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Michael hurried to the airport. His plane was leaving in a mere hour and a half. Damn 9/11! What used to be a twenty minute ordeal was now a torturous hour saga. He finally cleared security and made the gate as they were completing general boarding. Naturally, the overhead bins were full. Michael looked forlornly as the pinch-faced flight attendant absconded with his bag. Hopefully it would land when and where he did.

Michael was wound tight when he finally made his row, but the tension slid from his body when he eyed his seat mate. Jasmine, his administrative assistant, sat looking out the window and turned to him as he made himself comfortable in his seat. She gave him her languid, sensual smile and melted him with her dark brown eyed gaze. Michael could never quite get over how pretty she was. Her teeth were brilliantly white, and straight. Lips that were bee-stung, pouty and oh so kissable. Her eyes were feline, and the richest brown he could ever remember. Flecks of gold dusted her irises making her eyes even more mesmerizing. Her hair was a dark mocha brown, with copper highlights; spiraling around her slightly rounded face, framing her beauty. It spilled down her back and over her impossibly firm, round breasts. Her ample hips filled the seat while her perfectly manicured toes peeked seductively from her open-toed sandals. Michael hired her for her administrative skills, but she was always oh so easy on the eyes.

The plane took off as Michael and Jasmine went over the agenda for his staff meeting. He usually felt pangs of guilt traveling when he wasn’t actually doing something that was directly tied to revenue, however, his holding the meeting in New York actually saved the company money.

Michael tried to concentrate but his gaze kept drifting down Jasmine’s body to her tight sweater. He wondered to himself what her nipples looked like. He took a deep breath and cleared his head of the lecherous thoughts and concentrated on the business at hand. Once the work was done, Jasmine and Michael settled into the same friendly, flirtatious banter that came so easily to them. Michael knew that if he hadn’t been married he surely would strive to have a relationship with this truly special woman.

The plane touched down at JFK and they took a limo to the Marriot across the street from where the World Trade center once stood. He still could not believe the giant behemoths were missing from the skyline. Shaking his head he walked into the hotel.

None of his staff had checked in yet and both Michael and Jasmine were given rooms on the same floor. Michael went and unpacked. He was getting ready to check email when the phone rang. Jasmine asked him to come to her room for a moment. Jasmine opened the door with a huge smile on her face. She was excited, like a young girl would be. She practically skipped to the window and threw the drapes back exposing the view off Wall Street and out toward Ellis Island. “Look at how wonderful it is.” She exclaimed. Michael thought how he felt the first time he saw Manhattan and he was excited for Jasmine. It was obvious that they were kindred spirits. “I know, it floored me too!” Michael said.

His gaze drifted to the bed where she had about a dozen sets of beautiful bras and panties laid out. “Oh, sorry I haven’t put them away she said. For some reason in the space of a few seconds he imagined her wearing each set. His cock was soon raging in his slacks. Jasmine walked slowly from the window toward the bed. She picked up a leopard skin print set and held the bra up. “I really like this one Michael. I bought it just for this occasion” She said. Michael swallowed hard; he could feel the color in his face. “Jasmine, we are both married” Michael protested weakly. “We shouldn’t be heading down this road.”

Jasmine smiled as she set the panty set down and walked toward him. She stopped mere inches from him. Michael could feel the heat from her body, could smell the intoxicating scent of her hair and perfume. His head was spinning and his cock was doing some sort of lewd dance of its own accord in his slacks. “Michael, we both know that this is inevitable.” Jasmine breathed in a voice barely above a whisper. “I’ve noticed you leering at me. I’ve seen the effect I have on you.” She continued. “Don’t think that I haven’t lain in bed and relaxed myself thinking about you either” She said boldly.

She put her arm around Michael’s neck, softly scratching the back of his head with her long perfectly manicured nails and pulled him in to kiss him. Her lips were like satin pillows and he felt her, softly suck his bottom lip into her mouth so she could nip at it with her teeth. His knees buckled and he drew an audibly sharp breath as he made a grab for her. He pulled her body tightly against his. Her breasts smashed against his hard chest and his cock pounded lewdly on her mons.

They broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes, measuring each other’s reaction to what had just transpired. Michael was the first to speak. “Jasmine, I’ve wanted ataşehir escort you since the first day I met you. You are hypnotic and enchanting. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship” He said sincerely. Jasmine smiled and reached around herself pulling her sweater up over her body. “Good then Michael, if you want our relationship to go where it should, by the end of the evening we’ll be back in my room making passionate love.

She undid her bra. Michael tried not to ogle but her breasts were large and firm; her nipples a dark brown and very large. They were impossibly firm for a woman who had had children. He was taken a bit aback at her unabashed exhibitionism and at how comfortable she was with her own body. She smiled at him and took the leopard skinned patterned bra from the bed.

Michael took a deep breath and kissed her again. Her tongue snaked into his mouth forcing him to suck on it. His head was spinning as he kissed her back. He could feel her nipples drilling into his chest. Eventually they broke the kiss off. “Now get out of here so I can get unpacked.” Jasmine said as she swatted at his ass. “I’ll meet you in the lobby bar in an hour”. Michael looked at Jasmine for a moment then said “Jasmine, you know I cannot risk an incident while at work. My staff will be here soon”. Jasmine got up from where she knelt by the dresser and walked to Michael. “Look, how long have you known me? Three years? Have I ever given you cause to think me anything but appropriate? I may flirt with you, but it’s only when we are alone. Same goes with anything beyond that.” Jasmine said seriously.

She continued. “Michael, I may rattle your cage, I may even make you uncomfortable in a good way, but I will never, ever risk my job or your job. Is that understood? She asked. Her gaze was leveled at him and she looked as if she expected an answer. “Yes Jasmine, I understand” he said. “Good now scram.” She said as she pushed him out the door.

Michael couldn’t wait the hour; he stopped by the lobby bar on his way to his room. The bartender approached him and asked him what he wanted. “What I want is up on the 37th floor but an Irish whiskey on the rocks will have to do my friend.” He replied.

He downed the drink and made his way to his room, all the while the wheels were spinning. That woman was intoxicating. She always had turned him on. Could he trust her not to ruin both their careers? Could he trust her not to ruin both their marriages? His cock knew all the answers as it bounced around in his trousers happily ignorant of anything and everything. Unfortunately cocks don’t have conscience.

Michael reached his room and slid the plastic card into the door. He went to the phone and picked it up but felt too shitty to do anything about it. Why couldn’t he be content in the relationship he had? Why couldn’t he just live with the warmth and fondness he felt for his wife? So what if there wasn’t any passion left he thought. He had a beautiful family, and a loving wife. Why the hell was he so enchanted with this other woman?

He paced the room thinking. After all this wasn’t like himself. He wasn’t a womanizer. On the contrary he respected women. There was just something about Jasmine. It was like even though she was married she was all woman; full of feminine sexuality! That was it he thought. The difference between Jasmine and a lot of other women he knew was that she didn’t fall into the “mom” mode. She didn’t cut her hair short, or start wearing khakis and Reeboks. She still wore high heels; she still had long hair, and dressed as if she was in her late twenties even though she was pushing her late thirties. She never wore frumpy cloths and took great care of herself. He knew what it was. She made him feel alive. She made him feel passionate.

Michael wondered if Jasmine’s husband felt the way he felt about her. He resolved to try and turn the course of the relationship by speaking bluntly about his feelings with Jasmine at the bar. He looked at his watch and realized he had been pacing for nearly an hour. He grabbed his jacket, washed his hands and face and headed down to the lobby.

On the way he stopped at the front desk and inquired to see if his managers had checked in. From the sounds of it there was a delay at JFK, imagine that! Well he thought, that would give him time to try to work things out with Jasmine.

He saw her from the back sitting at the bar. She had changed into a pair of black stretch pants. The legs were flared and she was wearing strap sandals. She had her hair down cascading around her shoulders and she was wearing a chestnut brown chiffon blouse that was a bit too tight and a bit too low cut for Michael’s comfort (of course his cock didn’t mind at all.) He couldn’t help noticing the flare of her hips and the curve of her ass as it crowned the barstool. She turned as he approached and smiled at him, presenting him a drink.

“Hello again Michael” she said. “Irish whiskey on the rocks, right?” She smiled as she kadıköy escort bayan presented the tumbler to him.

