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This story will be in several parts. All have been written already and will be posted after editing is done. Many thanks go out to Kaitastrophe for her wonderful editing work.


“Josh, do you have a minute?”

He recognized that gentle voice. Startled, he looked up from the book he was reading to a beautiful face he knew well. But her eternal smile was missing, and her blue eyes seemed to lack their usual sparkle.

“Emma, is something wrong?”

“Just a minute Josh. I have to talk to you about something, but not here.”

“Do you want me to come over to you place?”

Emma nodded. He saw her attempting to smile while she was nervously rubbing a strand of her long blonde hair with one hand. How could he ever refuse a request from the angel next door?

“Mom, I’m just gonna go over to the Hendersons’ for a minute!” he yelled towards the kitchen door as he stood up from the bench on the patio.

Emma seemed inpatient. She grabbed his hand as they walked to her house next door. Her palms were sweaty even though the worst heat of the day had already passed. It felt odd that she was touching him considering they hardly ever spoke. Since middle school, they had been hanging out with different crowds: she a popular cheerleader, he an editor of the school newspaper. She led the way through the front door as he walked behind her. His gaze drifted to her shapely legs clad in white yoga-pants. The pants were very tight and stretched around her firm butt cheeks like a second skin. The outline of her panties covering her ass was clearly visible. Josh took a mental picture and filed it away for later use. They walked straight through her house to the garden where another surprise was waiting.

“Hello, Darryl,” Josh said to the boy sitting on a chair by the garden table.

“Hi, Josh,” The big guy replied in his deep voice as his girlfriend sat down next to him.

Josh sat down on a chair at the other end of the table and looked them over. Darryl seemed to have the same look of nervousness as his girlfriend. He looked intimidating, wearing a sleeveless shirt that showcased his broad shoulders and bulging biceps. He had expected they would have something urgent to say, but instead, an uncomfortable silence developed. He had never seen the starting QB of their high school team at loss for words, something Josh knew so well himself. As he shifted his gaze to Emma he couldn’t help to feel a pang of jealousy. She looked adorable in an orange top with spaghetti straps. Her skin was spotless and tanned as always. Her breasts were completely covered, but the way they made her top swell could drive any boy crazy. He looked straight into her big blue eyes and cleared his throat.

“Emma, you wanted to have a word?”

Emma and Darryl glanced at each other. He saw Darryl nod slightly before Emma spoke.

“It’s this thing Josh,” She paused for a moment. “We have this problem. I mean Darryl has this problem, and we can’t tell anyone about it. You’re the smartest kid I know, and I hoped you could help us.”

None of it made a lot of sense. When would she get to the point? He saw her fiddling with a strand of her long blonde hair again. He had often admired her from afar, and he had only seen her do this when she was very nervous, before an exam or a public speech.

“So what’s the problem then?”

Emma looked pleadingly at her boyfriend, who shrugged his broad shoulders.

“It was your idea, you tell him,” Darryl told Emma.

His deep voice had a certain tenseness that suggested he wasn’t completely onboard with this. Josh was starting to feel uneasy about all this. Was something serious going on here? Was Darryl in real trouble? Drugs? Gambling? What do these popular kids get themselves into?

“Darryl’s penis has shrunk,” Emma blurted out.

Wait, what? Was this some kind of joke they were playing on him? Josh looked at the couple but Darryl stared intently at the tabletop, while Emma blushed furiously and looked away. They couldn’t be serious, could they?

“That’s not possible, Emma.”

“Yeah dude, it is possible.” Darryl said, not looking up.

This was the star quarterback, the blonde haired lady-killer, sitting there looking humiliated, so at least something serious seemed to be going on. Even assuming it wasn’t a joke, what could he do about it?

“All I can say is this: go see a doctor,” Josh finally told them.

“Yeah I did, and she told me dicks don’t just shrink, and then she suggested I was insecure and made this up so I’d get some prescription for a drug that would make me bigger. She told me not to believe those ads on the internet. It was totally humiliating!” Darryl nearly shouted out.

“Josh, I can confirm it’s true. It shrunk. And I know Darryl’s … uhm … penis quite well,” Emma chimed in.

Josh could imagine she did. He knew at some level she probably was having sex, unlike him, but when she said it, he had to stop his mind from picturing her doing it. Oh well, he was sure he would find a time later for that fantasy. It wouldn’t be the first time after all. He tried to refocus on what was going pendik escort on in front of him.

