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The sun broke through the curtains splashing its twinkling rays on Brianna’s face. She felt it’s warmth caress her flesh, beckoning her to waken to a new day. She stretched, arching her back like a sleek cat. Smiling to herself, she turned to gaze at the handsome man sleeping peacefully next to her.

Brianna rested her cheek on her hand and lay there watching Mitch for what seemed like forever. She wanted to touch him, to feel her fingers gently stroking his cheek, to feel their legs entwined as they had been during the night as they slept. He looked so handsome, so peaceful, she didn’t want to disturb this moment in time when he was all hers. It was just the two of them, safely tucked away.

Her sparkling blue eyes spoke all the words of love she felt for him. Mitch woke slowly feeling her eyes caressing him, gently enticing him to awaken. He smiled hoping it wasn’t a dream, this lovely sensual lady lying next to him.. He lay there for a moment remembering all the ways they had made love the night before. Was it a dream? Had he been thinking about all the fantasies they’d written to each other when he went to sleep? If it was a dream, he didn’t want to waken. He wanted to lie there and pretend, if only for a few moments more.

As Mitch lay still, thinking about his intoxicating lover, his morning woody began to stir. “Mmmm Brianna,” he sighed.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” she giggled, reaching her warm hand under the sheet to stroke his chest.

Mitch’s eyes blinked open. He smiled feeling her thumb stroke across his nipple making his cock grow ever stiffer. He rubbed his eyes then glanced at her again. He couldn’t be dreaming, for there she was her white gown in disarray. The ribbons of her bustierre loosened from their night of passion, exposing her pink nipples. He licked his lips remembering the sweet taste of her creamy flesh; the way her nipples grew into hard little buds in his mouth. He needed to hear her sighs and moans of passion as he teased and played with her body as if it were an exquisite instrument of love made for his pleasure alone.

He moved ever so slightly to his side not wanting to stop her playful caresses, only wanting to feel more of her pressed against him. He slid one leg between hers raising his knee up to press against her silky smooth pussy. Slowly moving his knee back and forth between her legs he felt her quiver with excitement.

Brianna pushed the sheet down a bit exposing his fully aroused prick. Pushing him on his back, she straddled his legs. His manhood pressed into her belly when she leaned down to suck his hardening nipples. She wondered if he felt the same hot shocks of electricity run through his cock when she sucked on his nipples like it did to her pussy when he sucked and played with her nipples. She hoped he felt the same. She wanted him to know the feelings she had when he made love to her.

She wanted him to know how her body tingled and quivered when his lips traveled down her chest, down her tummy, gently nibbling and sucking as she was doing to him now. She wanted to feel his legs tremble when she kissed the tender inner flesh of his thighs using the tip of her tongue to dance along his strong, hard muscles. And then she wanted to feel his hips arch up off the bed when she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, tantalizingly swirling her tongue around the head, tasting his glistening pre-cum. Her hand stroked down the length of his stiff shaft till her fingers rested against his ball sack. She gently cupped his balls in her hand while sucking his engorged member into her mouth, then back out until only the tip remained resting against her lower lip. Glancing up at him, she smiled seductively.

He had his hands clasped under his head looking as if he were extremely relaxed and willing to let her have her way with his body. She continued her gentle ministrations on his cock, first licking from the ridge to the base and back up feeling the veins swell beneath her tongue. Then sucking the head into her mouth, her tongue flicked at his pee hole. She loved deep-throating him, taking all of him into her mouth, feeling his head hit the back of her throat as she went down on him. How she wanted to feel his hot, sticky cum bathe her throat. She wondered if she was any good at giving him a blowjob. She hadn’t told him she’d never had a guy shoot his load in her mouth. She didn’t know if she’d be able to swallow, but she sure as hell was going to try.

Mitch’s soft moans and bucking hips urged her on. She jerked him off with her hand while her mouth and tongue kept up their assault on his flared head. She wanted to find out if he had any extremely sensitive areas on his cock. She heard it was especially sensitive under the head, so she concentrated swirling her tongue around and underneath the head. Flicking and sucking while trying to watch for a sign she had hit his “sweet spot.” Her tongue slithered down his shaft. She flicked at his balls then slowly sucked first one then the other into her mouth.

He moaned, then raised up off the bed pulling her up into his arms. Kissing her deeply ataşehir escort on the mouth, he growled, “I want you. I need to fuck you now Brianna. I want to fill your hot little box with my jizz. Ride me Bri. Fuck me love. Fuck me now, love!”

