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She was lost and locked inside herself thinking she would never know happiness again until one day he came into her life.

Through many endless chats on the computer and many chats on the phone, this man although she had not yet seen him except through a picture had completely taken her heart and turned her life around, he makes her smile and laugh like no one has ever done before, when she hears his voice its like all time stops for her and he’s right there with her even though they are 6 hours apart, she longs to feel him hold her and listen to his heart beat like she does every night when she goes to sleep.

No matter where she goes his presence is so strong even though he’s not there, he is so deep in her heart to her he is there, she knows the time is coming and soon enough he will be there.

The day arrived that she has been awaiting for so long, he logged on that morning and had some wonderful news for her, he gave her all his flight information, but he was saving the best for last, every time she would try to get him to tell her when he was coming he wouldn’t tell her, he would change the subject on her, knowing this was getting to her as he could see it in her eyes he was sooo enjoying it, he was building her to the final surprise, so she decided to play along and she just didn’t mention it anymore, they chatted for a while about everything you can possibly think of, and yet he could tell something was bothering her, he always knows because she won’t look at him, he hates to see her cry and she doesn’t want to upset him.

He has her log off so he can call her, he knows that her hearing his voice always makes his baby girl feel better, she wanted so badly to ask him one more time when he was coming but she didn’t she knew he would tell her all she had to do was be patient, they spent a wonderful afternoon together on the phone, and soon it was time for them to part as it was getting late, this is the time that she hates the most she hates to say goodbye to him, every time she does there’s like a major part of her missing and she’s so lost without him.

“Baby girl you better go to bed early tonight and get all the sleep you can.” He whispers in his sexy accent.

“Why baby?” she replies in her soft devious tone.

“Well baby girl it’s like this, you ataşehir escort have to get plenty of rest because you have to come and pick me up tomorrow afternoon.”

She pauses for a moment not saying a word; all he could hear was a gasp from her, as her breathing quickened.

“Are you alright baby girl?”

“Oh my god I am absolutely fine, I just can’t believe your finally going to be here tomorrow” she replies softly.

“I love you my baby girl and I will see you tomorrow!”

“I love you too my baby boy and yes I will most definitely see you tomorrow!”

They hang up, her heart races into over load, her head fills with all kinds of worries, “what am I going to do, what am I going to wear, and man I hope I don’t get lost getting there!” giving herself a couple moments pulling herself together she knew she was going to be fine she has had her outfit planned for months and she knew exactly what she would do when she saw him.

The morning arrives, she jumps out of bed, makes her morning coffee goes and jumps into the shower, knowing in that only in a matter of hours now she will see her baby for the very first time, she gets dressed and does all her last minute preparations before she heads off to the air port.

When she arrives she begins to realize she’s just a bit nervous, she could feel this knot in the pit of her stomach, yet her heart told her once she actually saw him that knot would disappear, she stood by the window watching planes come in and go out, knowing he was do in momentarily, when suddenly a voice over the intercom announces that the flight has now arrived and would be unloading shortly, she stood right there watching and waiting, this is what she has been waiting for, when suddenly as the passengers are walking out of the terminal, she spotted him, she knew it was him, just then he spotted her, he walked out of the terminal and just stopped and stared at her, the most gorgeous smile came across his face.

Slowly they walked toward each other, their arms embracing one another holding one another tightly she feels his body begin to tremble, she holds him even closer to her, she looks into his eyes for the first time, she sees the tears building in his eyes, slowly her hand slides up his back, and up into his hair gently, kadıköy escort bayan leaning down to her he moans softly as their lips meet, that first kiss they shared seemed to last for what was like a eternity, although she didn’t ever want it to end.

“My baby girl, god I love you!” he whispers as the backs of his fingers slowly ran up and down her cheek.

“I love you too more than you know, I am right here baby boy and I’m not going anywhere, let’s go home!”

Taking her hand into his they walk to get his bags walking out hand in hand to her van, she unlocks it putting his bag in the trunk as she closes it he turns her around taking her into his arms leaning her back against the van kissing her again, his hands softly exploring her back, as hers did his, slowly his hands slid down over her ass, caressing it gently, her hand slips around in between them resting on his hardened member that’s tenting against his jeans, he moaned as his hips pushed into her hand, massaging him gently.

“Baby boy come with me.” Taking his hand she leads him inside the van.

Taking him to the back seat of the van, she sits next to him, leaning into him nibbling on his right ear, running her tongue around his earring, her nails tracing over the left side of his neck, slowly her fingers run down across his shoulders, her tongue sliding down his neck lightly, unbuttoning each button on his shirt, she so badly wanted to feel him, sliding her hands inside his shirt, her nails tracing over each nipple, his head went back against the seat, as she worked her way down his chest, down his love trail, opening his jeans slowly, his hips raising as she wants to slide them off him, freeing his member from captivity, she encases it gently in her hand, he lets out a louder moan, as she touches him for the first time.

“I can’t wait till we get home baby, I want you now, I want to make love to you right here!!” she whispers in his ear.

“Are you sure baby?”

“Oh god yes baby I am so sure!”

Slowly he begins to remove her blouse, and to his surprise and pleasure she wasn’t wearing a bra, gently laying her down on the seat he lowers her jeans over her hips, down her legs, taking off her boots one by one he removes her jeans completely, kissing his way back up escort maltepe her legs, he spreads them gently, kissing and nibbling up her inner thighs, he stops for a moment looking up at her.

“Don’t stop baby, we’ve waited so long!”

Placing her legs over his shoulders, he runs his tongue lightly over her pussy lips, sucking them into his mouth one by one gently, she moans as her hips raise to him, her fingers interlocking in his hair, his tongue teasing over her clit lightly, finding its way into her love tunnel, where he has wanted to be for so long, it didn’t take him long to push her over the edge, her body shook as the orgasm ripped through her entire being, her legs locked around his head, she was just about in tears as her legs released him, coming up to her he takes her in his arms holding her close to him, whispering in her ear how much he loves her.

“Baby, make love to me I want to feel you inside me!”

Positioning himself between her legs, she takes his member into her hand guiding him toward his new home, slowly he pushes into her, she grabs onto his shoulders as inch by inch he enters her, very slowly until he knew she was comfortable, his pace begins to pick up, a little faster and a little deeper.


Harder and faster he rammed his member in and out of her wet screaming pussy, holding her hips pulling her onto him, she felt his member swelling inside her, his balls tightening as they slap against her ass, his body tensing as his head throws back, her pussy squeezing his member like it has a life of its own, she wanted him to cum inside her so badly, her nails raking up and down his back.

“OHHHHH FUCK BABY GIRL I’M CUMMMMMING, OHHH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSS!” he lets out in almost a growl, it was so sexy to hear him like that.

She felt his cum rolling up his vein as she slipped a hand between them wrapping her finger tips around his member stroking him off as his member exploded inside her, he laid on top of her as his body shuddered from his release, holding him close to her running her hands gently up and down his back to comfort him.

“I love you my baby boy, and you will never again be alone, why don’t we get ourselves together and go home.”

“I love you too my baby girl let’s go home!”

To the readers…

This story is dedicated to the most wonderful man who entered my life, he has shown me love and happiness that I never thought I would ever see again, Thank you baby, you are the wind beneath my wings!!!!!!!!!

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