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You invited me over for dinner on a Thursday night. You don’t work on most Friday’s so if my visit ended late, you’d have time time to rest the next day. There was no special occasion, just two friends, sharing a meal, sharing laugh, and generally enjoying the company of the other.

The meal you cooked was delicious and we laughed throughout. Our topic of conversation ran the gamut, sometimes irrationally switching from the news of the day to why you decided which color to paint the area. We cleaned up our mess in the kitchen and moved into the living room.

You moved from your wheelchair to the couch. I smiled and looked at the time, I explained that I should be going. You pointed at the window and it just started raining heavily. I moved closer to the window and I could feel the cold damp air trying to get through the double pane glass.

Deciding to stay until the rain subsides, I take a seat beside you on the couch gladly. As I sat down, you caught me staring at your cleavage exposed by your low cut blouse. You jokingly asked me to stop staring and I remarked that I was looking at the very nice blouse you’re wearing. Blushing, I turn my eyes away and you place your hand softly under my chin to return my attention to you, whispering “it’s ok”.

I lean forward and kiss your lips, I feel the tip of your tongue run over my lips. My tongue meets yours and as we kiss our tongues playfully push against the other. I feel your hand rubbing against my inner thigh moving towards the sizable bulge in my pants. My right hand begins to rub against your breasts and I hear you moan. I pull back suddenly. I turn my eyes to yours and ask straightforward if you want me to be your first. You nod, your hand gripping my shirt pulling me back to your lips.

My hands sliding under your shirt, rub upwards against your bare skin, eventually lifting your blouse over your head. I pull down on the cups of your bra to expose your breast, your nipples fully erect. I lower my head down to kiss your breasts and suckle your nipples, while my arms reach around you to unclip your bra, finally able to slide the shoulder straps down your arms to get it out of the way. I go back to suckling on your nipples, your moans getting louder as your ran your fingers through my hair.

At this point I find myself kneeling on the floor in front of you as you sit on the couch. I undo the top button on your pants and begin to lower the zipper as I look up at you, as though looking for approval. You look anxious and nod, your breathing heavy. I slip all my fingers under your pants and panties at your sides and slowly pull them off your body. I pull you towards me so you sit on the front edge of the couch.

I spread your legs open and trail the tip of my index finger between the lips of your labia upwards to your clitoris. You’re already so wet but you get even more so as my fingers slowly run up and down the walls of your vagina. You arch back against the couch, your hands gripping the couch.

My head lowers enough so I can slowly lick at your clit, while my second and third digits penetrate deep inside you. You moan loudly at the penetration, demanding I not stop, my fingers begin to move in and out of you while the tip of my tongue traces around the base of your clit, flicking at it. You’re unable to hold back, your body begins to shake and your grip on the cushions of the couch get tighter. Your body wraps around my fingers tight as they continue to probe your vagina. You tilt your head upwards as you let out a loud yes, your whole body seemingly shivers.

Your juices spill into my mouth and down my chin. You continue to spasm while your sweet liquid continues to flow from your body and onto the front of the couch.

Your hands grip against the fabric of the couch as you writhe and your body spasms, my fingers inside you, held nearly still deep inside you. My tongue begins to lap against your clit again and in another sudden burst, you reach climax escort ataşehir unexpectedly. Your muscles tighten and relax around my fingers while your arch back against the backrest. Your eyes rolled backwards, your mouth agape, and I watch happily as your tongue traces the inside of your upper lip.

I rise up licking my lips and slowly draw fingers out of you, your juices still dripping from my chin. You take quick shallow breaths and I ask if you want something bigger. You moan a loud “yesss”. I shift on the ground to position myself between your legs, my hips at the same height as yours and impatiently undo the buttons and zipper of my pants. Then you see it, my throbbing member, fully erect and the head pressed against the lips of your labia.

I ask you if you’re ready, and nodding you begin to inhale. I ask you to breathe normal and relax your muscles, otherwise, this may hurt. I watch and smile as you try to control your breathing while I use my hand to rub the tip between the walls of your wet vagina. You mumble something indiscernible and nod, shifting forward while I tease you.

I lean forward to suck on your right breast as my member penetrates you slowly. You turn your head to the side, grasping at the couch seat, moaning loudly. Your eyes turn upwards again as you begin to give a scream while my tongue swirls around the base of your erect nipple. The initial pain disappears and is replaced by pleasure.

