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I pulled into the lot just as Kevin Richmond was getting out of his car. He waited for me to park and walk the couple rows to where he was standing. “She’s one hot fuckin’ lay,” He said obviously referring to his Tuesday, after hours meeting with Fran.

I just smiled figuring he would expand on just how hot a lay Fran was.

“As she stepped through my office door Fran unbuttoned her blouse and showed me that she had removed her bra and exposed her naked tits with their half dollar size, pink areolas and pink nipples. They are fuckin’ outstanding and my cock got instantly hard. While she slipped out of her skirt, I unzipped and pulled my hard cock out for her,” Kevin said.

His wife was at the company Christmas party and from what I remember she is rather flat chested, so I could completely understand Kevin’s excitement at seeing Fran’s naked breasts.

I knew that Fran wouldn’t waste any time getting him naked and asked, “Did she undress you?”

“Exactly, and as she did she asked me what I wanted first?” Kevin remarked.

Fran was well aware when she agreed to the promotion that Kevin wanted to fuck her, especially her ass and knew she’d offer her sweet, tight asshole to him the first time they fucked.

“And what did you ask for first?” I asked.

“She really didn’t wait for me to ask, instead she bent over my desk and reached around to pull her thong out of the way showing me her puckered sphincter,” Kevin replied.

“Of course,” I said.

Kevin seemed excited to tell me what he and Fran had done so I leaned against his car and waited for him to continue.

“She dipped a couple fingers inside her wet cunt and rubbed the juices around her puckered sphincter. Her two fingers returned to her cunt to collect more juices, then she went back and pushed them both into her tiny asshole.” He said.

I knew from the times I’d fucked Fran that as she gets aroused her cunt gets very wet and remarked, “She gets wet very fast.”

Kevin smiled and said, “After she’d coated her sphincter, she said, fuck my tight, little asshole.”

Fran knew that once she’d given up her tight asshole to him she’d have him just where she wanted him.

Kevin began walking toward the entrance to our building as he said, “I fucked her asshole hard and fast, and within a few minutes pumped a huge, thick load of cum inside.”

I smiled at him knowing Kevin had taken what he wanted, a hard, fast ass fucking. There was no foreplay, no playful caresses he was true to form only looking to please himself with no regard to Fran’s needs. I couldn’t wait to speak to Fran and get her impression of the Tuesday, after hours fuck.

As we entered the office, our receptionist Janice greeted us both, “Morning Mr. Richmond,” then to me saying, “hey Allen.”

I replied, “Good morning Janice,” but Kevin didn’t respond.

Richmond disappeared into his office closing the door with a resounding thud and I walked down the aisle to my workstation. After starting my computer, I grabbed my coffee mug and headed to the lunchroom. Fran was not at her workstation then I remembered she was now part of the management team and most likely had taken over Marge’s desk. I walked toward that spot and sure enough Fran was hard at work catching up on her new duties. I gave her a quick wink and held up my empty mug to suggest that she meet me in the lunchroom. Her smile confirmed she got the message.

I was pouring my coffee when she entered the lunchroom and I turned to lean against the counter and watch her walk toward me. She looked absolutely incredible, wearing a dark blue, satin blouse and a white pencil skirt. Her makeup looked impeccable but I detected a little more eye shadow than usual. Her full lips were coated with a pink shade of gloss and glimmered sexily. As she stopped before me, I detected a little sparkle in her eye shadow.

“You look incredible,” I remarked as she smiled widely at me.

“Thank you, Allen,” she answered.

“I like the eye shadow,” I said.

“I think it’s a little over the top for the office, but Kevin told me he liked this kind of look,” Fran remarked.

I giggled knowing he had already made changes in Fran’s look to suit his own sexual fetish.

“Well ya gotta keep the boss happy,” I replied.

Her smile disappeared as she answered, “I guess so even if making me happy is the last thing on his mind.”

Fran had no idea that I’d already gotten a blow by blow account of their Tuesday after hours fuck so I played dumb and said, “Can I assume that your private meeting Tuesday didn’t go all that well?”

“Let’s just say that it was a very short meeting, he pumped my ass full of hot cum then sent me on my way.” Fran admitted.

“What an asshole, you know where to come if you want to be totally pleased,” I said letting her know that I was always ready and willing to give her what she wanted.