Devouring her mouth with his tongue and lips, Mitch drove his burning sword deep into her smoldering wet cunt. Brianna rode him as if he were a wild stallion, bucking and grinding. They thrust into each other, his cock pistoning in and out of her hot little hole. She rocked back and forth rubbing her clit against his pubic bone. The fire in them built until it was completely out of control. Brianna’s cries of passion filled the room. The smell of her sex filled Mitch’s nostrils. He kept thrusting into her, feeling his swollen member filling her tunnel. Her muscles contracted around him. She pounded her pussy into him, quivering. He watched her face as her orgasm took hold of her.

Her head fell back as her moans filled the air. “Yes, yes, oooh yes, Mitch,” she cried.

“Cum for me baby. Aaaah yes,” he moaned, as he felt her hot nectar pour from her womb.

He held her still for a moment, knowing she needed to ride out the first waves of her orgasm, then he began pounding into her again, faster, harder. Determined to feel her flood him again and again.

Amidst her cries, “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh God, Mitch don’t stop,” he pounded into her tight clenching cunt.

“I’m gonna cum Bri. Baby I’m gonna cum. Oh. Aaaah. I love you Brianna. Baby I’m cumming. Aaaah.”

How she loved to feel him cum inside her. The way his cock jerked when his seed shot out, the heat of his jizz splashing inside her. She wanted to tell him how it felt like waves of heat radiating from her snatch, until the final explosion, when she felt his hot cum shooting inside her it making her orgasm again, but the words were lost amidst her cries of passion and the throbbing of her pulsating pussy.

Mitch pulled Brianna down to rest on his chest. Her fingers splayed across his chest. She could feel his heart pounding so fast. She liked this resting time when he was still buried, pulsing inside her; the aftershocks of her orgasms quivering around him. His fingers brushed her cheek ever so gently as if a butterfly were skimming her cheek.

She gazed up at this gentle man she loved with all her heart and soul. Her eyes spoke volumes to him. He held her protectively in his arms. “I sure hope the other bed dries out by tonight, cause you my little vixen have soaked this bed too, I think,” he chuckled.

She laughed, loving the way he teased her. “Hmmm, I wonder who’s fault it might be?” she giggled.

“Ummm, maybe the guy who tried to come in here last night. The one who had the wrong room. I’m sure he wanted to fight me for the room when he got a look at you,” he teased.

Brianna blushed remembering how they were on the bed devouring each other, her sweater pulled up, his hand rubbing her pussy through her wet pants, when the man walked in.

“Thank goodness he wasn’t a few minutes later. He really would have gotten an eyeful,” she laughed.

“Only these eyes get to see and taste your charms love,” he whispered, taking her mouth in a hungry kiss.

His fingers stroked her nipples, admiring how they stood up at attention. “So nice,” he murmured.

She could feel the stirrings of his semi-hard cock in her pussy. She rocked her hips slowly back and forth. She wanted him again. He reached one hand between them rubbing her swollen clit while she pleasured herself grinding on him. She was such a hot little minx. He loved her sex drive. She was making him hard again the way her pussy muscles were milking his quivering cock.

Mitch rolled her over on her back, kissing her lightly. Taking her hand, he got up off the bed, leading her to the foot of the bed. He pulled her into a tender embrace, kissing her lips, ears, neck, down her throat. Her pulse quickened when he ran his fingers across her slit, delving two, then three fingers into her gaping hole. Her hips moved against his fingers.

“Turn around precious. I’m gonna take you from behind, the way you like it. Get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you doggie-style,” he whispered in her ear.

He knew she liked it when he talked dirty to her. He could make her wet and quivering just by telling her what he was going to do to her.

Removing his fingers from her wet cunt, he lapped at their juices while Brianna got down on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at him. He rubbed his cock along her slit, coating it with her juices. He slid into her slow and easy. He was amazed that although she was so wet, she was still so tight around him.

He began slowly pumping into her. Easing out so just the head was enveloped by her lips then slowly plunging back into her. With his hands on her hips pulling her into him, they kept up this slow, steady momentum until he felt her urgency build. She began bucking back into him a little faster. He could feel her pussy muscles tighten around him, gripping him as he drew back, then opening kadıköy escort bayan up to welcome him as his cock slid deep inside her. He liked this position, penetration was so deep inside her. He could feel every quiver, as her pussy clenched him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her hot, wet snatch.

