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Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people or events is purely coincidental. It’s sole purpose is entertainment, so enjoy! Also, scientists have recently discovered that individuals under the age of eighteen show an increased risk of contracting masturbation induced blindness, therefore anyone under the age of eighteen SHOULD NOT READ THIS!!!!

I love hearing what people think of my stories, so if you loved it or hated it or fall somewhere in the middle, I’d love to hear your opinion. Please send any

feedback, suggestions or requests.


“You ready for this Jen?” Brooke asked as she and her friend got out of her car and headed towards the bar.

“I guess so” Jennifer mumbled in reply.

For Jennifer Young, this was to be a bittersweet evening.

On the one hand, she had finally landed a spot at the local hospital where she could complete her internship and eventually become a nurse. It was the culmination of several years of study and hard work. But as one door opens another always seems to close and working at the hospital would mean leaving her job at the airport where she had worked as a ticketing agent for the past two years.

Now, as she walked toward the entrance to the bar where her going away party was being held, the finality of it all was starting to hit her. Would she ever see any of these people again? Would any of them remember her in six months? What about six years?

“You think Brett’s going to show up tonight?” Jennifer asked.

“Well if he does, he’s not gonna know what hit him” Brooke replied. “You are looking soooo hot tonight Ms. Young!”

Jennifer just waved off Brooke’s comment as she laughed but she had to admit to herself that her friend was right. She wore a brown tank top that showed off her big natural tits and a pair of tight, hip hugging jeans that were sure to have all the boys drooling. Not that she cared what most of them thought as long as Brett liked the way she looked.

“So remind me, how long have you been crushing on this guy?” Brooke asked.

“For over a year now” Jennifer answered.

“Over a year” she replied. “And you still haven’t hooked up with him?”

“But he’s only been single for the last month, so it’s not that pathetic” Jennifer responded. “Besides, who knows if I’ll ever even see him again after tonight?”

“True” Brooke replied. “But there’s no harm in getting some going away ass is there?”

“I suppose not” Jennifer said and they both started laughing as they paused outside of the door.

“Of course if things don’t work out with Brett, you could always hook up with Pam” Brooke joked, pointing to their very butch co-worker who was getting out of her car.

“Gross, who invited that dyke?” Jennifer said with a frown.

“Oh, relax” Brooke replied. “She’s just here to wish you goodbye. You know you really shouldn’t be so judgmental.”

“I’m not judgmental” Jennifer shot back. “I just don’t want some big old lez hitting on me, that’s all.”

“Well then, let’s not stand out here all night” Brooke said. “It’s party time!”

As soon as they walked through the door, the small crowd of coworkers erupted into applause causing Jennifer to smile broadly. Things were going to be okay after all. A quick glance around the room showed her that not only did her ticketing agent friends show up but so did most of the baggage handlers and several pilots and stewardesses.

“I’m gonna go get us some drinks” Brooke said as she strode off toward the bar.

Spotting a seat at one of the tables between Brett and her boss Heather, Jennifer quickly made her way over and sat down.

“Damn girl, look at you” Brett exclaimed. “I knew you’re tits were big, but I didn’t know they were that big!”

He had already been drinking and when Brett drank, he tended to be an obnoxious oaf.

“Hey Brett” Jennifer said lightly as he continued to ogle her.

She had been looking forward to seeing him all day, but now that she was here, things were just awkward and uncomfortable.

“Don’t mind him” came a woman’s voice from Jennifer’s left. “I won’t let him bother you too much.”

Jennifer looked over and saw her supervisor, Heather Vanderman smiling back at her. Heather had beautiful high cheekbones and perfect white teeth which always made her look somewhat regal. She wore her long blonde hair up most days which only added to her air of elegance.

“Thanks” Jennifer replied. “I just hate it when he’s like this.”

“Well, that’s a typical man for you” Heather responded airily. “Luckily I’ve had fifteen years to train mine.”

Jennifer just laughed as she looked at Heather. She only hoped that when she was in her forties that she would be in half as good of shape.

Jennifer knew that Heather’s husband Tom owned a distributing company and that they had two children, but apart from that she really didn’t know much about her personal life. Why would a woman with so much money bother working at all, let alone taking on the stress that casino siteleri came with being a supervisor?

“Wow, you’ve been married for fifteen years?” Jennifer asked. “That’s got to be tough sometimes.”