My left hand cups your right breast as turn my mouth to your left breast, pushing deeper inside you. I tell you how you’re so tight. You mumble and moan, your back arched back as far as you can go against the backrest of the couch.

My hip moves forward and back, my hard rod disappearing in your body. Your breathing become more shallow but you manage to say sharply that you want more, wrapping your arms around my neck. I thrust deep into you and pull out at a faster pace. As wet as you are, your body still wraps tightly around me, like a tight glove.

I run my hands down the side of your body and wrap them under your thighs. I grin and slowly pull out of you just before I lift you up enough to turn you around, bending you over the couch seat.

I spread your legs apart and guide my member back inside your waiting vagina. You bite into the couch, trying to muffle your scream as I penetrate you. You push the palm of your hands against the back rest of the couch as I push deep inside you and then slowly pull out.

I lean forward to whisper in your ear that I’m going to cum deep inside you. You moan, don’t stop and that you want more. Unable to hold back, I arch back during a deep thrust and the feeling of you tightly wrapped around me is overwhelming. My entire body begins to tense and you feel my fingers grab onto your waist, my fingers dig into your skin, leaving imprints.

I pull out only to push back inside you and my seed fills deep inside you. I scream, gripping you harder, making you scream out. I continue to pulse inside you before slowly pulling out, our juices mixing inside you and some of it escapes down your leg as the tip of my member pulls out. I lift you up onto the couch once again, laying you on your side.

I look into your eyes and smile before giving you a kiss. I tell you that the night is still early if you want more lessons…

After laying you back on the couch, I slide onto the couch behind you, our bodies pressed close as be both lay on our sides. You rest your head on my left arm, wrapped around your body as my other hand brushes over your soft skin.

I ask if you’re having a good night so far and you grin explaining how you’re glad you invited me over for dinner. I begin to kiss your neck and your shoulder while my right hand trails down the side of your body resting between your legs. My fingers part your wet lips and you begin to breath heavy, almost purring at my touch.

Your right arm reaches back, your hand rubbing down the side of kadıköy escort my body. You reach for my member and begin to stroke it, your fingers gripping around it tight. I can’t help but become aroused by your touch as I keep kissing the back of your neck, my fingers probing you now, you begin to whimper.

I whisper in your ear that I want to make you cum with my fingers. You nod, your moans becoming louder while you continue to stroke me into full erection. I push forward, the tip of my hard member brushing against your naked back.

My second and third digits slip in and out of you at the same time they rub against your clit. Your breathing becomes erratic, sometimes heavy, sometimes held back, all the while you whimper, telling me don’t stop. I drag my tongue against your neck, watching you open your mouth wide, to let out a loud moan and then you scream out yessss!

Your whole body trembles, your fingers gripping tight around my shaft and you trap my fingers inside you as you cum. Your fluids drip over my fingers and down your body. I slowly pull my fingers out, dragging my hand against your skin. You continue to moan and whimper, shifting your body on the couch, inching closer to the edge. I keep my left arm wrapped around you and use my right arm to wrap around your waist to keep you from falling off the couch.

I softly kiss the back of your shoulder and sniffing your hair. As I hold you close, my thick rod rubs against your back. I whisper in your ear asking again if you’re having a good night. You smile, saying the night isn’t over but yes you’re having a good night.

Your body shivers at my touch while my body rubs against yours as you recover from your last orgasm. Your arm reaches back to me, feeling up and down my body. Your hand spends a great deal of time rubbing against my hip reveals your intent but my body is pressed so close against yours, there’s no room for you grasp my member, rock hard and resting against your back.

When I hear that you’ve caught your breath, I ask if you want to continue our evening together in your bedroom. You smile and shyly say yes. You reach for your chair but before you could, I pick you up in my arms. Surprised, you look at me and smile, wrapping your arms around my neck.

I walk into the hallway and into your bedroom. The room seems bright even with all the lights inside turned off. The moon is shining brightly through the windows with a break in the rain outside.

I brush the covers aside before laying you on your stomach on your bed, you rest the side of your head on one of the available pillows. I quickly crawl on top of you, my hard rod pressing on your back and resting between the cheeks of your buttocks. I kiss your neck as you reach both arms around, grabbing at me. I whisper in you’re ear if you’re ready. Impatiently, you say yes, you want more.