He also liked having his hands free to guide her hips into him, to play with her perky tits and to stroke her swollen clit as he was doing now. With his arms wrapped around her waist, he could tease her clit and still control the momentum of their fucking. She was rocking against him faster now. He could tell her orgasm was close at hand by her gasps and moans. Her tempo would pick up to an almost frenzied pace right before he felt the sweet hot gush like liquid fire pouring from her womb, coating his cock, splashing between them to run over his balls, and then drip down her thighs.

His fingers drove deep into her pussy scooping up the thick white cream. He rubbed her female cum on her tight little asshole. Again he slipped his fingers down to catch some of the dripping nectar, coating his index finger up past the knuckle. He’d fantasized about this for months. They’d talked about it briefly. I’ll be ever so gentle my sweet Bri his mind whispered.

Still ramming his cock into her soaked cunt, he gently wiggled first his pinkie finger slowly into her asshole. Her moans encouraged him to go on. Sliding his pinkie out he circled around the tight puckered hole with his index finger, taking great care to make sure she was well lubricated. Then slowly he worked his index finger into her ass, gently pushing it in a little at a time.

“Mmmmm Mitch, yea baby that feels so good,” she moaned.

He eased his finger in up to the knuckle then drew it out gently. Back in again, wiggling it a bit as it went in. She seemed to like it. Back out again, then slowly back in, trying to get a rhythm going, cock plunging into her pussy as his finger eases out of her asshole, finger wiggling in as cock pulls out. In and out, in and out, fucking both her holes at the same time.

Brianna was moaning so loud he figured everyone in the hotel knew what they were doing, but he didn’t care. He was fucking her like crazy, fucking both holes at the same time and he could feel his cum boiling in his balls. But he had to hold back, he wasn’t finished yet. The fantasy wasn’t complete.

Brianna was grinding on his cock and his hand. Her orgasms coming one after the other. The squishy, sucking, slapping sounds mingled with her cries of ecstasy echoing throughout the room. This was more erotic than she ever thought possible. Please, oh please don’t let him take his finger out of me she silently prayed.

As Mitch felt the first stream of cum shoot from his organ, he quickly withdrew from Brianna’s pussy. She cried out her protest, begging him to fuck her. He quieted her by finger fucking her with his other hand. Rubbing her clit with his thumb while pounding three fingers into her wanting pussy. He’d slipped his finger out of her ass and was milking his cock gently, letting his cum run down her ass.

Taking his cock in his hand, he gently pressed the head into her tight puckered asshole. Barely poking it into her hole, he waited to see if she showed any signs of restraint. “Is this OK, Bri?” he shyly whispered

She barely shook her head yes when another spasm shook through her body.

“I’ll take it slow and easy baby. Tell me if you want me to stop.”

“I will. It feels good so far,” she sighed.

His concern for her had helped to slow down his orgasm. He could now concentrate on bringing them both pleasure. He gently pushed forward a bit, easing the head into her puckered asshole. With his hands free now, he reached around to stroke her swollen, sensitive button.

“Ooooh Mitch your cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck my tight ass baby. Fuck me.”

He slowly eased in and out all the while rubbing her clit. When she moved her hand on top of his, pushing his fingers into her waiting, wanting pussy, she immediately pushed back against him taking all of his cock up her ass.

“Oh God, Yes!” she screamed as she felt him fill her ass with his stiff prick.

Mitch began a slow steady tempo, fucking her ass, finger fucking her cunt, stroking her clit with his thumb and using his other hand to play with her tits. Pulling on her nipples, kneading and twisting them as he fucked into her. He let Brianna take the lead not wanting to hurt her. She began to pick up speed, the urgency of her orgasms dictating her movements. The double in and out motion of her ass and pussy being fucked flooded her senses with waves of sensations, like fireworks going off in her head, taking her over the edge yet again. She loved having him fuck both her holes. She rocked back and forth faster, feeling his cock pounding into her ass.

Mitch lost it when he felt her juices spraying on his fingers, splashing back on his legs. He pounded his cock into her ass, fucking her harder, faster, slamming his cock into her ass.

“Fuck me, fuck escort maltepe me, fuck me,” he gasped, her tight ass gripping his throbbing cock.

“Bri, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill your ass full of my thick, hot spunk. Aaaahhhh, ooooohhhh, aaaahhhh, mmmmmm, oooooh, yes baby, yes, ” he moaned.