She smiled and replied, “Trust me Allen, I know I can count on you not to throw a quick fuck into me.”

She giggled, then asked, “So I can call on you even if it means you’ll be getting pendik escort sloppy seconds?”

I smiled at her and as I side stepped to where she was standing said, “Or you could come see me first and give him the sloppy seconds.”

I left her in the lunchroom contemplating the thought. As I returned to my desk I thought, well at least I won’t have to worry about playing second fiddle to Richmond.

I settled into my chair and started looking at my emails when my text message alert sounded on my cell phone, it was from Staci. I opened the text and smiled as I read what she’d texted, “You were incredible last night!”

I thought for a moment about replying you were too but an idea dawned on me that not only would serve as my reply but ensure that we’d share more nights like that in the future. I called a local florist and spoke to a female clerk. I ordered a dozen red roses and said, “Please deliver them to Staci Van Holden in Apartment 923 at Kurtz House.”

“And the card?” she asked.

“Just write, You Were Too.” I replied.

I gave her my credit card number and asked, “How soon will they be delivered?”

“We’re not very busy so I’d say in about an hour.” She replied.

“Great!” I answered before hanging up the phone.

I got back to my work figuring within the hour Staci would either call or text me once the roses arrived, then I remembered she had an early morning appointment with a prospective new client and had probably texted me before that meeting. I’d have to wait till she got back to her apartment to hear from her.

As lunch time approached I still hadn’t heard from her and got worried that the florist had either returned the roses to the shop or left them in the business office at Kurtz House.

Around noon time Fran came by and said, “Kevin wants me to have lunch with him.”

I grinned and said, “What Kevin wants, Kevin gets.”

“Actually, I want to talk with him about some minor changes I’d like to implement,” Fran said.

“Good for you,” I answered wondering if she’d return with cum stains on her dark blue, satin blouse.

I had lunch, a hot dog with mustard and a Diet Coke, on a public bench outside the building.

As I returned to the building my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw Staci’s name and quickly answered her call, “Good afternoon Staci.”

“You’re such a romantic Allen, I just love red roses,” She instantly said.

It felt good knowing that Staci saw my gesture as a sign of romance, after all we had agreed our relationship would be exactly that.

“I’m glad you like them,” I answered.

She giggled and replied, “Like them, I absolutely love them, in fact if I could I’d have you come by this afternoon and let me show you how much I love them.”

For a moment I thought about knocking off this afternoon and taking her up on the offer but instead, I said, “You can show me on our second date.”

“I hope that date is very soon because I really want to deep throat that big, beautiful cock of yours again and this time I want you to cum in my mouth.” Staci replied.

I smiled with the knowledge that a dozen roses made her want my cock buried in her throat.

“I’m gonna give Stephanie a call after we hang up,” Staci said matter of factly.

“Really?” I answered hoping that call didn’t lead to Staci deciding on implants.

“Can I call you when I get done today so you can tell me how the call went?” I asked.

“Sure Allen, I’d love to talk again later.” She replied.

We disconnected and I instantly regretted not taking her up on the offer for a mid-day blowjob which would have delayed her call to Stephanie.

About an hour later, Fran and Kevin returned from lunch. He had his hand in the small of her back and she walked with the rather assertive step of a confident woman.

Kevin headed to his office and Fran walked toward me. As she approached she gave her chest a sexy wiggle showing me that her dark blue, satin blouse had no cum stains. I figured that either she hadn’t given Richmond a lunch time blowjob, or if she had she was able to swallow every drop of his cum load.

She smiled and said, “I’ll be traveling to a conference with Kevin Friday morning, I’m not sure yet if we’ll be turning it into a weekend away.”

“Well good for you.” I replied wondering if she’d be better satisfied given more time alone with him.

She smiled and said, “I just wanted to let you know I’ll be away for part or all of the weekend.”

Fran headed to her workstation and as usual I watched as she walked down the aisle. Her sexy hips moving side to side as she placed one foot in front of the other. I smiled wondering how soon I’d be able to enjoy her company again. She disappeared around the corner and I got back to work.

I was able to concentrate on the tasks at hand and by 4:30 P.M. had my desk cleared so I decided to cut out a few minutes early.

“Have a good evening Janice,” I said as I headed to the office door.

“You too Allen,” She replied.

As I approached maltepe escort my car my cell phone rang, it was Stephanie calling and I answered saying, “Hiya Stephanie.”

