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I’m in the shower, steam all around me, soaping up my chest. My fingers stroked across my nipples. They stiffen, my cock throbs and rises. I smile I’m going to have a good jerk. I begin to stroke my cock while rubbing one nipple. I imagine her on her knees on the bed facing away and leaning over, spreading her ass cheeks, he hole opens and …


I am shook out of my dream state.


“Don’t use up the hot water, I want to take a shower too.”

“Ummm ok hon, I’m done anyway.”

She steps back out of the steamy bathroom, I’m glad that she didn’t see me.

Later I’m in bed, she’s drying her hair. “So, did you cum?”


“Did you cum? I know you were jerking off before. I wish you’d not do that. You don’t have to jerk off just so that you’ll last longer for me, I’m happy when we make love.”

“I know hon but I know I cum too fast and if I jerk off first I can be with you longer.”

“You mean fuck me longer” she said as she approached the bed, her hair now dry.

“Yes, so I can fuck you longer.”

“Then le me do it, let me jerk you off.”


“Let me please, I think it would be fun, why not, you like to finger fuck me don’t you?”

“Uhh yeah well I guess.. “

She came around the bed to me dropping her towel, her breasts swaying her skin freshly scented from her soap. He nipples were stiff, her pubis slick and hairless. My cock was hardening. She pulled the sheet off me, exposing my hard on.

“Well well what do we have here?” She stoked the shaft of my penis down to my balls and sat on the edge of the bed. “Mmm tuzla escort your balls are hot and huge. You must have a lot of cum for me.”

“Yes” I said through heavy lidded eyes. She stoked my nipples and dragged her breasts across my penis, and back again. She knows I love that.

“Now, don’t you want me too jerk you off?” She whispered to me.

“Yesss..” I said breathlessly, my cock was as hard as iron.

“What will you do if I jerk you off?”

“Anything, I’ll do anything you ask” I was panting now, my nipples were as hard as diamonds.


“Yes, I swear, anything”. My cock was throbbing with my excitement. This was a new game and I was going along with her.

“Are you going to shoot your cum on me baby? Because if you do you’re going to have to lick it off.”

” Huh??”

“Yes that’s the price. I’ll jerk you off onto my nipples if you’ll suck the cum off afterwards, that’s the deal” She said this as her nails stroked my balls. My cock pulsed with each stroke.

I groaned.

“Is that a yes?” she said.

“Yes, yes I will..”

“You will what? You have to say it or it’s no deal.”

“I’ll lick my cum off your nipples if you jerk me off onto them.” I said, quivering with excitement. “I will, baby I will…” I said pleading, and now more excited than ever that I had promised to eat my own cum.

She lay down next to me. I straddled her and she was shaking too from excitement, my cock was throbbing. She squirted jack off cream on her hands and began to stroke my cock, as her other hand reached around under my balls to my asshole.

She pendik escort stroked me slowly at first. I was hovering just over her breasts, kneeling over her. Her finger rubbed the entrance to my hole.

“Oh my god.. please… yes, please..” I moaned

“What baby, what do you want?…say it. Do you like my finger at your asshole while I stroke your big cock?”


“Please what? Please finger fuck your asshole while I jerk you off? Say it…”

“Yes…please finger fuck my asshole while you jerk me off…oh god..”

“Mmm baby my nipples are so hard, your cock is so hard. I’m jerking you off baby” she began to stroke faster. Her finger entered my ass.

“Shoot your hot cum baby squirt for me” she said as I leaned back and thrust my cock out to her.

A few more strokes and I felt it coming “Oh my god, oh my god… I’m gonna cum…”

“Squirt on my nipples baby soak my tits.” She said breathlessly.

As I began to squirt hot cum on her tits and onto her face, she squeezed my balls, as I came more and more. The orgasm took many moments and was the most intense orgasm I ever had, I was squirting jets of hot cum onto her nipples and her quivering breasts.

“Lick me now… while it’s hot, lick the cum now..” she gasped.

I leaned over and sucked her cum splattered nipple into my mouth my cum was still hot. I licked and slurped her cummy nipples while her finger fucked my asshole.

“Eat your cum off my tits, yes baby eat your cum..oh lick it off. Do you like my finger in your ass like that…do you? Do you like to eat your cum off me…”

“Oh aydınlı escort my god yes…”

I kissed her with my wet cummy lips. She licked around my mouth and lips and sucked my tongue. Then she withdrew her finger from my ass and rolled over on her chest. She raised her ass up to me.

“Now, my my ass baby eat it…” I was so full of lust, my heart was pounding I lowered my face to her ass, and licked each globe.

“Yess, eat me baby… lick my ass.”

I licked closer to her hairless hole. “Unngghhh yess..” I poked my tongue into her ass, as she began to plunge three fingers into her cunt as I licked her there. My cock had not gone down and was still semi hard my heart was pounding. I sat up and aimed my cock as her hole. She pushed back and impaled her asshole on my cock. “Fuck my ass you cum eating boy, fuck it now.” Although my cock was only semi hard from having cum I entered her saliva slicked hole. She was crazily finger fucking her cunt as my dick entered her. After I was as far in as I could go and began to withdraw, my cock seemed to harden more. The idea of what I was doing and what I had just done was overwhelming. She began to gasp and quake as her orgasm overtook her, I continued stroking in her tight ass as she fingered her clit with her thumb.

“Oh fuck my ass you cum eating man, fuck it now, now, more oh my god oh my Godddddd…” She shivered and quaked as I came again, this time in her ass.

Later we lay spent. I had washed us both with a soapy cloth and brought us both a beer.

“You’re really something” she said smiling. “I didn’t think you’d do it. How was it?”

“Well I never thought I’d eat my own cum, but you did devise a pretty wicked scenario.”

” I guess I’ll have to think up a few new things from now on.” She said.

“I’m sure you will babe, I’m sure you will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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