“Well, it helps to have more than one home” Heather replied. “In fact, Tom and the kids are in Pensacola for the month. That’s the only way I was able to come out tonight.”

“Well I’m glad you came” Jennifer said as she glanced over at Brett chugging another beer with one of his buddies.

“So am I” Heather answered as she gazed at Jennifer long enough to make the young woman shift uncomfortably in her chair.

Luckily, Brooke returned with their drinks and the conversation turned light and breezy again.

For the next hour or so, Jennifer listened as her coworkers came up and wished her good luck. Brett made several attempts to get her to come outside with him, but she was transfixed listening to Heather’s stories about her world travels.

“I never knew you were so interesting” Jennifer replied as Heather finished telling her about her trip to Japan. “I mean no offense.”

“None taken” Heather responded. “It’s just hard to be buddy-buddy with someone when you’re their boss. But now that you’re leaving….”

As Heather tried to finish her sentence, Brett stumbled backwards and knocked a cranberry juice and vodka into Jennifer’s lap.

“You fucking idiot!” She yelled as she stood up and rushed to the bathroom, leaving Brett standing there slackjawed.

After a brief pause, Heather smiled to herself and followed Jennifer into the restroom to help her out. This was the opportunity she was looking for.

“Fuck!” Jennifer exclaimed as she tried to rub off the stain with some paper towels.

“Don’t rub it in” Heather said quickly as she grabbed some more paper towels. “Dab it lightly, here I’ll show you.”

“Thanks” Jennifer said as Heather managed to get most of the cranberry juice off of her jeans.

“No problem” she replied, glancing around to make sure no one else was in the bathroom.

“He is such a moron” Jennifer exclaimed. “I can’t believe I ever had a crush on him the way he’s acting tonight.”

“Well one good thing came of it” Heather said. “At least he gave me an opportunity to talk to you alone before you left. I’ve got something I’ve got to get off my chest.”

“What’s up?” Jennifer asked as Heather stood up.

“I want you” Heather said, gazing into Jennifer’s big doe eyes as the words hung heavy in the air for several long seconds.

“Excuse me?” Jennifer finally gulped, backing up until she was against the wall. Undeterred, Heather pressed closer.

“You heard me” she said. “I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long, and I want you tonight.”

“Ummmm…….I’m not sure what to say” Jennifer replied as her head started swimming. “I mean, I’m flattered, but I’m not….I’m not a…a…lesbian.”

“It’s okay baby” Heather continued. “I don’t want a relationship or anything, I just want to fuck you. I can teach you so much. I want to do such bad things to you and your hot little fucking body!”

Jennifer’s mind was going crazy. She would never admit it to anyone, even herself, but she did have a secret fantasy about having sex with another woman. Sometimes when she masturbated she would……………STOP IT! She thought. She wasn’t really considering letting Heather have her way with her was she?

“What about your husband?” Jennifer asked, desperately trying to find a way out of this.

“I told you” she replied. “He’s out of town. You could just come back to my place and we could…..just…..”

As she finished her sentence, Heather leaned in close. She saw Jennifer close her eyes and purse her lips in anticipation of their kiss, but just as their lips were about to touch the bathroom door opened snapping Jennifer from her trance.

“Hey Jen, everyone’s asking where you went” Brooke said as she entered the bathroom.

“I was just…..I spilled….Heather was helping….” She babbled as her face turned scarlet.

“Someone spilled a drink on her and I was helping her clean it up” Heather interjected.

“Oh, okay” Brooke said as she eyed them suspiciously. “Well hurry, Brett’s looking for you.”

“Okay” Jennifer mumbled as Brooke left the bathroom.

The interruption from Brooke had brought reality crashing down around Jennifer and she realized that she had almost kissed another woman. Confused, she slipped past Heather and ran toward the door.

“I’m sorry. I’m just not into girls” she said firmly before storming out of the bathroom and back into the party.

Heather just stood there smiling. She had her prey right where she wanted her.


As the night went on, people gradually began saying their goodbyes to Jennifer and leaving until eventually there were only five or six of them left at the bar. For her part, Jennifer tried to act as naturally as possible, but every time she glanced over at Heather, the older woman would be staring at her smiling. canlı casino She couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen if she just let her boss do whatever she wanted to her. She imagined Heather running her fingers through her hair as they passionately kissed in front of a roaring fire.