“Hey Allen, how is your day going?” She asked.

I settled into the driver’s seat but didn’t bother to start the car as I replied, “I just left the office so I’m hoping my day will improve.”

“Allen, I want to apologize for not returning your phone call from the weekend. Since we ran into each other at the art gallery, I would have invited you back to my apartment for a replay of our night together but you were with Staci, your little tart. Just so you know, I had a very interesting conversation with her earlier today.”

I wasn’t sure if her reference to Staci as a little tart was negative or not but I answered, “She asked me if I’d give her your number last night.”

“I figured you had, and I want to thank you for not giving her my private number,” She replied.

“You did tell me that number was for your closest friends,” I responded.

Stephanie paused a moment, then said, “I have to admit I wasn’t very happy that you told her about my gag reflex.”

“I can understand that, but you did say you’ve been practicing and Staci has a very inquisitive nature so she kind of beat it out of me,” I answered with a little laugh hoping she’d buy my answer.

“She told me she wanted to call me to apologize for the comments and her demeanor when we met last night.” Stephanie said.

“That’s the reason I decided to actually give her your number,” I answered.

“After I apologized to her too, we talked for the better part of an hour,” Stephanie said.

I knew it wouldn’t take an hour for Staci to apologize to her so I asked, “What else did you two discuss?”

She giggled, then continued, “I’m guessing you told her about my implants because she told me she was considering breast augmentation surgery.”

“She did tell me she wanted to pick your brain a little,” I admitted.

“Well Allen, I told her that when I was her age my tits, while somewhat larger than hers, stood proudly from my chest and that it wasn’t until I began to see some drooping that I even considered implants.” Stephanie explained.

“Okay,” I answered.

“I explained that her body is sleek and trim now and that having her chest enlarged would make her look out of proportion,” She continued.

“I basically told her the same thing last night,” I replied.

Stephanie laughed loudly, then asked, “So you two discussed me while you were fucking?”

I know it might sound odd that Staci and I would talk about Stephanie while we fucked so I replied, “It was actually while we were having some light pillow talk after we finished.

She giggled again, but didn’t reply.

“Was anything else discussed?” I asked.

Stephanie paused a moment, then admitted, “We also talked about you Allen.”

I was almost afraid to ask what they talked about but figured Stephanie was going to tell me anyway so I asked, “You two compared notes about me?”

“Staci asked me if you filled me as completely as you do her?” Stephanie said.

“And?” I asked.

“I told her years ago I had a lover with a bigger cock, but your talent for fulfilling my sexual needs far exceeds that lover’s larger cock,” Stephanie admitted.

“Thank you hun, I’ll take that as a compliment,” I answered.

I wondered if she and Staci talked about swallowing a hard cock since that hadn’t come up yet, other than the fact that Staci kept asking me about Stephanie’s gag reflex.

“Did Staci ask you about your gag reflex?” I asked.

Stephanie paused for a moment, then said, “Not directly, but she did tell me how incredible it is when she takes your rock-hard cock between her lips, lets it slide over her tongue and through the opening of her throat. She admitted how sexy she feels as your cock lurches deep in her throat.”

“That’s amazing,” I replied.

“Allen, I want to feel that sexy,” Stephanie said.

“You will hun, trust me you will,” I answered.

It was crystal clear that being able to deep throat a rock-hard cock was at the very top of Stephanie’s bucket list of sexual fantasies.

“Are you free tonight,” I asked her.

“I can be,” Stephanie answered.

I’d have to call Kay and make sure she would be available to give Stephanie training and that she’d be okay with meeting another of my fuck buddies.

“Let me make a phone call and I’ll get back to you,” I answered.

She instantly answered, “Okay, I’ll wait to hear from you.”

We disconnected and I took a couple minutes to figure out how I’d approach this with Kay, deciding that being straight with her was the best way.

“Hiya Allen,” Kay said answering my call.

“How was your day,” I asked trying a little small talk before I got into the real reason I was calling.

Kay replied, “It was good and yours?”

“A little bit hectic,” I answered not wanting to go into all the events of my day.

“Sorry to hear that Allen,” Kay answered. kartal escort

I knew that one of the things I needed to talk to her about was our plan for me to watch her seduce Mike Greth so I asked, “Have you heard from Mike?”