I sit up, my legs straddling yours. In one swift movement, I collect a nearby pillow and slide it under your stomach. This lifts your hip higher and I use my hands to gently spread your legs apart, rubbing your wet pussy. My fingers spread your lips apart as I guide my member into your waiting hole. You pull your arms up beside your head, gripping the sheets under you, trying to control your moans by biting into the pillow.

You begin to moan louder as my member slowly penetrates you deeper. You’re so wet but your body tightens around me and it feels amazing. I rest my hands against your hips as I begin to thrust in and out of you. Your moans turn into screams, demanding I don’t stop.

I push in and out of you. Faster. Harder. At times, so impatient to move faster, I accidentally pull out only to drive deep inside you again. In the middle of telling me not to stop, you suddenly pause, holding your breath, eyes closed, you grip the bed in your hands before letting out a loud scream saying you’re cumming.

Your body tightens around me and I’m unable to hold back. I let out a scream, maltepe escort bayan saying I’m cumming inside you. You tell me to fill you and I push in and out of you wildly as my seed fills you deep. I collapse on top of you before rolling onto my side, looking into your eyes. We rub our hands over each other as we try to catch our breath.

I ask if you’re tired. You say yes. I ask if you want me to sleep here with you. Without hesitation, you say yes, your fingers, wrapping in between mine. We both smile, my left arm inches under your head while you rest the side of your face against my chest. I reach down with my other arm to pull the covers over us. As you begin to close your eyes, I whisper, when are you going to invite me back for dinner. You smile and sigh, closing your eyes and rest your head against my chest as I wrap both arms around you.

It was nearly 4am when you woke up, our bodies still pressed against one another, my front against your back. You turned around to face me, running your hands over my bare skin while gently nipping at my chest.

My eyes open to see you entertaining yourself and I smile. I run my hand resting on your hip up to your chest to rub against your breast. Teasingly, I trap your hardening nipples between my fingers.

I whisper that I thought you wanted to rest. You whisper back, that you’re rested enough, while dragging your hand down the side of my body, before resting on my member. I smile, looking into your eyes, giving off a small moan as you begin to stroke me in your hand. I ask if you want to continue this in the shower. You nod your head in agreement.

I slide off the bed and pick you up in my arms then walk towards the bathroom. You stretch to switch the lights on. As we walk into the shower area, I pull the curtain closed behind us while I softly seat you down near the shower jets.

Water rushes out at us when I turn the water handles. As I adjust the warm and cold taps, you pull at my hard member, motioning for me to move closer. As I do, you lean forward, using my body to balance yourself as you open your mouth and take me in. I moan, saying this feels so good. You run your tongue over the tip and down the shaft. Your hand grips at the base as you bob your head to and fro taking me deep in your mouth, my tip, brushes against the back of your throat.

Mmmm it feels so good. I ask you to stop for a moment. I kneel down on the shower floor, using my arms to pull you down onto the floor with me. The water continues to soak us both but we seem to ignore it. I shift and twist under you until I’m laying back flat against the shower floor and your body rests above mine but our heads point in opposite directions. I ask if you’ve ever done 69 before. You answer no but I’ve always wanted to. I pull your legs apart and grab you by the hips to pull you towards me so I can eat you out. You continue to pleasure me with your mouth as my fingers penetrate both your holes.

My tongue begins to flick against your clit while my fingers probe you. I lift my head upwards running my tongue against your vaginal walls. I feel your body tremble and you give out a scream. Your sweet juices flood out of your body and onto my lips and chin. I lap you up like a thirsty pup, all the while you’re sucking on my member. I tell you that I’m ready to explode in your mouth. You say, yes fill my mouth. I tilt my head upward, giving off a loud moan, my load emptying into your mouth, you try drinking every drop and continue to lick the sensitive tip.

I slowly withdraw my fingers from inside you and you give off a sigh. We sit together on the floor while the water drops over us. I pick you up in my arms again and say that we should finish our shower and stop wasting water. You smile in agreement and we scrub each other clean. Paying extra attention to certain areas of each others anatomy. Seemingly finding each other clean enough to off of, we test that by nipping at each other.

You shut the water off while I grab towels for us and we dry each other off. I cradle you in my arms out of the bathroom and back to bed. We lay there in each others arms smiling and giggling until the sun rose, filling the room with light. Until finally, we both fell asleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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