“You about ready to go home?” Brooke asked, snapping Jennifer out of her daydream.

“Huh…Oh, already?” Jennifer replied.

“What do you mean already?” Brooke asked. “The bar closes in a half an hour, you want to wait for them to kick us out?”

“No, it’s just that it might be my last time seeing everyone and I’m not sure I want to leave just yet” said the pretty brunette.

“Come on Jen” Brooke whined. “There’s hardly anyone left and I’m exhausted!”

“I can give her a lift” Heather said as she walked up to them.

“Oh, that’s okay” Jennifer said quickly. She had barely resisted succumbing to her lesbian passions before and wasn’t ready to be put right back into the spider’s web. “I don’t want to put you out.”

“Oh, it’s really no problem” Heather answered with a smile. “I just want you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your last night.”

“No really it’s….” Jennifer began but Brooke cut her off.

“She does live about a mile from you” Brooke said, unintentionally aiding in Heather’s quest to seduce the young woman. “It would save me some time and you’d get to hang out a little while longer.”

“Yeah, everyone will get what they want this way” Heather said with a quick wink that only Jennifer saw causing her to blush again and avoid the sexy blonde’s gaze.

“Unnnhhhh” Jennifer whimpered as she looked desperately at Brooke hoping her friend would save her.

“You alright?” Brooke asked. “I mean I can stay if you really want me to.”

Jennifer thought carefully for a few minutes. It wasn’t like she had to do anything with Heather was it? I mean it was just a ride home. But some part of her knew she was making a choice. She was going to have sex with another woman for the first time.

“If you’re sure it’s no problem Heather?” Jennifer finally said.

“No problem at all sweetie” Heather replied. “It will truly be my pleasure.”

Jennifer gulped as Heather said this but again Brooke was oblivious to what was going on.

“Okay then” She replied, hugging Jennifer goodbye.

“Let me know if you get any tonight” she whispered as they broke their embrace.

“What are you talking about?” Jennifer exclaimed wide eyed. Did her friend know?

“Brett, dummy!” Brooke replied nodding in the direction of the young man who was passed out face down at the bar. “Or did you forget about him?”

Ever since their bathroom encounter Jennifer had indeed forgotten about Brett and had been thinking about nothing but the sexy older blonde woman.

“Oh, right” she said. “I’ll call you.” And with that Brooke left her friend with Heather.


When the bar finally closed twenty minutes later, the two of them got into Heather’s car and pulled out of the parking lot. It was a silent ride for most of the way, but Heather finally broke the silence as they got near to her house.

“I owe you an apology for the way I acted earlier” she said.

“It’s okay” Jennifer replied as she fiddled with her hands, unsure of what to say. “I just had no idea that you liked women.”

“Why does that surprise you so much?” Heather asked.

“I don’t know” Jennifer mumbled as she tried to collect her thoughts. “I mean, you’re married and all……I just thought.”

“Well, just because I’m married, doesn’t mean I don’t like to have a little fun” she answered. “Haven’t you ever fantasized about making love to another woman?”

“Gross, no!” Jennifer replied instinctively. But as soon as she had said it, she wished she hadn’t. Why couldn’t she just admit it to herself or this woman and let her be the one to satisfy her secret yearnings.

“Well, still in all, I’d like to make it up to you” Heather said, seeming not to be offended. “How about we head over to my place and have a drink? It’s just right there and it’s on the way to your place.”

“Ummm……..I’m not really sure about this” Jennifer stammered as they pulled into Heather’s driveway and she put the car in park.

“What aren’t you sure about?” Heather asked as she turned her gaze toward the beautiful young woman and gently stroked her hair. “It’s just a drink, you either want it or you don’t.”

“I want it!” Jennifer blurted, as her cheeks caught fire again when she realized how it must have sounded. “The drink I mean.”

“Of course the drink” Heather answered, playing dumb. “What did you think I meant?”

“Nothing” Jennifer mumbled as she got out of the car.

As Jennifer walked up the driveway in front of her, Heather watched the young woman’s tight, denim clad ass sway from side to side and felt her pussy moisten as she thought of all of the naughty fun she was going to have with her new friend. So many times at work she had dreamed of fucking this pretty kaçak casino young woman and now she knew it was finally going to happen.