Their moans ricocheted around the room. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her up against his chest while her body shook and quivered with the enormity of her pleasure. He somewhat reluctantly withdrew his semi flaccid cock from her ass. She felt so good he wished he could stay buried in her forever.

When he released his protective grasp on her, she collapsed on the bed, a contented sigh escaping her lips. He dropped down beside her. His breathing so heavy, his body covered in sweat even though the air was chill.

“Coffee, water,” he gasped, his arm draped protectively across her back..

“The coffee is ready. I made it while you were still asleep,” she giggled.

“And what pray tell are you giggling about?” he asked.

“I was just thinking, we’re both too worn out to get up to fetch the coffee. They’ll find us here, naked, dead, with big smiles on our faces. I can see the headlines…Couple fucked to death,” she burst into a fit of giggles.

Mitch barely had the strength to chuckle, “Yes, but what a way to go. With you in my arms, my cock in your ass or pussy. They’ll have to bury us in a specially made coffin. We’ll be making love throughout eternity.”

“I’ll get your coffee, sweetie. You rest up. I’m not ready for you to die on me yet,” she teased.

It took every ounce of strength Brianna had left to rise up off the bed. Her body ached in places she’d never felt before, but it was a delicious ache. She smiled seductively as she walked over to the dresser to make Mitch a cup of coffee.

“It’s not fair you know,” Mitch pretended to grumble. “I’m lying here totally spent and exhausted. It’s a wonderful feeling mind you, but hell, you could at least give me a look like, I’m completely worn out, so don’t you even think of touching me again, instead of looking so cute, sexy and ready to be fucked all over again.”

“My darling, you have no idea how deliciously I’m aching right now from being fucked so good. I don’t think I could stand for you to touch me anywhere right now. So get that naughty grin off your face and let me at least catch my breath before you ravish me again,” she giggled.

Mitch turned on the television and leaned back against the pillows. Brianna handed him a cup of coffee then curled up next to him. They rested for a while, watching the morning news, discussing the ice skating pairs they’d watched the night before.

“I need a shower. I’m sweaty and sticky all over. I like the sticky part, wouldn’t mind keeping your stickiness all over me, but I need to get rid of this sweat,” Mitch laughed, rising up off the bed and heading toward the shower.

Brianna got up when she heard the shower running. She stretched trying to work out the kinks in her body. A steamy hot shower sure would feel good on her muscles. Mitch had told her he wanted to make her walk funny and he had definitely succeeded in his plan.

Brianna stepped into the bathroom and shyly asked Mitch if he would mind her joining him.

“I was hoping you would join me. I’d love to lather up your body, get you nice and clean, so we can get dirty all over again,” he whispered seductively as he nibbled on her inviting lips.

Mitch turned around so Brianna was standing under the running water. The steaming water cascaded down her shoulders allowing little rivulets of moisture to run down her breasts. Mitch poured some of her lilac scented bath gel into his hand. Lathering it up in his hands, he began cleansing Brianna’s perky nipples and chest. Then his hand gently held her arm out as the other hand glided over her shoulder, down her arm, then back up, lightly tickling her underarm as he cleansed her. He repeated the motions with her other arm, smiling when she contorted and giggled, when he again tickled her sensitive underarm.

He worked the lather down her torso, smoothing and kneading her muscles as he worked the lather into her soft, supple skin. Down her tummy his hands glided, again eliciting quivers and gasps when his fingers reached the ticklish areas of her tummy.

As his hands moved lower, Brianna spread her legs apart to allow Mitch access to cleanse her nether regions. His fingers spread apart her pussy lips, gently cleansing the remains of their last union. Not being able to resist her trusting offering, he slipped his fingers into her inviting snatch. Wrapping his other arm around her back, he pulled her against his chest to help support her in the shower. Their lips met in a deep, devouring kiss. Her hands splayed across his chest, circling her thumbs around his nipples.

Brianna reached for the shower gel, pouring a generous amount into her hand. As Mitch’s hand was still tightly pressed into her cunt, she quivered a bit as she began lathering his chest. Her fingers deftly worked the frothy gel down his tummy, her fingers sliding through the hairs encircling his swollen manhood. She coated his shaft with the lather enjoying the slippery feel of his semi-hard cock in her hand. Gently she cleansed his balls, taking great care not to scratch him with her long nails.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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