“I’m sorry for asking, Darryl, but did you use performance enhancing drugs, like steroids maybe?”

“C’mon, that was the first question the doctor asked also! I’ll tell you the same: no, I haven’t and I never will! And I’m not stupid. I know that shit shrinks your balls and stuff.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I just needed to know. Could anyone have slipped it to you without you knowing it?”

“Nobody has given me any suspicious supplements or anything like that. But I guess it’s always possible,” Darryl responded after thinking a moment.

“Then shouldn’t you go to the cops?”

“Dude, what am I gonna say? They would laugh in my face. And I don’t want anybody to know. I noticed it about two weeks ago and I’ve faked a knee injury so I can skip practice and not shower with the guys.”

“So this started two weeks ago?” Josh inquired.

“That’s when I noticed. Could have started sooner. It seems to be stable now.”

Josh had to admit to himself he felt flattered his gorgeous neighbor and her popular jock boyfriend looked to him for help, but what was he gonna say? They were looking at him as if he knew an answer simply because he had good grades and wrote for the newspaper. He knew it was stupid since they didn’t really care about him, but he didn’t want to let them down. He had to try and come up with something.

“So let’s assume somebody gave you steroids and this person had bad intentions. Maybe to get you a positive drug test. Who would benefit from that?”

Darryl shrugged, “No way that happened. I get along with everybody.”

“But since you’re out injured, your place as starting quarterback goes to Brian Morris, correct? He’s your best friend, right?”

Again he saw Emma and Darryl pausing and exchanging cautious glances before any of them replied.

“Well, we’re actually not that close anymore, but Brian would never do anything like that. I know him,” Darryl said flatly.

“If I were to believe all the stories going around about him, this guy can get pretty crazy.”

“That’s just it! Brian is all about partying and girls. He doesn’t care about being starting quarterback. If anything he’ll be annoyed that he has to cut back the partying now,” Darryl said.

“You said you’re not that close anymore with Brian. Does that have anything to do with Liz?” Josh asked as neutrally as possible.

He wasn’t that familiar in the school gossip, but even he knew Liz and Brian had broken up not too long ago. Liz was also on the cheerleading squad, and a very good friend of Emma’s, if he remembered correctly.

“Nah, we just grew apart I guess.”

“But the Liz thing didn’t help,” Emma added.

He sensed there was something they weren’t telling him, and it had something to do with Liz and Brian. Maybe Brian did something bad to cause the breakup, and that’s why Darryl was no longer close with him. But did it have any connection to Darryl’s ‘condition’? He really didn’t see any way forward but to look into Brian.

“Could I maybe speak to Liz? I assume she knows Brian best and she can tell if he might have something to do with it,” Josh suggested.

“No way!” Darryl blurted, “No one can know.”

“Look Darryl I don’t know what else I can do to help without looking into this. I’m sorry, but it’s the best, and only, option we have to fix this.”

“I said no, and it’s final” Darryl said in a loud voice, his face turning slightly red.

There was a pause where they were all watching each other before Emma spoke up softly.

“I might have an idea. I can set up a date between Josh and Liz. He can hear her out without saying anything about you. How does that sound?”

Well going on a date with Liz wasn’t exactly a punishment, Josh mused. She was a beautiful black haired cheerleader, far out of his league.

“Uh huh that might work,” Josh said, trying to hide how eager he was.

Emma and he both looked at Darryl, who was staring stubbornly into the distance.

“Fine, but if you tell her anything about this I’ll kill you!” He snapped in an angry voice.

Emma put a hand on her boyfriend’s arm in support.

“Thank you so much for coming, Josh. I knew you would help us. I’ll let you know if and when I’ve set up the date.”

The white-toothed smile she flashed him could have melted an iceberg.


Josh was working on the layout for next week’s school paper in their small office when his phone buzzed. “Pick her up Friday at seven for dinner. Good luck!!” the message from Emma read.

“Getting texted by a girl are we?” his co-editor Katie teased.

Josh couldn’t help but blush, as if he was caught doing something wrong.

“Oh my God, you are, aren’t you! Who is she? Tell me!”

“Come on Katie, let’s just finish the paper,” he said, trying to escape her prying green eyes.

“Oh no, come on Josh. All this time we worked together, you’ve never mentioned a girl. Are you two dating?” the curly brunette asked.