“Have a seat on the couch” Heather instructed. “I’ll go get us those drinks.”

Jennifer sat down on the large leather sofa and glanced around the house as she nervously waited for Heather to come back. She glanced down at her leg and saw that it was bouncing nervously up and down.

“What am I doing?” she thought. “I’m not a lesbian am I? Of course not. I’ll just have one drink to be polite and then I’ll have Heather drive me home.”

But even as Jennifer lied to herself, her body betrayed her. She glanced down and her nipples were rock hard and blatantly obvious through her shirt causing her to wish she’d warn a bra. On top of that, her pussy was wetter than she could ever remember it being. She had never been so positively, wickedly turned on or terrified in her whole life.

“Wine okay?” Heather asked as she handed Jennifer a glass.

“It’s fine” she replied before taking a big gulp.

“I shouldn’t stay too long” Jennifer blurted as she set her glass down on the table. “My mom’s probably getting worried.”

“How old are you?” Heather asked as she stared at Jennifer with a hungry look in her eyes causing the younger woman to blush again.

“Twenty” Jennifer replied. “But I still live at home.”

“Well I’m sure mommy wouldn’t get too upset if you were a little late would she?” Heather asked, setting her glass down and scooting closer to Jennifer on the couch.

“I guess not” Jennifer said meekly as she felt the goosebumps caused by Heather running her fingers lightly across her bare shoulder and underneath the strap of her shirt.

“Besides, I’m your mommy tonight” Heather continued as she wrapped a hand around Jennifer’s waist and started kissing the young woman’s neck.

Jennifer gasped but made no move to stop her. God she was horny, and this just felt so right, ………but was it?

“I don’t know” Jennifer said meekly in a last ditch effort to keep Heather from ravaging her.

“Mmmm, you’re so sexy” Heather answered, ignoring Jennifer’s protests. “I see those hard fucking nipples sticking out and I think you want this more than I do. The door is right there, so if you don’t want it all you have to do is leave.”

But Jennifer didn’t move. She could feel Heather unbuckle her belt and pull it off before tossing it onto the floor. Jennifer’s heart was beating like crazy as she felt her supervisor’s hot breath on her face as she planted soft kisses on her cheek.

“Are you nervous?” Heather asked as she unzipped Jennifer’s pants and slid her hand into the young woman’s panties, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy.

“I…..uhhhhh……yesssss” Jennifer moaned as Heather rubbed her clit. “I’ve never done this before. I mean with another woman.”

“Do you like it so far?” Heather asked as she eased one of her fingers into Jennifer’s dripping wet snatch.

“Ooooooohhhhhh, yesssss! I love it!” she moaned.

“Good, because you’re not getting any more until we clear something up” Heather answered as she abruptly stopped and looked Jennifer in the eyes.

“Wha…..Why’d you stop?” Jennifer asked.

“Didn’t you say to me earlier tonight, and I quote ‘I’m just not into chicks’?” The older woman asked.

“I was just scared” Jennifer replied, a look of panic in her eyes as she worried that she may have messed things up or that Heather might make her start admitting some things.

“Really?” Heather teased. “So you do like girls?”

“Don’t make me say it” Jennifer begged.

If she said it out loud, all of the pretending would be over. All of the lying to herself about her feelings would be done. If she said it out loud, she would have to admit to herself that she might indeed be a lesbian.

“Say it or we’re done here” Heather said firmly.

“Yes” Jennifer answered, barely audible.

“What’s that?” Heather continued.

“Yes” she replied a little louder.

“Yes what?” Heather chided.

“Yes, I like girls” Jennifer finally said. “I always have.”

“So what do you want me to do to you?” Heather asked. She loved having the upper hand and getting Jennifer to admit what she wanted was simply delicious.

“I want you to…….make love to me” Jennifer whispered hoarsely.

“No you don’t” Heather said. “What do you really want? Tell me what you want and mommy’ll give it to you. Otherwise you get nothing.”

“I want you to fuck me” Jennifer finally said.


“I want you to fuck me!!!” She repeated.

“Beg me” Heather said. “Get on your knees in front of me and beg me for it.”

“Please fuck me!!” Jennifer begged as she knelt in front of the couch. “Please fuck me!!!! PLEASE fuck me!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!”

Heather sat unmoved as Jennifer begged louder and louder until she was yelling her words.


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