“Yes, thank you Jasmine” He replied as he helped her up by her elbow. She took her apple martini with her as Michael led her to a booth in the corner of the bar. The soft tinkling of piano keys drowning out the conversation around them. He sat close to her but not so close that it would arouse any suspicion from his men had they walked up.

Michael leaned forward and in a half whisper asked “Jasmine, what are we doing?”

Jasmine smiled and pulled him closer “This is called foreplay Michael.” She said. She was looking at him languidly. She knew that no matter how hard he fought it, by night’s end he would be in bed with her. The sense of power was intoxicating she thought. “Michael, you know that leopard skin pattern bra and panty set you were ogling” Jasmine asked, continuing the poor man’s torture.

“Yes, I remember” He swallowed.

“I’m wearing them right now, and the panties are absolutely soaking wet thinking about you” She said. She leaned back and stretched, knowing that her hard nipples were visible through the shirt; knowing that her cleavage was nearly popping out of the bra.

Michael tried valiantly to avert his gaze but, like a moth to a candle, found himself staring at her. His mouth became dry and once again his cock became painfully erect. Jasmine relaxed and leaned forward letting her hot breath tickle his ear. “Michael, just relax and go with the flow. You know you want me, and I want you”. She said. She sat back and let her long fingernails dance up and down the front of his thigh. He bit his lower lip and stifled a moan as his cock leaked profusely in his pants. “Jasmine, you win. Just please go easy on the teasing” Michael begged.

Just as he thought he was going to release a torrent of cum in his slacks one of the area managers came up to the pair in the bar.

“Hey Mike, Hey Jasmine, how are you?” he asked.

Michael swallowed hard before he answered. “Doing great Tim. We were just hanging out to find out what the plan was for dinner”

“Well, I’m beat and the other guys don’t get in until late. Their flights were delayed” Tim said.

“Do you want to join us for a drink?” Jasmine asked.

“I’m going to pass tonight, I want to go the room, call home, do some emails and shower. Is it alright if I catch up with you two at breakfast? Tim asked.

“Not a problem” Said Michael

“Good night” Added Jasmine.

With that Tim grabbed his valise and made his way up to his room. Jasmine finished off her drink and said “I’m hungry, want to grab a bite?”

Michael had been nursing his drink, nodded and got up to pull Jasmine’s chair out for her. She stood and as she did she brushed his arm with hers. The electricity was palpable.

There was a fine steak house on the 22nd floor of the hotel. They made their way up in the elevator. They were the only two that entered. As the doors closed Jasmine leaned her plush body into Michael and took the back of his head in her hand. She scratched his head lightly and nipped at his bottom lip. Michael moaned and pulled Jasmine in tight by her waist, smashing her breasts against his chest. She moaned as his tongue found its way into her mouth. She could feel his erection rubbing on her hip and kissed him desperately. They disengaged just as the elevator stopped, barely leaving time for Jasmine to wipe her lipstick from Michael’s mouth.

Since it was a week night and a bit late, they were seated immediately. They were given a table in a corner near a window with a view of the skyline. Michael pulled Jasmine’s chair out for her and waited for her to sit. The table was a four top, so he sat next to her instead of across from her. Every time they looked at each other the sexual tension would rise a degree.

“I love the view of the city at night.” Said Michael. “Don’t you wonder what goes on behind all those glass windows” He philosophized. There are a million stories being written in this city every night.

“All I know is that it’s all the better when the company is good.” Jasmine replied as she lightly scratched his leg.

The waiter appeared like a spectre at the table. “May I take your order?” He inquired.

Jasmine leaned into Michael and asked “Is it too extravagant to order lobster?”

Michael inwardly cringed. It was eight dollars for a hamburger. He didn’t even want to know what the lobster was. He figured he’d pay for dinner with his own money and expense what was okay, eating the rest of the check himself.

“No, the prices are fine. Go ahead” He replied.

Her eyes lit up mischievously. “I’ll have the lobster with drawn butter and a spinach salad please.” She said.

Michael ordered a steak and the waiter disappeared as silently as he came.

“Michael, where do you see yourself in fifteen years?” Jasmine asked.

“Well, by then the kids will be off. I want to be retired. Maybe live escort maltepe on a boat down in the keys. I don’t know what will happen with my marriage. I love my wife but there isn’t much passion anymore.” Michael said.