Katie was looking at him intently from behind her maltepe escort glasses. It was true he never dated a girl, although he had often thought about asking Katie out. In the end, his nerves had always gotten the better of him, much to his regret. He was afraid that if she thought he was into another girl, his chances were gone forever. There were only a few weeks of school left before graduation after all. On the other hand, he didn’t want to say anything about his conversation with Emma and Darryl, but he knew he had to give her something.

“We’re having a date on Friday, yeah.”

“And who is she? Do I know her?” She sounded excited, and happy he was finally having a date.

“It’s Liz Davis,” He said averting his gaze. He knew how unlikely that sounded.

“Wait wait. Liz Davis, as in the cheerleader, the wild girl, the sl–” She slapped her hand before her mouth before she could finish the word, “No I can’t call another girl that!”

When his eyes returned to hers, she was looking at him with almost fierce eyes. It was the same look she got when she was talking about one of the many causes she fought for. Eyes that had melted him for a long time. How ironic that he could never muster the courage to tell her how he felt about her, but was now going on a date with another girl.

“Why would she go out with you?” She asked with a weird voice, “I don’t want to be mean, but people like her don’t date people like us. They date other cheerleaders and football players”

“Maybe she just wanted something else.”

“You’re something else than Brian, all right,” she smirked at Josh.

“Haha, very funny,

“You can take it mister stud, dating one of the hottest girls school. Maybe I should go for Brian. He’s also single now after all,” she said in a dreamy tone. She swept her curly hair from her face in an exaggerated gesture, mimicking a sexy look.

“Look at you. Always going on about how these football players are like Neanderthals, and now you would date the worst of the bunch,” Josh teased with a shake of his head.

He hesitated for a moment, but now that she knew about the date, he figured she might be able to help him a bit.

“Do you know why Liz and Brian broke up or what was going on? I assume girls talk more about that stuff than boys.”

“No idea,” Katie shrugged, “Why don’t you ask her?”

“I dunno. It seems a little rude to bring it up on a first date, no?”

Katie nodded her agreement.

“All right, I’ll discreetly ask around with the gossip queens for you, but then I want every juicy detail about your date next week,” she winked.

“Deal!” He said with a laugh.


Josh was waiting in his car for Liz who had suddenly excused herself to make a visit to the bathroom. The date had been an awkward affair. He had taken her to a popular burger joint where a lot of couples from their school hung out. Despite his efforts to make some small talk and be nice, Liz didn’t seem too happy to be there. He had tried to ask her about Brian and Darryl, but she had made it very clear she didn’t want to discuss her ex. Josh glanced in his rearview mirror. Did she really have to go to the bathroom right before she was going to get in, or was that her way of standing him up? Maybe she had already left through a back exit.

To his relief, he finally spotted the black haired girl approaching the car. As she got in, he admired her long legs, clad in impossibly tight jeans. Maybe she was wearing a little too much makeup for his taste, but her lips looked fabulous in that cherry red color. A nice contrast with her pale white skin.

“Where do you wanna go next?” he asked her as he drove off, hoping the date wasn’t finished yet.

“I assumed we were going to Wolf Creek,” she stated matter-of-factly.

Josh swallowed. The secluded area around the creek had quite a reputation for being a make out spot.

“Do you wanna go there?” he asked her.

“Does it matter what I want?” she said in a weird tone.

He looked at her, but she was looking sideways out of her window.

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Please Josh. I’m not stupid. Emma practically begged me to take her neighbor, the nerdboy, out on a date. I don’t know what you’ve got on her or what you’re doing, but it must be good. And you know what? I can understand it. Living next door to her, being infatuated all these years. You must really want her, and now you’ve got her cornered. So she’s hoping I’ll take care of you so you’ll leave her alone. Am I right?”

Josh’s heart was beating fast. What the hell was she thinking? That he was coercing her into sex?

“It’s not like that at all Liz!” Josh was angry as well as shocked.

“Then what’s it like, nerdboy?” She asked him with venom in her voice, “Because I would really like to know why she pushed me to go on a date with you since we barely speak anymore.”

Wait, Emma and Liz weren’t speaking either? Why didn’t Emma mention that? He was frantically thinking of a plausible explanation without mentioning Darryl’s problem, but every second of silence made him seem guiltier.

