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Double Penetration

It’s January and the first wrestling tournament of the year. The snow falls outside of the college gym on Thursday evening. Sofia (21 yrs.) is a voluptuous red-head (38-24-34) who writes for her college internet-blog. She’s wearing jeans and a heavy coat over a college tank top. She has no bra on. Both of her large areolas and nipples are visible.

Sofia has been taking pictures of the competitive wrestlers. She usually watches her own home college team. But, she notices Hansen (20 yrs.) who is on the visiting team. He stands at 5’9” and weighs 157 lbs. His cut shoulder muscles bulge and she likes his speed on the mat.

Hansen loses his match and shakes his head in defeat. His fingers angrily undo the head gear as he steps off of the mat. He pulls off that gear and shakes his dark brown hair. His coach jogs over to speak with him. Hansen looks in the direction of Sofia and begins to walk in her direction. She stares at his tremendous bulge under that wrestling suit. He reaches her and smiles.

He says, “Hi, I’m Hansen. Coach said you wanted to interview me.”

She replies, “Yes. I’m Sofia and I write for a wrestling blog.”

His eyes glance down at her tits.

He says, “Can we interview after my shower?”

She answers, “Yes, I’ll be waiting right here.”

Sofia leans forward and her tits jiggle out from under the open coat. His eyes grow big with surprise.

Later outside the gym. Sofia leans back against the wall. Her coat hangs open. The right side of her tank-strap is pulled down over her tit. Hansen’s pendik escort mouth covers the nipple and part of the areola.

He wears jeans and a thick college sweater.

She whispers, “I got us a room at the university hotel.”

He mumbles, “Mmm-Mmmm.”

His tongue licks all over the nipple.

She says, “Let’s go. I wanna see if your bulge is real.”

His mouth sucks off of her tit and says, “You won’t be disappointed.”

Inside hotel room 110. The long curtains are closed except for the left corner which is caught. The small opening shows the fogged-up window. The heater below runs on “high.” The TV plays “equestrian” competition on ESPN. The volume is turned low.

Clothes, shoes, coats, socks and Hansen’s sport bag are all piled on the bed.

The lights shine down on the naked bodies of Hansen and Sofia. He is sitting on an arm-chair next to a table. His legs are spread open. She is kneeling on the carpet in between those legs. Her long hair is braided into a ponytail which falls down her back.

Hansen’s 9 and ½-inch cock sticks into the air. It is a long and solid pipe. Her right-hand slides down touching his brown crotch. Sofia’s lips are clamped around his cock-tip and the tongue licks it aggressively.

He replies, “Yeahhh… Oooohh-Yeah… Lick-It-Good… Oooohh… Just-Like-That.”

Her hand moves back up his length and stops under his tip. She begins to lick his right corner.

He says, “Ooooohh… Yeahhh… Yeahhhh… There-You-Go… Yeahh.”

She moves around to maltepe escort lick the left corner.

He likes that, “Uhh-Oooohh… Oooohh… Yeahhhh… Work-Over-Little-Hansen… Work-Him-Over.”

She stops licking and drops her hand. Her lips slide down his sturdy pole and stops 3-inches down. She comes back up and let’s go so that his member throbs into the air. Sofia stands up, turns around and pushes all of the clothes off the bed. That includes his sport bag.

She climbs on the bed and lays down on her back. Both massive tits flop and her legs spread open showing the thick-red pussy.

Hansen stands up and his long pole sticks forward. His right hand is raised up and he spits on the palm to spread over his shaft.

He climbs onto the bed and crawls over on the knees. His body leans over and he places his left hand near her right waist. His right hand grips his tool and guides his cock-tip toward her pussy. He rubs her wet lips.

Hansen whispers, “I’ll only go halfway. Okay?”

She answers, “Okay?”

His cock-tip pushes open her pussy lips and he enters really slow. He places his right hand on the other side of her waist.

She says, “Ohhhhhh.. Ohhhhhh.”

His whispers, “Oooooohh… Ooohh-Yeahhh… I knew you’d be hot.”

He looks down at his hard shaft that is barely halfway inside of her. He starts thrusting long and slow, but doesn’t go all the way inside.

Sofia replies, “Unnnnnhh… Gawd… Ohhhhhh… My-Gawd… Ohhhhhh.!”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… kartal escort Thrust.

Hansen’s mouth drops open while controlling his sturdy pipe.

She responds, “Gawwwd… Gawwwd… Ohhhhhh… Uh-Unnnnnnhh… Gawwwdd.!”

Both of her hands grip his arms as her tits jiggle.

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

She screams, “Hansen… Hansen… Ohhhhhh… Gawwwwd.!”

He watches his tool push in and pull out.

He says, “Ooooohh.. Fucking-Hot.. Ooooohh,”

Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust… Thrust.

She replies, “My Gawwwdd… Ohhhhhh… Uh-Ohhhhh… Gawwwdd… So-Good.!”

9 minutes later.

Hansen stops thrusting as both of them breathe hard. He holds his stiff cock inside of her.

He whispers, “You okay Sofia?”

She answers, “Yeah.. Hansen.. I came.. I came.”

He replies, “I heard you baby.”

Hansen pushes both of her legs upward as the knees bend over his arms.

His long shaft is still buried halfway inside. Hansen begins thrusting short and fast, but never pushing all the way in.


She replies, “Uh-Unnh-Unh-Unnnh-Unnnhh.”

He controls his cock pushing-in and pulling-out.

Hansen grunts, “I’m close.. I’m close.”


She says, “Unnh-Unnh-Uhh-Uhh-Unnnhh.”

He stops and explodes, “Mmmmmm.! Mmmmmm.! Mmmm.! My-Gawd.!!”

The next morning. Hansen is in the shower and the hotel door closes behind Sofia. He soon walks out of the bathroom wiping down his wet body with a towel. He looks around and discovers that his clothes and sport bag are gone.

Hansen walks to the door and opens it to search for Sofia. He slams the door and smiles.

He says, “Damn. She took my clothes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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