“Just curious. Sometimes I think I’m missing something. Motherhood is great, but I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I don’t feel any passion around anything either. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never leave my husband or family but you make me feel alive.” Jasmine said

Jasmine leaned her head against Michael’s shoulder. “I wish we had met under different circumstances Michael. I wish I had met you before I was married. You would be mine”. She said philosophically.

“Jasmine, you know you wouldn’t. Your family would never accept me. I’m a white, Baptist American male. You’re an Arabic, Catholic female. Your mom and dad would have you locked in a closet somewhere and your brothers would have killed me by now.” Michael said with a smile.

“We could run off and elope. Live life like gypsies” Jasmine said laughingly.

“Yes, we could sleep all day, and make love all night. We could live in a wagon. You could make money belly dancing for the tourists and I could cook.” Michael sighed. “It wasn’t meant to be that way Jasmine. It was meant for us to marry other spouses and to admire each other from afar.” Michael said.

Jasmine leaned in and grabbed Michael’s ear with her teeth. Her breasts pushed against his arm. “Or admire each other from up close, lover” She breathed in his ear. His weakness! His cock instantaneously became erect. Her hand crept up his thigh. This time she didn’t stop at the top of his thigh. This time she cupped his balls and gently squeezed them. Her hand outlined his cock as it lay on his leg. He moaned aloud.

She traced his cock head with her fingernail. Michael involuntarily spread his legs. Jasmine smiled to herself. She knew she could pull his strings at will and she loved it.

Thankfully the waiter arrived with the meal. Everything was hot and just right. Jasmine laughed to herself as images of the movie Flashdance flickered through her head. She made sure she too made a huge production while eating the lobster. She slowly tore the meat off the tail and dunked it into the warm butter. She held her thumb up to Michael’s mouth, pushing it in between his lips, forcing him to suck on it as she put the lobster meet between her lips. With a soft slurp she bit off a piece of the meat. Michael’s senses were on overload as he watched Jasmine’s oral assault on her meal. He played with his meal as they enjoyed each other’s company. He marveled at how easily they drifted from subject to subject.

Dinner was over and they were about the last couple in the restaurant. They ordered coffee and Franjelico for dessert and sipped at their drinks quietly. The glow of the warm alcohols worked its magic on the couple. Jasmine looked at Michael sensuously. “Michael, take me back to my room. I can’t wait any longer” She said softly.

For Michael’s part, the struggle was over. He had succumbed to this vixen’s charms. He knew that he had no willpower left to resist her. He paid the bill, stood and put on his coat. He pulled out Jasmine’s chair and escorted her by the waist to the elevator. Once inside she leaned into him and kissed him softly. Her lips and tongue doing some slow erotic waltz on his mouth. The only word that Michael could think of the entire time she leaned on him was, plush. It danced through his head. She is SO plush. He almost laughed at himself. He was mesmerized be her.

The elevator stopped at their floor. She took him by the hand and led him to her room. She cast a glance over her shoulder, her dark eyes smoldering sensuously. Michael walked right up to her and buried his nose in her luxurious hair as she opened the door. They practically fell into the dimly lit room. They grabbed at each other with passionate abandon, the windows wide open. Somewhere, someone could have been watching them write their own story.

Jasmine clutched desperately at Michael’s shirt tails pulling them out of his slacks. She practically ripped the buttons as she took the shirt from his skin. His nipples hardened at the cool air in the room. Jasmine willed his belt off while Michael kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off with his feet. In one fell swoop she yanked off Michael’s pants and boxers. He stood there with a raging erection for all of New York to see. Jasmine took a deep breath at the site of him. Not overly muscular, but not too lean either. Well built and oh so well hung. His thick cock stood proudly from his body, dripping lewdly at her. Jasmine pulled her clothing off, giving Michael little time to admire her bra and panty set. She approached him and pushed him back onto the bed. Michael’s cock was trapped between their bodies and her breasts were crushed against Michael’s chest. They kissed hungrily; both their breaths coming in loud desperate gasps in between kisses.

Michael took Jasmines luxurious hair in his hand and gently pulled her face back away from his. He purposely slowed the torrid pace between them down. He gently and softly kissed her neck, her ears and bit her lip. She was moaning and sweat was starting to bead on her olive skin despite the cool room.

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