I want you in it for the rest of my life.”

I turned to Barbara and spoke to her, “Barbara, my life is better with you in it than it has ever been. I want you in it for the rest of my life.”

A few minutes went by before Barbara spoke.

“I love you both more than I have loved anyone before. I feel more loved, more emotional support, more physical support than ever before. I would be privileged to have a relationship with either of you, instead I get both. And if the construction guys really take two more months I may scream!”

We laughed and returned to eating. It was pretty quiet at out table for a few minutes. I was eating and I was thinking. Between getting the bill and waiting for Gino to run my credit card I decided this was the time to speak.

“Ladies, I have a question to ask you. Let me tell you what I think and then ask the question, please. Here in the United States it isn’t legal for a man to be married to two women. Nor is it legal for two women to be married. I don’t like the idea of prison. I want to be married to both of you. If you agree I want to book us on a cruise outside U.S. waters, into international waters, and have someone marry us, all three of us, in a single ceremony. My question to you is, will you marry me and each other?”

There was a short pause and then a united “YES!”

There were also kisses and hugs. I signed the credit card slip and we danced together out to the car. Barbara was driving and Amanda said, “Drive fast Honey I want you both in bed.”

It had taken twenty minutes to get to the restaurant. It took less than fifteen to get home. Just inside the door our clothes came off. We didn’t make it out of the living room. This was celebration sex! These ladies pushed me on my back and one rode my cock while the other rode my tongue. They kissed and fondled each other while they rode me. As my balls pulled up and got ready to spurt they switched places. I love the taste of each pussy and even better the taste of both. If there is ever a contest where I get to identify them simply by taste I can do it! I could also identify the feel on my tongue of each of them. What I could never do is choose which I loved more.

Amanda was rocking back and forth across my face and feeding me copious amounts of her nectar. I could feel that she was losing control and would cum soon. Her thighs were quivering and her rocking was less and less smooth. Barbara was sliding herself up and down my shaft and more and more staying at the bottom and rubbing her clit against me.

I concentrated hard on waiting until they lost control. When I lost control and the first flood shot into Barbara both she and Amanda lost it. They moaned into each other’s mouths and held on to each other. I held on to Barbara’s hips. We held as still as we could for a while, then both women slid off me to my right. They kept their embrace. The room smelled like sex. I looked around. The drapes on the front window were open. No one was standing there but anyone headed for the mailboxes or the pool would have walked right by us. I decided not to say anything.

We did get up and as we did Amanda said, “I need to remember to close the drapes more often.” She pulled them closed. We gathered clothes and we went to bed. As we started to go to sleep Amanda said, “Misses Pete Peterson. Can I really be Misses Pete Peterson?”

I said, “No.”

“Not legally, but really?”

“I guess, but Pete isn’t really my name.”

Both sat up and said, “What?!” “Pete is what people have called me since sixth grade. If you are going to be my wives you ought to know my name. You don’t need to use it. You can call me Pete forever. My name is Walter.”

They both lay back down and Amanda said, “I love you Pete.”

Barbara said, “I love you Pete.”

After a pause Barbara spoke again, “I love you Amanda.”

“And I love you too.”

Silence bursa escort bayan except for the sound of breathing. Then Amanda spoke again.

“Good night, John Boy.”

We laughed and then did go to sleep.

I found that if we went on a cruise in the Caribbean at least part of the trip we would be in international waters. Our family discussions turned to invitations and telling people… or not. Amanda had no family except us so she had no one to invite. Barbara wanted to invite her parents but she hadn’t even told them we were dating and certainly hadn’t said anything about Amanda.

Sitting at the table in Barbara’s kitchen Amanda said, “Let’s introduce your parents to us! We’ll start with you met Pete at work and let me be your roommate, both are true. Then in a week you can start dropping hints about starting to get serious about Pete. By the end of the month you can invite them to visit. We will be back in the house and we can leave enough stuff here that it looks like we’re roommates.”

“While my parents are here we can go out to dinner and, if you would, Pete, you can propose again in front of them.”

“You have to work for six months before you can take a week off. That means we book the cruise for after the first week of October.”

“How do we prepare my parents for Amanda?”

“They will like her at first meeting. They can’t help it. The more they hear from us about how we include her in everything they will get the idea we both include her in the feelings we have for each other. In about August we will need to tell them about the ceremony and the fact that Amanda isn’t a roommate but our wife.”

“Our wife. It sounds strange but I have to admit I like it. I get to be your wife, both of the people I love most have me as their wife.”

Barbara picked up the phone, looked at us and said, “No time like right now to get this started.” She dialed and seconds later she started talking.

“Hi Dad.”

“Can you get Mom on the other phone? Good.”

“Hi Mom. I’m fine. No, I’m better than fine. Two great things have happened.”

“I met a man I really like. His name is Pete. He works for the same company as I do. In fact I have a date with him tonight.”

“No, Dad, I won’t go too fast. We both are old enough to go slow and carefully build our relationship, just like you and Mom did.”

“Yes, I did say two great things. The other great thing is that I found a great roommate. She has moved in already and shares the rent and everything. She’s even a good cook!”

“Mid thirties, I guess. About my size. She was married and just got divorced. No, She’s not looking for a new guy.”

She spent another two minutes talking about them and their lives. Then she invited them to come to visit in the summer. The call concluded with love and best wishes. Barbara hung up, looked at us and said, “Well, we’re really doing this.”

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Where are you taking me on our date tonight?”

“Me? I thought you were taking me.”

“Amanda, did I ask Barbara out on a date?”

Amanda looked at Barbara and then back at me, then back at Barbara. She smiled.

“As I recall it Pete, you asked us on a date to go out to dinner and then a romantic walk by the lake.”