“No, but it’s only been a couple days, I wouldn’t expect he’d have any plans to go over for at least a week,” Kay responded.

Okay, I thought, so her seduction of Greth could be put on the back burner for now. I swallowed hard and began, “Kay there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

Kay’s voice took on a serious tone as she answered, “Oh really and that would be who?”

“Her name is Stephanie Peters, she’s the realtor that arranged the lease of my apartment,” I replied.

Her tone went from serious to stern as she asked, “Have you been fucking her ever since?”

I needed to put this fire out immediately and answered, “Oh no, after I signed the lease I didn’t even give her a second thought until I ran into her in the parking lot outside Kurtz House a little over a week ago. Stephanie said she never received an invitation to my housewarming. I told her that there hadn’t been one, so she asked how she gets an invitation to see how I’d decorated my place.”

“Go on,” Kay replied her tone of voice calming down a little.

“She was there for a showing in my building. I told her that if she wanted to, she could stop by my apartment afterwards and I’d give her the fifty-cent tour. It was an innocent invitation,” I said.

Kay laughed, then said, “I’ve known you long enough Allen, there are no innocent invitations when it comes of women.”

I hesitated a couple seconds, then said, “Okay, so maybe the invitation wasn’t completely innocent.”

Kay replied, “Well I’m glad you can admit that at least.” After a very short pause she asked, “So, can I assume that this realtor came by for the fifty-cent tour?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“And during the tour did you show her your bedroom?” Kay asked putting my ass to the red, hot coals about what happened.

Again, I replied, “Yes.”

Kay continued, “So, would I be correct if I assumed that you fucked Ms. Peters after the tour?”

I almost didn’t want to answer but said, “Yes Kay, you are correct, I fucked her.”

“I have no problem with you adding yet another notch to your bed post Allen, we do have an agreement that we can fuck anyone we please. But why do you want me to meet her?” Kay asked.

I’d gotten by the hard part of this conversation so I relaxed and said, “I’d like you to give her a lesson or two.”

Kay knew that I could teach any woman how to take my cock in her asshole or cunt and instantly asked, “So you want me to teach her how to deep throat a big, hard cock.”

“Exactly,” I answered in one word.

Her voice grew stern once again as she said, “You want me to train her to throat a big, hard cock so she can please you almost as much as I do?”

“I was hoping you’d be okay with it,” I replied meekly.

She giggled and answered, “If it means I get to suck your big, beautiful cock and watch as she learns the tricks of doing that I’ll be happy to help you out.”

“Thanks so much Kay, I’ll owe you one.” I dumbly answered.

She again laughed and said, “You can thank me by pumping every drop of your thick, creamy cum load into my mouth.”

“Deal!” I instantly replied.

“When would you like this cock sucking training to happen?” She asked.

“Tonight, if you’re available,” I answered.

“I have no plans for this evening, what time?” Kay asked.

Can you come by my place about seven?” I suggested.

“I’ll want to shower before, so let’s make it seven-thirty.” Kay said.

“Great, I have something else I want to talk to you about so I’ll let Stephanie know to plan on eight-thirty,” I answered.

Kay giggled and asked, “You want an hour alone with me, what are you going to do, fill me in on all your other sexual conquests since we started seeing one another?”

“Oh no, I wanted to run an idea I have about improving my view when you’re doing an exhibitionist show for me. This idea will also make it easier on you as you will not have to be as focused on your positioning.” I answered.

“Okay Allen, I’ll be there at seven-thirty, oh by the way is Ms. Peters bisexual?” Kay asked.

“I’m not sure.” I answered.

“Well we’ll both know later tonight.” Kay remarked letting me know that I wasn’t the only one that would be pleased.

“See you later,” I said before we disconnected, then I immediately called Stephanie.

She answered my call on the second ring and greeted me by saying, “Hi Allen, are we on for tonight?”

“Yes, we are,” I replied.

Stephanie replied: “That makes me very happy, I’ve been thinking about fucking you constantly since we got together. As I previously told you, I’m not looking to get married again or to be deeply involved with another man. Despite my age, I still have a high sex drive and a need for cock, especially big ones like yours. I’ve been fucking various men, but none that are as good as you. I want to feel comfortable knowing I can call you up and arrange to get together with you to fuck and for you to feel the same about calling me, you know, friends with benefits or fuck buddies. I already told you I’ll be your cum slut.”

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