“I kartal escort knew it! But don’t worry Nerdboy. For the sake of our old friendship, I’ll make sure you lose your V-card tonight so she can stay faithful to her boyfriend. That’s what you wanted and then you’ll leave her alone, right?”

For a moment he was tempted. After all, she was suggesting they could have sex, and until a few moments ago, that would have been a dream come true for him. He would never have hoped to sleep with a beautiful girl like her, but now? After what she was saying? He felt anger. Anger at her for what she was suggesting, and anger at himself for getting in such a messed up situation. He said nothing but took a sharp left at the next intersection.

“What are you doing, Wolf Creek is the other way,” she said with a hint of fear in her voice.

“I told you it’s not like that. I’m not like that. I’m taking you home.”

There were a few moments of silence before she softly whispered, “Turn the car around.”

What the hell was that about? He chose to ignore her and drive right ahead.

“Turn the goddamn car around!” she suddenly yelled.

He made a small swirl on the street. Thank god it was deserted.

“OK, easy, Jesus. No need to scream,” he murmured, looking for a driveway to turn the car around. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Turn to wolf creek,” was all she said.

“Look, we just went over that. I’m not on this date for … that.”

“Maybe not,” she said, “but I’ve been seen going to the burger joint with Nerdboy by lots of our classmates. I know they’re talking about how I haven’t dated a boy since breaking up with Brian. The last thing I want is people thinking nerdboy didn’t bother to take me to Wolf creek.”

“Do you care that much about what people think?”

She just shrugged, and didn’t answer. He wondered if that really was the reason, or if something else was going on. They both were silent and the tension in the car was high. Reaching the creek, he drove slowly over the badly lit, meandering road. Here and there, a car was parked near the water. He felt uneasy, fearing he was getting tricked.

“Park over there,” she said, pointing to a place between two trees.

The only other car in sight was a few hundred feet away, and seemed to be slowly rocking. Josh switched off the ignition and suddenly they were in an almost darkened car. Without the motor, there was an eerie silence.

“Put the radio on,” she said. “Some classic rock.”

“I didn’t think you’d be into that.”

“I’m not, but it’s good music to make out to.”

Josh’s heart skipped a beat. Searching the channels, he looked at her. She was lying back in her seat. His eyes wandered over her breasts and up to her face, where a sly smile was playing on her lips.

A guitar song Josh vaguely recognized as one of Pink Floyd’s drifted past and he let go of the tuner.

“That’ll work,” Liz whispered.

When his eyes found hers, he saw a mischievous twinkle. His face started moving towards her, even as he was twisting his body in an awkward angle. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he slowly brought his lips to hers. When they touched it was like a little electrical charge jumped from their lips. Their kisses soon started getting hotter, until Liz opened her lips and his tongue sneaked inside. For a few minutes, their tongues wrestled as they frantically devoured each other.

To his disappointment, Josh had to let her go because his twisted position was becoming too painful. He twisted in his seat so he could face her. As they both caught their breath, he looked at her inquisitively.

“Why?” Was all he said.

“On Monday everybody’s gonna ask me how Nerdboy kisses. How else am I gonna know what to say?” She said, a smug look on her face. “In fact they’re also gonna ask what Nerdboy tried to do to me. What am I gonna say?” She asked, complete with an innocent look that wasn’t fooling him at all.

What was she playing at? He didn’t have a lot of experience making out, and she seemed to be so sure of herself. Josh swallowed hard and cleared his throat.

“What can I do?” He asked in a hoarse voice, looking at her sideways.

She surprised him by laughing out loud.

“Nerdboy, let me give you a tip from a girl that has a lot of experience with making out. A girl wants a guy who goes for what he wants, not one who asks what he can do. Just do what you want to do, and if I don’t like it, I’ll make sure you know. And by the way, if I let you know, you better stop or I’ll rip your balls off.”

The look on her face said she most definitely wasn’t joking.

“But if you’re wondering, since you keep claiming this date is not about that, I can tell you this, you won’t get laid tonight. I may have the reputation of being a little slutty, but I don’t fuck on the first date. Not generally anyway.”

With that said, her face went back to her earlier sexy grin. He leaned back in for a long kiss, holding her face in his hands. Her skin felt soft and warm under his fingers as he slowly caressed her. Soon they were feverishly kissing again, their tongues swirling around and chasing each other. He felt the warmth of her body through her clothes as his hand slid along her back. He wanted more and started exploring, brushing her body, tracing her curves as his hands wandered around.

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