Both women giggled and high fived. I saw the handwriting on the wall of our lives together. I was out numbered, out maneuvered, out foxed, and happy about it. It had just been established that I would never win another argument or discussion in my life.

“Well, since you remember that you no doubt remember what time I said we were leaving on our date.”

Amanda looked at the clock on the kitchen wall and said, “Oh my, Barbara, we only have an hour and six minutes to get ready! Oh, never mind. I am ready.”

Amanda was wearing western jeans, western plaid shirt, a baseball cap for the Cubs, and was barefoot. Barbara was still dressed for work in a pale blue suit. She had left her heels by the front door. I had left my sport jacket draped over the back of the couch. We both got up and went to change. We were over dressed for our date.

Forty minutes later I stepped out onto the porch and rang the bell. Amanda opened the door, welcomed me in with a great kiss and a squeeze of my butt. Barbara came into the living room in black jeans, western boots, belt and a camisole showing under a Pendleton plaid shirt. I had seen the western theme and was wearing boot cut jeans, ostrich boots, ostrich belt, and a Texas Slim western shirt. Barbara said, “Hi Cowboy” and gave me a great kiss full of tongue and promises.

We drove to a nice restaurant near the lake and sat by the windows while we ate. I’m glad the place wasn’t crowded and no one sat near enough to us to hear our conversation.

Barbara turned to Amanda as we ate salads. “Honey, can I ask personal questions?”

“I have no secrets from you. You can ask me anything.”

“You haven’t said anything about your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, any body.”

“My Dad died in a car accident when I was eleven. My only brother was escort bursa with him and was in a coma for a month. After my brother’s funeral Mom and I moved. Her parents died before I was born and Mom was an only child. I never met or heard about my Dad’s family. We never visited anyone. He never mentioned anyone. Two months after I graduated from high school Mom had a heart attack and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.”

“Damn. That’s tough. I’m sorry.”

“Was John your first serious boy friend?” “John was my first and only boy friend. I was not popular in high school. I was so focused on survival that socializing didn’t even enter my mind. I worked after school and on weekends so we had enough money to eat. Mom didn’t have many skills so she didn’t make much money. Times were tough. John ate in the diner where I worked. After Mom died he was nice to me. I married him.”

“Your life has certainly changed. Soon you’ll have some money in the bank, you’ll be married again, and you have a job you seem to like.”

“Yeah, all that is true and I am happier than ever.”

“Pete, You haven’t spoken about your family either.”

“You’re right. As a general rule whenever the conversation around me turns to family, I go somewhere else. Most of my memories of childhood and the few relationships I’ve been in are painful memories, so I tend not to go there. With you I’ll go.

My Mom and Dad were farmers. We had a small farm in western Nebraska and raised sugar beets and a garden for ourselves. We had one cow, one horse, a dozen chickens, two hogs, and a dog. A tornado ended all that. I was in town when it hit. When I got home there was nothing left. No farm, no family, no animals. My Mom had never spoken of her family and my Dad said he had a big fight with his family and hadn’t seen or spoken to them in many years. The farm next to ours bought the land and took me in for the last two years of high school. I had enough money from the farm to go to college, so I did. When I graduated I moved here and settled down.”

“And, your love life?” Amanda asked.

“I lived with the Crowe family for two years. I watched how Mr. Crowe treated his wife and their two kids. I saw how he was having an affair with a woman in town and a woman in the town just north of our town. I saw what it did to his wife and the kids. I decided that I wanted a family, but not like that. I wanted things I didn’t see in their family. After college I moved here and I started dating. I dated an older woman who taught me a lot about trust and communication in a relationship. She wouldn’t marry me and what she told me was our age difference would always be a problem between us. After she moved to Denver I dated another woman closer to my age and I learned a lot from her too. What I learned most was that I didn’t know anything about love. Since that time I have read a lot and studied a lot about loving. Now that the two of you are in my life I think we can all learn a lot about loving in this new context.”

“Wow! You both led lives that were very different and very painful too. It’s almost a miracle we met much less decided to be together.”

“What about your past?”

“My Dad and Mother are still alive and I have a pretty good relationship with them. You know that already. Dad is a manager at a factory and Mom works part-time at the nearby middle school as a counselor. They are active in their church and the Democratic Party. On election day, since I was really little, they both work at the polls. They take some pride in being Oneida County’s most liberal couple. One summer they took a vacation for a week at a nudist resort and I think they did it just so they could shock everyone when they came back and told everyone where they went.”

“Oh my! I can’t imagine that.”

“Going on the vacation or telling people you went?” I asked.

“Both! A total of three people have seen me naked, not counting doctors. John, Barbara and you, Pete. I cannot imagine taking off my clothes and walking around near strangers.”

“Tell us a little about your love life.”

“OK. You both did. I dated jocks in high school. They wanted two things. They wanted people to notice them and they wanted sex. I wanted to be popular. I worked my way through the basketball team and the wrestling team in four years.”

“What about football?” Amanda asked.

“No. Football guys hurt girls. I dated two of them and both hurt me. I focused on basketball and wrestling. We went places where we would be seen then we went somewhere else and fucked and sucked. In college things changed. I discovered what a relationship could be like. My roommate was in a relationship with a guy. They studied together, shared expenses a lot, took weekend trips together, and when I was with them I noticed he didn’t treat her like she was a pussy that walked. They talked. They fucked too but their relationship was more than fucking. I dated guys after that that were more available for something more than fucking. I had a few flings with my roommate too. That opened my eyes to more than just man-woman relationships. In my senior year I got really serious with a guy and he broke my heart. After I graduated I moved to Chicago and dated a couple of pretty serious guys but marriage never was in the cards. I moved here less than two months ago and here we are.”

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